Mario Joins the N-Team

By Spikeman: The Game Master

It was a nice day in Dark Land. Well, not for Bowser; he was upset and sulking as BJ and the Koopalings came in.
BJ: Papa, what's the matter?
Bowser: Whatís the matter is that I'll never be able to rule the Mushroom Kingdom, all because of Mario. No matter how much I try or how many times I kidnap Peach, still he defeats me.
Larry: Come on, don't be like that. You'll never win with that kind of attitude.
Ludwig: All you need is to team up.
Bowser: TEAM UP?! Iíve teamed up with Wario, Kammy, Big Bob-omb, Petey Piranha; every time I team up with someone we always lose.
Ludwig: That's not what I mean, King Dad. I'm saying you need help from someone who is not from here.
Bowser: Please, Ludwig, what are the chances of me teaming up with someone from outside this universe? What do you think, that one of my minions is going to come in and tell me there's an army outside waiting for me and leader is the most powerful being from outside the Mushroomverse?
A Hammer Bro comes in.
Hammer: King Bowser, there's a powerful army outside waiting for you! It has monsters, aliens, and robots; and is led by an old human guy, an eggplant who looks like a wizard, a fat boxer, and a brain in a glass jar.
Bowser jaw drops hard.
Bowser: What are you waiting for? Let them in!
Hammer Bro shows in the armyís leaders.
Wendy: Dad, who are they?
Bowser: Kids, I would like you to meet the Legion of Darkness. Mother Brain is the leader and these are her minions: Dr. Wily the inventor; King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard are the brawns (and no brains) of the group. Speaking of Mother Brain, why are you here in the Mushroomverse? Aren't you supposed to be  trying to conquer Videoland?
Larry: What's Videoland?
Bowser: It's the main foundation that holds all characters from videogames and their lands, such as the Mushroomverse here and Mother Brainís world, Metroid.
Ludwig: Oh, so in short it holds our universe together.
Mother Brain: Anyway, I came here to recruit you into the Legion of Darkness. Iíve admired your power for long enough and have decided to let you join our ranks.
Bowser: No way! I can takeover the Mushroom Kingdom by myself and I don't need to team up with nobody to do it. Besides, what do I get in return?
Mother Brain: You will get the Mushroom Kingdom sooner. With your troops I'm surprised you haven't been captured yet. What you need is troops that are a little smarter, like Wily's Robot Masters!
Bowser: My troops are fine!
Goomba: Hey Fire Bro, can you ignite these fireworks for me?
FB: Sure, but why are you standing right in front of them?
Goomba: Because I want to see what's gonna happen?
FB: All right, let's begin!
An explosion is heard along with two screams
Bowser: All right, I'm in. But we have to takeover the Mushroom Kingdom first! Also I would like to be treated with respect!
Mother Brain: Because you don't trust me I understand your first request.  But why wouldnít I treat you respect? You are a king, after all.
King Hippo: Maybe itís because you don't treat us with respect!
Eggplant Wizard: You call us idiots!
Dr. Wily: You take credit for my wonderful plans!
Mother Brain zaps them!

Minions: Bladiblagdiblagdiblagdiblagdiblagdiblag! End Transmission!
Lemmy: Hey! That End Transmission thing is copyright of my Interview section.
Roy: Plus the shocking thing is property of my Sports Hall when I strap Larry and audience members in a electric chair to shock them for fun
Larry: I knew you stole that!

Mother Brain: King Hippo and Eggplant, you two are incompetent!  You are the reason my plans always fail, just as
Mother Brain: Dr. Wily, the reason I take credit for your plans (that eventually fail) is because youíre under my rule and every plan you make that I consider all right is automatically mine.  King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard, is because you are incompetent! You ALWAYS ruin my plans to takeover Video Land. Bowser here suffers the same thing, unlike all of you he actually comes up with great plots to kill Mario and doesnít use the same old robots.  Anyway!  I'll be glad to let you have the Mushroom Kingdom first, ON ONE CONDITION!  You do not betray me!  I hear all, and if you do *glares evilly* YOU WILL BE SORRY!
Bowser: Um, yes, Mother Brain!

Mother Brain: Now, letís takeover the Mushroomverse!

Bowser: All right Koopalings, letís takeover the Mushroomverse, and this time, permanently!
Koopa Kids: Yes, King Dad!
Mother Brain: I assure you, Bowser, joining the Legion of Darkness is something you'll not regret, I guarantee it!
Bowser: This time, the Mushroom Kingdom will be mine, and that pesky plumber will regret ever interfering with me!
Aided by Mother Brainís army, will Bowser finally take control of the Mushroom Kingdom? Or will Mario still defeat Bowser despite the new alliance? Will I ever stop asking questions? Tune in for more!

To Be Continued...

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