The Mole: A Party of Sabotage

By Fred the Mole

 “Good afternoon, and welcome to the first episode of the Mole” the voice came from a Monty Mole with a blue baseball cap “My name is
Fred the Mole.  Normally, I don’t host my own game shows and get some other sap to do it, but… I’m a Mole, so it just fit perfectly.

“Now, I’m at the Mushroom Kingdom Docks and 12 contestants are about to come out here and participate in a Game show.  11 are going to
try their hardest, and play this game the way it’s meant to be played, and earn money for the pot; the grand prize.  But one was hired by us,
will not play by the rules, and sabotage money going into the pot.  This player… is the Mole.

“At the end of each episode, each player will take a test on the Mole’s true Identity.  The person with the lowest score… will be executed,
and be forced to leave the game.  With that said… let’s bring out the players!”

The Monty Mole points to a train, right next to the port.  The passenger doors open.  A Being floats out on a cloud, looking calm and happy.

Name:  Lakitu Spine (female)
Age:  34
Homeland:  Sky Land
Job:  Fisherman

A creature resembling a Spike walks out, holding a club.

Name:  Clubba Snorr (female)
Age:  45
Homeland:  Gutsy Gulch
Job:  Security Guard

A Koopa exits the train, rubs his nose, and walks over to Fred.
Name:  Koops Pettle
Age:  21
Homeland:  Petal Meadows
Job:  Law Student

A being resembling a Mushroom walks out, and over to Fred quietly.
Name:  Toad Fungi
Age:  32
Homeland:  Toad Town
Job:  Bellhop

A window on the train opens, and an old Koopa on a broom flies out to where the others are.
Name:  Kammy Koopa
Age:  84
Homeland:  Dark Land
Job:  Retired Architect

A being that resembles a cloud rushes out of the train, looking very excited.
Name:  Mallow Clout
Age:  20
Homeland:  Nimbus Land
Job:  Weatherman

A tough-looking Koopa walks out of the train, covered in armor.
Name:  Koopatroll Shells (male)
Age:  49
Homeland:  Dark Land
Job:  Bouncer

An old-looking fellow steps out and readjusts his glasses.
Name:  Elvin “E. Gadd” Gaddget
Age:  75
Homeland:  Boo Woods
Job:  Butler

A very strange-looking woman steps out of the train, and slowly drifts to where everyone is standing.
Name:  Twila Lunera
Age:  43
Homeland:  Clockwork Castle
Job:  Night Club Owner

An old woman steps out, with a book at hand.
Name:  Wrinkly Kong
Age:  80
Homeland:  DK Island
Job:  Retired Teacher

A gruff-looking guy charges out of the train, and just misses falling into the water.
Name:  Chuck Chargin (Male)
Age:  38
Homeland:  Donut Plains
Job:  Minor-League Football Player

A ghost floats out, laughs, and heads to the other players.
Name:  Bow Biddly
Age:  48
Homeland:  Forever Forest
Job:  Royalty

“Ok, I think that’s everyone,” spoke Fred, “Now let’s get down to business.  You all know the rules, correct?”

“Of course we know the rules,” whined Kammy, “We heard them over and over again on the train!”

Fred chuckled.  “Glad to hear it,” he said, “Now, none of you know where we are going.  Not even the Mole.  Shall we board the ship?”

No one said anything.  Fred smirked.  “Quiet, are we?” he said, “Now, before we board, we’re going to start our first mission.  This 5-star
ship, the MSS-Sea Star, is going to take off in an hour.  However:  As the train stopped halfway, your luggage was taken here at top speed,
and is now hidden somewhere in this rather large Harbor.  We also put a ticket in each suitcase, which allows you to board this magnificent

The players exchanged worried looks.  Bow piped up, “So what you’re saying is that if we don’t find our luggage in time, we won’t be
boarding the ship?”

Fred nodded.

“But then how will we get to our destination?” asked Clubba.

“Don’t fret too much,” Fred said, “There’s plenty of room on the SS Galley” Fred motioned to a small, disgusting, and dinky ship.  “If you
don’t make it back in time, you can ride on this ship.  But, for each person to board the MSS-sea star with their luggage, 2,000 coins will be
added to the pot.  You can earn a total of 24,000 coins in this game, so be alert”

“Will we get any hints to the whereabouts of our luggage?” asked E. Gadd.

“A great question,” replied Fred, “each bag of luggage has a picture taped to it, showing the location of another bag.  The first one must be
found without hints, but, after that, it should ease up a bit”

“When do we start?” asked Koops.

“About…” Fred said as he looked at his watch, “20 minutes ago”

Everyone sprinted away.

“I was only kidding…” said Fred, quietly.


Lakitu and Chuck were looking near the train station.  “Do you think it could be over here?” Asked Chuck.

“I don’t think so,” replied Lakitu, “We would have seen it coming off of the train”.

“Not necessarily,” said Chuck, “We directly left to where Fred was.  It would be a great place to hide a bag”.

“True…” Lakitu thought out loud.


Twila decided to search as far away from the train as possible, thinking that she could find a bag there.  She looked around on the beach a
bit until she saw a figure run up to her.

“Hello,” yelled the voice.

As it got closer, Twila could see that it was Toad.  “Hey, Toad,” she replied, “Any luck?”

“I’m afraid not,” said the Mushroom, “I came out here to search for the bags, thought it would b a good idea.  I take it you had the same

Twila nodded.

“Well, Whats that over there?” asked Toad, as he pointed to a shovel with The Mole signature finger print.

Twila gasped.  “OH!  How could I not notice that?!  I guess I’m just a bit drowsy because its day time.”

***Toad:  Twila was acting a bit suspicious during the Luggage Lookout mission.  You don’t just miss a shovel with a green thumbprint on it

Toad looked at the shovel, before deciding to say, “I’ll dig it up, but stay here with me until we see whose it is.”

Twila looked at him with a confused Look.

***Twila:  To me, that plan just sounded like it would be counter-productive, but I wasn’t in the mood to argue with anyone.  Just seemed a
little Mole-like to me.

Toad starts to dig


Right after the challenge began, Mallow, Bow, and Koops all decided to search together.

***Koops:  So, um…, this is an interview, right?  Kay… Me, Bow, and, Mallow, since we have all traveled and fought with Mario, decided that
it would be cool if we worked together.  I don’t remember whose Idea it was, but it was a good one…

The group also decided to stay near the boat.  Mallow waded a bit into the water.  “I dunno,” he said, “But I have a hunch that a bag will be
out here…”


E. Gadd, Kammy, and Wrinkly were walking along the dock, looking at all of the people fishing.

***Wrinkly:  Well, us oldies thought that we should work together here, just because we have some of the same experiences.

E. Gadd spots a fisherman who’s holing a white bag with a smiley face on it.

“Could that be…” he started.  Wrinkly and Kammy turned in the direction he was facing

“Yes, yes,” nagged Kammy, “I’m pretty sure that’s Lakitu’s bag, now grab it!”

E. Gadd walked up to the man.  “Excuse me, young man, but may I have that bag you’re holding?” he said.

The man, a Pianta, shook his head.  “I’m sorry,” he said, “But this is MY bag.”

“Then why does it say Lakitu Spine on the tag?” said E. Gadd pointing at a tag.

The Pianta stuttered, “Ummm… ‘Cause that’s my name”.

E. Gadd looked at him.  The Pianta sighed.

“Fine fine,” he said, “I found it laying on the beach and I saw it had fishing gear in it so I took it and…”

E. Gadd picked up the bag and took it over to the others.

“What took you so long?” complained Kammy.

E. Gadd picked up the photo.  “Hmmmmm, it has a picture of a shovel on the beach,” said the Butler.

“Well first,” said Wrinkly, kindly, “Let’s bring the bag back to Lakitu first.  We don’t want her on that stinky boat, do we?”

45 Minutes Remain

Toad finished digging and pulled out a dark blue bag with a yellow crescent on it.  Twila looked at it.  “That’s MY bag!” she exclaimed,
grabbing the bag and slinging it over her shoulder.

Toad walks behind her.  “Here’s the Picture!” he said, ripping a picture off of the bag.  It shows the caboose of a train.

“Alright,” started Twila, “I’m going to go board the boat.  Good luck!”

***Toad:  Wait… so she’s just gonna get on the boat, and not help us look for more bags?  What kind of strategy is that?

Both Toad and Twila started running back to where they first started; Twila to get on the boat, and Toad to get on the Train.  About mid-way,
they saw Wrinkly, Kammy, and E. Gadd running in the opposite direction.  Both teams stopped when they met.

“Hey” panted Twila, “I see you’ve found a bag?”

Wrinkly nodded.  “As have you,” she said, “Our picture shows a shovel with a thumbprint on it in the beach.  What about yours?”

“Ours shows the caboose of a train,” Said Toad, “But we found this bag using the shovel you described.  Do you want me to take the bag
you found and give you the picture clue?”

“Sure!” said E. Gadd, cheerfully.  The made the swap, and then all headed back to the starting point.


Clubba and Koopatroll decided to go up close to the loading dock, thinking it would be a good place to hide luggage.  They walked up to a
tough-looking Koopa, who appeared to be in charge.

“What do YOU guys want?”  He said, sounding annoyed.

“Sir,” started Clubba, “We wanted to know if you’ve seen any luggage around here?”

The Koopa pointed towards a small house.  “Any lost luggage is put in there,” he said, “Now get out of my hair!”

“Someone’s grumpy” muttered Koopatroll.  They walk into the house to see the pile of bags.

“Well, it seems like a lot of people lose their bags” said Clubba.

“Well, let’s just look” said Koopatroll, uncertainly.


Twila arrives at the boat, only to see a Shy Guy wearing a captain’s hat standing by the entrance. “Ticket Please” he said, professionally.

“Yeah,” replied Twila, taking out her ticket, “right here”.  She handed the ticket to the Shy Guy and then boarded the ship.

Toad, who was walking with her, spots Lakitu and runs up to her.

“Is that,” she started, “MY suitcase?”

Toad nodded and handed it to her.

She looked at it with a stressed looks, and said, “I can board later.  I’ll help you find one more suitcase.

Chuck charged behind her.  “I’ll… help… you…” he panted.

30 Minutes Remain

Mallow pulls something out of the water, revealing a metal suitcase.  Written at the top was, “Elvin Gaddget”.

“Guys,” he said, “I found one!”

Koops and Bow run over to the shore as he steps out.  “Great job!” said Koops, taking the picture off of the suitcase it showed a small

“Well, let’s hurry!” exclaimed Bow.

Koops sifted his feet.  “I’ll take the bag to E. Gadd, Kay?” Mallow and Bow nodded as they all ran off


E. Gadd stepped onto the train, followed by Kammy and Wrinkly.  They marched to the very back, and saw a lone piece of luggage sitting on
the floor.  It was Green with a white lining.  Scribbled along the Top was Koops Kappa.

“All right,” said E. Gadd, taking off the picture clue, “You guys figure this out; I’m going to go find Koops”.

He handed Wrinkly the Picture and quickly left.  Kammy, sounding annoyed, said, “I wanna see!”  She attempted to snatch the picture from
Wrinkly, but accidentally ripped it in half.

“Whoops,” she said, sounding embarrassed.

***Wrinkly:  It seemed as if she was ripping the paper intentionally, but just in case it was an accident, I’m not going to give her a hard time
about it.

They put the two pieces of the picture together and it showed a small island.  “It’s probably the one right off shore,” said Wrinkly, “Let’s go
now!”  The two retired women stepped off the train.


Koopatroll lifted up a piece of luggage and put it into a Pile in the center of already looked at Suitcases.  He sighed and picked up another

Clubba, on the other side of the room, picked one up that was purple and had Kammy K. Koopa written on it.  “Koopatroll!” she yelled, “I got

Koopatroll ran over.  “Great!” he said, taking the picture, “You want to deliver the bag or should I?”

“I’ll take the bag to her, OK?” She said.  Koopatroll nodded, and then looked at the picture.  It showed the underside of a Dock.  They both
ran off.


Toad, Lakitu, and Chuck spotted Koops who was franticly searching.  They ran up to him.  “Hey, guys,” he said, nervously, “Have any of you
seen E. Gadd?”

“I did a while ago,” said Toad, “He was-”

Lakitu cut him off, “Look!” she said pointing to something, “there he is now!  Running up to us!” E. Gadd reached them, holding a bag in his

“Koops…” he said, “Here… is your bag” he handed him the bag.

Koops smiled.  “Thanks!” he said, “Here is yours!”  Koops handed him the bag.

“I’m going to get out of this heat” said E. Gadd walking towards the boat.

Koops looked around.  “I’ll get on too…”  He walked away

***Chuck:  Man, that Koopa is shy!  It might be a cover up for him being the Mole

***Koops:  So, yeah… I’m a little shy.  It may be good so people would think I’m the Mole, but… it might get in the way of my social actions
with other players.  I might not make as many Coalitions…


Bow and Mallow saw the loading Dock, and the house behind it.  Mallow looked confused.  “What if someone already got the bag in here?”
he asked.

Bow thought, then, she said, “Let’s ask that Koopa” she said, floating up to the same Koopa that Clubba and Koopatroll talked to.

“Excuse me,” she said, “But have you seen any other people around here?”

The Koopa looked at her.  “Other than the crew?” he asked, “Just a Clubba and a Koopatroll”

“Thanks!” said Mallow, enthusiastically.  They walked away.

“Well, now we have no leads,” bow complained.


Wrinkly looked at the small island in the distance.  She then looked at Kammy.  “Do you think you can fly out there?” she asked.

Kammy smiled.  “Of course I can” she said, smugly.  She got on her broom and flew to the island in the distance.  She came back 10 seconds later with a white bag with MALLOW written at the top.  Wrinkly took the picture off and looked at it.  On the left side of the picture was the
MSS sea star.  The right half was just Ocean.  There was an arrow pointing at the ocean.

Wrinkly said, “You go find Mallow, I’m going back to the ship and looking in the water.” They both departed


Koopatroll was searching under one of the docks.

***Koopatroll:  That was my 6th dock.  I was about to give up and say that one of the other teams already found this one.

Koopatroll spots something in the sand and picks it up.  It’s a Metal bag and on it was written SHELLS.  Koopatroll ripped a picture off the
bag showing a sand dune.  He ran off.

***Koopatroll:  I decided to keep looking for bags, because there was no one I could give the picture clue to.

15 Minutes Remaining

Wrinkly arrived back at the MSS-sea star and waded into the water, looking for the luggage.
Soon, Koops and E. Gadd returned to the ship, carrying their bags.

Koops saw Wrinkly searching in the water.  “E-excuse me, miss?” Koops said to her shyly.

She turns and looked at him.  “Koops is it?” she said.

Koops looked at the ground and said, “We already found the bag there”

Wrinkly Smiled.  “Thanks for the heads up” she said, walking away.  Koops and E. Gadd boarded the ship


Mallow and Bow were turning over large boulders on the beach.  Suddenly Kammy flew up to them.  “Mallow,” she said, “I found your bag!”

Mallow looked delighted.  “Thanks Kammy!” he said, taking the bag and putting it on the ground.  He lifted up another boulder.

Suddenly, Clubba runs up to them and hands Kammy the bag, without saying anything.

“EEHEEHEEHEEH!” Kammy exclaimed, “… Hee… um… thanks.” She got on her broom and started to fly.  “I’m going on the boat!” she

Mallow lifted up another rock and found a suitcase.  “All right!” he exclaimed picking it up.  It was lightly Tan and had “Kong” written on a
tag.  The picture on it showed a light house.  “All right,” said Mallow, “Who wants to bring the bag to Wrinkly?”

Bow raised her hand.  “I’ll go” she said.

“I’ll go too!” said Clubba.

“No, no, no!  We only need one person to bring her the bag,” said Mallow, frustrated.

“Fine then,” said Clubba, “I’ll go with you”.

Bow flies off while Mallow and Clubba start looking for a lighthouse.


Toad Chuck and Lakitu were roaming near a café, called “la Tortue Café”.

***Toad:  It was weird.  We had no leads so we had no idea what to do.  We had no picture clues or anything.

“I’m kinda hungry,” said Chuck, “Do ya think we could stop in that Café?”

“NO!” yelled Lakitu, “We have, like, 15 minutes lef- Oh, he went in” She said as Chuck entered the café.

Toad sighed.

About 30 seconds later, he came out holding a sandwich and a bag.  “You will never guess what I found in there!” he said, with glee.

Lakitu stared at the bag with awe as Toad took the bag out of his hands.  It was white with red spots, showing the word “Fungi” across the
bottom.  Toad then ripped the picture clue off of it which showed a couple of mass boulders.

 “Mmmm, you’re welcome” said Chuck, eating his sandwich.


Koopatroll arrives at the sand dunes and sees a bag at the top of one.  He also sees multiple signs that say, “Keep off the Sand Dunes”.
Looking around, he sees no one there.  He starts climbing.

10 Minutes remain

Wrinkly was walking on a dock when she saw someone fly up to her.  “Hello, Bow!” she said, cheerfully, “I assume you have my luggage?

Bow nodded as she handed Wrinkly the bag, who then looked at her watch.  “Well,” she said, “We have 10 minutes left.  I’m going to hop
aboard the train.”

They both left the scene


Mallow and Clubba arrive at the light-house.  Mallow knocks, gets no response, and enters, followed by Clubba.


At the top of the light-house Mallow sees a Green suitcase with a picture of a Club on it.

“That’s mine” said Clubba, picking it up.  She handed the picture to Mallow and said, “Take this.  I’m getting back on the Boat.”

And with that, Mallow was alone at the top of the light-house.  He looked at the picture, which showed a small Café.  Mallow stuffed the
picture in his pocket, and ran down the steps of the light-house


Chargin Chuck watched as his two companions ran from in front of the Café

***Chuck:  They decided to get back on the Boat and leave ME bag-less.  Hhmph.  I was the one who even FOUND Toads bag.

He scratched his head and walked away, looking for other people.


Koopatroll was at the top and picked up the suitcase.  It was white and had two red Bows attached to it.  He started to climb down

“HEY!” a voice shouted.  Koopatroll turned around and saw the Koopa from the loading dock staring at him.  “YOU CAN’T CLIMB THOSE,

Koopatroll climbed down the sand-dune, two bags in his hands.  “Come with me,” the Koopa growled.  Koopatroll looked horrified.

“No, no, please!  I’m in a hurry!” said Koopatroll.  The Koopa gripped him by the hand and dragged him away.  He looked at the picture,
which showed a Bait Shop.


Lakitu and Toad arrived at the boat, and met with the same Shy Guy.

“Ticket please” said the Shy Guy.

They both handed him their tickets and boarded the ship, Toad in front.  Wrinkly arrived a second later, and handed the Shy Guy her ticket,
and boarding the ship afterwards.  Finally, Clubba came up, and repeated the same process

5 Minutes Left

“FIVE MINUTES LEFT!” yelled Fred over an intercom.  Koopatroll heard this as he was ushered into an Office.  The Koopa locked the door
with a key and shoved Koopatroll into a chair.  He then sat down behind a desk.

“SO!” he yelled, “Why were you climbing on the Sand Dunes?”

Koopatroll nervously shifted in his seat.  “Please, I’m on a game-show.  I was just getting something that was on top of it.


Koopatroll shook his head.  “Sorry,” he said, “Won’t happen again.  Promise.”


Chuck and Mallow met in front of a bait shop.  “Hey,” said Mallow, “No luck with your own bag then?”

Chuck shook his head.  “We have five minutes left, so I’m going to follow this picture clue”

He showed the picture to Mallow, who shook his head.  “Already got that one,” he said, “But can you help me find this one?” Mallow showed
Chuck the picture of the Café.

“Got that one too,” said Chuck, shaking his head, “Well, the least we can do is check inside this Bait shop”

Suddenly, Bow flew up to them, looking disappointed.  “Hi guys,” she mumbled, “Seen my bag?”

They both shook their heads.  “But we were about to check in this bait shop,” said Chuck, “Maybe you’ll find it there!”

“Actually, I’m going to the boat,” Mallow said, “running out of time, you know?”  Mallow quickly sprinted away.

Chuck and Bow entered the shop and saw a Bag with a football design.  “Chuck Chargin” was written on the side.  The picture showed a
Pianta fisherman.  Bow simply sighed as her heart sank



That marked the 10 second take-off warning of the MSS Sea star

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!” screamed Mallow as he shoved his ticket into the Shy Guy’s hand.  He quickly jump onto the ship


The vessel slowly left the Harbor as Chuck ran up to it.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” he screamed, as he was closely followed by Bow.

“Hey guys,” they heard, looking behind them.  They saw Koopatroll running up to them with the two bags in hand, “You will not BELIEVE
what happened to me”.  He handed Bow her bag and they all boarded the SS Galley.


Twila, Koops, E. Gadd, and Kammy were lying by the pool when Toad, Lakitu, Wrinkly, Clubba, and Mallow walked up to them.

“Hey guys!” Mallow said, grinning.

“Are we the only ones who made it?” asked E. Gadd.

Mallow nodded.  Suddenly, Fred walked up to the group.

“Hey,” he said, smiling, “As you might know, you are the 9 people who made it on this great cruise, adding 18,000 coins to the Pot out of a
possible 24,000.  For your first challenge, that’s not too shabby.

“Unfortunately, the 3 others aren’t so lucky.  They’re traveling on a much smaller boat.  So I’d recommend getting a good night’s sleep
tonight, and you’ll see them in the morning.

“I will now give your room numbers.  Room 401 will be Lakitu and Clubba.  Room 402 will be Koops and Toad.  Room 403 will be Koopatroll
and E. Gadd.  Room 404 will be Wrinkly and Bow.   Room 405 will be Chuck and Mallow, and Room 206 will be Kammy and Twila.

“Dinner tonight will be in 3 hours, so you have some recreational time now” with that, he walked away.

TOTAL POT:  18,000/24,000


Koopatroll, Bow, and Chuck were sitting around a small table when they hit a wave and water splashed through the window.  Chuck

***Chuck:  I HATED being on that ship.  It was so uncomfortable

Suddenly a small TV turned on with Fred on it.  “Good evening, you three,” said Fred, “Enjoying your cruise?”

No one said anything.

“Again with the silence,” said Fred, slightly smiling. “Well this boat will pull up to the other one at 6:30 tomorrow morning so you’ll have to
wait ‘til then.”

They all groaned.  Fred shook his head.

“Oh, I wouldn’t get too down in the dump,” he said, now completely grinning, “You all have a chance to win an exemption from the next
quiz.  That will allow you to skip the quiz and not have to worry about being executed tomorrow night.”

They all looked at each other, and nodded.  “And how can we get this?” asked Koopatroll.

“Well it’s quite simple,” said Fred, “All you have to do is say you want the exemption and it’s yours”.

The three players smiled

“However,” said Fred, “if you say this, than 3,000 coins will be taken out of the pot.  Understand?  I’ll give you until dinner to think about it.”

The TV shut off

***Koopatroll:  I… was tempted.  An exemption is VERY useful and 3,000 coins didn’t seem like too much but… I had to think about it


Koops was relaxing in the sauna when E. Gadd walked up to him.

“Hello!” said E. Gadd, “Fancy meeting you here!”

Koops smiled uncertainly.  “Hello,” he replied.  E. Gadd sat down.

“So,” E. Gadd said, quietly, “I was wondering if you wanted to make a Coalition with me?”

“Yeah!” said Koops, warming up to the Butler, “That’d be great.  So should we share suspicions or something like that?”

***Koops:  I think a Coalition would be a VERY helpful thing in this game.

“Well,” said E. Gadd said, “I personally suspect Wrinkly.  She’s been so nice and kind; it seems like a great cover-up.”

“I suspected Mallow,” said Koops, “but yours seems like a better suspect, I guess…”


Kammy and Twila walked into their room and dropped their stuff on the floor.  Twila unzipped her bag and took out a bottle.  She opened it
up and took out a pill, which she popped in her mouth

“What’s that?” asked Kammy, pointing at the bottle.

“Oh,” said Twila, “Just some pills to help me stay awake.  I’m nocturnal.


Toad and Mallow walked into the casino and sat down at two slots.

“So,” said Mallow, trying to make conversation, “do you like the ship?”

“It’s pretty cool,” said Toad, pulling down the lever.  Mallow did the same.

“I only brought 300 coins,” Mallow admitted.  Toad shrugged


Lakitu jumped off her cloud as she joined Clubba in the pool.

“The water’s nice,” said Lakitu, “isn’t it?”

Clubba nodded as she went underwater.  When she came back up, Lakitu asked her, “Do you want to make a Coalition with me?”

Clubba looked taken aback.  “Um… sure!” she said, uncertainly

***Clubba:  I didn’t know what to say.  I’m not sure how much I wanted a Coalition, but I didn’t want to be rude.  Besides, Lakitu is my
roommate.  We’re bound to share secrets eventually


Wrinkly sat alone in her room thinking to herself

***Wrinkly:  I didn’t really feel like interacting at this point.  I just wanted to think about the last challenge


The three on the SS Galley sat on the small deck of the rocky boat.  The Blooper steering the boat turned around and said, “Watch ou’.
We’re abou’ to ‘it some waves.  Oh, and I ‘ink the chef has dinne’ rea’y for you.”

As the ship rocked from the harsh waves, Chuck, Bow, and Koopatroll made their way back to the small table, when a Cheep Cheep wearing
a chef’s hat (it’s not Chef Shimi, trust me) came out holding a large platter.  He lifted it up revealing three plates with slop on them.

“We have to eat… THAT?” said Bow, looking at the dish.

“Well, technically no, but then you’ll go hungry,” said a voice.  The three players turned to the TV and saw Fred on it again.  “I’m here to
hear about your exemption choices?  Chuck, let’s start with you.”

Chuck shifted in his seat.  “Um… no.  I don’t need it.  This early in the game, it won’t be necessary.”

“Ok,” said Fred, “Bow, what about you?  Are you going to take it?”

Bow started sweating

***Bow:  I had no clue!  I didn’t want to take money out of the pot, but it was SOOO tempting!

“Uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm…no” she said.  “No, I won’t take it”

“Ok,” said Fred, “Koopatroll?”

“No” he said, crossing his arms.  “Don’t think I’ll need it”

“Ok!” said Fred, “the pot remains the same.  Have a great night’s sleep!”


“Players of the Mole:  Dinner Time” said a voice over the megaphone on the MSS Galley.  All players gathered in the Dining Room and sat
down at a large rectangular table.

“As you know,” said Fred once everyone had arrived, “we are missing three players.  They were offered an exemption that would take 3,000
coins out of the pot.”

The players exchanged looks

“However,” continued Fred, “none of them took it, so the pot remains the same.”

All players breathed a large sigh of relief

“And with that,” said Fred, “lets commence Dinner!” A mass of Toads in suits came out with trays holding Chicken, Duck, Fruit, Lobster,
Turtle Soup, Rabbit, Salmon, and Steak.

“Mmmm!” said Mallow, biting into the steak.

“I’ve had better,” said Kammy, taking a sip of her soup.


By 11:30, every player was asleep except for the Mole, who had many thoughts of sabotage racing through their head.


At 6:30 the next morning, the SS Galley pulled up to the MSS Sea Star.  Chuck, Koopatroll, and Bow (none of them having gotten a good
night’s sleep) and saw Fred waiting for them.

“Good morning players!” he said enthusiastically, “Did you get a good night sleep?”

The three players groaned

“Glad to hear it,” he said, “Everyone else is asleep, but you can find the Dining room and get a spot of breakfast.”


At 9:30, every player was in the Dining room, eating Breakfast.  Twila took a bite out of her muffin, and asked, “So when does our next
challenge start, Fred?”

Fred took a bite of cereal and said, “Why, it already has!”

Everyone looked confused.  “Just eat your breakfast.  I’ll say explain soon enough,” said Fred.


At 9:50 the table has been cleared and the players were still seated, satisfied with the food in their stomach

“As I said early, the next challenge had already begun.  You can add 50,000 coins to the pot here, so listen carefully:  There are four teams.
Team Muffin, team Fruit, Team Cereal, and Team Bacon.

“Today’s mission is called Cooking with the Mole.  Koops and Twila:  You two had the Muffin’s, correct?”

Koops and Twila nodded

“Well, now you will have to re-create those Muffins,” said Fred, “Find your way to the northern kitchen and you will find further instructions”

They nodded and left the room.

“Chuck, Bow, Clubba, and Wrinkly:  You four had the Fruit,” said Fred, “Find the door on the left and you’ll find the Cargo hold, where you
will find further instructions.”

Those four left the room immediately

“Kammy, E. Gadd, and Lakitu: You all had the Cereal.  Find the ship’s casino, where you will find more instructions”

Those three left

“And last, Koopatroll, Mallow, and Toad:  You three had the Bacon.  You three stay here with me”


“Ah Welcome,” said a Shy Guy wearing a chef’s hat, “You two must be from the Mole!”

“Yes, sir,” said Twila

“Well,” said the Shy Guy, “You guys will be re-creating this morning’s breakfast:  Muffins, Fruit, Cereal, and Bacon.  The famous food
critique, Gourmet Guy, is aboard and will be consuming this meal at 12:30 this afternoon.  If she rates it 5 stars, you get 50,000 coins, 4 stars,
you get 40,000 coins, and etcetera.  You can start preparing the Muffins, but for the others, you must wait.  The recipe is on the table.”

The Shy Guy walked out leaving Koops and Twila alone in the room.  Koops picked up the recipe and started reading it aloud


Clubba, Wrinkly, Bow, and Chuck arrive at the Cargo hold and see a Ukiki.  “Hello,” said the Ukiki, “You are all from the Mole, I assume?
Well, let’s get down to business.  You must find an olive, a kiwi-fruit, a box of strawberries, a pineapple, and an orange and bring them to the
Kitchen.  Understand?”

The four nodded as they started to search

***Bow:  It was a pretty big hold.  I was hoping that we would find at least one of these fruits


Kammy, E. Gadd, and Lakitu arrive at the Casino and see a Bomb-omb with a tie

“Hello, Players,” he said, grinning, “You will be gambling for cereal today.  I will give you each 30 coins for the slots.  It costs 5 cons per
round.  Instead of getting coins back, you will be getting pieces of cereal.  30 pieces would be about good.  Good luck!” and with that, the
Bob-omb walked out of the room.

The three players each sat down at a slot machine


Koopatroll, Mallow, and Toad sat at the table, silently, until Fred said, “Your part of the challenge will be quite simple.  There are 6 riddles,
each one leading to a different location on the ship.  In each of those locations, you will find a strip of bacon.  Once all are found, come back
to me, and I’ll tell you what to do.  Here is your first riddle”

Fred handed Koopatroll a slip of paper, which said:  “Where the game heats up, tensions cool”

“…What?” said Koopatroll, after reading it aloud

“I think it’s the Sauna,” said Mallow, “The Sauna gets real hot, but it’s relaxing”

“That sounds right,” said Koopatroll

“I brought a map,” said Toad, “lets follow it.”


“Guys!” yelled Clubba, “I found a box of Strawberries!”

She brought it up to the entrance and went back to look

***Clubba:  That game was really hard.  I was just lucky with the strawberries


Twila was adding ingredients into the bowl, while Koops read the recipe

He read, “Two cups of Flour, Three tablespoons of Sugar, a teaspoon of-”

“You’re going too fast!” yelled Twila, “Read slower!”

***Koops:  I didn’t feel that I was reading too fast.  Maybe she just wanted to slow us down…mole


“YEAH!” yelled Kammy, as she got her 15th piece of cereal.  She had 10 coins left.

“How do you do that?” asked Lakitu in awe.  She only had 5 coins left and only had 3 pieces of cereal.

***Lakitu:  There’s a reason I don’t gamble


Team Bacon got to the sauna and saw a piece of Bacon laying on the bench.  Tied to it was another slip of paper

“Where fortune is gained… and lost,” read Koopatroll, “Easy.  The casino.”

Mallow and Toad nodded and the 3 left the room.


“Olive!” yelled Wrinkly as she picked up an olive, “three more to go!”

“Make that 2,” said Bow, as he picked up a Kiwifruit.

“Where’s Chuck?” said Clubba, noticing his absence

“I dunno,” said Bow, “CHUUUUCK?!  WHERE ARE YOU?!”

“Zzzzzz-what?” answered Chuck from in a pile of suitcases, “oh, was I sleeping?  Sorry, got a terrible night’s sleep last night.  Guess I just
kinda dozed off

***Bow:  I mean, I didn’t get that great a night’s sleep last night either, but I wasn’t SLEEPING during a CHALLENGE!


Twila was stirring the mixture extremely slow.  “Can’t we speed it up a bit?!” yelled Koops.

Twila started stirring the mixture as fast as possible.  “That’s better,” said Koops, smiling

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s done!” said Twila, pouring the mixture into the muffin tins.

“Watch out watch out watch out!  You’re spilling it all over the place!” yelled Koops, as Twila spilled about a quarter of the mixture onto the

“I’m sorry!” she said, “But you’re pressuring me too much!

***Koops:  Twila was VERY suspicious in this mission.


“NO!” yelled E. Gadd as he put his last 5 coins in.  He had gotten no bits of cereal yet

***E. Gadd:  I had basically lost hope.  WHY am I such a bad gambler?

As he pulled the slot down, the numbers started spinning again. 7… 7... 7!  50 pieces of cereal came spilling out of the machine

“YES!” he screamed, scooping up all of the pieces and putting them into the group’s bowl, “Everyone stop!  I just got enough cereal!  You
can keep your coins!”

Everyone pocketed there left-over coins and the left the room and headed back to the Dining room


“How did you find it so quickly?” asked Koopatroll as they entered the casino.

“Me and Toad came here earlier today,” said Mallow, as he saw a strip of bacon on a Poker table, along with another strip of paper.

“You’ve found two, you need four more.  Find the hallway with the most doors,” read Toad.

“WHAT?” said Koopatroll, “That’ll take FOREVER to find!”

“We’ll just have to check each hallway,” said Toad, taking a map out of his pocket, “Luckily, I came prepared


Team Cereal arrived back at the Dining room and saw Fred sitting at the table, talking to a large, obese Shy Guy.

“Hello, team cereal,” said Fred, “I’d like you to meet Gourmet Guy, our Food Critique.  I take it you have all the cereal you need?”

“You bet we do!” said Kammy

“Great!” said Fred, “Just take it to team Muffin in the Kitchen


“Anyone find anything?” yelled Clubba.  Her voice echoed around the hold

“No-I mean yes!  The Pineapple!” said Bow, bringing it to the pile of fruit, “The only one that’s left is the Orange, so keep your eyes peeled
for that color”


“CHUCK!” yelled Clubba

“Wha?” se yawned

“We NEED your help!” said Clubba, lividly

“Oh, right, sorry,’ he said, getting up off another pile of suitcases.


Koops looked at the recipe.  “Now we need to-Oh” he said.

“What is it?” asked Twila, curiously, “We forgot to preheat the oven to 350.”

***Twila:  HE was the one reading the recipe.  It was his fault he didn’t read that step.  Suspicious…

***Koops:  I’m certain that I did read that step, and told Twila to do it.  Did she forget, or not do it on purpose?

*beep beep beep* went the timer

“There,” said Twila, “But what shall we do until it heats up?”

Suddenly, the kitchen door opens

“Cereal delivery!” said Lakitu smiling.

“75 pieces,” said E. Gadd, “That should be enough for one bowl of cereal!”

***Lakitu:  We were really lucky that E. Gadd won those pieces.  Maybe it was rigged…

The three players on team Cereal left the kitchen.

“Well,” said Koops, “We could make the bowl of cereal,”

“Don’t put the milk in yet,” Twila warned, “Or else it’ll go soggy by the time Tayce T. gets here”


“Nope,” said Mallow, shaking his head, “Not this one”

***Toad:  That… was our second hallway.  We still had 8 more to check.  (Sigh) this riddle was a meanie

Team Bacon walked across the hallway


“HERE IT IS!” yelled Wrinkly, picking up an orange.

“Yes!” exclaimed Clubba, putting down all of the various objects she was holding.  She, Wrinkly, and Bow met at the door.

“Wait,” said Bow, “Where’s Chuck?”


“Wah?” said Clubba, emerging from a pile of suit-cases, “Oh, I’m Coming!”

He ran to where the others were.  “What is it?” he said.  Clubba was steaming

***Clubba:  I couldn’t STAND him!  He didn’t help us at ALL in that challenge!

“We’re done,” said Wrinkly

“Oh” said Clubba, yawning, “Well, let’s go,”

The four left the hold and went back to the dining room, where Fred was sitting at the table, reading a book.  E. Gadd, Kammy, and Lakitu
were also there.  Lakitu was reading a book, E. Gadd was sleeping, and Kammy was eating a banana.  “Hello team fruit,” said Fred, “You
have the fruits, correct?”

“You bet we do!” said Chuck.

“Well, I think team Muffin is waiting for you in the kitchen.  Why not drop off your fruit there, and then come back here?”


*Beep!  Beep!  Beep!*

“OK,” said Twila, “The oven’s preheated.  Now we must put them in for 45 minutes”

“Good,” said Koops, “I have the cereal in the Bowl”

The kitchen door opens

“Fruit delivery!” said Bow

“Great,” said Koops, taking the fruit and putting it on the counter, “I’ll start preparing it now.”

Team fruit left the kitchen as Twila put the Muffin tin into the oven


“Could it be in this one?” asked Mallow as he and the rest of team Bacon stepped into their 4th hallway.

“Nope,” said Koopatroll, as he walked through.  Toad sighed


Koops cut the oranges and put them into the bowl with the rest of the fruit.

“Fruit’s done!” he said, with glee.

“Great,” said Twila, staring at the oven, “I hope the Muffins are done in time!”


Koopatroll, Mallow, and Toad walked into their 5th hallway and saw a piece of bacon taped to the wall, along with another clue.

Koopatroll cleared his throat, “Um… well… a blue square, a pitcher pouring water, a… clown, a negative C (what?), and the Letter G”

“It’s a picture puzzle!” said Mallow, taking the paper from Koopatroll, “Let’s see… Blue Square, that’s probably blue.  Blue pitcher.
Hmmmmm…. Well, Clown minus c is Lown.  Lown-gee, lown-guh, Lounge?  Possibly.  Blue-pitcher Lounge?  Check the map, Toad, is there a
Blue-pitcher lounge?”

“Um…” mumbled Toad, looking at is map, “No, there isn’t”

“Blue-water?  Blue-pour?  …Blue-pour…Blooper!  Blooper lounge!  Toad, is there a Blooper lounge?

“Uuuuuum yes!” said Toad, “Follow me!”

***Koopatroll:  Mallow did really good in this challenge.  He could always figure out the riddles.  Assuming he’s not the Mole, I think he’s
really smart.

The three leave the hallway


Team Bacon arrive at the Blooper lounge and see a strip of bacon taped to the door, along with a note.

Koopatroll grabbed the note and read, “Eye Sky Ding Rank”

Mallow opened his mouth.  No,” said Koopatroll, “I got this one.  I think it’s one of those things you have to pronounce in different ways to
find out what it says.  Eye-sky Dingrink… no… Eye sky ding rink… Eye skay ding rank… Eye skayding rank… skating!  Sky and ding says
Skating!  Rank is probably rink, so it’s the Skating rink!”

“But what about the Eye?” said Toad

“I dunno” said Koopatroll

“Isn’t it obvious?” said Mallow, annoyed, “Its Ice Skating Rink!”

“Oooooh!” said the other two

***Mallow:  Was Koopatroll trying to lead us to the wrong place?  It seemed suspicious…


Koopatroll, Mallow, and Toad arrived at the Ice Skating rink and saw their 5th piece of Bacon, along with another note, which Mallow picked
up.  “Um…” he said, “Trats ot Nruter”

“Hmm…” mumbled Toad

“I… dunno” said Koopatroll, “It looks like gibberish to me”

“Guys!” said Mallow, “Backwards, it says, return to start!”

“Well let’s go!” said Koopatroll, as the Team headed back to the dining room


*Beep!  Beep!  Beep!*

“The Muffin’s are done!” said Twila, happily.

She grabbed an oven mitt and took out the tray.  They looked perfect.

“Yes!” said Koops, high fiving Twila.  He took the Muffin’s out of the tray and put them on the cooling rack.


Team Bacon slammed opens the Dining room doors.  A single piece of Bacon was sitting on the player’s table.

“Well,” said Fred, “Team Muffin will probably need those pieces of Bacon.  Why not head to the Kitchen?”


The Kitchen door opened and Koopatroll, Mallow, and Toad came through the doors.

“Hey!” said Twila

“Here’s your bacon,” said Toad, handing Team Muffin their 6 strips of Bacon.

Team Bacon left the Kitchen as Koops put the six strips on the Grill.


Koops took the Bacon off the Grill and put them on a plate, which he put on a tray.  Twila had also put a plate with 3 muffins on them, a bowl
with all the fruits in it, and a Bowl of cereal with no milk.


Twila added the Cereal to the Milk.

“We are all ready,” she said, “One minute until showtime!”


Fred entered the Kitchen and saw the tray.

“I take it you’re all ready?”

 “You bet we are!” said Twila

“Well,” said Fred, “Take it to the Dining Room.  I think Gourmet Guy is rather hungry


“Where’s my food!” complain Gourmet guy.  Just then, the Kitchen doors opened.  Koops was carrying the Tray and Twila was behind him

“Mr. Gourmet guy,” said Twila, “Here is your meal”

Gourmet Guy took the tray.  He started shoving spoonfuls of cereal into his mouth.

“This is good cereal,” he said with his mouth full, “I It’s not too soggy and it’s not too stale” he finished the cereal and picked up a strip of
Bacon.  He shoved it in his mouth.  “Mmmmmm, Bacon.  It’s nice and crisp” he shoved the other five pieces into his mouth. “That’s good
Bacon,” he said.  He then picked up the olive, and popped it in his mouth.  He then did the same with the orange slices, pineapple cubes,
kiwifruit, and the strawberries.  “Fresh fruit,” he said, “Very nice”.  He picked up a Muffin and sniffed it.  “Hmmmmm,” he mumbled, “Smells
a bit funny”

Twila and Koops looked worried.

Gourmet Guy slowly bit into the muffin.  His eyes widened.  “Yum,” he said, quietly, “Yum!” he said, a little bit louder,
“YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!” he screamed, causing many players to cover their ears.  He scarfed down the rest of the Muffins.

“So,” said Fred, “What do you rate your meal?”

“Five!” he screamed, “Five stars!” he shot up from his seat and ran out of the room.

“Well,” said Fred, “It looks like you just won 50,000 dollars!”

Everyone cheered

TOTAL POT:  68,000/74,000

“Dinner tonight will be at 6:30.  After Dinner, you will take your first quiz.  Oh!  I almost forgot.  I have journals for you to take notes in.”

Fred passed out all of the journals

“Use this time to think about all possible Sabotage today”

***Clubba:  Chuck… he slept through most of that challenge.  Could he be the Mole?  Maybe.

***Mallow:  Koopatroll seemed to be slowing us down.  Weird…

***Koops:  Twila had her fair share of mess-ups.  I think she’s a potential Mole.

***Lakitu:  Our team did well today.  If the Mole was on the Cereal team, they didn’t Sabotage much


The players have now finished Dinner, and will now be taking the 10 question quiz on the Identity of the Mole.

Chuck sat down at the laptop

Question 1:  Is the Mole Male or Female

***Chuck:  I think Clubba could be the Mole.  Her ability to be easily annoyed could be cover-up

Question 2:  What number was the Mole to get off the train?

***Bow:  I’m splitting the vote tonight between 4 different people.  I want to play it safe

Question 3:  What Boat did the Mole board on the first day?
*MSS Sea-Star
*SS Galley

***Toad:  Twila just… left!  Right away during the Luggage Look-out mission.  She didn’t even stay to help out!

Question 4:  What is the Mole’s Occupation?
*Law student
*Retired Teacher
*Retired Construction Worker
*Security Guard
*Minor League Football Player
*Night-club Owner

Twila:  Koops is a Law student, trying to become a Lawyer.  What a great job for a Mole!  He might be used to lying enough to be the Mole!

Question 5:  How old is the Mole?

***Koops:  Perhaps one of the older players could be the Mole.  Wrinkly?  Kammy?  E. Gadd?  You never know

***E. Gadd:   Kammy could easily be the Mole.  Her whininess is enough to make people think she’s just Annoyed by the world, and not in any
way the Mole.  But maybe…

Question 6:  In “Cooking with the Mole,” What team was the Mole on?
*Team Muffin
*Team Fruit
*Team Cereal
*Team Bacon

***Clubba:  Chuck was acting VERY suspicious in the “Cooking with the Mole” mission.  He just kept sleeping!

***Koopatroll:  I don’t think Mallow’s the Mole.  He really helped us in all of the challenges, and is a really pleasant guy.  Now that I think
about it… that’s a great cover for a Mole

Question 8:  From first to last, when did Gourmet Guy eat the Mole’s part of the meal?

***Kammy:  E. Gadd got VERY lucky in our part of the mission.  How often does someone get that?  Maybe the producers wanted to make us
think that E. Gadd isn’t the Mole, but he actually is…

Question 9:  From first to last, when did the Mole’s team arrive in the dining room after their task had been completed?

***Lakitu:  Clubba’s my good friend, so I don’t think she’s the Mole.  But she might be pulling the wool over my eyes…

Question 10:  Who is the Mole?
*E. Gadd


The players are in chairs on the stage in the theater.  In front of them is a large TV connected to a laptop.

“This is the Cheep Cheep Theater” said Fred, “It is the largest room on the ship and will be the location of your first Execution.  I will be
entering names into the computer.  If the screen turns green after your name has been entered, you are safe.  If it turns red, you are the
Mole’s first victim and must leave the game immediately.  Let’s start with Lakitu”

Lakitu shifted in her seat nervously.



Lakitu sighed of relief as she saw the green.  “Chuck?” said Fred



Chuck fell back in his chair, and smiled.  “Toad?” said Fred



Toad smiled and buried his face in his lap.  “Clubba.”




Clubba smiled as she dropped her club on the ground.  “Twila,” said Fred




Twila was stunned as she looked at the Red screen

“I wasn’t… expecting that” she gasped, as she grabbed her bag.

“Come,” said Fred, motioning to a small exit, “So how does it feel to be the first to go?”

“I gotta admit it’s pretty disappointing,” she said, her eyes tearing up, “But it was still a great experience

“I can’t believe she’s going,” said Koops, “She was a pretty good competitor”


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s done!” said Twila, pouring the mixture into the muffin tins.

“She was a bit absent minded at times,” said Toad

Flash Back

Twila gasped.  “OH!  How could I not notice that?!  I guess I’m just a bit drowsy because its day time.”

“What was your favorite moment of the game?” Fred asked Twila.

“Probably spending two days on a cruise ship like this,” she said, “I’m going to miss it”

The Credits Roll

To Be Continued...

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