By Bandy Andy

It wasn’t a good day to be a crew member of the doomship Hiphop, as Lemmy was storming the decks, trying to prep his ship for his forthcoming mission. Koopas ducked as an icy orb flew through the air, shattering one unlucky Goomba’s skull. Lemmy then started running around his ship giving orders. He was angrily racing up the steps to his flight deck when he heard a female voice at the top. At this he actually stopped looking like he was enraged, and smiled; as a small Koopaling with an orange shell and a green and orange Mohawk stepped into view. Kate eyed his face, almost laughed, and then said, “Bro, I’m coming with you, chill?”
Lemmy was astonished. Bowser didn’t like him talking to Kate, let alone working with her. He smiled. “Kidding.”
“No, really, I’m not. Of course, it’s not like Fatking should be told, but, you figured, right?”
Lemmy grinned, though more out of spite for Bowser than out of happiness. “Even better.”
Kate, satisfied, nodded and turned on her heel, walking down the ramp. Kate was a quiet rebel in voice only. Bowser had no control over her, as she had always been a difficult person to deal with, and had worsened over time. Inside Kate had a free personality, and being a princess to a dictator chafed at her, causing her to rebel. She always treated her siblings right, however, and loved all of them, even Larry, as she had never cared about whether hhe was Bowser’s “pet” or not. Her attitude towards her father, however, bordered on criminal at time, and was extremely hard to discern from a few days of knowing her. Some, like her father himself, never did.
Lemmy was still stunned from their short exchange. Shaking his head, he walked into his cabin to prepare a strategy of attack.

Inside the castle, Morton was prepping his troops. He looked over his finest brigade, seeing 300 troops all armed with Super Scopes and standing in formation. At the head was a strange-looking Koopatrol, unarguably the best captain in Bowser’s army. The Koopatrol had tan armor, green eyes, and grayish skin. His armor was speckled with gray as well, resembling camo. This Koopatrol was a feared soldier in Plitian mythology, as it was said he could not be killed. The truth was more that he wouldn’t allow himself to die, but his legend was impressive.
“Sir, the troops are ready. Shall we board Yzevez now?”
Morton thought a moment, then said, “No. I want to review the mission with the troops first.” Morton went over the objectives once more, then ordered his troops to board. Two days, he thought. Then we fight. The Koopatrol, Xanvier, nodded once to Morton and led the troops aboard.

Larry was wandering the docking bay, as a Koopa who had a long scar down his face walked up to him. The Koopa was intimidating, with a brown shell, two fangs extending out of his mouth, red hair, and huge muscles. Hooked in his belt was a longsword, partially stained red from previous battles. “Master Larry, the troops are ready. Have you started boarding the tanks yet?”

“No, I need to get on that, thank you.” The Koopa, Kline, merely nodded and walked away. Larry sighed, and walked into the castle to talk to his mobile battalion leader, who was resting in the barracks on floor 4.

Iggy had already prepared his men over the 7 days that had passed since the plan was set in motion, and was now working on his swordfighting in case he actually ever had to fight, which was unlikely considering his station. Iggy thought about how he had once done this with Lemmy, before Lemmy became an-
“Excuse me, sir, but Wendy wants to make sure that both of you understand the plan.” The servant messenger bowed and left. Iggy hadn’t even heard him enter, having been too absorbed in his thoughts. Taking his glasses off and polishing them, he followed the servant to the dock, where Wendy was waiting.

Ludwig was having nightmares. A Toad with a sword stood in front of him, dancing around, waiting for his attack. Ludwig thrust, and the sword went through the Toad’s ribs. Bloodstains formed on the Toad’s jacket, and he fell. But when Ludwig looked at the body, it was now his own body. Ludwig screamed, as he looked at his own chest and saw blood starting to stream out….

Roy’s room was large. It was mostly colored black, with hints of red as well. He had a big bed that opened on one side, exposing a compartment where he hid anything that he didn’t want others to find.

Roy was laying around in his room, not doing anything. He had his army ready, like Iggy, and had already worked out that day. ‘The Kooptacular Race’ was on, and he was half-watching it.  He then remembered that he hadn’t told his men to Ghostify their guns so they could kill Boos, as they were going through Gusty Gulch, a famous home of Boos.

Junior was upstairs, studying for his attack. He thought that Bullet Bills wouldn’t be as effective as cannons at the present time, due to the speedy nature of the planned strike and how slowly Bullet Bills moved, even though they caused large explosions. Meanwhile he wondered what personal weapon he should bring. Maybe double pistols. He had always liked those….

Bowser was grinning when Kamek tapped him on the shoulder. He turned, and said, “What, you old loser? Can’t you see I’m busy?” He pointed to his castle, where he was overseeing a new turret to be built onto his castle.

Kamek had an angry look on his face. “Lord, you know better than to use that plan! I made it quite clear before, using that will cost many deaths, and that is why we discarded it before!”

Bowser sighed. “Look, I’m king, you’re not. Anyway, all of our plans cause many deaths, and just because I didn’t give you credit for the bulk of the plan doesn’t mean you get to lecture me, foolish stiff.” He turned, and went back to ordering a Koopa to bring more concrete.

Kamek sighed to himself, then teleported to his room, where he began to lecture his wife Kamella on her cooking. “My spells, this is awful-smelling!” Kamella raised her eyebrows, and threw the bowl in his face.
And so all 9 kids, in their own ways, were preparing for battle. Though they didn’t get along, what could have been better than a plan to bring them together again? None knew how dangerous it would be, if it would be dangerous at all, and still they went forward, obeying every order the king gave them with precision.

For in two days, both the Koopa Klan and the Mushroom Kingdom would be at war, for the 38th time…

To Be Continued...

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