A Family Reunion

By Lemmyís Biggest Fan

Chapter 11: Reunited

Larry: Our long lost WHAT?

Bowser: I know this may be shocking to you, but Randy here is your brother. He got separated from us almost 8 years ago. But now heís back and weíre a family again.

Randy: This is so amazing! The all-powerful King Bowser is my dad! And the Koopalings are my brothers!

Lemmy: I think we would recall our own brother, King Dad. Especially if he was human.

Randy let go of Bowser and looked at Lemmy.

Randy: You mean you donít remember, Lemmy? You saved me from getting crushed by Roy and I thanked you by saying your name.

Lemmy: What are you- Hold onÖ

Lemmy crossed his arms and closed his eyes. After a moment, his face lit up.

Lemmy: HeyÖ I DO remember that.

Ludwig: I do too.

Roy: So do I.

Iggy: Me too.

Lemmy: But how would you know about that unlessÖ Randy? Is that really you?

Randy: Itís me all right.

Lemmy rolled over to Randy. He stared at him for a minute, then threw his arms around him. Randy happily returned the hug.

Lemmy: Randy! Youíre back!

Randy: I missed you too. Looks like Iím bigger than you now.

Lemmy: Donít rub it in!

Iggy, Ludwig and Roy walked over to Randy. Lemmy let go of Randy and Iggy hugged him.

Iggy: Been a real bummer without you around.

Randy: You sure have changed since I last saw you.

Iggy: Look whoís talking. At least I stayed the same species.

Iggy let go of Randy and Ludwig hugged him.

Ludwig: Itís so good to see you again.

Randy: You too. Still think Iím not as smart as you?

Ludwig: Maybe.

Ludwig released Randy while Roy just stood there, smiling. Randy, Ludwig, Iggy and Lemmy waited for him to do or say something, but he didnít.

Lemmy: Whatís the matter, Roy? Arenít you glad Randyís back?

Roy: Sure butÖ hugging isnít really my thing.

Iggy: Donít be silly. You hugged him when he was a baby.

Roy: YeahÖ but babies are all cute and stuff.

Randy walked up to Roy and opened his arms.

Randy: Címon Roy. You know you want to.

Roy: OhÖ all right. Címere.

Roy opened his arms and they hugged each other.

Roy: Good to have you back, little guy. Guess youíre not so little anymore, though.

Randy: Guess not. Youíve grown a bit yourself.

They let go of each other. While the 5 older boys were busy catching up, the younger 4 just looked on in confusion.

Roy: What are you 4 gawking at?

BJ: Weíre a little confused here.

Larry: Yeah. We donít remember having a brother named Randy.

Lemmy: Well, he was only 5 months old when he was last here. You guys werenít born yet.

Junior: Still, it doesnít seem to make sense to us.

Ludwig: What doesnít make sense about it? He has nearly everything in common with us, he has one trait that each of us has, and he knows about our past.

Roy: Plus, heís a year younger than Iggy, so it makes sense to me.

Randy: Why I was given a wand makes sense now too. I AM a Koopaling, after all!

Morton: ButÖ heís a human.

Bowser: I donít understand it any more than you do. But the important thing is that heís back with us, human or not.

Iggy: We should do something to celebrate!

Randy: How about we take a family photo of the 9 of us?

Ludwig: Thatís a genius idea!

Iggy: I agree!

Lemmy: Iím game!

Roy: Count me in!

Iggy looked at Junior, Morton, Larry and BJ.

Iggy: So how about it? You guys up for it?

Junior, Morton, Larry and BJ looked at each other, huddled up, and talked it over. After a minute they turned to the others.

Junior: Ok. Weíre in!

Randy: Great! Where should we take it?

Larry: How about outside on the playground?

Randy: Good idea! Do you have a camera, Bows- I mean King Dad?

Bowser reached inside his shell and pulled out his camera.

Randy: Okay! Letís go outside!

The reunited family went downstairs and outside to the playground. Once there, the Koopalings lined up in order from youngest to oldest. Bowser raised the camera to his eye.

Bowser: Say Koopa!

Koopalings: Koopa!


Bowser: Thatíll come out great!

Roy: Wait. I think I blinked.

Iggy: It doesnít matter.

Roy: Why? Ö Oh, right. My sunglasses.

The picture came out of the camera. The Koopalings ran over to see how it turned out.

Randy: It looks perfect!

Ludwig: Iím not sure. Is my fang really that big?

Morton: Am I really that wide, ample, broad?

BJ: Does my bib make me look like a baby?

Randy: Come on, guys. That stuff doesnít matter now. All that matters is that weíre all together, like a family should be.

Bowser: Thatís right. And I know the perfect place to put this. Come on.

Bowser led his sons inside and through a hallway Randy hadnít been through before. As they walked through it, it grew darker and darker until Randy could barely see his father 5 feet away.

Randy: Why is it so dark in here?

Bowser: The torches must have gone out. Iíd better relight them. Watch this, Randy.

Randy squinted to make out what his father was doing. He saw Bowser take the torches off the wall. Bowser inhaled and, as he exhaled, breathed a large plume of fire at the torches, instantly lighting them. The hallway was now bright enough to see clearly. Bowser placed the torches back on the wall.

Randy: That was awesome! I had no idea you could do that!

Bowser: That was nothing. You should see what I can do when I REALLY try hard.

Randy: Iíll be looking forward to it! Can the rest of you do that?

Iggy: Not yet. Koopas gain the ability to breathe fire when they turn 15. We have to wait awhile before any of us can do it. But anyway, letís go to the end of the hall. Youíll like whatís there.

The group continued walking through the torch-lit hallway. At the end of it was a door even more decorated than the one to Bowserís room. As they entered, Randy looked around at all the fancy and priceless treasures.

Randy: What room is this, King Dad?

Bowser: My throne room. I put my most valuable treasures in here. I think this picture fits in perfectly.

Bowser walked to his throne, put the picture in a solid gold frame, and hung it up above the throne.

Bowser: There. That looks nice. Oh, I just remembered something.

Randy: What?

Bowser: Now that youíre back, you can help us deal with those overall-wearing plumbers.

Randy: Overall-wearingÖ You mean Mario and Luigi?

Bowser: Ö You know them?

Randy: Yeah. I wasnít gonna tell you before because I thought youíd get angry. But since youíre my dad, I guess I can tell you anything.

Bowser: You should know that them and us are-

Randy: I already know. Ludwig told me.

Bowser: He did?

Ludwig: WellÖ yes. I informed him on the situation between the kingdoms, but I may have left out the details.

Randy: What details?

Larry: Maybe we should wait a little while before we fill you in completely. In the meantime, letís all go back to what we were doing before.

Ludwig: So soon? But we just became a family again.

BJ: You older 5 can stay here if you want. We need a little time to adjust to this. Itís a lot to take in.

Roy: But-

Randy: Itís okay, guys. Iím not offended or anything. It IS a lot to take in. I understand. You guys go do whatever and Iíll meet up with you later.

With that, Morton, Larry, Junior and BJ left the throne room and went to their rooms. Randy couldnít help but look in the direction they walked in.

Lemmy: So what should we do as a reunited family first?

Randy: Actually, as much as Iíd love to spend more time catching up with you, I think I should go spend some time with my little brothers. It might help them get used to having me as a brother. That okay with you guys?

Iggy: I guess so. Itís actually a good idea. You might find out a few interesting things about them.

Randy: Thanks. And, itís good to be back.

Bowser, Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy and Iggy nodded in agreement. Randy nodded back and left the throne room. On his way to his younger brothersí rooms, he thought about how he would try to connect with them. His main concern was that he hoped they would be willing to connect.

Chapter 12: Connecting with BJ

Randy walked through the main hallway, up the stairs, and to the end of the hall. There stood the door to BJís room. It was already open, so he walked into the room. He saw BJ standing in front of an easel, holding an extremely large paintbrush.

Randy: Hey BJ. Whatcha doing?

BJ: Oh, hey Randy. Just working on my newest painting for my collection. Itís over there if you want to look at them.

BJ pointed to the back wall, where the rest of his paintings were hanging. Randy walked over to them and was instantly impressed by how good they were. There were pictures of BJ, his family, places around the kingdom, and a bunch of creatures Randy hadnít seen before.

Randy: Wow! These are really good, BJ! I never thought a 4-year-old could have so much talent!

BJ: Heh, thanks! I owe it all to my paintbrush.

He gave Randy a closer look at his brush.

Randy: Is that the magic paintbrush you told me about yesterday?

BJ: Yup. Pretty cool, huh?

Randy: I guess so. Whatís magic about it? Is it true that your drawings can come to life?

BJ: Wanna see for yourself?

Randy: Okay. Just donít draw anything scary.

BJ: Sure.

Randy walked over to the easel. BJ started painting a picture of a small brown creature. It actually looked kind of like a Mushroom with a mouth, eyes, and feet. Seconds after he finished, the creature jumped off the easel and onto the floor. Randy couldnít believe his eyes. BJís paintbrush really WAS magic.

Creature: Hello!

BJ: Hi there!

Randy: Hiya! What kind of creature are you?

Creature: Iím a Goomba. My nameísÖ Huh. Guess I donít have a name.

Randy: Well, we can give you one. Letís see. Youíre a Goomba, so how aboutÖ Goombark?

Goomba: I like that! In that case, Iím Goombark. Nice to meet you.

BJ: Nice to meet you too. Iím Bowser Junior, but everyone calls me BJ.

Randy: And Iím his brother, Randy.

Goombark: Huh? How can you be brothers?

BJ: We donít exactly know ourselves. But Randy IS my brother, and a pretty great one at that.

Randy: Aw, thanks BJ. Youíre pretty great yourself.

The two of them high-fived a few times. Randy knew he had successfully connected with BJ.

Randy: Hey, Iíve been meaning to ask you. How old were you when you got your brush?

BJ: About two.

Randy: I shouldíve guessed. Iím glad we got to spend some time together. Guess I should go find another little brother to connect with.

BJ: Before you do, wanna see something cool?

Randy: How cool are we talking here?

BJ: Itís a little hard to describe, so Iíll just show you.

BJ pulled his bib over his mouth and jumped into the air. He did several flips and when he landed, he looked like someone else Randy knew, only covered in blue paint. Both Randy and Goombark were flabbergasted.

Randy: You look just likeÖ

BJ?: Mario?

Randy: Yeah. Howíd you do that?

Goombark: I wanna know too.

BJ?: Itís another magic feature of my brush. In this form, Iím known as Shadow Mario.

Randy: Do you get any special abilities? And can you transform back?

Shadow Mario/BJ: Yes and yes. In this form, I have almost all the abilities Mario has, like his incredible jumping skills. Turning back is as easy as turning into this.

He jumped into the air again and flipped. When he landed he looked like his normal self again. He pulled his bib back down.

Randy: That WAS cool! I need to get me a magic paintbrush too!

BJ: Weíll see. Anyway, didnít you want to go see your other little brothers?

Randy: Yeah. Guess Iíll go and find them.

Randy started to exit BJís room when something caught his eye. Hanging next to the door was a photo of what appeared to be BJ sitting on a small throne, surrounded by toys.

Randy: Thatís a really good photo of you, BJ.

BJ started giggling.

Randy: Whatís so funny?

BJ: That isnít me. Thatís my papa when he was my age.

Randy: Really?

He looked from the picture to BJ several times.

Randy: You look exactly like him.

BJ: Thatís why he named me Bowser Junior. Itís also why Iím next in line to be king even though Iím the youngest.

Randy: Lucky you. Well, Iím off for real this time. Bye BJÖ and Goombark.

BJ and Goombark: Bye.

Randy left the room and walked further down the hallway. He stopped at the door to the room of the brother he would attempt to connect with next.

Chapter 13: Connecting with Larry

The door to Larryís room was open as well, so Randy walked inside. However, he didnít see Larry anywhere.

Randy: Larry! You in here?

Larryís voice: Iím out here! Through the back door!

Randy: (Back door? Whatís he talking about?)

Taking a closer look around the room, Randy saw the door Larry meant. Because he hadnít seen it during the tour a few days ago, he had no idea what was through it. As he walked through the door, what he saw amazed him. He was surrounded by hundreds of plants, none of which he had seen before. After a few minutes of wandering through the plant filled room, he saw Larry watering some kind of flower.

Randy: There you are. This isÖ shocking to say the least.

Larry: Why? I told you before that I grow plants.

Randy: Yeah, but I didnít think this many! You grew all of them by yourself?

Larry: Uh huh. Impressed?

Randy: That doesnít even begin to describe what I think. How many different species of plants do you have?

Larry crossed his arms and closed his eyes. Randy could see him mouthing something but he couldnít make out what. After a few minutes, Larry reopened his eyes.

Larry: I have 500 different kinds of plants.

Randy: Wow. ItÖ must be hard taking care of them by yourself.

Randy moved a little closer to the flower Larry had been watering, and noticed a few strange things about it. It was red with white polka dots, had no petals, and almost appeared to have teeth. Randy went to touch it.

Randy: What kind of flower is this anyway?

He was answered by the plant lunging at him and trying to bite his hand! Randy yanked his arm back and looked at his hand to make sure he had all of his fingers. He did. The plant growled and continued to try to bite him.

Randy: Jeez, that plantís like a Piranha!

Larry: Well, itís called a Piranha Plant. I think itís pretty clear why. Donít be fooled by their appearance. Theyíre actually really nice.

Randy: Nice?! That thing almost bit my hand off!

Larry: They just do that for self defense. They never try to bite me, since I raised them. Watch.

Larry put his hand over the Piranha Plant and started petting its head. The Piranha Plant started purring, and nuzzled into Larryís hand.

Larry: Good boy, Marco.

Randy: Marco? You named it?

Larry: Sure. I have names for all my plants. Youíd be surprised how I can remember them all. Come here. You can pet him.

Randy: UmÖ okay.

Randy slowly walked up to Marco. Marco began to growl again and show his teeth.

Larry: Itís okay, boy. He wonít hurt you.

Randy: Hi Marco. Iím Randy, Larryís brother.

Randy slowly extended his arm and started rubbing what he assumed to be Marcoís chin. Marco stopped growling and purred again. After a minute of rubbing, he licked Randyís hand.

Larry: Aw. He likes you. Iím actually a little surprised. Heís never been that friendly with anyone besides me. Guess it just further shows what a great guy you are. Iíll admit I was a bit uncomfortable at first, but Iím happy that youíre my brother.

Larry walked over to Randy and hugged him. Randy hugged Larry too, knowing his connection with him was complete. When they let go, Larry motioned for Randy to follow him. Randy did so and Larry showed him around his greenhouse. As they passed a Mushroom patch, Randy stopped when he saw that the Mushrooms were the same kind heíd conjured up during his magic lessons with Iggy.

Randy: Hey Larry, what are these?

Larry: Theyíre 1-Up Mushrooms. They can help revive someone when theyíve ďfallenĒ, if you know what I mean. Theyíre pretty hard to come by, so having them here is really handy. Oh, good thing you stopped me here. Thereís someone here I want you to meet.

Larry made a gesture behind him. Randy saw an enormous Piranha Plant that looked very different from Marco. This Piranha Plant had orange pedals, legs, and almost appeared to be wearing red shorts with white polka dots.

Randy: Whoa. Thatís one big plant. Does he like being petted too?

Larry: Why donít you find out for yourself?

Randy went to pet the Piranha Plant, when suddenly-

Piranha Plant: Donít touch me!

Randy: Ack! It talked!

Piranha Plant: Of course I can talk. Larry, who is this guy?

Larry: This is my big brother, Randy. Long story. Randy, this is my best friend and the greatest plant ever, Petey Piranha.

Randy: A pleasure, Petey.

Randy held out his hand. Petey used the leaf he had for an arm and shook Randyís hand.

Petey: Pleasureís all mine, I guess. So how exactly can you be his brother if youíre a human? And why havenít I seen you around before?

Randy: I donít know the first part but I somehow got separated from my family when I was a baby. Larry wasnít born yet the last time I was here, so he doesnít have any info either.

Just then, Randy saw a few empty paint buckets on the floor.

Randy: Whatís with those? I thought BJ was the family artist.

Larry: He is. But Petey isnít like most Piranha Plants. He never needs watering, he can use his leaves to fly, and he eats paint, which he can cough up if heís in danger. That reminds me. Petey, are you hungry?

Petey: I sure am.

Larry moved to a small container next to the empty paint cans. He reached in and pulled out a can of purple paint.

Larry: Look Petey. Itís your favorite. Grape flavored.

Randy: Larry, I donít think paint has-

Petey: YUMMY!

Petey grabbed the bucket and drank all the purple paint.

Randy: For goodness sake, Petey! Does that really taste like grapes?

Petey: Itís purple like grapes.

Randy: Really? So if I understand this correctly, this orange paint must be a pumpkin pie.

Randy held up a can of orange paint, which Petey immediately grabbed and emptied into his mouth.

Petey: Tart yet creamy.

Randy: HmmmÖ

Meanwhile Larry had started to pick some peppers off one of his plants while Randy and Petey conversed.

Larry: You guys can keep experimenting with that if you want, but I need to harvest my-

Randy: Cherry. Red is for cherry.

Larry turned and saw Randy holding and looking at a can of red paint. However he didnít look like he was going to give it to Petey.

Randy: You are a cherry.

Randy dipped his finger into the red paint and tasted it. Less than a second later he spit it out, dropped the can, and grabbed his throat. Larry couldnít help but look on and laugh.

Randy: BLECH!!! The taste! Get it out! Donít just stand there!

Randy grabbed a pepper out of Larryís hand and started to devour it. Larry knew that was a bad idea

Larry: But thatís-

Too late. Randy swallowed the pepper whole.

Randy: AhÖ Better.

Larry: Thatís the first time anyoneís had the guts to eat one of MY chili peppers whole.

Randy: It certainly rid me of that horrible, toxic, goopy aftertaste.

Petey: Hey, these are pretty good.

Larry turned around and saw that Petey had helped himself to one of the peppers. He waited for the spiciness to kick in but nothing happened.

Larry: I donít believe it. Theyíre not working!

Larry held one of the chili peppers to his mouth.

Larry: These things are supposed to taste hotter than magma.

He took a bite out of the pepper and didnít taste any spiciness. He was about to say something to Randy when he saw his face turning red. His pupils shrank until they were almost gone, and flames engulfed his eyes. Larry turned to Petey and saw he now looked similar to Fiery Dino Piranha. Thatís when Larry began to feel the intense spiciness. He started to sweat and couldnít keep tears from coming out of his eyes. The three of them took VERY long drinks from the hoses and watering cans. After they finally cooled down several minutes later, Randy said goodbye to Petey and Larry, and headed back into the hallway to his next brothersí room.

Chapter 14: Connecting with Morton

Randy walked a bit further down the hallway to Mortonís room. His door was closed so he knocked before he entered.

Mortonís voice: Come in, enter.

Randy opened the door and walked into the room. He saw Morton sitting at his desk, writing a speech. Randy approached him but he was too busy to notice right away. Morton was just finishing the conclusion to his speech when his pen ran out of ink. He turned slightly to his side to get another one when he saw Randy less than 6 inches from his face.

Morton: Dah! Please donít do that.

Randy: Sorry. What are you writing?

Morton: A speech about wedding cake.

Randy: Wedding cake? I wasnít aware that was that interesting of a topic.

Morton: To most people, it isnít, but I love it because itís so good, yummy, tasty, succulent, delicious, delectable, lip-smacking, scrumptious, appetizing, luscious, mouth-watering and there are so many different kinds like big and small and round and square and short and tall and fancy and plain but other people donít seem to be obsessed with it like me so they donít talk about it or eat it unless thereís an actual wedding which doesnít make much sense because everyone should want to talk about it and eat it all the time because itís the best thing in the world!

Randy: Wow. Iíve never had wedding cake but it sure sounds good.

Instead of responding, Morton just stared at Randy.

Randy: What, Morton?

Morton: You actually let me finish, complete, end a sentence. You didnít tell me to stop talking, be quiet, zip it, shut up, shut it, be silent, hush.

Randy: Did you already forget? I donít mind that you talk the way you do. I even talk that way sometimes. Not as often as you, of course, but still, I do. Besides, talking is what you love to do and I have no intention of preventing you from doing it. What kind of brother would I be if I did? A bad one, thatís what. What surprises me is that youíve been able to tolerate being told to shut up who knows how many times over the past 6 years.

Morton: Guess Iím just used to it. Hey, while youíre here, wanna hear one of my speeches?

Randy: Sure! Which one do you want to read me?

Morton: Well, I have lots and lots and lots and lots of them but my favorite would have to be the one entitled ďNever Give UpĒ because itís the only one the others actually find useful, helpful, handy, valuable, of use.

Randy: That sounds like a good one. Letís hear it.

Morton opened one of desk drawers and pulled out a 10-page speech. He stood up and walked to a podium on the other side of his room. Randy turned the chair around and sat in it.

Morton: My fellow brother, I stand before you to state why you should never give up, no matter hard the situation is. It is important to always keep trying until you find the solution to your problem.

2 Hours LaterÖ

Morton: And in conclusion, thereís always a way to solve your problems. You just have to find out what it is, and you will achieve your goal.

Randy stood up and started clapping.

Randy: Bravo! Bravo!

Morton smiled and took a bow.

Morton: Thank you! Youíre too kind!

Randy walked up to him.

Randy: That was great, Morton! You sure are inspirational!

Morton: Thanks! Want to hear another?

Randy: Maybe a little later. I still have one more little brother I need to spend time with. But before I go, Iím gonna give you something I bet no oneís ever given you.

Morton: What?

He was answered by a hug from Randy, who knew they had connected. After the sudden shock, he returned the hug. Morton was so happy, he thought he was going to start crying. For the first time in his life, he felt loved by someone in his family. A moment later, they let go and Randy said goodbye to Morton as he left the room.

Chapter 15: Connecting with Junior

Randy walked to the end of the hallway where the door to Juniorís room stood before. It was closed also so he knocked. A few seconds went by with no answer, so he knocked again, a bit harder. From the other side of the door came a barely audible ďCome inÖĒ Randy opened the door and saw why he hadnít been answered the first time. Junior was playing Mario Kart Wii and appeared to be hypnotized to the game. Fortunately, the race he was competing in had ended with him winning, and he had come back to reality.

Junior: Whatís up, Randy?

Randy: Not much. Iíve just been trying to connect with my younger brothers, and youíre the only one left. I see you REALLY like videogames.

Junior: You donít know the half of it. Iíve made it my personal goal to play and beat every Mario game from the GameCube on.

Randy: But I thought you guys didnít like Mario or his friends.

Junior: We donít, but you gotta hand it to them. They make some pretty good games.

Randy: I wouldnít know. Iíve never owned a videogame system since I was separated from my family. Even so, bet I could beat you!

Junior: Youíre on!

Junior tossed Randy another controller and Randy sat down next to him. Junior started a two player tournament on four random racetracks. Randy won the first, but Junior dominated the second and third. The fourth was close but at the last second, Randy pulled ahead and won, causing the tournament to end in a tie.

Junior: Ha! I knew you wouldnít win!

Randy: You didnít win either. It was a tie.

Junior: YeahÖ but still. I guess we connected?

Randy: I guess so. Good thing, because Iíve been wanting to ask you something.

Junior: What is it?

Randy: What was your life like before King Dad adopted you?

Junior: Well, I guess it wasnít all that bad. It couldíve been better in some ways. IíveÖ never really talked about it before.

Randy: Oh. If you donít want to, I understand.

Junior: No, itís fine. Actually, Iím glad you asked. No oneís ever been all that interested about my past.

Randy: Iím interested. You forget that Iím really open-minded. I take everyoneís feelings into consideration. Tell me as much as you want.

Junior: Okay. I never really knew my parents. I was raised in an orphanage in a town called Koopa Village. Itís the place where all Koopas that donít have parents go. I got along with some of the other Koopas and they became my friends. Things werenít so bad until I realizedÖ I was different.

Randy: What do you mean?

Junior: I donít completely know myself. But I was once told that my parents were normal, everyday Koopas and they didnít think I was the kind of child they wanted to raise. I didnít know what everyone meant until I was about 3. I learned that normal Koopas are given plain shells and have little to no special traits. In fact, most Koopas all look pretty much the same, but I didnít. Somehow, I was given a spiked shell and I grew this red mane. And my eyes, as you can see, are just pupils. Also, I have the kind of organs that will let me breathe fire when Iím older. Outside of this family, almost no Koopas are able to do that. When the other Koopas saw how different I was from them, they started avoiding me. I donít know why, though. I wasnít mean to them or anything, but they just wanted nothing to do with me. I had started to think about leaving the orphanage to live on my own, but when I was 4, King Dad came looking for a son to replace the daughter that ran away. When he saw me, he knew I was the perfect addition to the family. So he adopted me, brought me here, introduced me to my new brothers, and Iíve been living here ever since.

Randy: Wow. Thatís quite a story, Junior.

Junior: Yeah. Thanks for letting me tell it to you. I donít think anyone else would have been willing to listen. Hey, itís getting pretty late, donít you think? Maybe we should call it a night.

Randy: Okay. Goodnight, Junior.

Junior: Night. See you tomorrow.

Randy left Juniorís room and went to the room he now shared with Lemmy and Iggy. As he walked in, he saw the two of them were sound asleep in their beds.

Randy: (Thatís my brothers.)

With that thought, Randy walked to the bunk bed for some sleep of his own, unaware of a visitor just outside his window.

Chapter 16: Mario Tells All

Randy had just started to climb up the ladder to his bed when he suddenly heard a whisper.

Whisper: Psst! Hey Randy! Over here!

Randy saw a figure outside his window. He climbed down and walked over to it, and was surprised by who it was.

Randy: Mario? What are you doing here?

Mario: (whispering): Shhh! Keep it down! Do you want the Koopas to see me?

Randy: (whispering): Sorry. Iím actually really glad youíre here. Youíll never guess what I found out!

Mario: (whispering) In a minute. I think itís time you learned the truth about me and the Koopas.

Randy: (whispering) What truth?

Mario: (whispering) The Koopas, theyíre evil. Weíre more than just rivals. Weíre archenemies.

Randy: (whispering) Archenemies?

Mario: (whispering) Yes. Bowser and his sons constantly attack and destroy the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnap Peach. You see, Peach is my girlfriend and Bowserís really jealous. He takes her all the time and tries to marry her to become King of the Mushroom Kingdom. My friends and I have been stopping him from doing so since childhood. I came mainly to tell you not to fall for any of their tricks. Theyíre very sneaky and will try anything to succeed.

Randy couldnít believe what he had just been told. He knew he couldnít tell Mario he was related to them. Who knows how he wouldíve reacted?

Randy: (whispering) OhÖ I-I had no idea.

Mario: (whispering) Better to know now than when itís too late. But anyway, what did you find out?

Randy: (whispering): IÖ uhÖ found out thatÖ Ludwigís a really good composer, and you should totally listen to his music sometime.

Mario: (whispering) Maybe if he joins our side, I will. I need to go now, so be careful.

Randy: (whispering) O-Okay.

Mario jumped down from the windowsill. Randy watched him as he ran through the kingdom and back across the border to the Mushroom Kingdom. After he vanished from sight, Randy climbed into his bed. He tried to sleep but found himself unable to do so. What was he to do? His family was evil. What if they expected him to assist in their evil plots? He didnít want to, but if he had toÖ No. He couldnít think about that.

He finally was able to fall asleep just before midnight. The next morning, he woke up feeling no better. As he started to climb down, his wand fell out of his pocket and clattered to the floor. Heíd actually forgotten it was in there. When he reached the bottom of the ladder, he picked it up and couldnít help but think about what chaos it could cause. He erased the thought from his mind and put the wand back in his pocket. He then went downstairs to join his brothers and father for breakfast. As he ate, he looked slightly depressed and was silent.

Larry: Randy?

Randy: Yes Larry?

Larry: Youíre not your usual perky self. Is something the matter?

Iggy: I agree. Youíre not really acting like you.

Randy: No, itís nothing. Iím just still a little tired. UmÖ Please excuse me. I need to be alone for a little bit.

Randy stood up and quietly left the kitchen. He sighed a deep sigh as he walked out of the castle to find the best place to think.

Back in the castle, the others were concerned. It wasnít like Randy to just go off by himself like that. Bowser then got an idea.

Bowser: I think heís got something really big on his mind. I want one of you to go and talk to him. Iíll sendÖ Morton. Go see whatís making him act like that.

Morton: Okay. Iíll go because you said to and I have to listen to you because youíre my dad and I donít want Randy to be depressed because heís a really great brother and seeing him sad makes me feel a little sad too so Iíll go find him but it might take a long time since I donít know exactly where-

Lemmy: Just go already!

Morton grumbled under his breath as he left. As he walked out of the castle, he had no idea he was in for a shock.

Chapter 17: Mortonís Advice

Just before Morton started looking for Randy, he heard something you normally wouldnít hear in the Koopa Kingdom. He heard singing, and it sounded like Randyís voice. He listened carefully and tried to determine the direction the singing was coming from.

Randyís voice (Singing): This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
Aperture Science.
We do what we must
because we can.
For the good of all of us
except the ones who are dead.
But there's no sense crying over every mistake.
You just keep on trying till you run out of cake,
and the Science gets done,
and you make a neat gun
for the people who are still alive.

Morton started walking east. As he did, the singing continued.

Randyís voice (Singing): I'm not even angry.
I'm being so sincere right now.
Even though you broke my heart
and killed me,
and tore me to pieces,
and threw every piece into a fire.
As they burned it hurt because I was so happy for you!
Now these points of data make a beautiful line.
And we're out of beta.
We're releasing on time.
So I'm GLAD I got burned.
Think of all the things we learned
for the people who are still alive.

Morton finally saw Randy. He was sitting on the edge of a cliff, watching the sun rise. Morton decided to listen to his singing as he really liked it.

Randy (Singing): Go ahead and leave me.
I think I prefer to stay inside.
Maybe you'll find someone else to help you.
Maybe Black Mesa.
Anyway, this cake is great.
It's so delicious and moist.
Look at me still talking
when there's Science to do.
When I look out there, it makes me GLAD I'm not you.
I've experiments to run.
There is research to be done
on the people who are still alive.
And believe me I am still alive.
I'm doing Science and I'm still alive.
I feel FANTASTIC and I'm still alive.
While you're dieing I'll be still alive.
And when you're dead I will be still alive.

As Randy finished his song, he suddenly heard clapping behind him. He turned around and saw Morton. He was surprised to see him.

Randy: OhÖ Morton. How long have you been there?

Morton: Long enough to know youíre a good, great, fantastic, wonderful, superb, outstanding, excellent, grand, incredible, magnificent, brilliant, first-rate, supreme, breathtaking, astonishing, terrific, splendid, fabulous, marvelous, stupendous, exceptional, dazzling, tremendous, superlative, glorious singer.

Randy: Thanks. That songís called Still Alive. I donít know who itís by but Iíve known it since I was little. I sing it when I need cheering up.

Morton sat down next to him.

Morton: Why do you need cheering up?

Randy: Itís justÖ I recently learned something. Something not so good. Iím afraid that I might need to become something Iím not. And if I do, Iíll be hurting people that I really donít want to hurt.

Morton: Ah. I think I see what youíre talking about. You found out weíre evil, didnít you?

Randy: Yes. I know about your attacks on the Mushroom Kingdom and your kidnappings of Peach. She and the others are my friends, but you guys are my family and I just donít know what to do. On one hand, I could help my family but Iíd be hurting my friends. And on the other hand-

Morton: You could help your friends but would be hurting your family.

Randy: Exactly. I donít want to disappoint King Dad, but if I tell him I donít want to be evil, it might upset him. What am I gonna do, Morton?

Morton: Well, if you want my advice, I think you should stay just the way you are. Donít be something youíre not. Youíre a really great guy, Randy. You really care about everyone and youíre willing to do anything to make someone feel better when they need it. Trying to be evil could really alter your personality, and I donít think that would turn out well. I donít mind if you stay good or not, but you should know that you are who you are and itís best to remain that way.

Randy looked at Morton and smiled. He was right. Randy was who he was. He didnít need to be evil just because his family was.

Randy: Thanks Morton. I needed to hear that.

Morton: Anytime, little big brother.

Randy looked back at the rising sun. It was quite a majestic sight to behold. Randy decided to thank Morton by giving him a positive speech of his own.

Randy: You know, I donít understand why everyone gets annoyed by the way you talk. I think itís pretty cool.

Morton: You do?

Randy: Yeah. The fact that you can think of so many words that mean the same thing shows that you have a good vocabulary. Your speeches are really entertaining and motivating and, not for nothing, but you give really good advice. Maybe if the others actually listened to what you say instead of trying to get you to be quiet, theyíd better understand what you were saying. Iím not usually one for picking favorites when it comes to people but I think youíre my favorite little brotherÖ even if youíre a lot bigger than me.

Morton: Wow. No oneís ever been so nice to me. Iíve never been anyoneís favorite anything. Thanks, Randy. I think youíre my favorite brother of all.

Randy smiled and put his arm around Morton and pulled him closer. Morton did the same to Randy and the two brothers watched the sun rise above the horizon.

Chapter 18: Mario and Bowserís Final Battle

Once the sun had fully risen, Randy and Morton started walking back to the castle. When they entered, Bowser saw them and walked over to them. He was pleased to see a grin on Randyís face.

Bowser: I guess Morton did a really good talking to you.

Randy: You bet he did! I feel a lot better now.

Bowser: Good, because I came up with a foolproof plan to defeat Mario.

Morton: Do tell, King Dad!

Bowser: You said you know the Mario Gang, right?

Randy: Yeah.

Bowser: Since we just found out that youíre my son, Iím assuming they donít know that yet. I feel we can use that to our advantage. Iím going to surprise Mario in a little while with an attack and try to weaken him. If that works, I want you to help finish him with your powerful magic Iggy told me about. Then weíll finally be able to take control of the Mushroom Kingdom and Peach will at last be mine!

Randy: Actually, about thatÖ

Bowser: Yes?

Randy: UmÖ Nothing. Never mind. Did you tell the others about your plan?

Bowser: Yes, and they all agree that itís bound to work! Iíll be leaving in an hour so, practice your magic in the meantime.

Randy: Okay, King Dad.

Bowser left the main entrance to go over his plan a few times. Morton saw that Randy was, once again, at a loss over what to do.

Morton: Are you really going to attack, assault, assail, hit, beat, mug Mario?

Randy: I donít know, Morton. I just donít know. But I guess I should go work on my magic for now. I donít think I have anything better to do. Iíll see you later.

Morton: Bye, later, see you, farewell.

Randy made his way to the gym. He hoped no one else was there because he didnít really want to talk to anyone just then. Fortunately for him, the gym was empty. He walked to the target area and started firing beams from his wand. He wasnít trying that hard but still managed to hit the bulls-eye each time. After about half an hour, he realized he was thirsty, so he conjured up a glass of water. After he finished it, he made the glass disappear.

Randy: (And Iggy didnít even teach me how to do that.)

Randy walked over to the weight area. He took many of them off the racks and placed them on the floor in random spots. He waved his wand and made all the weights levitate. He moved his wand carefully and put the weights back on the racks in the exact positions theyíd been in before.

Randy: (Why do I even need to practice? Iím already perfect at magic. I could probably eliminate Mario in one shot.) What am I thinking?! I donít want to kill Mario!

???: I figured you didnít.

Randy turned around, startled, and saw his oldest brother, Ludwig.

Randy: Ludwig, IÖ What are you doing here?

Ludwig: I came here to tell you that King Dad is almost ready to launch his attack. I see that youíre not quite ready yet.

Randy: Yeah, Iím not. I just canít hurt my friends. But what will King Dad think of me? I just donít think I can be evil, even if I wanted to. Oh Ludwig, what am I going to do? Youíre really smart, so can you think of some way out of this?

Ludwig: Sadly, I cannot. Youíre the only one who is strong enough to perform such a task. Even though Iím the oldest, my wand isnít as powerful as yours and I donít think my flutter jump would provide much help.

Randy: Flutter jump? Whatís that?

Ludwig jumped and started furiously kicking his legs. As he did, he started hovering above the ground. After a few seconds, he let himself fall back down.

Ludwig: THAT is a flutter jump. Donít ask me how I can do it. I donít quite know myself.

Randy: As impressive as that is, it doesnít really help me. I guess Iíll just have to go along with King Dadís plan and hope my wand isnít as powerful as I think. But if it is, then-

He was interrupted by Bowser walking through the doors.

Bowser: Randy, itís time to go. Iím ready, so letís do this.

Randy: OkayÖ ComingÖ

Ludwig: Iíll be rooting for you. Show him your strength!

Randy: Thanks. I willÖ I thinkÖ

Randy put his wand away and followed Bowser through the doors and down the hallway. He passed his other brothers on his way.

Roy: Show him whoís boss, Randy!

BJ: Show him what youíre made of!

Randy simply nodded as he continued to follow Bowser out of the castle. The two continued through the kingdom. Bowser stopped walking when they reached the border to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Bowser: Okay, Randy. Iíll go wreak some havoc and try to lure Mario here. When I do, Iíll fight him and when heís weak enough, you deliver the final blow!

Randy: All right, King Dad. Good luck.

With that, Bowser charged into Toad Town. Seconds later, screaming was heard and so was the sound of fire breath. It was then that Randy saw several houses burst into flames.

Randy: (Heís really going through with this. I donít know if I can, though. Marioís my best friend. I canít just kill him, butÖ)

Meanwhile, in Mushroom CastleÖ

Toad: Mario! Mario!

Mario: Calm down, Toad. Whatís the matter?

Toad: Itís Bowser! Heís burning Toad Town! Youíve got to stop him!

Mario: *sigh* He doesnít know when to quit, does he? All right, Iím on it!

Mario sprinted out of the castle and through the burnt and charred remains of the west side of Toad Town. One house collapsed and nearly crushed the hero, but he used his Super Jump to avoid it at the last second. As he landed, he saw the King of the Koopas laughing maniacally at the destruction he caused. He prepared to scorch another building when he saw Mario.

Bowser: Ah, Mario. Been expecting you!

Mario: Who else would it be? Whatís your big plan this time? Come to kidnap Peach as always, I assume?

Bowser: Actually, no. I just came for a good, old-fashioned brawl with my archenemy. But I COULD take Peach if you want.

Mario: Be quiet! If itís fight you want, youíll get one!

Before Bowser could respond, a brown shoe met his face. He stumbled backwards and fell onto his shell. Mario jumped onto him and punched him square in the jaw.

Bowser: OUCH! Grrrrr! Youíll pay for that!

Bowser kicked Mario off him and retreated into his shell. He spun wildly and slammed into Mario, causing him to soar through the air in the direction of the border. Bowser popped out of his shell.

Bowser: Perfect! Heíll land right by Randy! Iíd better hurry while heís hurt.

Bowser headed for the border while Mario continued to fly through the air. After what seemed like forever, he landed just across the border. He was dazed and his vision was blurry. As it cleared, he saw a young boy looking down at him.

Randy: Hey Mario? Are you ok?

Mario: Randy? You shouldnít be here! Bowserís attacking Toad Town! You need to leave before you get hurt!

Bowserís voice: Oh, heís not here to observe.

Mario turned around to see Bowser once again, looking as confident as ever.

Bowser: Whatís the matter, Mario? Is flying through the air THAT painful? I wouldnít know since I usually get dropped in lava, thank you very much!

Mario: You want painful? Iíll show you painful! Randy, stay out my way. I donít want you to get hurt.

Randy: UmÖ

Bowser: Heís not the one getting hurt! You are!

Bowser breathed a large plume of fire at Mario, who just barely dodged. The two of them charged at each other and locked arms. Randy was stunned by how strong Mario was.

Mario: Why wonít you just leave the Mushroom Kingdom alone?! Whatís anyone in it ever done to you?

Bowser: Itís not my fault the lady of my dreams lives in the opposite kingdom! Maybe if you just let me have her, I wouldnít have to do this all the time!

Mario: Well you can forget it! Peach is and always will be mine! And even if she wasnít, sheíd never go for a tyrant like yourself!

Bowser: Why you miserable little plumber!

Bowserís anger gave him the strength he needed to start pushing Mario back. Mario struggled against the large Koopa.

Mario: Huuurrrgh! Randy, as long as youíre here, help me beat him!

Bowser: As if! If heís helping anyone, itís gonna be me!

Mario: Heís my friend!

Bowser: Heís myÖ erÖ something else!

Mario: What? Is he another person that you tricked into helping you?

Bowser: No.

Mario: Then what is he to you?

Bowser: None of your stinking business!

Mario: Randy, who do you want to help? Me or the evil King here?

Randy: IÖ IÖ

Authorís Note: If you want to keep reading the directorís cut of this whole story, continue reading to the next line. If you want to read an alternate chapter that leads to an ending, click here.

Royís Voice: Come on, King Dad! Youíve got him on the ropes!

Toadís Voice: Donít give up, Mario!

Randy looked behind and in front of him. He saw that the Koopalings had gathered at their castleís front gate while the Mario Gang was just across the border. Randy felt so much pressure on him now. Not only would he have to choose between Mario and Bowser, but now he had to do it in front of nearly everyone he knew. Bowser and Mario finally released their holds on each other.

Mario: All right, Iíve had enough! Itís time to end this!

Bowser: I couldnít agree more!

Bowser retreated into his shell again and slammed into Mario again. Mario flipped head over heels and landed at Randyís feet. The Koopalings cheered.

Randy: Mario! Are you all right?

Mario: Iíve handled worse. Now itís my turn!

Randy: Wait a min-

Mario was already hitting Bowser. He was too quick for the King of the Koopas to block. Mario delivered a roundhouse kick to Bowserís face, causing him to fall onto the ground very hard.

Randy: Dad!

Everyone froze in place. Realizing what heíd said, Randy flung his hands over his mouth. But it was too late.

Mario Gang: Dad?

Bowser: Randy!

Randy took his hands away from his mouth.

Randy: OopsÖ

Mario: Randy?

Randy walked over to him.

Randy: Yes Mario?

Mario: Why did you call Bowser ďDadĒ?

Randy: BecauseÖ becauseÖ I, umÖ Oh, whatís the use? Mario, Bowser and the Koopalings are my family.

Mario and his friends were shocked beyond belief to hear him say that.

Mario: They are?

Randy nodded.

Mario: Why didnít you tell me?

Randy: Well, I didnít find out until recently. And I was GOING to tell you, but after you said you and the Koopas are archenemies, I thought that if I told you I was one of them, you wouldnít want to be my friend anymore. Iím sorryÖ

Mario: How can you be one of them? Youíre a human like me.

Randy: I donít know. I somehow got separated from them when I was a baby. I didnít have any memory of them when I first got here, but after two days, I found out Iím Bowserís long lost son and the Koopalingsí long lost brother.

Mario: So are you evil or not?

Randy: No way. Iíve never done one evil thing in my life and I wasnít planning on starting now, especially not to my friends.

Bowser: Does that mean youíre not gonna help fight?

Randy: That depends. Mario, do you trust me? If you do, I promise I wonít get involved. But if you donít, and I understand why you wouldnít, Iíll join my dad and fight.

Mario turned around and looked at his friends. They all gave him looks that said ď I trust himĒ. He turned back to Randy.

Mario: Okay. I trust youÖ friend.

Randy: Thank you, Mario. You really are a hero. I guess Iíll let you two get back to fighting. Iím going back to my brothers.

Bowser: But what about my foolproof plan?

Randy: Sorry, King Dad, but I canít help you. Iím not evil and I donít want to be. Marioís been nothing but nice to me, and Iím not going to thank him by killing him. As much as it pains me to say thisÖ youíre on your own.

Randy started walking back to Koopa Castle. Bowser stood back up and angrily glared at Mario.

Bowser: You! You corrupted him!

Mario: I did what?

Bowser: Being around you changed him! Heíd be the perfect person to help me but you just HAD to be nice to him! Now that heís like you, he doesnít even want to help his own father!

Mario: Please! Some father you are! You let yourself lose him! Anyone would make a better father than you!

Bowser: At least I AM a father! Youíve been with Peach for who knows how long, and I donít see you making any moves on her!

Yoshi: He makes a valid point.

Luigi elbowed Yoshi in the side.

Luigi: Quiet, Yoshi.

Mario: Okay, thatís it! You just crossed the line, Mister! Time to pull out the big guns!

Mario reached into his overalls pocket and pulled out one of the rarest items in the world.

Bowser: ThatísÖ a Smash Ball! How did you get that?

Mario: As you would say: None of your stinking business!

Mario broke the Smash Ball and immediately started glowing. He unleashed his most powerful attack, the Mario Finale. Bowser knew if he didnít do something, heíd be destroyed. So he retreated into his shell once more and spun as fast as he could. The wind caused by that caused Marioís attack to swirl around him. He suddenly stopped spinning and the blast was redirectedÖ in the direction of Koopa Castle and Randy! Fortunately, the blast curved upwards and missed him, but crashed directly into the castleís tower, leaving a large, gaping hole at its base. Randy, who knew only Mario could launch such an attack, stopped in his tracks when he saw this, but his brothers were too busy cheering for Bowser to notice. They also didnít notice the tower beginning to give way to the weakened foundation. Realizing his brothers were in danger, Randy frantically started pointing.

Randy: Guys! The tower! Behind you!

The Koopalings turned around and saw the collapsing tower less than 20 feet away from them.

Koopalings: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!


Chapter 19: Important Words

The tower hitting the ground created a shockwave that nearly knocked Randy off his feet. When he regained his balance, he ran to the site of the crash. What he saw horrified him. His brothers were all laying on the ground, motionless. Some were on their stomachs, some on their shells, some partially buried beneath debris.

Randy: Oh noÖ IímÖ sure theyíre just unconscious.

Randy walked to his closest brother, who turned out to be Iggy. He was laying on his stomach with his arms at his sides. Randy knelt down, put his hands on his shell, and shook.

Randy: Iggy? Are you okay?

Iggy didnít answer. It didnít take long for Randy to realize he was dead.

Randy stood up and walked to his next closest brother, BJ. He was laying on his shell. Randy bent down and shook his shoulders.

Randy: Bowser Junior? Get up.

BJ didnít move. Randy realized he was dead too. Randy stood up again and walked to the center of the crash site. He looked at his other brothers and tried to make out any signs of life.

Randy: Junior? Ludwig?

No response.

Randy: Lemmy? Roy? Larry?

Still no response. Randy realized they were dead as well. He was about to start crying when he heard a low-pitched groan. The groan came from Morton. Randy quickly ran up to him. He was partially buried under bricks. Randy pulled him out and sat him up against a pile of debris. He was still breathing, but barely.

Randy: Morton, say something! Anything!

Morton opened his eyes and half-smiled.

Morton: First time anyone said THAT to me.

Randy: You're gonna be okay, right?

Morton: Randy, I canít stay, last, live, survive, exist, go on much longer.

Randy: Do you mean... No. No Morton, you can't go! You just can't!

Morton: If I never see you again, I want to say...

Morton's eyes began to close. Randy could see his strength was leaving him.

Randy: What? You want to say what?

Morton: Thank you... for being so nice to me.

Tears began to fill Randy's eyes. He wrapped his arms around his little brother. Morton knew this was goodbye so he did the same to his big brother.

Randy: Please Morton. You're the only brother I have left. You have to stay awake!

Morton: ... I...... can't...

And with those words, his eyes closed completely, his hug around Randy lost its grip, and his body went limp. Randy let go of him, realizing he was gone. Randy just couldn't believe it. He had just been reunited with his brothers only to find himself an only child, all in less than a week. He sat there for what seemed like an eternity, crying and wishing he could have saved them. Suddenly an idea popped into his head. But before he put his plan into action, he decided he would have a little talk with Mario and Bowser. He dried his tears, thought his plan all the way through, and walked back to them. They had stopped fighting to catch their breath.

Randy: Well, I hope you two are happy now.

Bowser: What's there to be happy about? This battle hasn't had a winner yet.

Randy: Do you not realize what you have done?!

Mario: No, what?

Randy pointed to the castle and his dead brothers. Bowser was shocked by what he saw.

Bowser: Oh no! My castle!

Randy: Iím not talking about the stupid castle! Look at the ground by the castle!

Mario and Bowser saw the bodies of the Koopalings. Both were petrified by the sight.

Bowser: BoysÖ

Mario: Did we...

Bowser: This is all your fault, Mario!

Mario: MY fault? You had way more to do with this than I did!

Randy: Quiet! Both of you! You're both to blame! Mario, you launched the attack! And Dad- No, not Dad, Bowser! Yeah, that's right, Bowser! You rebounded the attack toward the castle! It's both your faults! If you two weren't so bent on destroying each other, this wouldn't have happened! Mario, Peach is really nice and sweet. Did you ever think that if she were to stay with Bowser long enough, she might be able to make him the same way?

Mario: WellÖ no.

Randy: And Bowser, did you ever think that if you didn't always kidnap Peach and destroy her kingdom, she might like you back?

Bowser: No. I guess not.

Randy: Honestly! You two are grown men! You should both know that violence is never the answer! But no! You two are too busy trying to wipe each other out to think of a peaceful way to sort things out, and look what happened because of that! I just lost all my brothers and neither of you looks the least bit sorry or even guilty! I'll never forgive either of you! I... I HATE BOTH OF YOU!!!

Randy ran away, almost starting to cry again. He thought now was the best time to execute his plan. Meanwhile, Mario and Bowser just looked at each other. They couldn't help but wonder if he was right.

Chapter 20: Eight Revivals and One Sacrifice

After scolding Mario and Bowser, Randy went back to the castle to put his plan into action. He took out his wand, held it close to his heart, and closed his eyes.

Randy: Magic, divide my life force. Revive my brothers. Send their traits from my soul to theirs: Ludwig's intelligence, Lemmy's balance, Roy's strength, Iggy's magic, Junior's determination, Morton's speech, Larry's stealth, and Bowser Junior's loyalty.

Suddenly Randy started to glow. Eight beams of light shot from his body into his brothers. They were engulfed by the light. Then the glow faded and the beams disappeared. For a few seconds, nothing happened. But then the Koopalings started to move and pick themselves up.

Roy: We're... alive?

Larry: But how?

They saw Randy with his wand.

Junior: Randy, did you bring us back?

Randy: Yup.

Ludwig: How did you do it?

Randy: Do you remember when you said I have one trait that each one of you has?

Ludwig: Yes.

Randy: Well, I used my wand to split my soul into 8 parts, and made each part contain a trait. Then I sent one part to each of you, depending on the trait, and brought you back.

Iggy: Wow. You really care about us.

Randy: Give me one reason why I wouldn't. You're my brothers. Good or evil, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you.

BJ walked over to Randy and gave him a big hug. Randy smiled and returned the hug.

BJ: You're the best brother ever.

Randy: Tell me something I don't know. We should leave before another part of the castle comes down.

They walked back to Bowser and the Mario Gang, Lemmy stumbling every few steps. (He lost his ball in the debris.) Everyone was shocked to see them.

Bowser: Boys! You're alive!

Mario: How is this possible?

Morton: Randy used his magic to restore, revive, repair, replenish, revitalize, refurbish, revamp, renew, refresh, restart, regenerate, rejuvenate, resuscitate, revivify, reinstate us.

Bowser: How did you do it?

Randy: I-

Out of nowhere, there was a flash. Randy's eyes went wide as he dropped his wand and collapsed to the ground.  The faded image of a Koopa reappeared on him. No one could figure out what was happening or why. Even after the image faded away, everyone was still worried because he wouldn't get up.

Lemmy: Randy, what's wrong?

Randy: I don't know. I feel... like I'm getting weaker.

Ludwig: I think I know what's happening. I'm not sure you all want to know, though.

Mario: Of course we want to know! We HAVE to know before we can help!

Ludwig: I'm sorry, but this can't be helped.

Bowser: Why? What's wrong with him?

Ludwig: He said he divided his soul into 8 parts and sent one part to each of us. But by doing so, he didn't leave a part for himself. When a body is drained of its soul completely, it...

Luigi: It what?

A tear formed in Ludwig's eye.

Ludwig: It... dies.

Everyone except Ludwig and Randy: WHAT?!

Randy: I had a feeling this would happen.

Bowser bent down and picked up his son. He turned him over onto his back.

Bowser: Randy...

Randy looked up at his father with half-open eyes.

Randy: Hi, King Dad.

Bowser: Why did you do it?

Randy: Because... I didn't want my brothers to go. They didn't deserve to.

Randy's breathing was becoming heavy. Bowser could see he was struggling to breathe.

Randy: Dad, Mario... I'm sorry about what I said before. I don't hate you guys.

Bowser: You don't?

Randy: Of course not. Mario, you and your friends are the best friends I've ever had.

Yoshi: You're our best friend too.

Randy turned towards the Koopalings.

Randy: And you guys are the best brothers a boy could ask for.

Larry: We feel the same way about you.

Randy turned back towards his father.

Randy: And how could I hate the greatest dad ever?

Bowser was too shocked to respond at that moment. He put his hand on Randy's heart. He could feel its beating slowing down. Randy put his hand over his father's.

Bowser: Randy, you can't do this. I just got you back. I can't lose you again!

Randy: I know, Dad... and I wish... it didn't have to be like this.

He flashed his father a small grin.

Randy: But I'm just glad... I got to see you again. Even if I... didn't remember you at first... I really missed you.

Bowser: I missed you too. These last 8 years have been the longest of my life. When you disappeared, I continued looking for you for 5 years. By then, I had searched every area I knew existed and I started to give up hope of ever seeing you again. But yesterday, when I finally found you, I felt a greater feeling of happiness than ever before. That's why you can't die, Randy! I can't bear to feel that hopelessness again!

Randy: I don't want to go... but you heard Ludwig. I can't live without my soul. And besides... you went almost 8 years without me. I'm sure... this time won't be different.

Bowser: No, it will be. Last time was temporary, but if you leave like this, itíll be forever!

Bowser could no longer feel the beating of his son's heart. It had simply become too weak. Randy could feel the last of his life force being drained. He began to shut his eyes, slow his breathing, and lose the strength he needed to hold his father's hand.

Randy: Dad... I don't... have much time... left...

Bowser: There must be SOMETHING I can do! You have to stay with me! Please, Randy! You're my son! I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to you again!

Randy: Bye Dad... I...... love............ you...

Before Bowser could say or do anything else, Randy shut his eyes and exhaled one final breath. His hand slowly slid off Bowserís and fell to his side.

Bowser couldn't believe what he just witnessed. His reunited son now lay lifeless in his arms. The Mario Gang were crying, as were the Koopalings. And, for the first time in his life, tears fell from Bowser's eyes. Many of them landed on his son's body. He held Randy close to his heart, feeling as if it was going to shatter into pieces.

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To Be Continued...

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