Stupid Mario 3D Land

By MarioMario54321

Part 2: Special Stupidity

Mario was relaxing on the Tanooki Tree, when Luigi walked up to him.

Luigi: Hey Mario! I'm sorry about what I did earlier.

Mario: That's gone. I'm over it. You're forgiven.

Luigi: To show you how sorry I am, let me show you something!

Mario jumped down from the tree and followed Luigi, who led him to a warp pipe.

Mario: A warp pipe? Ohhhh, that's new.

Luigi: It's what's inside the warp pipe that can be considered new!

Mario: Oh yeah right!

Mario and Luigo both entered the warp pipe, and came to a sea-green world that looked very similar to theirs, but with a weirdly colored sky.

Mario: What is this place?

Luigi: This is the special world! It's a world that's similar to ours, but special!

Mario: Well duh, that must be why it's called the special world!

Luigi: It's got Statue Leaves and Poison Mushrooms!

Mario: Statue Leaves? Those must be even better than Super Leaves!

Luigi: They are! They're similar to Super Leaves, but you get a scarf and the power to turn to stone.

Mario: Cool!

Mario went to get a Statue Leaf of his own, and transformed into Tanooki Mario with a scarf.

Mario: Yeah! Now I can-

Mario then took a look at the area, and noticed that it looked very similar to something he saw before.

Mario: Hey? Wasn't I here before?

Luigi: Oh yeah, some areas of the special world tend to mirror areas in the normal world!

Suddenly Dry Bowser fell from the sky and landed near Luigi. He and an army of Dry Bones grabbed him as he struggled to break free.

Luigi: HELP ME!!

Dry Bowser: Take him to my castle!!

The army of Dry Bones took Luigi away, heading for the castle.

Luigi: MARIO!!

Mario: LUIGI!!

Mario ran after the Dry Bones army, but they all jumped onto an airship, which then flew away.

Mario: NO!

Mario knew he had to save Luigi, so he looked around for a way to keep going.

Mario: What to do....

Mario noticed a Star nearby.

Mario: Perfect!

Mario grabbed the Star and started running into enemies as he works his way up the tall castle wall, then grabbed another Star for more Star power and killed even more enemies. Then he reached the top and saw the flag along with another invincibility Star.

Mario: Perfect!

Mario grabbed the Star, then jumped onto the platforms and flutter-jumped towards the top of the flag, then slid down the flag. causing it to turn gold.

Mario: Don't worry, Luigi! I'm coming!

Mario then entered a pipe to go to an underground level, which looked vaguely similar to the one in the normal world.

Mario: This again?

Suddenly a shadow clone appeared.

Shadow Clone: Let's-a go!

Mario: Shadow Clone! Just like during the second time Bowser tried to takeover the universe!

Mario quickly ran away from the shadow clone, which followed Mario and mimicked his every move. He moved as fast as he could, but got held up and was hit by the Shadow Clone, losing his Statue Leaf Tanooki Suit.

Mario: Nooooooooo!!

Shadow Clone: Nooooooooo!!

Mario: Oh come on! You're copying what I say too?

Shadow Clone: Oh come on! You're copying what I say too?

Mario saw the pipe and ran through it, but the Shadow Clone kept following him. He went for the flag.

Mario: I'm gonna make it!

Shadow Clone: I'm gonna make it!

Mario: Stop copying what I say!

Shadow Clone: Stop copying what I say!

Mario: ... I'm a stupid, fat guy!

Shadow Clone: You're a stupid, fat guy!

Mario: THAT'S IT!!

Mario turned back and bodyslammed the Shadow Clone, but this only caused Mario to turn small.

Mario: No! I gotta finish!

Mario quickly dove for the flag from the bottom, causing the shadow clone to burst as the flag rose a little, but not enough for a gold flag.

Mario: Glad that's over.

Mario continued along the special world, with most of the areas being similar to areas he's already been in. At last, he arrived at Dry Bowser's last castle in a special-looking place.

Mario: Don't worry, Luigi! I'm here!

Mario entered the castle. It looked very similar to the second-to-last castle from Bowser's world.

Mario: Of course….

Mario went through everything he went through in the last castle, with the exception of a few new enemies replacing some of the older ones, and a few things that looked different.

Mario: I'm coming, Luigi!!

Mario finally reached the area of rolling balls in lava. That's when Dry Bowser dropped from the sky.

Dry Bowser: Forget it, Mario! You will never get past me! You will never see your brother again!

Mario: I will get past you! Why? Because things are going to turn... 3D!

Suddenly everything turned 3D just like last time. Mario shielded his eyes as Dry Bowser just stood there.

Dry Bowser: I don't have eyeballs! That doesn't do anything!

Mario: Darn it! I was so sure that would work!

Suddenly Mario got an idea. He got into one of the rolling balls and started running on it, which caused the ball to move across the lava. He led the ball over to where Dry Bowser was standing. Dry Bowser jumped before the ball hit, but when it did, the cracks went along and destroyed the entire bridge, which Dry Bowser wasn't expecting. And with that, Dry Bowser fell in the lava.

Mario: Yes! Now for me to rescue Luigi!

Mario went to rescue Luigi, and then he saw Luigi standing there.

Luigi: Mario! You made it.

Mario: Yes I did, Luigi! I defeated Dry Bowser, and now we can get out of here!

Luigi: Yes we can. But before you do, I must show you something.

Mario: What is it?

Luigi suddenly transformed into Mimi. Meanwhile the real Luigi (who was working with Mimi) was outside Dry Bowser's castle.

Luigi: Sucker!

Luigi then ran away from the castle and headed towards the Crown level, being able to get to it before Mario, whose face was red like his clothes as steam came out of his ears as he pushed Mimi aside.

Mimi: Hey! Don't do that!


Luigi: The crown level! This will be a cinch.

Suddenly Luigi was ambushed by Hammer Bros. and Boomerang Bros. Luigi began dodging all the hammers and boomerangs as he went on. He jumped onto some platforms and had some difficulty with a few things. He then worked his way over to a pipe, which suddenly sucked him in and shot him out (similar to some of the pipes in Super Mario World). Looking behind him, he saw he was now being followed by an oversized Cosmic Clone. Luigi then landed on a Green Block switch, which caused the Cosmic Clone to burst. Then Luigi slid onto a yellow platform, which then carried Luigi along.

Luigi: Come on! What more can happen?!

Then a bunch of green platforms appeared, all of them resembling letters and spelling out "YOU ARE STUPID!!"

Luigi: Hey come on! What did I do?

A teleport block sat on the green platform that formed the point of the second exclamation. Luigi quickly went into the teleport block, which teleported him to a mere platform in the middle of nowhere.

Luigi: Now what?

???: You didn't get all the gold flags, nor did you get your brother to get the flags! Therefore, you don't deserve to be here!

The platform under Luigi disappeared, which caused Luigi to fall to his death and end up back at Peach's castle. There stood Mario, who didn't look mad at Luigi for some reason.

Mario: Oh, hey Luigi! Have fun?

Luigi: Not really. I went to the crown level and died just because I never got your help! And who was that voice?

Mario: That voice.... was me!

In the end, Luigi realized that Mario got him back. Mario knew Luigi would take him for granted again, so that was his plan all along! Get it?


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