Mario and the Search for the Pipe Room

By SuperLuigi46

Episode 2

The sewer hadn’t changed much as Mario began going back to the fork in the road. He was getting used to this place; though it seemed largely foreboding, it was also in a way inviting: the faded green color of the walls, the torches, the echo it had… Mario could stay here for a while and not care.

Soon he was at the fork in the road again. Pulling out the map for a quick look, he put it back in the toolbox and went left.  The corridors in this tunnel were very dark; only 3 torches were there. Mario started whistling a tune to calm his nerves, and for a while it worked.

However, soon he came by a door with many noises coming from inside, and his fears came back. The door itself was wrecked and looked like it had taken a severe beating. Mario gathered up his courage and opened the door!

There was a Shy Guy, a Snifit, Goomba, a Koopa Troopa, a Boo, and two Dry Bones playing at a poker table. They all stopped their game, looking up at Mario with their stares. Mario gulped and waved his hand while smiling nervously.

“What are you doing here?” the Goomba said,

Mario just backed outside and shut the door. However the door stuck slightly open, and when Mario looked through it, the entire group was different. They were all wearing robes and leather hats. The game itself was different, too; instead of a poker game it was now Dungeons and Dragons. Mario just went on, trying to suppress both that scene and the encounter with Bowser from his thoughts.

Suddenly he found a lone light switch, with 5 torches above it. Mario looked at the odd switch. which was flipped to up. Curiosity seared through Mario as he flicked the switch down. Suddenly all the torches went out. Mario quickly flicked it back up and everything came back on. Mario ventured on, wondering if he’d ever reach the pipe room.

To Be Continued...

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