Bowser: King of the Koopas

By ShadowGuy94

Chapter 3: Wart is Born

The last few weeks had been rough on the family.  Kamek had told Morton about his vision and Morton had told Kamek to ďeliminate the baby problemĒ.  Now Kamek, Kammy, and Lena were gathered in the parlor again.  Bowser was sitting on Lenaís lap and Martin was sitting on the floor playing with his toys.

Kamek: I just donít know what to do.  I canít kill two poor, innocent babies.

Lena: And the king will get angry if you refuse.

Kamek: I donít care about that anymore.  I just want to do the right thing.

Kammy: Say, Morton doesnít really care what happens to those babies as long as they arenít a problem.  I say that we kidnap them and take care of them, and then turn them into Koopas.

Kamek: But weíd be taking them away from their parents!

Kammy: I know, but it may be the best way to handle this.  What do you think, Your Majesty?

Lena: Youíre right.  It would ensure that the babies are safe.

Kamek: Very well, then.  I will do it, but if Morton asks we will tell him we killed them.  What he doesnít know wonít hurt him.

Kammy: Certainly.

Lena: Agreed.

Kame: Then, itís settled.  I will leave tomorrow, the day they are to be born.

Martin: Mama, Daddy says I get a shiny crown tomorrow!

Lena was stunned.  She had forgotten about the heir-naming ceremony that was coming up the next day.

Lena: Thatís wonderful!  Say, could you go draw a picture of the crown in your room and then come show it to me?

Martin: Yeah!

Martin ran upstairs to start drawing.

Lena: Kamek, canít you do something?  If Bowser isnít the heir, Morton will just continue to neglect him.

Kamek: I must go soon, but Kammy can help.  Sheís just as skilled at magic as I am, if not moreso.

Kammy: Yes, I will cast a spell on Morton that will cause Martin to fall asleep during the ceremony.  King Morton wonít accept that and will make Bowser the heir for sure.

Lena: Oh, thank you!  This is great.

Kammy: Youíre welcome, Your Majesty.

Early the next morning, Kamek left to go capture the babies.  It was still at least two hours before the rest of the castle normally got up, so Lena decided now would be a good time for the spell to be performed.

Lena went to Kammyís room, but she wasnít there.  Kammy decided to ask one of her servants where Kammy was.

Lena: Excuse me, sir.  Do you happen to know where Kammy Koopa is?

Servant: Oh, she was called to an emergency meeting of the Magikoopa Council.

Lena: Well, thatís just great.  So, that means no Magikoopas are at the castle right now?

Servant: Iím afraid not, madam.

Lena: Well, thank you for your help.

Lena decided that she had no choice but to attempt the spell herself.  She ran to her closet and pulled out a magic wand, then snuck into Martinís room.  He was fast asleep. Lena began to whisper to herself.

Lena: I remember this, I remember this.  ďHis tiredness is here today.  Make him doze away.  Make him not weep, but put him to sleep.  Yes, at the hour of ten until the hour of eleven let him doze.Ē

But the spell did not work, and Lena became frustrated.  She began to recite the spell again, this time holding her wand in a different position, when all of a sudden she heard a voice.  It was one of the castle guards, who also had a wand.

Guard: Hey!  What are you doing?

Lena: None of your business.

Guard: Youíre casting a spell.

Lena cast the spell again and a beam shot towards Bowser.  The guard quickly cast a spell that crossed paths with Lenaís.  Both of the spells hit Martin and neither person could believe what they saw, for Martin had been turned into a frog.  He didnít shrink to the size of a frog, but other than that he was like a frog, all slimy and green with webbed feet.

Lena: Oh my goodness!  What just happened?

Guard: You turned him into a frog thing, you idiot.

Lena: Donít you call me an idiot.  I am the queen.  And itís your fault for casting that spell.

Guard: Well, does it really matter?

Lena: Yes, and I hereby sentence you to the dungeon.  What do you think of that?

Guard: I donít have to listen to you.

Lena: I beg your pardon?  You work for Morton and I.  You have to listen to us.

Guard: Well, Iím not.

Lena: Fine, Iíll take care of you.  I do know some other spells.

Lena cast a spell and the guard was frozen.  Martin began to wake up.

Martin: UhÖ I feels funny.

Lena: Youíre fine.

Martin: Mama, why is that guard frozen?

Lena: He was misbehaving, honey.

Martin noticed his skin.

Martin: Mama, whatís wrong with me?  I look like a frog.  Help!

Lena: Now, calm down.  I can fix this

Lena recited the spell a second time and cast it at Martin, in hopes that the spell would be reversed.  But nothing happened.

Lena: Iím sorry, Martin.  I canít fix it.

Martin: Who did it, Mama?

Lena: Well, I guess weíll just have to find out.

Lena did not realize that Morton had just walked up behind her.

Morton: Hello, Lena.

Lena: HelloÖ  Oh my gosh!  Morton, I can explain.

Morton: Okay, why is my son a frog?  Thereís a wand in your hand.  Did you do it?

Lena: Well, you seeÖ

Morton: Shut up!  I want you to leave this castle and never come back.  Do you understand me?

Lena: But MortyÖ Please, donít do this to me.

Morton: Youíve had your chances, Lena.  But this is the last straw.  You turned my son into a frog.

Lena: It was an accident.

Morton: Maybe so, but you running around with Kamek behind my back was no accident.

Lena: What?  How did youÖ?

Morton: I saw you give your friendly goodbyes when he left his morning.  I was up to get something to snack on.

Lena: Okay, there is a spark between us.  He has been a good friend and companion.  We held hands, we hugged, flirted, and kissed, but that was as far as it went.

Morton: Oh, donít you even start.

Lena: Itís true.  I promise.  We did think about taking it further, but we didnít.  I swear.

Morton: I donít believe you.  And I want you to leave and to never come back.

Lena: You donít mean that, Morty.  Just try to calm down.

Morton: I can assure that I do mean it.

Lena: Fine.  Bowser and I will find a better home.

Morton: Oh, no you donít.  Now that Martinís been turned into a frog, Bowser will have to stay here so I can train him to become my heir.

Martin: What?  But thatís not fair!

Lena: Then I get to take Martin?

Morton: No!  You get nobody.  At least Bowser will get to be the heir because of your idiotic mistake.  That is what you wanted, after all.

Lena: Not anymore.  Heíll just end up like you and I canít let that happen!

Morton: Iím afraid thereís nothing you can do about it, sweet cheeks.

Lena: Oh, yeah?  Weíll see about that.

Lena shot a magic blast at Morton, knocking him down and leaving him temporarily unconscious.  She then ran down the hall and grabbed Bowser.  Then she rushed back down to Martinís room.

Lena: Martin, come on.  Weíve got to go now.  Your daddy is a monster.  Please donít be angry with me.

Martin: Itís okay.  Iím coming.

Lena let out a sigh of relief.

Lena: Iím sorry.

Lena, Martin, and Bowser made their way out of the castle.  Unfortunately, a couple of Mortonís guards were standing outside, and confronted them.  The names of these guards were Frederick and Duncan.

Frederick: Give it up, Lena.  Thereís no way youíre taking them with you.

Lena: You seem to forget Iím the queen.

Duncan: Correction.  You were the queen, but not anymore.

Bowser: Hey!  Leave our mama alone.

Martin: Our dadís lost his mind.

Frederick: Too bad!

Bowser and Martin attempted to attack the guards.

Duncan: Get off me, by golly.

The guards knocked the children loose.  They threw Bowser a few feet and grabbed Martin, pointing the spear at him.

Lena: No!  Heís just a child.

Duncan: Yeah, and he is not the heir anymore.  The king doesnít care if we kill his kid unless itís the heir.

Lena: I beg to differ.  Mortonís evil and crazy, but he would never let one of his own sons be killed.

Frederick: Thatís why weíll blame it on Kamek, your precious little boyfriend.

Lena, thinking fast, pulled out her wand.

Lena: Martin, Iíll save you, but you canít be with me.  When you get to the safe place, tell them your name isÖ (looking at Martinís new appearance) Wart.  Can you do that?

Martin: Yes, Mama.  My name is Wart now.

Guards: Huh?

Lena pulled out her wand.

Lena: It seems todayís not such a good dayÖ
Take him to a land far away.
Here thereís not much nice and so much mean.
Take him to the place of his dreams.

Just like that, Martin disappeared  Lena began to cry, for she knew she may never see her son again.

Frederick: What did you do?

Duncan: Bring him back!

Lena: Never! Letís go, Bowser.

Lena and Bowser ran off in search of refuge.

Chapter 4: Yoshiís Island Hideaway

After a long, hard trek across dangerous terrain, Lena and Bowser were quite tired.  Kammy and Kamek had used magic to make contact with them, so they knew where to go.  After what seemed like an endless journey, Lena and Bowser made it to an unexpected place of refuge: a castle on the top of a tall mountain on Yoshiís Island.  The castle was one that the royal Koopa family had used in past generations, during a time when Yoshiís Island was part of Koopa Land.  Surprisingly, it was still in good condition for its age.  Lena and Bowser walked into the castleís living room to see Kamek and Kammy.

Lena: Oh, itís so good to see you two again.

Bowser: Why did we come here?  Iím confused.

Lena: Everythingís fine, honey.  Just stay calm.

Kammy: Itís good to see you too, Miss Lena.  How was your trip?

Lena: Rough.

Kammy: I know.  So was ours.

Kamek: Yes, and weíve had to keep a close eye on one of the babies.  Iíve still yet to nab Mario from that Yoshi character.

Lena: What do you mean?

Kamek: I sort of only have one of the babies, the one named Luigi.  I dropped the other one, Mario, by mistake.  Heís fine, but now Yoshi and Mario are coming here to save his little brother.

Lena: You mean thereís a yoshi named Yoshi?  Whatís next?  A toad named Toad or a birdo named Birdo?  Ha ha.

Suddenly the group heard a noise.

Lena: Oh, no.  Who is that?  I hope itís not Morton.

Kammy: Weíd better head up to a safer place.

Kamek: Good idea.

The group headed up to an old room where they expected to be safer.  The room contained blocks and other childrenís toys.  A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door.

Lena: Oh, no!  It must be Morton.  I canít die.  They canít take away my Bowser.

Lena looked over in the corner at Bowser, who was trying to go to sleep.

Kamek: Iíll handle this.  You three hide.

Lena: But KamekÖ

Kamek: No buts!  Hide.

Kamek cast a spell and Lena and Kammy turned into blocks.

Kamek: Iíll watch after Bowser.

Kamek opened the door.

Kamek: Oh!  Itís you, Yoshi.  You made it quicker than I expected, but you are not welcome here.  Donít you know that?

Yoshi: You kidnapped this babyís brother.

Kamek: Itís for his own good, you see.  Yoshi, please hand over the baby.

Bowser: *Yawn!*

Kamek: Oh, dear.  Now youíve woken up Bowser.

Bowser: I want to go sleepy bye, Kamek.  Itís too noisy.

Kamek: Wait!

Bowser: Kamek, please make them go away.

Kamek: Yoshi, just hand over Mario and I promise I will not harm him.

Yoshi: I will never let you have him

Kamek: ListenÖ.

Bowser: Huh?  Thatís a cool-looking green donkey.  Me wanna ride!

Yoshi: No!  And Iím no donkey.

Kamek: Bowser, go back to sleep.

Bowser: Mine!

Kamek: Bowser, whatís gotten into you?  Let me handle this.

Bowser kept jumping around, trying to get on Yoshi.

Bowser: Stay still, donkey.

Kamek: BowserÖ  Wait a minute!  I have an idea.  I guess Iíll use your little temper tantrum to our advantage.

Kamek used magic to transport Yoshi, Mario, Bowser, and himself outside.  He placed Bowser on the ground and then cast a spell to turn him huge.  Bowser continued to rush at Mario and Yoshi.  Yoshi threw eggs at Bowser and eventually Bowser returned to his normal size.  Yoshi then threw an egg at Kamek, knocking him to the ground.  Yoshi then ran inside to grab Luigi.

Kamek: No!  Get back here.

Kamek could not catch Yoshi, so Yoshi got away with both Luigi and Mario.

Bowser: No!  The gween donkeyís gone.  I just wanted to ride him.  Whyís he gotta be such a mean donkey for?

Kamek: Come inside, Bowser.  Letís get you some milk and cookies.

Kamek took Bowser back up to the room where Lena and Kammy were.  When he got there, he turned Lena and Kammy back to their normal selves.

Lena: I heard it was Yoshi and the other baby, Mario.  Did you get him?

Kamek: No, and to make things worse they got Luigi back.

Kammy: Thatís terrible.  Morton will not be pleased.

Lena: Why should we worry about what King Morton wants?  He doesnít care about us.

Kamek: Well, I do care about you.

Kamek knelt down on his knees and pulled out a small box.  He opened it up to reveal a diamond ring.

Kamek: Lena Koopa, will you marry me and make me the happiest Magikoopa thatís ever lived?

Lena: Oh, Kamek.  Of course I will.  I never thought this day would come.

Kammy: AwwwÖ

To Be Continued...

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