The Mole: A Party of Sabotage

By Fred the Mole

Would the superstar from Nimbus Land be the Mole?  Apparently not, as he was sent home last night,” said a Mole wearing a baseball hat and a black tie. “Now 10 players remain.  One:  a traitor.  And the question remains:  Who is the Mole?”

Name:  Lakitu Spine (female)
Age:  34
Homeland:  Sky Land
Job:  Fisherman


Name:  Clubba Snorr (female)
Age:  45
Homeland:  Gutsy Gulch
Job:  Bouncer


Name:  Koops Pettle
Age:  21
Homeland:  Petal Meadows
Job:  Law Student


Name:  Toad Fungi
Age:  32
Homeland:  Toad Town
Job:  Bellhop


Name:  Kammy Koopa
Age:  84
Homeland:  Dark land
Job:  Retired Architect


Name:  Koopatrol Shells (male)
Age:  49
Homeland:  Dark land
Job:  Security Guard


Name:  Elvin “E. Gadd” Gaddget
Age:  75
Homeland:  Boo Woods
Job:  Butler


Name:  Wrinkly Kong
Age:  80
Homeland:  DK Island
Job:  Retired Teacher


Name:  Chuck Chargin (Male)
Age:  38
Homeland:  Donut Plains
Job:  Minor-League Football Player


Name:  Bow Biddly
Age:  48
Homeland:  Forever Forest
Job:  Royalty

***Toad:  It’s kind of nice to know that Mallow wasn’t the Mole.  It means that all of his intelligence and kindness was sincere

***Bow:  Down to ten.  The big 1-0.  The smartest player just went home.  In the second execution!  It makes me wonder how he didn’t survive while the others and I did…

***Chuck:  It is a shame that Mallow was executed.  But I’m not disappointed.  As long as I don’t go, I’m ok.

“Right now,” continued the Mole, “we are in the Grand Canal, a large body of water in the Party world.  It is nine AM, and players are currently eating breakfast.”

The players were all gathered around the table eating Ham and Salami, when Fred spoke.  “So,” he said, “is everyone using their journal?”

“Didn’t you already ask us that question?” pointed out Lakitu.

“Well, yeah,” said Fred, “But answer me again.”

“I always use it,” said E. Gadd, “My memory isn’t as good as it used to be, so it’s perfect!”

“I’m glad you feel that way” said Fred, “However:  We are swapping journals.”

“Wait… WHAT?!” exclaimed E. Gadd.

“Yup,” said Fred, “Everyone pass your journals three places to the left.”  The players passed their journal

***Clubba:  This was not good for me.  Not good at all.  But I think E. Gadd was the most upset

***E. Gadd:  I’m losing tons of info!  C’mon!  I don’t want someone else’s journal!  I want MY journal!

“Now,” said Fred, standing up, “We leave the hotel in an hour.  Get packed and meet me in the lobby.  Oh, and you can’t switch your journals back.  ”

The players all stood up and left through the double doors of the dining room

***Lakitu:  I got Wrinkly’s journal.  She suspects an assortment of people, including E. Gadd, Koops, and me!

***Wrinkly:  I got Koops’ journal.  He’s written some, but not too much.

***Koops:  I really don’t feel need to use the journal.  Koopatrol’s is pretty interesting, though.  It’s interesting to see how he thinks.  Unless, of course, he’s the mole

***Koopatrol:  I got E. Gadd’s.  He filled up almost ALL of his journal!

***E. Gadd:  Yeah, that’s right.  I lost the most important aspect of this game.  And now I’m stuck with Clubba’s, whose journal is really just filled with MINDLESS DOODLES!  *sigh* Why me?

***Clubba:  Lakitu got my journal?  Great!  Why would I be disappointed about that? I, myself, got Chuck’s, and now I know how much of an idiot he actually is.  He thinks that I’M the mole.

***Chuck:  I got Kammy’s, who really seemed to like her journal.  She writes in this tiny font, and has notes on everyone here.  Didn’t she say three days ago that she didn’t need a journal?

***Kammy:  Chuck is lying!  I swear, I didn’t… I got Bow’s, which I don’t intend to read.  She approached me before I opened it and begged me not to.  Why should I?  I’ll just open a little section in the back for me to take notes i- I mean I’ll just throw it away.

***Bow:  Why do I not want people to read my journal?  I made some… comments about people that I don’t want them to know that I said.  Me?  I got Toad’s.  A moderate amount of writing.  A lot of emotion.  That’s weird, because he’s usually so quiet!

***Toad:  I got Lakitu’s.  Not much to say about it…

Soon all of the players were in the lobby, with all of their suitcases.  “All right,” said Fred, “We just have a quick boat ride to the Airport.  We have two Gondolas that hold six each.  Just choose one and let’s go”


Four hours later, the plane landed in a vast desert.  As the players walked out, an aroma of sand entered their noses.  The desert was completely desolate for miles to come.  Well, except for they two small mountains, disguised by heaps of sand.  “This,” said Fred, “Is Pyramid Park, and will be today’s destination.  Now, has anyone ever been to Pyramid Park before?” Toad raised his hand.

“I have,” he said, shuffling his feet.

“Can you tell me a little about the place?” asked Fred.

“Well,” started Toad, “It’s really just two mountains.  It’s mainly inhabited by Goombas and Chain Chomps.”

“That is all correct,” said Fred, “the Goombas are down by the oasis and the Chain Chomps live in large dog houses in various spots on the mountains.  Today’s mission, or should I say tonight’s, is called “Park Protectors.” This mission will consist of a little guard duty.  You will be guarding the Bowser sphinx from intruders that will attack the sphinx to destroy the treasure inside:  The Ruby Vase.  Let’s walk now.” The players walked up a hill and across a bridge.  They soon saw a sphinx with a head resembling the great king of Dark land, Lord Bowser.  The look of tyranny on his face seemed to frighten all of the contestants except for Koopatrol, Bow, and Toad.  Fred creaked open the ancient wooden door.  Resting on a gilded podium was a ruby red, jewel-encrusted vase, illuminated by two spot lights, coming from two holes in the ceiling.

“Now,” said Fred, “the raiders win if the vase is destroyed, or it both of the spotlights are turned off.  Yyou can position yourselves in any way you want, with two conditions:  You cannot go to the other mountain, and only one person can be in the sphinx at one time.  The attackers will come any time after sundown and will leave at 1:30.  One more thing.  You will be given paintball guns to defend yourselves, and they will not receive any weapons.  Shoot them; they “die”.  You win if you kill all of the Goombas, or the vase is still illuminated at 1:30.  Are we clear?  Start planning your defenses.  I’ll see you all in the morning.”

Fred scurried across the bridge, turned around, and waved at the players.  Before any of them could blink, a sand storm started, and nothing was visible.  “Everyone stay calm!” yelled Lakitu, “Just duck and cover!” the sand storm quickly ended and, to the players’ surprise, both Fred and the bridge were gone.

“I guess he was serious when he said we couldn’t leave,” joked Chuck, rolling his eyes


***Bow:  After a while, we had all of our positions set out.  It was Koopatrol who seemed to be in charge, as he is used to this “guarding” thing.

***Koopatrol:  I took the lead for this challenge.  I setup everyone’s positions.  Clubba and Lakitu are manning the spotlights, Kammy was at the highest point of the mountain, Chuck was at the foot, E. Gadd was circling the sphinx, Koops and Toad were on two different wooden look-out towers, Wrinkly was walking up and down some steps, Bow was the eye in the sky circling the place, and I was guarding the Vase from the inside.

***Chuck:  I hope Koopatrol knows what he’s doing.  If he doesn’t… we’re all in trouble.

***Clubba:  I wish I could be of a little more importance.  After all, I deal with security just as much as Koopatrol.


Meanwhile, in a cave on the other mountain, 10 Goombas sat around a fire, discussing their plans.  The Mole had given them the position of the attackers and their strategy.

***Goomba:  Thanks to the Mole, we know all the positions, strategies, and the players’ weaknesses.  This should be a breeze.  We tend to go undercover for as long as we can, since they don’t know exactly when we are coming after sunset.  Once we know we’re spotted-well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise.  And we have a secret weapon to use at the end.  (smirks)


Koops climbed up on his lookout tower and inhaled the desert air.  An aroma of sand passed through his mind as he picked up his gun.

Toad did the same on a lookout tower a couple yards away, snatched an energy bar from his pocket, and started to unwrap it

Lakitu pulled Clubba up to the top of the sphinx and grabbed the handles on their spotlights.  “Ready?” Clubba asked Lakitu

“Never been more ready than I am now.” Replied Lakitu, flipping on the spotlight’s switch.

Chuck slammed onto the ground and loaded his gun

***Chuck:  I was excited.  It was going to be a fun Mission

On the other side of the mountain, Kammy hopped off her broom, and also picked up her gun.  She plucked her hat from her head and threw it to the side.

Koopatrol could only hope that his set up would prevail.


From her spot on the sky, Bow could see the sun setting over the horizon.  The attack would begin any minute.  But only the Mole knew when.  They looked at their watch, and waited for the first sign of attack.  The spotlights resting on the top of the sphinx could now be seen clearly now that they sky was filled with nothing but the light of the Moon.


“What?” said E. Gadd, startled as he swiftly turned around.

“Did you hear something?” asked Wrinkly, holding her gun, ready to shoot.

“I… think it was just in my head.  I don’t… see anything,” he said, searching through the darkness.


“Phew!” a Paragoomba said quietly as he watched E. Gadd trot away, “I thought we were goners!”

***Paragoomba:  No, we do not know who the Mole is.  All we know is that there is one.  And they’re on our side

“C’mon,” ordered a Spiked Goomba, “We have a vase to break and some lights to smite.”


“I SEE ONE!!!” screamed Chuck, “I SEE A GOOMBA!” he started shooting at it as fast as he could.  The Goomba collapsed to the floor.

Dead Goombas:  1/10

“Did you get it?” called Bow, from overhead.

“Yeah,” Chuck bellowed back, “But I don’t see anymore!”


The Goombas were now hiding out in a cave at the base of the mountain

***Spiked Goomba:  We wanted that Goomba to get hit.  He got right up in Chuck’s face so we could sneak passed him and find our way into this cave.

“Okay,” whispered the spiked Goomba, “We need three Paragoombas willing to sneak out now.”


***Koops:  It was dark.  We didn’t have flashlights.  We had to look extra carefully.

“Is anyone there?” Koops called, looking out into the night.

“Just me,” said E. Gadd, “See anything suspicious?”

“Nope,” said Koops, “How about you”

“Nothing,” said E. Gadd, “Maybe they’re just holding to the end of the-”

“Shh!” whispered Koops, “You hear that?”


“I see one!” said Koops.  He whipped out his gun, fired at a dark shadow, and missed.  E. Gadd proceeded to turn around and shoot it.  He fired at two more shadows that started to flee the scene.  Koops started at him with awe.  “How did you-” Koops stammered.  E. Gadd chuckled.

“It’s a lot like using a vacuum” he said, grinning.

Dead Goombas:  4/10

***Koops:  Suspicious?  Nah, not really.  I still trust him


Bow swooped down, unsuccessful at spotting any of the petite attackers.  She grabbed a water bottle from the top of the mountain and unscrewed the cap.

***Bow:  This mission is harder than it seemed at first.  (laughs) I guess Fred forgot to give us flashlights.

Meanwhile, two Paragoombas were currently hiding behind a bush, right next to Bow.  Bow picked up speed back into the night sky and the petite mushrooms crept away, thinking the coast was clear.


Kammy heard rustling coming from behind.  She picked up her gun and aimed at the bushes, then proceeded to violently shoot.

Dead Goombas:  6/10

Spiked Goomba:  We were losing numbers.  We had two left.  But there was one secret weapon we had left.  But… we would wait a good while before using it.

12:00 AM

“So,” Lakitu whispered to Clubba, “who’s your top suspect for Mole?”

“Not now,” snapped Clubba, “We have a Vase to protect.”

***Clubba:  What?  I take my job very seriously.  When I’m guarding, I only guard.


***Koopatrol:  Ah, midnight.  I hope my crew isn’t getting sleepy.  I guard during the night, I’m used to not getting a lot of sleep.

Koopatrol started to whistled, but then he abruptly stopped.  He kicked down the door and saw a Paragoomba, right in front of the door.  In a last attempt, the Paragoomba jumped to the side, just skinning Koopatrol’s attack.  However, right when he was going to knock the vase down, he got shot by Koopatrol.

“That was a close one,” said Koopatrol to himself.

Dead Goombas:  7/10


***Spiked Goomba:  I admit it.  We were losing heavily.  It was time to take out the big guns.

The Goombas walked further into their hideout cave, where severe growling could be heard.


***Koopatrol:  We were almost done!  We had three Goombas to go and only a half an hour until they had to retreat.  If they were going to try something, it would be now, so I had to keep my eyes peeled


Bow looked down from the spot she was hovering in, and rubbed her eyes.  “Nah,” she thought, “Impossible” She soared down to get a closer look.  But she was right.  Her jaw dropped as she picked up her walkie talkie.  “Koopatrol,” she muttered, “we have a problem”

“What?  What is it?” Koopatrol responded, quickly and sternly.

“You have some… Goombas coming your way…” Bow stammered.

“So what?  I can take ‘em!” said Koopatrol, confidently.

“I don’t think you can,” said Bow, peering down.

“Why not?” asked Koopatrol, concerned.

“Open your front door,” Bow instructed.

Koopatrol opened the front door and his jar dropped.  Speeding at his doors were three Goombas riding on the backs of feisty-looking Chain Chomps.  “Oh my,” he said, frozen in his tracks.  Koopatrol tried picking up his gun, but he was frozen with fear.  He quickly jumped out of the way, and the Chain Chomps collided with the vase, shattering it to the floor.  They quickly filed out.

“Unbelievable!” Koopatrol muttered as he walked out of the sphinx.  “Oy!  Bow!  Fly around and tell people the game has ended.

“Did they… break the vase?” Bow asked, hoping it wasn’t true.

“Uh-huh,” replied Koopatrol. “#$&@!”

***Koopatrol:  I was mad, mainly at myself.  This was my area of expertise!  I wanted to lead the team into greatness!  I could only blame myself.

***Chuck:  It was all Koopatrol’s fault!  He was in the sphinx.  He could’ve hit them!  When Bow told me the news I was seething with rage!  I could’ve done a better job than he did.


“Hello, players,” said Fred, stepping over a bridge that players swore was not there 5 seconds ago. “I’m sorry, but no money gets added to the pot.”

All the players hung their heads in shame, letting out deep sighs.

TOTAL POT:  111,000/154,000

“Now,” said Fred, “is a perfect time to get some sleep.  We’ll be off to our next destination in 7 hours, so if you don’t mind, we’re sleeping in sleeping bags set out under the stars. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

“I’d rather be in a hotel with air conditioning, but whatever,” Kammy complained.


All but two players had sleeping bags set up around the more natural mountain.  It was an easy night’s sleep, for all the players were tired, even the Mole.  Clubba and Lakitu lay in their sleeping bad, discussing the identity of the mole.


The players woke up the next morning, feeling groggy from the short night’s sleep they had just a couple of hours ago.  “All right!” said Fred, enthusiastically. “Now that everyone is rested, lets head off to our next destination.”

The players filled up the private jet that had landed just a day ago in the vast desert.  This would be the last time it would be seen.


Clubba and Lakitu, who had seated together, were exchanging notes.  Bow peered over at them.

***Bow:  I kind of feel that I’m out of the loop.  Lakitu and Clubba have a coalition and Koopatrol’s friendly with them.  Kammy and Wrinkly are sticking together, E. Gadd and Koops appear to have a coalition, Toad is definitely a loner, and Chuck lost his companion, Mallow, and I would NEVER want to be in a coalition with him.  I just don’t know what to do…

Bow shifted in with Koopatrol, who was sitting across from Lakitu and Clubba.


After a much shorter flight than the one from the previous day, the contestants landed on a cliff in the middle of a huge mountain around 10:30.  The players looked out the window, smelling sweet grass and sticky buns.  They had landed on the edge of a tiny town, filled with the sound of chatter and a rushing waterfall in the short distance.  Fred entered through a door to the passenger’s compartment.

“Welcome,” he greeted, “to Pagoda Peak.  This giant mountain is the tallest point in the party world, unless you count the bases in space.  We have a small hike to our hotel, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, right?”

***Bow:  It was a glorious sight.  It reminded me why I signed up for the show:  to get to see things I wouldn’t normally see.

The players hopped off of the plane, and grabbed their luggage.


Fred wasn’t exaggerating.  The hike only took 7 minutes, and they arrived at a small building.

“We have new room arrangements” said Fred, “The Rooms are larger here, so some rooms will have 3 people.  Room 27 is Bow, Kammy, and Clubba.  Room 28 is Wrinkly and Lakitu.”

Lakitu and Clubba looked at each other with sadness, and Fred continued.  “Room 29 is Chuck, Koops, and Koopatrol, and Room 30 is Toad and E. Gadd.  Go find your rooms and settle in.  I’ll call your room when it’s time to go on.”

Fred handed a key to Chuck, then to Bow, then Lakitu, then Toad.


E. Gadd dropped his bag down and plopped down on his mattress.  Toad threw his bag on his bed and scurried into the bathroom.  E. Gadd sat on his bed and stared out the window.

***E. Gadd:  I know I shouldn’t be thinking about it that much, but I still just don’t know what I’m going to do without my journal.  How can I bear the quiz tonight?


“So,” said Chuck, opening his suitcase and taking out a camera, “How about the 3 of us start a Coalition?” Koopatrol looked shocked.  As did Koops.

“Why not?” said Koops, holding out his arm to shake hands.

***Koops:  Having two alliances sounds like a good idea, just in case one of them is the Mole.  Boy, do I feel sorry for whoever has an alliance with the Mole.  Hope it’s not me…

***Koopatrol:  I didn’t need to be in a coalition with Chuck, but why not?  I could use the extra info.

“Sure,” said Koopatrol, “We’ll be the 3 Koopas!”

“So, let’s discuss who we think is the Mole,” said Koops, opening his journal.

“My top three suspects are Clubba, E. Gadd, and Kammy,” said Chuck, “What about you guys?”

“I do agree with you about Kammy being suspicious,” said Koops, “She’s my number one suspect, followed by Lakitu, and then Toad.”

“I say Toad is my number one, Bow is my number two, and Lakitu is my number 3,” said Koopatrol.


The players met back in the lobby, where Fred sat on a long, green couch.  Sitting next to him was an aged Koopa bearing bushy eyebrows, and a long silver beard.  He clutched a brown staff in his right hand.  “Hello, players,” said Fred, grinning, “Oh boy, one of you is in for a treat!  Which one of you wants to go on a tour of this magnificent mountain?”

“I wouldn’t mind,” said Koops, shuffling his feet.

“But I think we all kind of want to, don’t we?” said Clubba.

“Not me,” said E. Gadd, “Too old for it.”

“Nonsense!” spoke the elder Koopa.  Looking at all of the players, he quickly added, “I am Jack Koopa by the way, but please call me ‘Koopa Master’.  I will be leading the tour.  There is no age limit on it.”

“Guys!” said Kammy, vainly, “Let me go on the tour!”

“Like you deserve it,” mumbled Koopatrol.

“WHAT was that, Incompetent Koopa?” said Kammy, with anger in her voice.

“Nothing!  Nothing!” said Koopatrol, taking a step back.

“Ok guys, let’s just choose a person,” said Lakitu, “I don’t need to go, since apparently, a lot of people want to go.”

“I don’t need to go either,” said Wrinkly, “I’ve seen a lot of stuff already.”

“Guys,” said Koopatrol, suddenly, “Can I go?  I promised myself I would see the world on this trip.  This is my big chance.  Can I PLEASE go?”

“I guess…” said Chuck

“Fine,” said Clubba

“Errrrrrr… FINE!” said Kammy, reluctantly, after a fair bit of thought.

“Great then!” said Koopa Master, smiling. “Follow me then, fellow Koopa.” As soon as Koopa Master and Koopatrol were out the door, Fred continued speaking to the players.

“Quickly,” he said, without haste, “we need to travel to the top of the mountain”


The gondola doors opened and the players saw a magnificent site:  a pagoda.  They were at the peak of Pagoda Peak, where they were surprised to see a plasma screen TV, set up in a living room area.  There were two leather couches and 3 leather armchairs.

“Well, make yourselves at home,” said Fred as he plopped down in the armchair.  Koops, Lakitu, and Clubba sat on one couch, Chuck, Wrinkly, Toad, and Bow sat on the other, and Kammy and E. Gadd took the remaining armchairs.

“What are we-” started Bow

“Wait a second,” interrupted Fred, taking out a cell phone.  He punched in some numbers and put the phone up to his ear.  “Hello… Yes, we’re at the top… You can start.” He closed the phone and turned to the players.

“Sorry about my actions earlier,” he said apologetically, “But we had to get up here as soon as possible.  Koopatrol would get too suspicious if we didn’t.”

The contestants bore confused countenances.  “I’ll explain in a minute, but right now I need one team of five and one team of four.”


Lakitu, Wrinkly, Bow, Koops, and Clubba were the team of five and Toad, Kammy, Chuck, and E.  Gadd were the team of four.

“Now, the tour isn’t real,” Fred explained, “It’s just part of our next mission.  This TV is connected to five different video cameras scattered across the mountain.  In these spots, the tour will be stopped and Koopatrol will have an option to do something or not.  You five must predict whether he will perform this specific action or not.  If your prediction is incorrect, well,” Fred gestured to a very steep part of the mountain.  A platform rested around 40 feet downwards, holding 4 different colored balls.  “One member of the team of four must bungee jump off the peak to retrieve one of the balls.”

E. Gadd went pale.

***E. Gadd:  I’m almost 80!  Bungee jumping is the last thing I want to do!

“If a jumper fails to retrieve a ball, then the challenge is lost.  This challenge is worth 30,000 coins.  Now, do we understand?  Oh, and the Jumpers can’t say a word while the team of 5 are deciding.”

The players nodded.  “Good,” said Fred, “Let’s turn on the first camera.”

Fred took out a remote and clicked it on.  The TV turned on, displaying a town.  In this town was a stand selling Mushrooms.  “Now, Koopatrol will walk through here in around a minute and a half.  When he does, Koopa Master will offer to buy him a Mushroom.  Do you think he will accept, or decline?”

“Koopatrol’s a pretty polite person,” said Bow, “I don’t think he’ll take it.”

“If it’s offered to him, he might take it,” offered Clubba.

“Wouldn’t it be rude to not accept the Mushroom?” said Lakitu

“Also,” said Clubba, “Koopatrol didn’t eat breakfast, so he’s probably hungry,”

“I still say no…” said Bow.

“I’m afraid I have to agree with Bow,” said Wrinkly, “It seems more logical to refuse the offer.”

“Well,” said Lakitu, “Then it’s up to Koops.  What do you think, Koops?”

“Well, I think either could be true,” he stuttered.

***Koops:  I REALLY hate being the deciding vote.  I hate being the final decision, because then everyone will get mad at me if I’m wrong.

“Well, um… Koopatrol’s a rather… well, he’s not shy… I think I’ll go with Lakitu and Clubba here.

“So you guys think he’ll take it?”

“Yep,” said Clubba.

“Well,” said Fred, “Here he comes now!”


“This town is pretty amazing!” said Koopatrol, looking around.

“Isn’t it?” said Koopa Master, as they approached the stand, “The Shroom Shack sells the best Mushrooms on the peak.  They’re also the cheapest, costing only four coins!  Would you like me to buy you one?”

“If it’s no trouble, I wouldn’t mind!” said Koopatrol, smiling.


“YES!” said Lakitu, as they watched the screen.  Clubba and Koops nodded in agreement while Bow held silence.

***Bow:  I don’t like being wrong.  It’s just something about the feeling… I just hate it.

“Well, you only need two more to win the coins,” said Fred. “Let’s change the channel, shall we?”

Fred clicked a button on his remote, and the screen changed.  The players were now looking at several stalks of bamboo.  The bottoms were unseen, hidden in the mist, while the tops were cut flat.  On both sides of the bamboo were cliffs, connected by only a bridge in the nearby distance.  “Koopatrol and Koopa Master will come to this destination shortly.  Koopa Master will walk across the bamboo to get to the other cliff.  Do you think Koopatrol will follow his lead, or will he take the bridge?  You have two minutes until they reach this spot.”

“Koopatrol is daring,” suggested Lakitu, “He’s bold.  I think he’ll do it.”

“Are you KIDDING?” snapped Bow, unexpectedly, “Koopatrol’s a reasonable guy.  He’s wearing all of that armor; he knows the bamboo won’t support him.”

“Well,” said Lakitu, “What if he doesn’t see the bridge and thinks his only way across is over the bamboo?”

“I’m going with Lakitu,” said Koops, shyly, “I think that Koopatrol will think it’s safe if he sees Koopa Master do it.”

“Well, I wouldn’t do it,” said Clubba.

“It’s not about whether you would do it, it’s about whether Koopatrol would do it,” said Wrinkly, “Nevertheless, I agree with Lakitu.  He’ll take the bridge.”

“I think that Koopatrol’s not the type of person to do something that crazy,” said Bow.

“Majority rules,” said Fred, “You guys think that Koopatrol will take the bridge.  Well, let’s watch.”


“See that building over there?” said Koopa Master, pointing to a dojo on the other side of the bamboo. “That is the Pagoda Dojo.  Let’s take a peek inside.”

Koopa Master jumped onto one stalk of bamboo and leapt to another.  He repeated this pattern until he reached the other side.

“Is it safe?” asked Koopatrol, placing a foot on a piece of bamboo.

“Why of course!” said Koopa Master, “People travel this way all the time!”

“OK, then” said Koopatrol, carefully walking across the bamboo.


“Darn!” said Clubba, snapping her fingers.

“Oh well, it’ll happen,” said Wrinkly, sympathetically.

“Well,” said Fred, “Jumpers, please choose a person to jump.”

“Not me,” said E. Gadd, “Save me for last.”

“No way!” said Kammy, “Save ME for last!”

“Guys, guys,” said Chuck, “No worries.  I’ll just go.”

“Maybe I should go first,” said Toad, slightly sarcastically, “I don’t want you to waste any energy for nothing.”

“What a great idea!” said Chuck, missing the sarcastic tone in Toad’s voice, “Toad, you jump.”

 Toad was harnessed in and was preparing to jump.

“Now,” said a Koopa with thick glasses, “what you wanna do is make sure that the rope doesn’t snap back up at you, and…”

***Toad:  After a while, the instructions sounded like gibberish.  I was going to jump off of a mountain!  Of course I was scared!”

“You ready?” asked the Koopa in an official voice.

“Yh-yeah,” stuttered Toad as he stood on the very edge of the peak.  Toad closed his eyes and dove off of the cliffside.  After falling for 10 feet, he opened his eyes.  Colors flashed before him so quickly.  He smiled and laughed.  “Woo!” he shouted.  As he approached the platform, he reached out his arm.

***Toad:  As I was approaching the platform, I was worried that I wasn’t going to stop falling!  I didn’t slow down at all!

Toad closed his eyes again and, all of a sudden, the rope quickly slowed down.  His hand, still reached out, wrapped around a bright orange ball, no larger than a golf ball.


“Did you get it?” asked Clubba immediately.  Toad nodded as he presented the orange ball to everyone.  Everyone released a sigh of relief.

“Well,” said Fred, “it looks as if you guys are safe for now.  Well, let’s change the channel!


The screen depicted a tranquil waterfall dripping down the mountainside.  Observant players would notice that a glass bottle was resting at the foot of the falls.  “In a minute, Koopatrol and Koopa Master will stop at these falls to admire their beauty.  However:  A glass bottle is laying next to them.  Do you think that that Koopatrol will pick the bottle up, or just ignore it?”

“Well, do we think that Koopatrol would do that?” asked Bow.

“It depends if he sees it or not,” said Clubba, “I mean, it IS a glass bottle.  It might just blend in with the cliff.

“However:  If Koopatrol was to see it, he would definitely pick it up.  That’s the kind of person he is,” said Lakitu.

“Agreed,” said Wrinkly, “I do believe it is In Koopatrol’s nature to pick it up.  I’ll say he does it.”

“I have to agree,” said Lakitu

“I’m still kind of iffy about it…” said Clubba.

“I guess I’ll agree,” said Koops.

“Well,” said Fred, “That’s majority, so… let’s watch!”


“Hold on a second, Koopatrol,” said Koopa Master, “Let’s stop to appreciate this water.  Magnificent, isn’t it?”

All Koopatrol managed to murmur was a soft “whoa”.  He stared in awe at the waterfall for about 10 seconds.

“Well,” said Koopa Master, “Let’s get going.” But Koopatrol ignored him.  “KOOPATROL!” he screeched.

“Wah!” said Koopatrol, snapping out of his trance, “Right, well, let’s go,”

Koopa Master and Koopatrol started walking again, leaving the bottle behind.


“#%&$!” said Clubba, “Not another one!”

“Well,” said Fred, “it looks as if someone who is not Toad will have to jump.”

“I guess it’s me,” said Chuck, with a determined look on his face.  He cracked his knuckles and walked over to the cliffside.


“Good, you are ready,” said the Koopa with thick glasses.  Chuck was harnessed in and eager to jump.

***Chuck:  Are you kidding?  Me?  Scared?  (Laughs) Of course not.  I’ve done way more dangerous things in my life before this!

“Let’s get this done!” said Chuck.  He leapt off the cliffside with a layed-back expression across his face.  As he fell, he shifted himself into a lying down position.  He closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

“CHUCK!” screeched Clubba, “CATCH THE FRIGGEN BALL!”

“Fine Ms.  Naggy pants,” said Chuck, rolling his eyes.  He turned himself around and stretched out his arm and grabbed a navy blue ball.

Chuck was pulled back to the top of the mountain, where he quickly unstrapped himself.

“HEY!” exclaimed the Koopa, “I’m supposed to do that!”

“Whatever,” muttered Chuck, and he dropped the ball to the ground.

“Another close call,” said Fred, “But let’s turn our attention back to Koopatrol.

The screen displayed an ancient-looking gong.  The number 10 was scribbled along the top.  The gong had rusted quite a bit, and had a faint gold color.  “In a couple minutes, Koopatrol will arrive at this gong.  Koopa Master will give him the option to strike it.  Do you think he will accept, or decline this offer?”

“I don’t think anyone would think that he would object,” said Clubba, “Unlike the Mushroom one, no one has anything to lose from him ringing the gong.”

“Clubba brings up a good point,” said Bow,”I agree.

“Same,” said Koops

“Yeah,” said Wrinkly.

“Uh-huh,” said Lakitu

“Well, that was quick!” said Fred, chuckling to himself.


“Woah,” said Koopatrol, “That’s a pretty cool gong,”

“It’s been around since the Koop Dynasty took control over the mountain,” said Koopa Master, “It was sounded when the dynasty was under attack, but now it’s just rung by tourists.  Care to give it a whack?”

“Nah,” said Koopatrol, “I’m not much of a fan of loud noises.  I’m fine without it.”


“Wait WHAT?!” exclaimed Lakitu as she performed a double take.

“I find that awfully hard to believe,” said Wrinkly, her mouth agape.

“Well,” said Fred, “either E. Gadd or Kammy must jump now.”

“Please,” said E. Gadd, “Kammy, can you do it?”

“Absolutely 100 PERCENT NO WAY!” shrieked Kammy.

“Well,” said E. Gadd, nervously, “Since there’s no point arguing with you… I guess I’ll jump then…” He went pale in the face.

E. Gadd was strapped in and harnessed.

“You ready?” asked the Koopa.

“Define ready,” said E. Gadd sweating.  He tried to laugh, but no noise came out.

“You can go!” said the Koopa.  E. Gadd stood there, staring down.

“You know, maybe this isn’t such a-” His sentence stopped there, as Chuck had snuck up behind him and pushed him off.

“WAAAAAH!” cried E. Gadd as he held on to the rope with his life.  His eyes were squeezed shut.

Everyone gave Chuck a dirty look.  “Well I had to get him to go SOMEHOW,” he said, defending his actions.

“Don’t forget the ball!” called Lakitu.

***E. Gadd:  That was the SCARIEST thing I had ever done!  I hope I never have to do anything else of the sort ever again!

E. Gadd reached out to grab a silver ball.  He fumbled with it in his hand for a while, but quickly stashed it in his pocket.

 “Well?” blurted out Kammy as E. Gadd reached the top of the mountain, “What happened?”

“Just give me… a moment… to catch… my breath,” panted E. Gadd as he flopped down on a couch.  He reached into his pocket and threw the silver ball onto the ground.

“Very good, jumpers,” said Fred, “We have one test left, though”

The screen changed to a picture of a statue of a lion.  While the statue was hollow, it was completely on fire.  Standing next to is was a female Koopa with a blue bonnet.

“Now,” said Fred, “the woman standing next to the lion statue will approach Koopatrol, telling her that her dog is trapped inside the burning lion.  You must predict if Koopatrol will enter the lion to save the dog or not.”

“Are you kidding?!” exclaimed Clubba, “That’s SADISTIC!  Koopatrol could get seriously injured!  He could DIE!”

“Oh, don’t worry;” said Fred, “He signed a contract.  Besides, he doesn’t HAVE to do it.  Oh, and there will be no jumping for this one.  The guesser must get it right.  If they don’t, no money will be added to the pot.”

“I refuse to take part in this decision,” said Clubba, crossing her arms. “You guys just have to decide.”

“Would Koopatrol risk his own life to save another’s?” Lakitu posed.

“Didn’t he serve in Bowser’s army?” asked Bow. “He’s risked his life before, I don’t think he’ll be afraid to do it now.”

“Besides, wouldn’t he feel awful about himself if he didn’t?” added Wrinkly

“But would he really risk his life for a dog?” said Lakitu.

“I believe he would,” said Wrinkly.

“I guess I do too…” say Koops. “Koopatrol is very kind.  I think he believes that it is the right thing to do”

“Then so do I,” said Bow.

Lakitu shrugged. “Whatever,” she said.


“See that burning lion statue?” said Koopa Master, pointing to the statue, “It’s been burning for 100 years now.  The fire represents the life of the Koop Dynasty.”

Suddenly the Koopa Woman approached Koopatrol. “HELP!” she shrieked, “MY DOG IS IN THE STATUE!  YOU MUST BRING HIM OUT!  PLEASE!  I’M NOTHING WITHOUT HIM!”

“Um…” said Koopatrol…

All of a sudden, the screen went black.


“What happened?” asked Wrinkly, with genuine curiosity.

“The camera must’ve died,” said Fred, sighing. “I forgot to put new batteries in it.”


“I think I hear someone coming this way!” said Clubba, picking up her head.

The players saw the top of Koopa Master’s head as he climbed up the ladder leading to the mountain’s peak.  Soon after, the players saw Koopatrol’s head.  When the rest of the players saw him, his armor looked slightly charred and he was covered with smoke.  “Hi guys…” he coughed, sitting down on the couch, “There was no dog in that lion…”

“Koopatrol, you may be surprised to hear that your tour was rigged,” said Fred.  Koopatrol looked at him with shock.

“What do you mean?” asked Koopatrol.  Fred explained the challenge to him.

“Well,” said Koopatrol, laughing, “I guess that explains a lot.  But did we win?”

“You bet you did!” said Fred, grinning.

TOTAL POT:  141,000/184,000

“Well,” said Fred, checking his watch, “There’s one more matter to take care of.  Toad, E. Gadd, Chuck?  Each of you jumped to retrieve a tiny ball.  However: were you aware that the ball can be opened?”

“No way!” said Chuck, reaching into his pocket.  He pulled out the navy blue ball and saw a latch on it.

“Oh,” said E. Gadd, staring at him.

“Can we open them?” asked Toad.

“Be my guest!” said Fred, watching them contently.

Chuck, E. Gadd, and Toad all opened their balls.

“Well what was the point of telling us that?” asked Chuck, frowning as he found his ball empty.

“I was sure there would be more to it,” said E. Gadd, sighing.

“… There was,” said Toad, grinning. “Mine held an exemption!”

“NO WAY!” said Chuck, with heavy disbelief.


Fred wasn’t exaggerating.  The hike only took 7 minutes, and they arrived at a small building.  A sign above the building read:


All of the players were back at the small Inn.  Koops, Koopatrol, and Chuck were sitting in their room, discussing who they think is the Mole.  “I still suspect Clubba,” said Chuck, scribbling down something in his journal.

“That’s only because you kind of hate each other,” laughed Koopatrol, “I personally suspect Toad, just because he’s quiet.  What about you, Koops?”

“Um…” stammered Koops.

***Koops:  I really didn’t want to tell them who I suspected.  The reason is I believe that the Mole is in one of my Alliances.  Who it is, I’m not really sure, but it’s either, E. Gadd, Koopatrol, or Chuck

“Lakitu,” said Koopa, quietly, circling something in his journal.


Clubba and Lakitu were in the Inn’s lobby, their notebooks wide open.

“I don’t know,” said Clubba, flipping through her notebook, “I still suspect Koops.  He’s my number one suspect.  My second is Toad, and my third is Koopatrol.”

“Well,” said Lakitu, “I agree with you about Toad, he’s my number one suspect.  Then Wrinkly, then Bow.”

“Why Bow?” asked Clubba.

“Oh, she just strikes me as suspicious,” answered Lakitu.

***Clubba:  Could Lakitu be the Mole?  Well, it’s possible.  I personally don’t believe it is her, but, you never know.


The players were all gathered at a restaurant.  The players were happily talking and eating.  The table was littered with bowls of soup, springs rolls, tofu, and dumplings.  Fred was at the head of the table.  “Here’s a topic for discussion,” he said, glancing at the players. “What is your biggest fear?”

“Failure,” said Clubba, crossing her arms.

“None,” said Chuck, “there is nothing I fear.”

Clubba rolled her eyes. “Yeah right,” she said.

“It’s true!” said Chuck, defending himself, “I’m like a machine!”

“More like a Scarecrow” mumbled Clubba.  Everyone except Chuck laughed

“Well,” said Fred, “I think we are done with dinner.  The laptop containing the quiz is in the kitchen.  Toad, you don’t have to take the quiz.  Who would like to start?”

“I guess I will,” said Koops, as he sat up from his chair.

Question 1:  Is the Mole male or female?

Question 2:  Where was the Mole during “Park Protectors”?
*Inside the Sphinx
*On top of the Sphinx
*Flying around in the sky
*Standing on a wooden platform
*At the foot of the mountain
*At the top of the mountain.
*Circling the Sphinx
*Walking up and down a staircase

***Bow:  For park protectors, it goes back to the two people who missed their shots.  Koops…

(Flashback) Koops whipped out his gun, fired at a dark shadow, and missed.

***Bow:  …and Koopatrol…

(Flashback) Koopatrol tried picking up his gun, but he was frozen with fear.

Question 3:  During Park Protectors, did the Mole shoot a Goomba?

***Koopatrol:  I don’t know why, but it really seemed that Bow was trying to delay me from finding out about the Goombas.  If she just told me “Koopatrol, chain chomps are coming, watch out”, then I would’ve been ready

Question 4:  Who are the Mole’s roommates?
*Koopatrol and Koops
*Koops and Chuck
*Chuck and Koopatrol
*E. Gadd
*Bow and Kammy
*Clubba and Kammy
*Bow and Clubba

***Lakitu:  Clubba is my coalition partner.  We’ve become best friends.  But that doesn’t mean she can’t be the Mole.  She’s done plenty of suspicious things.

Question 5:  Who received the Mole’s journal?
*E. Gadd

***Koops:  Was E. Gadd upset when he lost his journal.  You could really see it in his face.  Maybe it was just great acting.  It’s a great cover-up, pretending to be upset over the loss of your journal; it would make people suspect you less

Question 6:  What was the Mole’s group in “Tour to the Top?”
* Group of 5
*Group of 4
*The Mole was taking the Tour

***Bow:  I don’t think there was that much sabotage during the tour mission.  Sure, Koopatrol could’ve tried to do the things we wouldn’t guess, but I don’t think he really did that.

Question 7:  Who was the Mole sitting next to on the plane?
*E. Gadd
*The Mole sat alone

***Koopatrol:  Everyone’s thinking about Coalitions.  Whether they’re in a legit one, or if the one they’re in is fake… Friendship really is a key aspect of this game…

Question 8:  Has the Mole earned an exemption up to date?

E. Gadd:  Toad could be the Mole.  He’s just so quiet, you can never tell

Question 9:  What is the Mole’s biggest fear?
*Not meeting expectations
*“I fear nothing”
*Disappointing others

Question 10:  Who is the Mole?
*E. Gadd


The players were back at Pagoda Peak’s Peak, sitting in metal chairs.  The peak had a completely different atmosphere at night.  The moon illuminated the pagoda in such a way as to make it seem watchful.  Two torches were lit on each side of the peak.  In front of them was Fred, sitting at a desk.  The desk held a laptop that connected to a larger screen.  “I think you are all familiar with where we are now.  It is the tip top of Pagoda Peak; the highest point in the party world.  This will be the last destination for one of you tonight.  However:  I have an offer.”

He pulled out a suitcase from under the desk, which he opened up with a key, revealing 30,000 coins.  “I have an offer for one of you.  30,000 coins to step out of the game right now.  The offer stands until a red screen is shown.  Shall we begin?  Koops”



Koops sighed with relief.  Fred continued.  “Wrinkly”


“WAIT!” someone called.  The players turned around to look at the speaker.  “I’ll take the money,” said Bow, floating up the Fred.

“Wow!” said Wrinkly. “That is truly brave.”

Fred handed Bow the suitcase.  “Please step into the Gondola.”

“I still can’t believe it,” said Koopatrol, “Never in a million years did I think Bow would take the suitcase.”

“Why did you decide to take it?” asked Fred.

“Oh,” replied Bow, “I just didn’t have a coalition partner.  I thought I could never win this game.  So I took it.”

Bow stepped into the Gondola, and Fred returned to the players.  “Well,” he said, “Bow wasn’t the person with the lowest score.  The execution will continue.” The players exchanged horrified looks.  “Wrinkly…”



Wrinkly flashed a smile as she saw the screen.  “Lakitu.”



Lakitu smiled as the pressure was taken off her.  “Clubba.”



Clubba smiled at Lakitu, who smiled back.  “Chuck.”



Chuck punched the air.  “E. Gadd.”




“Darn,” he chuckled to himself, standing up.  The other players watched him sympathetically.

“I think the fact that he lost his journal was a big influence on him going home,” said Koopatrol.

“I’m just glad he’s not the Mole,” said Koops.

E.  Gadd stepped into the Gondola. “I guess my sleuthing skills aren’t what I thought they were,” he said to Fred.  He then turned to the players, “Bye, gang!”  The Gondola doors slowly closed as the players said goodbye to the elderly butler.


With E. Gadd and Bow gone, only 8 players remain!  Who is the mole?

Read on!

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