The Journey

By C.T. Koopa

Our story begins 1 year after Bowser took over the world, but there are still rebellions. Our story follows one. Its members are Mario, and Luigi. To the story!

Chapter 1
In Toad Town:

Koopatrol1: Pay your rent!

Poor T: Iím too poor, as my name would suggest!

Koopatrol2: Too bad! If youíre too poor then give us your house!

Poor T is seen giving them a cardboard box. Suddenly a Koopa shell factory explodes and Mario and Luigi are seen coming from the flame and ruble.

Koopatrol2: And I was just gonna go have my Toad slaves wax my shell.

Mario: Stop, bad guys!

Luigi: Ya!

{RPG Battle!!!!}

Mario 20/20
Luigi 15/15
Koopatrol1 10/10
Koopatrol2 5/5

Koopatrols: For the glory of Bowser!!

Mario uses jump on Koopatrol1. 5 damage.

Luigi uses jump on Koopatrol1. 5 damage.
Koopatrol1 is KOed

Koopatrol2 uses shell slide on Mario. 2 damage.

Mario 18/20
Luigi 15/15
Koopatrol2 5/5

Mario uses punch. 6 damage
Koopatrol2 is KOed
Mario and Luigi win!

Koopatrol1: Lord Bowser will get you two!

Poor T: Thank you, sirs! But arenít you worried that King Bowser will get you?

Mario: No weíve beaten him OVER 9000 times!

Later that dayÖ

Luigi: You know, Bro, we should recruit more people.

Mario: I agree, but who would be stupid enough to join us on a journey that could kill us all?

They then hear sobbing and look toward it. They see a Dry Bones and a sobbing Koopa with a hammer

Koopa (sobbing): And... sniff...  thatís why I canít cry!

Dry Bones: Thatís so sad! Wha!!!

Mario: ... Thatíll work. Hey, whatís your names?

Koopa (non-sobbing): My name is... C.T. Koopa!!!

Dry Dones: And my name is D Bones. D for Drew!

Mario: Want to come with us?

The camera zooms into their faces:
C.T. & D Bones: Weíll do it!

Chapter 2

Our- er... ďheroesĒ talk about their abilities.

C.T: I have a hammer and Thunderhand!

Luigi: I can jump, and can suck up ghosts.

Mario: I can punch and use F.L.U.D.D.

D Bones: I can throw my bones and I have Firebrand!

Mario: Well that sure went by quick.

C.T: Yep! Ooh look, a fortress!

So the gang goes to the fortress. But it requires a key.

Luigi: Well dang. We canít get in!

Mario: Letís look for the key!


D Bones: Whoa, that was some adventure!

C.T: I didnít know whales could kick-box that well! My legs still hurt!

Mario: I still canít believe Luigi dove into an active volcano to get the key

Luigi: I hope the author wasnít too lazy to write about it!

The team opens the fortress door.

???: Iíve been waiting for you! For my name is Boom Boom!

Chapter 3

The team has entered a fortress and found the boss: Boom Boom. I got my money on him to beat them. Who will win?!

Boom Boom: Lord Bowser has promised a reward for your heads.

C.T. and D Bones: But we just joined them!

Boom Boom: Oh, youíre on their side. Well I guess Bowser will just have to print more wanted posters.

C.T. and D Bones: Us and our big mouths.

Mario: Weíre on wanted posters?!

Boom Boom: Now how are we going to fight?


Mario 25/25
C.T. 20/20
D Bones 20/20
Boom Boom 35/35

Luigi: Why am I not in the battle?

Mario: We didnít have room.

Mario uses big punch. 8 damage.

C.T. uses hammer. 5 damage.
D Bones uses fireball. 5 damage.

Boom Boom uses slam on Mario. 5 damage

Mario 20/25
C.T. 20/20
D Bones 20/20
Boom Boom 17/35

Mario uses F.L.U.D.D. 10 damage.

C.T. uses storytime. 10 damage
Crazy wazy was in the airplane when the Guggenheim crashed through the atmosphere, creating a wave of Kool-Aid that filled the world. Then everyone died of Kool-Aid death.
Good guys win!

Boom Boom: Ugh...  Blegk.

Mario: Well that was fun. Has anyone seen Luigi?

C.T: Nope.

D Bones: Yep.

Mario: Well, where is he?

D Bones: He got sucked into a warp pipe...  that had teeth!

Warp Pipe: He was yummy

Mario: 0_0!

C.T: Whoís Luigi?

But the team did not see a shadow watching them.

???: Ha ha ha. They never know whatís gonna hit them.

Who is this strange person who has been watching them? Is it a fangirl or fanboy, and why was he laughing at them? Stay tuned!

To Be Continued...

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