A Day on Planet L

By Quirky Quipster

Bowser was planning another attack on the Mushroom Kingdom. He really needed new ideas. The Koopalings and Bowser Junior were in the room and trying to help him figure something out.

Bowser sighed. “I don't suppose you guys have any ideas, do you? Everything I think of has already been done!”

Larry had an idea. “We could blow up Peach's castle!”

Bowser stared at him. “Larry, that idea is insane! I would expect something like that from Iggy, but not from you!”

Larry and Bowser stared at Iggy. “Okay, not even I'm that insane! If I were to do something, it would involve this new cloning machine I built.” Iggy was very proud of his new machine.

Larry ran over to Iggy. “Oh yeah, well if you think you're such a great guy, why don't we see if it works!”

“Okay then, who wants to test it?” Everyone else backed against the wall. “Oh come on, I'm sure someone does!” Iggy said.

Larry pushed Bowser Junior out. “I'm sure he does!” said Larry.

“No, no,” cried Bowser Junior, “you can't make me!”

Iggy said, “No, I don't want there to be two Bowser Juniors, we'll test it out on Ludwig.”

“Me?!” cried Ludwig.

“Yes, you,” Iggy said. Iggy took Ludwig and put him in the machine.

Meanwhile, Lemmy was whispering to Roy, “If Ludwig dies, do you think I'll get his chocolate?”

Roy shook his head, “No, I will.”

Iggy turned the machine on. It didn't take long to do its thing. When the machine stopped, everyone turned to see the result. Ludwig came out alive.

“Dang, and I really wanted his chocolate!” cried Lemmy.

“I heard that!” shouted Ludwig.

Iggy was staring at the machine. “Any moment now...” he said.

All of a sudden another Ludwig walked out of the machine. “Greetings, I am Lv1!” said the clone. Everyone stared in astonishment.

Iggy squealed, “I'm a genius, I have invented a cloning machine!”

Ludwig could not stop staring at his clone. “Father, I think I have an idea about how we can takeover the Mushroom Kingdom.”

Ludwig cloned himself thirty-three more times. The room was soon filled with Ludwigs. The Koopalings were disgusted. “I can't believe Ludwig gets to clone himself and I don't!” whined Wendy.

“Hey, you were one of the Koopas who backed against the wall, you shouldn't be complaining!” said Morton.

“Don't you want a clone, Morton?” asked Wendy.

“Not really.”

Just then, a Ludwig walked up to them. “Greetings, I am Lv27!” he said.

“That's why,” whispered Morton.

“Hey, I think you have something against me!” cried the clone.

“Aren't we paranoid!” cried Morton.

“Oh, I see, you clearly have something against the greatest Koopa that's ever been cloned! For your information, moron, I happen to be the greatest Koopa there is!”

“No you aren't, you're nothing but an arrogant jerk, Lv27!”

Lv27 looked at Morton in a disgusted way and left.

“That clone sure was full of himself!” proclaimed Morton.

“You can say that again!” said Wendy.

“That clone sure was-” Wendy interrupted,

“That's just a figure of speech.”

Ludwig told his plan to Bowser. Everything was figured out: Five Ludwigs would attack each area of the Mushroom Kingdom and rule over each land. The plan was absolutely fool-proof! Or was it?

Later, Ludwig was trying to go to sleep. It was very hard going to sleep, considering he had to share his room with thirty-four Ludwigs. They kept on getting into fights over who would sleep in Ludwig's bed and who could play an instrument. Lv12 and Lv32 got into a fight over who was the best musician. “I say I am clearly better at composing symphonies than you are!” cried Lv12.

“You? Ha! You can't even compose a minuet!” scoffed Lv32.

“I can compose twenty minuets, no, thirty minuets better than you could compose a symphony!” shouted Lv12.

“Oh yeah, we'll see about that!” shouted Lv32.

The Ludwigs started playing and horrible sounds filled the room. The real Ludwig sat up in bed. “That's it, I've had enough of this! You two, stop playing and go to bed, now!”

The two Ludwigs paused for a moment. “At least we're musicians!” they scoffed and continued playing.

Ludwig decided to sleep somewhere else. While he was leaving, a swarm of twenty Ludwigs fought for his bed. Lv1 followed Ludwig. Meanwhile, a few Ludwigs darted out of the room.

Ludwig and Lv1 found a nice couch and settled down on it. Ludwig was about to fall asleep when Lv1 suddenly sat up. “Chocolate, I need chocolate!” he cried. Ludwig threw a chocolate bar at Lv1's face and went to sleep. Lv1 ate it hurriedly and went to sleep.

They didn't stay asleep very long, because another Ludwig barged into the room. He was wearing a dress! “Look at me, I'm pretty!” he said.

Ludwig screamed, “No! No! Take that off this instant!” The Ludwig clone ran out of the room. “I can't let my siblings see that clone!” cried Ludwig.

It was too late, Roy and Lemmy were running after the clone and taking pictures! “This is great, I can't wait to post these on the Internet!” said Lemmy.

“Yeah, and we can totally blackmail Ludwig with these photos!” exclaimed Roy.

Just when Ludwig was about ready to chase after them, a clone busted a hole in the wall with the Clown Copter. “Look at me, I'm king of the rodeo!” he yelled.

“Oh gosh, the only thing that could make my life worse-” Ludwig was interrupted by an airship crashing into the ceiling. “-is that!” he cried.

A Ludwig clone jumped out of the airship and looked at the mess he caused. “I say we blame it on Bowser Junior,” he said.

Ludwig screamed, “My life is over!” He started to cry.

Lemmy and Roy came into the room. “This will make an excellent picture!” they exclaimed as they took many pictures.

Bowser barged into the room. He had one Ludwig gnawing on his arm and another gnawing on his horn. “What do you have to say for this, Ludwig?”

Ludwig looked up. “I don't know, I thought my clones would act exactly like me, but they don't!”

“Ludwig, you're an idiot! Everyone knows clones don't act the same as the beings they were cloned from!”

“I'll say they don't!” cried Ludwig.

Only a few clones were somewhat like Ludwig: Lv1, Lv12, Lv27, and Lv32. Even though the clones were somewhat like him, he had to get rid of them. Iggy built a rocket and launched thirty-four Ludwigs to a strange, green planet called “Planet L”. This planet was home to many Luigi clones and no one knew why.

Iggy saluted the rocket and turned around. “They're gone, Ludwig, now we can live in peace.”

Ludwig didn't answer, he was too busy gnawing on Bowser's arm. “I don't think this is Ludwig!” Bowser cried.

Iggy screamed, “Oh no, I launched the real Ludwig by mistake!”

Meanwhile, the real Ludwig screamed, “I'll get you for this, Iggy!” as he flew to Planet L.

Iggy was beside himself in fear as he ran to a speaker that connected to the ship. “Ludwig, Ludwig, are you in there?!”

Lv1 answered the speaker. “I am Lv1, the real Ludwig is unable to speak right now, due to the fact that he's being smothered in Ludwigs.”

It was true, Ludwig was drowning in a sea of himself! Lv1 looked at him. “Uh, hey, if you can find a way over here, do you want to talk to your brother?”

Ludwig glared. “Gee, if I were able to do that, I wouldn't be here now would I?”

Lv1 shrugged. “Well, he's there, just a little busy at the moment.”

Iggy sighed. “Well, you guys are on a collision course with Planet L. I just thought I'd warn you, this planet is filled with Luigi clones, so they may attack you when you reach your destination!”

Lv27 came up to Lv1. “Oh my gosh, are you saying we're going to be attacked?!”

Iggy replied to his comment. “Yes, by a bunch of green plumbers!”

Lv27 glared. “Bring it on, I'm the greatest Koopa that has ever been cloned, I can take them all!”

Suddenly the ship hit the planet. Everyone got out of the ship and found themselves on an extremely green planet. A Ludwig clone screamed, “Oh my gosh, this planet needs blue, like, desperately, man!”

Suddenly a Luigi clone popped out from behind some bushes. “Oh my word, aliens!”

“Greetings,” said Lv1, “I'm Ludwig!”

“Uh, and who are they?” said the plumber clone, as he pointed to the other Ludwigs.

“Oh, just Ludwig, Ludwig, Ludwig, Ludwig, Ludwig, Ludwig, Ludwig, Ludwig, Ludwig, Ludwig-”

The Luigi clone cut him off. “Are you all named Ludwig?”

Lv1 shrugged. “Well, that's if you want to be technical! I'm actually the first clone of Ludwig out of thirty-four!”

The Luigi clone smiled. “Well, I'm a clone too! I'm L345!”

The real Ludwig butted into the conversation. “L345?! Just how many clones does Luigi have?!”

L345 looked up. “Oh, about six thousand.”

Ludwig screamed. “SIX THOUSAND?! Just what is he planning on doing with six thousand clones?!”

L345 sobbed. “It's quite terrible, really, he plans to takeover the world!”

“The world, what world?”

“The planet you just arrived from, clone!” Ludwig glared.

“I am not a clone, I am the original Ludwig von Koopa!”

L345 gasped. “An original?”

“In the flesh!” retorted Ludwig.

“Well, Ludwig, your planet's in danger, a massive amount of clones is about to attack your planet! I knew Luigi's plan, his plan was to clone himself, create an army, take out Mario, Bowser, and Peach, and rule the world! He took all the evil clones with him and left the good ones on this planet!”

“Is that why you didn't attack us?” asked Ludwig.

“Exactly why I didn't attack you! Listen though, what Luigi is going to do is not safe for the planet! In fact, he's going to destroy it!” cried L345.

“How so?” asked Ludwig.

“With his giant laser thingymabob!” cried L345.


“No, thingymabob! He placed a giant laser on this planet that is aimed at Bowser's castle! When the laser goes off at precisely six o' clock this evening, it will send such a strong blast at Bowser's castle, it will blow up not only the castle, but all of Dark Land!”

Ludwig gasped. “That's terrible, but how will it affect the rest of the world?”

“Dark Land's a giant volcano! That laser's going right through the middle of it! It's so strong, it will zap way through the ground and into the planet's core, causing a massive explosion that will destroy the entire planet!”

Ludwig screamed after hearing the news, but what could he possibly do to save the world? “Is there some way to disarm the laser?” he asked.

“No, not that I'm aware of! The only being that knows that is a Koopaling on your planet named Iggy, the one who created it!”

“Iggy?!” Ludwig suddenly became disgusted and went back into the ship to see if he get come in contact with Iggy. He tried, but for some reason, the line was cut.

Bowser kept trying to remove the chompy Ludwig clone from his arm, but it just wouldn't budge. “Iggy, get this thing off of me!” he cried.

Iggy grabbed a chocolate bar. “Hey, Ludwig, I got a nice, chocolatey chocolate bar with your name on it, all you gotta do is let go of Dad!”

The clone jumped off of Bowser and went straight for Iggy. “That's right, get the chocolate bar, get the- OW!” The clone had bitten Iggy.

Lemmy came up to Iggy. “This one's going straight to Lemmy's Land!” Lemmy pulled out his camera and took a picture.

“Oh, ha, ha, very funny!” said Iggy sarcastically.

Bowser walked up to Iggy. “Okay, now that that... thing is on your arm, I think I'll go kidnap the princess or something, I'm feeling kind of bored.” Iggy glared as Bowser got into his Clown Copter and left for the Mushroom Kingdom.

Lemmy kept laughing at Iggy. “Ha, ha, you got stuck with the Ludwig clone and I did-”

Just then, the Ludwig clone leapt off of Iggy and onto Lemmy.

“Ahg, ahg, it's eating my hair!” Lemmy ran out of the area.

Iggy stood around for a while, trying to come in contact with his ship, when, all of a sudden, he saw Luigi planting something in a hill far off. He turned to tell someone when he saw Luigi again planting something in a far off hill. Iggy turned again to find another Luigi, and another, and another, and another! Iggy screamed. “What's going on here, is my insanity medication wearing off, am I hallucinating Luigi everywhere now?!”

Just then he turned around and saw another Luigi right behind him. “Well, well, well, if it isn't Iggy,” he said.

Iggy screamed as dozens of Luigis surrounded him and knocked him out.

Ludwig, feeling pretty worried, came out of the ship. “It's hopeless,” he said, “The line has been cut!”

L345 sighed. “Yes, then it is too late, they are already starting the attack.”

Lv27 hopped out of nowhere. “Hey, you guys, we can't give up yet, I'm the greatest Koopa that has ever been cloned and I have an idea!”

Ludwig looked at him. “Oh, you handsome Koopa, and what might that be?”

“Well, surely, there is a genius Luigi clone on this planet! Maybe he will know what to do! If not, isn't there a super genius Ludwig clone around here somewhere?”

Ludwig looked around. Lv1 was a nice guy, responsible and all, but he was no super genius! Lv27 was pretty smart, but not really in the “knowledge” kind of way. Lv12 and Lv32 were always fighting with each other, and they were musicians, not scientists! All the other Ludwig clones? Well, one was in a dress and demented, one thought he was a cowboy, another was a klutz, and the others were just kind of there as props.

“Good idea, Lv27, we'll see if there are any genius Luigi clones that know what to do!” said Ludwig.

Ludwig, his clones, and L345 walked over to Luigi Town, a town full of Luigis. While there, they heard tons of, “Hey, Luigi, how's it going?” “Have you been to Luigi's house today, Luigi?” “Hey, Luigi, I'm Luigi.”

Ludwig screamed. “If I hear or see the name Luigi one more time, I'm going to-”

Another Luigi clone ran into L345. “Hey, Luigi.” it said.

Ludwig screamed. The clone became scared. “Who is this guy, and why is he screaming?”

“Oh, this is Ludwig von Koopa the original, he's looking for the smartest Luigi on the planet, any suggestions?” asked L345.

The clone thought. “Well, there is grandmaster L789!” he announced.

L345 smiled. “Great, how do we get to him?”

The Luigi clone spoke. “You go over Weegee Mountain, through Luigi Forest, and turn right on Luigi Avenue in the city of Luigiville. Any questions?”


Ludwig was cut off by L345. “Nope, we're good, thanks for everything!”

“Oh, don't mention it, Luigi!” said the other clone as he walked away.

Bowser returned with Peach and Mario. “That was too easy!” he announced. He was so proud of himself, he didn't even notice Luigi behind him.  “Ha! Ha! Mario! I caught you and the princess in one setting, anything you'd like to say?” said Bowser cockily.

“Why-a yes, Luigi!” Luigi came out and attacked Bowser.

Bowser swept him away with ease. “Ha, is that the best you got?”

Luigi laughed at Bowser's remark as hundreds of Luigis came out of nowhere and surrounded him. “Way to-a go, Luigi!” yelled Mario. Suddenly, a Luigi clone grabbed him! “Hey, what are you-a doing?!” cried Mario.

Before anyone knew it, the Luigi clones were taking Bowser, Mario, and Peach to Bowser's dungeon. Everyone else was already there.

Bowser's children cried, “Dad, Dad, it's horrible, Luigi has cloned himself and he's going to take us out with a giant laser!”

Bowser didn't know how to reply, but he noticed the Ludwig clone was missing. “Iggy, where'd the clone go?” asked Bowser.

“I don't know, I haven't seen him!” cried Iggy.

“Wait, so if everyone else is in here, that clone is our only hope?” cried Lemmy.

“I'm afraid so,” said Iggy.

Ludwig and friends made it to Weegee Mountain. “Why is this place called Weegee Mountain?” asked Ludwig.

“It's simple,” said L345, “Because there's a giant carving of Luigi that is said to watch over these hills.”

“This has something to do with an Internet meme, doesn't it?” asked Ludwig.

“Yep.” said L345.

Suddenly they saw the carving. Ludwig freaked out because it looked so real. “Stupid Internet memes!” he said.

Suddenly the carving seemed to stare harder at him, almost as if it was glaring at him. “Okay, I'm scared, let's just get over this mountain and get out of here!” he cried.

Suddenly the carving started shooting lasers at Ludwig and his group. “I don't think it likes us!” screamed Lv27.

“I'm writing a song about this!” announced Lv12.

“Not if I write one first!” grunted Lv32.

Ludwig and his group ran to the top of the mountain. They were safe from the glare of the statue, but not safe from something else. Suddenly, the real Weegee was there! Ludwig screamed as he stared at him in his awkward silence.

“You've awakened the spirit of the mountain!” L345 cried.

“What do I do?” cried Ludwig.

“Don't look him in the eyes, you'll turn to stone and be addicted to YouTube videos containing him!”

“That's horrible!” cried Ludwig.

“Being turned to stone?” asked L345.

“No, being addicted to YouTube!”

Lv1 came up to L345. “How do we get past the spirit of the mountain?” asked Lv1.

“You must make him look at himself in a mirror!” stated L345.

“Where will we get one of those?!” screamed Ludwig, as he tried not to look into the face of the spirit.

Just then, Lv1 noticed Lv27 looking at himself in a mirror. “I am clearly the greatest and most handsome Koopa ever cloned!” he said.

Lv1 took the mirror from him and threw it to Ludwig, who forced the spirit to look at itself, turning to stone. “That was close!” said Ludwig.

After that they made it down the mountain and made their way to the forest. The forest was like a regular forest, except that the trees were replaced with Luigis. “Hi, I'm Luigi!” they said when the group went by them.

“And I'm Ludwig!” the Ludwig clones would cry. Ludwig covered his ears as he made it through the forest.

Eventually, he found himself lost in the middle of a crowd of Luigis. Ludwig started asking for directions. “Excuse me, Luigi, which way is Luigiville from here?”

“Hi, I'm Luigi!” the Luigi replied.

“I know you are, now which way to Luigiville?”

“Hi, I'm Luigi!” the Luigi said again.

Ludwig glared. “I know you are, now tell me where to go!”

“Hi, I'm Luigi!” the Luigi clone announced.

Ludwig face-palmed himself. “Please, just tell me where Luigiville is!” Ludwig said with an annoyed expression.

“Hi, I'm Luigi!” the clone replied.

“You can't say anything else, can you?” asked Ludwig.

“Hi, I'm Luigi!” said the clone again.

Just then, that crazy Ludwig clone in a dress came by and talked to the Luigi. “Who are you?” it asked.

“So you want to know where Luigiville is, right?” asked the Luigi. “Well, if you pass the row of Luigis to the left of you there, you'll eventually find the path to Luigiville.”

“Thank you!” said the crazed clone as it curtsied. Ludwig was about to scream, but he gained control over himself.

Ludwig and friends went down the path that led to Luigiville. When they got to Luigiville, they were surprised to find that every street was named Luigi Avenue. “Great, we'll never find L789's house now!” yelled Ludwig.

Just then, a Luigi clone came up to Ludwig. “Did you say L789?”

“Yes, what's it to you?” asked an annoyed Ludwig.

The clone looked at him. “Well, I happen to be L789!” he said.

“At last, we found you!” cried L345.

“Yeah, seriously, you don't know what all we've been through to get here!” cried Ludwig.

L789 sighed. “I take it you were told by a clone to go over Weegee Mountain, through Luigi Forest, and to look for Luigi Avenue, weren't you?”

“Yes, how did you know?” asked Ludwig.

“It's happened before. Clone 788 is really jerky about that, he never bothers to explain that there's a road that leads from Luigi Town to Luigiville, he wants people to go the long way!”

L345 glared. “Drat, I should've known I was talking to L788!”

“Well, it doesn't matter now,” said Ludwig, returning to the point. “We need your help!”

“Let me guess, you want me to disarm the deadly laser that will destroy your planet in two hours...” said L789.

“Yes, how did you know?” asked Ludwig again.

“Because my friend here wants the same thing to happen,” the clone said, as he pointed to another Luigi.

“Which clone are you?” asked L345.

“I'm-a the real-a Luigi!” he said.

“Another original?!” cried Ludwig.

“Ludwig?!” cried Luigi.

“I take it you two know each other,” said L789.

Luigi glared. “Oh yeah, we-a go waaaaaay-a back!”

“So what happened? I thought you were planning on taking over the world!” said L345.

“No-a, I-a never planned-a such a thing! That was-a my first-a clone!” said Luigi.

Luigi told them his story. He told them how Professor E. Gadd had this cloning machine and he decided to test it out on Luigi. Unfortunately, the clone turned out to be evil and wanted to rule the world. The clone decided to clone itself five-thousand-nine-hundred-ninety-nine times and send an army of evil Luigis out to take out the most powerful people in the world: Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Bowser. Unfortunately for this clone, five-thousand of the clones were good clones that did not want to take over the world, so the first clone sent Luigi and the good clones to a mysterious green planet not too far away from the one they were on. What he sent them in was a giant ship that doubled as a giant laser. The first clone then got the idea to use the laser to take out the powerful people of the planet. He tricked the good clones into setting up the laser by calling himself the real Luigi and saying it was so he could takeover the world.

After hearing Luigi's story, Ludwig couldn't help but feel a bit bad for the guy. After all, at least his clones knew he was the original! “Is there any way to disarm the laser?” asked Ludwig.

L789 frowned. “Unfortunately, no. We set it on a permanent mode; no matter what we do, the laser's going to go off.” said L789.

“Is there a way to make it face in a different direction other than towards our planet?” asked Ludwig.

“We've tried everything, honest. The only thing left would be to build another laser on your planet that could counteract the blast of this one!” said L789 in a depressed manner.

“How can we do that if we're stuck on this planet?” asked Ludwig.

L789 smiled. “Well, I'm glad you asked. Since I heard of Luigi's tragedy here, I have been building a rocket that will take him back to his planet. When you caught me, I was actually coming back with the last piece I needed to complete the ship!”

“Great, so I can go home and tell Iggy to build a laser that will counteract the other one!” Ludwig said excitedly.

“Exactly!” said L789.

It wasn't but a few minutes later when L789 had completed the ship. Ludwig had to say his goodbyes to his clones and such before leaving. The clones were sad, for they wanted to go with him. “I'm flattered you want to go with me, but, clones, you must stay here on Planet L!” lectured Ludwig.

“We don't fit in here, everyone's a plumber!” cried Lv1.

“We can't stay here, there are no instruments!” cried Lv12.

“Yeah, how will we compose symphonies without any instruments?” cried Lv32.

“Who will I brag to about how totally handsome and awesome I am?” cried Lv27.

Ludwig laughed at them all. “Don't you see,” he said, “If you guys stay here, you will bring change to this planet! Look at it now, without you, it lacks diversity. Why should you dwell on being different than everyone else when you can use your differences to make the world a better place! You, Lv1, you will bring diversity to this planet by being one of thirty-three Koopas on this planet! Lv12, thanks to you, there is now an idea that instruments should be invented on this planet, which will eventually cause cultural diversity! Lv32, you have blessed this planet with the thought of music! Oh, Lv27, you will be handsome in the fact that you have introduced a new style foreign to the beings of this planet! No one is the same, even if they look it! So go out there and change the world!”

With that, Ludwig hopped into the ship and took off along with Luigi. Ludwig's clones cried. “Goodbye, Ludwig, we'll never forget you!” shouted Lv1.

Things seemed rather hopeless for Bowser, his family, Peach, and Mario. Bowser came up to Peach and Mario. “Hey, I know we're about to be obliterated in thirty minutes, but I wanted to tell you  something.”

“Oh boy, he's-a gonna apologize to us-a!” whispered Mario.

“Well, what I wanted to tell you is... GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY PRINCESS YOU BIG, FAT, STINK'N PLUMBER!!!” screamed Bowser.

“So much for apologies!” whispered Peach.

Bowser grabbed the princess and took her over to his corner of the cell. “There's something I've always wanted to tell you...” said Bowser. “I don't know if your feelings are the same, but-”

Princess Peach cut in. “Wait, before you tell me, there's something I've always wanted to tell you!” admitted the princess.

Bowser looked excited. “Yes, yes?!” he squealed excitedly.

Princess Peach put her hand on Bowser's cheek. “Oh, Bowser dear, KEEP YOUR CLAWS OFF OF MY PLUMBER, YOU BIG, FAT, STINK'N TURTLE!!!” With that, she kicked Bowser into a corner and stormed off to Mario.

Lemmy called from the cell across from them. “Oooo, rejection!”

“I'm gonna reject your face if you don't shut up!” yelled Bowser.

Just then, they heard a crash from outside the castle. “Oh no, is it already starting?!” cried Wendy.

“If so, I have something I need to tell Bowser Junior!” cried Larry.

Bowser Junior looked at Larry. “Yes?” he asked.

“I admit it, the reason I hate you is because I'm jealous of you!” cried Larry. Everyone else gasped. “Yes, it's true,” he said, “I was always jealous because you got more attention than me! I guess it doesn't matter now, though, 'cause we're all gonna die!”

What the crash really was, though, was the ship landing in the middle of the backyard. Luigi and Ludwig got out of the ship. “We-a only have thirty minutes!” cried Luigi.

“What could we possibly make a laser out of around here?!” yelled Ludwig.

Just then, the Ludwig clone that was so fond of gnawing on people's arms appeared. “Me!” it cried. The clone ran up to Ludwig.

“Hey, weren't you that clone that was fond of- OW!” The clone bit Ludwig.

Luigi laughed. “Talk about-a irony!”

“Oh, hush up, Luigi!” Ludwig snapped.

The clone stopped biting Ludwig. “Sorry,” it said.

Ludwig screamed at the clone. “Just what is your deal, clone?! Why do you keep biting everyone, explain yourself!”

The clone frowned. “Sorry, I can't help it, I haven't had chocolate in a while and I keep thinking everything is made out of it!”

Ludwig threw the clone a chocolate bar. The clone ate it hurriedly. “Thank you, maybe now I can explain myself better! I am Lv34, the last clone that was made. I've been looking all over the place for you, I was afraid you had been taken by them!”

“Them?” Ludwig asked.

“Yes, the Luigi clones! They have taken your family and everyone hostage! I heard a giant laser was going to blow this planet up and I was trying to build a laser that could counteract it! The most amazing thing is, the Luigi clones have blocked this entire area off with lasers, they just planted them in the hills this morning! I was thinking that if we combine all the lasers, amplify the power, and point them towards Planet L, it should be enough to counteract the other laser! The only problem is, I haven't had enough time to point all the lasers accordingly by myself. Will you help me?”

Ludwig and Luigi happily agreed.

Finally, one minute before the laser was to go off, the Ludwigs and Luigi were trying to find a way to amplify the power. They tried fire, lava, even magic, but one thing was left that would easily amplify the laser's power: sunlight. With only twenty seconds to spare, they searched for a way to bring sunlight to Dark Land. Eventually, with ten seconds to spare, Ludwig waved his wand he always carries with him and stopped the volcanoes. The smoke cleared up and the sun came through, and just in the nick of time!

The two lasers fired and counteracted each other, causing an explosion between both planets. The laser Ludwig, Lv34, and Luigi had made ended up being more powerful, so after the explosion, the laser went far enough to where it reached the laser on Planet L. The laser blew up the other laser, which was in the middle of a field somewhere and out of anyone's way, and left the planet without a single fear.

Ludwig stopped the laser and looked around. “You know, Dark Land isn't so bad when the Sun is shining!” he said.

“I'm-a so happy, we-a saved the-a planet!” cried Luigi.

“Uh, they're not!” cried Lv34, as Luigi clones circled the trio.

Ludwig, Luigi, and Lv34 were thrown into a cell in the dungeon. Luigi's first clone entered the room. “Well, well, well,” said L1. “It appears I have you right where I want you, Luigi!”

Luigi glared. “Oh yeah, well-a maybe you-a do, but you-a can't destroy us with your-a laser, we-a destroyed it!”

The clone laughed. “Yeah, with your laser! Foolish Luigi, I knew all of this would happen, and it went exactly as planned! Did you really think I would want to blow up the planet? Of course not, that is why I set this whole thing up, so you'd fall right into my trap! I will destroy you all with an even more powerful laser that will not destroy the planet!”

“You fiend,” cried Lv34, “we'll never let you rule the world!”

“Let is such a strong word for your situation, you can't do anything but have me rule, for you are in a hopeless situation, my friend,” said the clone cockily as he walked out the door.

There wasn't much time for the trio, considering that they had built the laser right next to the castle. Bowser called to Ludwig from another cell. “Ludwig, is that really you?”

“Yes, unfortunately,” sighed Ludwig.

“Well, it's nice to know you made it in time for our demise!” said Bowser with sarcastic cheerfulness.

Ludwig sighed. “You know what's even worse? The clones took my wand, so I'm pretty much powerless.”

“Well, Son, you tried your best and that's all that matters. You would've made a great king with all of your courage,” said Bowser.

Bowser Junior sat up. “Hey, I thought I was going to be the next king!”

“Be quiet, Junior, I'm speaking with Ludwig, not you.”

Bowser Junior started screaming and throwing temper tantrums. Eventually, the screaming was so bad, it began to crack the walls of the dungeon. Ludwig stood up. “Wait, this isn't a hopeless situation, we can still get out! Bowser Junior, cry as loud as you can!”

Bowser Junior cried louder and louder until the entire dungeon crumbled to pieces. After Bowser Junior recovered, he said, “Never underestimate the power of a big, ol' temper tantrum!”

Everyone ran out of the dungeon and out of the castle. They ran out just in the nick of time, because a second later, the entire castle was destroyed by a laser!

L1 laughed evilly, for he thought he had destroyed his opposition. “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! No one can stop me from ruling the world now!”

Suddenly a space ship landed on the laser and destroyed it. “Huh, what's this?” Before he knew it, the passengers of the ship climbed out; they were none other than L345, L789, Lv1, Lv12, Lv27, and Lv32! “Wha- Who are you?!” screeched L1.

Lv1, seeing the destruction of the castle, glared. “ONLY YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!!!” he screamed.

“How dare you destroy my devilishly handsome friend! NOW YOU'LL PAY!!!” screamed Lv27.

The Ludwig clones pulled out their cloned wands and began firing at the evil Luigi clone. Eventually, even the Luigi clones started firing things at the evil clone, fireballs. None of the magic blasts or fireballs ever hit the clone, though, for he kept avoiding them.

“Ha, you'll never hit me, I am the greatest thing that has ever been cloned, a true masterpiece!” he retorted.

Lv12 laughed. “Foolish L1, we knew all of this would happen, and it went exactly as planned!” retorted Lv12.

“Did you really think we wanted to hit you?” retorted Lv32.

Ludwig and Luigi inched over to the “battle”.

“Of course not, that is why we set this whole thing up, so you'd fall right into our trap!” said Ludwig, smirking.

L1 looked nervous. “Wh- what do you mean?!” he gasped.

“We will-a destroy you with-a something even more-a powerful than-a a laser: the-a planet's core!” said Luigi.

“Great job hitting the ground, guys! Now in about three point eight seconds, a massive hole will form right under that clone!” announced Ludwig.

Just as Ludwig said, a massive hole formed and L1 fell into it.

Bowser gasped in astonishment. “Who, what, when, where, whaaaaa?!”

Ludwig laughed. “You see, it was quite simple, our plan was to build a solar-powered laser that would take out the one on Planet L. To do that, I had to stop active volcanoes from blocking out the Sun! Stopping these volcanoes meant that all of the magma and such had to go somewhere and build up pressure! This area, I assumed, was right here. We knew we'd be caught eventually and that that foolish clone would try to destroy us with our own device, so I purposely plotted to have it at this exact spot! While flying to this planet before we got here, I told the clones my plan, so they came with perfect timing! I told them to hit the ground so it would crumble a little, causing a hole to form with all the pressure!”

Bowser had no idea how to reply. Eventually, he thought of something to say. “Well, Ludwig, that was just plain amazing! I honestly thought we were done for!”

Ludwig laughed. “It was nothing, really, and I couldn't have done it without Luigi, Luigi, and Luigi!”

Bowser glared. “Don't think this changes anything, plumbers, we'll be enemies again tomorrow!”

Ludwig rolled his eyes. “But for today, let us be friends, and rejoice in glorious victory!” he announced.


Eventually, Bowser's castle was rebuilt in a safer location in Dark Land. Bowser was so sick of the sunshine that had been covering Dark Land that he ordered the volcanoes to spew lava once again, and everything returned to normal.

Before it was completely normal, though, Ludwig had to send his clones and the Luigi clones back to Planet L. It was a tearful goodbye, but they eventually left for their home planet with Lv34.

As for Planet L, everything was fabulous. The Ludwigs lived peacefully with the Luigis and the planet was one of the most diverse planets in the solar system!

The End

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