Survivor: Yoshi’s Island

By Iggy Koopa

Episode 3: You Gotta Be Kidding Me!
Guest Host: GAMER Guy
Contestants Left: 16
Prizes Won: 9 Sleeping Bags (Wendy Survivors), New Member (Wendy Survivors)
Characters Already Eliminated: The King (Luigi Powers), Wart (Wendy Survivors), Roy (Luigi Powers)
Luigi Powers:

Wendy Survivors:
Tayce T.
Mario H: Aw, but I don’t want to quit.
Iggy K: Sorry, it’s GAMER’s turn.
GAMER GUY: Powering up…Gaming Action Multiplayer Extravaganza Robot Guy is ready for action.
Iggy K: Yeah…Just call yourself GAMER Guy.
GAMER Guy: Yes sir.
Iggy K: Ok, seeya GAMER.

Day 7
Wendy Survivors
Wendy: Well, Tribe, I say we’re doing ok! We’ve won both rewards and stayed immune!
Rest of Tribe: Yeah!
Waluigi: I’m afraid of winning!
Wendy: … Uh, yeah.
Tayce, Daisy, Yoshi and Larry regather.
Tayce: Guys, Chompette won us that challenge. Along with Petey.
Daisy: True. We need more data.
Yoshi: Daisy sound like robot.
Larry snickers.
Daisy glares at Yoshi and Larry.
Yoshi: Sorry Daisy.
Larry: Yeah, sorry.
Tayce: So who should we vote for?
Daisy: Let’s wait and see.
They separate.
Luigi Powers
Luigi Mario, Player 2: I have suddenly realized that people are voting for me. I’ve been in two ties in a row. And that’s out of two eliminations! Yeah, that’s bad.
Luigi is talking with Bumpty, Koopa, Toadette, and Boo.
Bumpty: Um, what’re we bouncin’ doin’ here?
Luigi: I’ve been voted for enough to make it to the tie twice now. In a row. And we’ve only had two eliminations.
Toadette: What does that have to do with us?
Luigi: Because I trust you guys more than Fawful and Wario.
Bumpty, Koopa, Toadette, and Boo: Ohhhhhh…
Boo: So…
Luigi: Can you tell me, honestly, who you voted for?
Bumpty: Roy.
Koopa: Roy.
Toadette: Roy.
Boo: Uh, Roy.
Boo Diddley, Ghastly Villain: It was true… technically.
Luigi: But I voted for Roy, too. So… one of you is half-lying. You voted for me first…
Other 4: (gulp)
Luigi: …then changed to protect yourself.
Other 4: (gulp)
Luigi: So… WHO WAS IT?!
Bumpty: Not it!
Koopa: Not it!
Toadette: Not it!
Boo: Not it!

Luigi: … Well, this isn’t going well.
Meanwhile, with Wario and Fawful…
Wario: Did you change your vote in the tie?
Fawful: No. Were you of the it?
Wario: Absolutely not.
Fawful: Can I be of the trusting a thief?
Wario: Absolutely.
Fawful: … Oh of the kay.
Wario: So it was Boo.
Fawful: That would be of the correctness. Speaking of which, where of the is she?
Wario: I think Luigi’s talking to her. And Bumpty, Koopa and Toadette. Probably to figure out who voted for him.
Fawful: Mm of the hmm.

Wendy Survivors
Chompette, Petey, and Waluigi are talking.
Chompette: We’re the outcasts of the tribe, right?
Chompette: Maybe I should’ve brought Larry as a translator…
Waluigi: I can translate Piranha speak.
Chompette: … You can?
Waluigi: Yeah. I’m just afraid of doing it half the time.
Chompette: Can you now?
Waluigi: He agreed with you.
Chompette: Do you agree?
Waluigi: I guess.
Waluigi Wario, Scaredy-Cat: This show has taught me to face my fears. If only I could face the fear of being on this show! Wait, I am. Cool!
Chompette: So… we should join our own alliance!
Petey: Grargh…
Waluigi: He said he would rather be in an alliance with Larry, but Larry’s been ignoring him.
Chompette: Waluigi can talk to you, too.
Petey: Hurr…GRAA!
Waluigi: He said ok. And I agree too.
Chompette: So who would you vote for?
Waluigi: Larry is his vote.
Chompette: Good… I have a feeling he’s been spying anyway.
Waluigi: But I want rid of Syrup. She’s been overly helpful. If she’s too helpful, she may become leader. And I’m afraid of pirates.
Chompette: Hrm… That’s a good point too. Well, the helpful part.
Petey: Grrageragg…
Waluigi: I agree with him.
Chompette: … On what?
Waluigi: He said we should wait until after the reward challenge.
Chompette: Yeah… let’s do that.
Luigi Powers
Luigi: So neither of you know who voted for me at first?
Wario: Nope!
Fawful: I am of the sureness that I do not know.
Luigi: … Interesting.
Luigi Mario, Player 2: It’s obvious that someone’s lying. But I have a feeling I know who it is.
Luigi: Maybe I can send Boo over to interrogate you. She’s good with stuff like that…
Wario: Ok!
Luigi leaves.
Fawful: Perfect! Boo will of the not interrogate of the us!
Wario: I think he may be suspicious of us, though. We need to keep quiet for awhile.
Fawful: Oh of the kay…
Day 8
Wendy Survivors
Wendy: “Head to Shy Guy Plains, World 1 of both Yoshi’s Island games. You must be here before noon.” Syrup, what’s the time?
Syrup: 11:30.
Wendy: You’ve got to be kidding me! Guys, we need a fast way to get there!
Petey: Raargggg!
Larry: That’s it! Petey can take us!
Wendy: Ok, everyone climb inside (EW) Petey’s mouth!

Petey eats the tribe and carries them to Shy Guy Plains.

Luigi Powers
Jackster: Treemail!
Luigi: Shy Guy Plains, eh? Good thing I know a shortcut.
Koopa: What?
Luigi: Follow me.
Luigi leads them to a ski hut on the mountain, abandoned for the game. They climb inside a warp pipe inside of the ski hut.
Reward Challenge
A warp pipe pops up and the Luigi Powers come out. Petey flies in and spits the rest of the tribe out. GAMER Guy checks his internal clock.
GAMER Guy: 11:50. Good job.
Wendy Koopa, Brat: New guest host. Hm.
GAMER Guy: However, that means that you only have 10 minutes to do this reward challenge.
Everyone’s eyes widen.
GAMER Guy: You see, on Yoshi’s Island, in Shy Guy Plains, Shy Guys only come out before noon. This challenge is to collect Shy Guys, and at noon, they will disappear. Every Shy Guy is worth a different amount of points. Red are worth 1 and will run to you. Yellow are worth 2 and just wander, falling off edges. Green are worth 3 and won’t fall of edges, but still just wander. Pink are worth 5 and will flee from you. Golden is worth 15, but there are only 2 of them. They will also flee from you. Whoever has the most points at noon wins! So… go!
The five colored Shy Guys hop out of the pipe and run away. Chompette, Petey, and Waluigi use Petey to get up to a tall platform where a Green one is hiding. Yoshi eats 10 Red Shy Guys, then grabs 3 Yellow ones. However, he can no longer hold anymore and has to leave. Petey eats the Green one he found while Chompette eats 3 Yellows. However, she has to leave as well.
Wendy Survivors: 25
Luigi Powers: 0
Time Left: 7 Minutes
Luigi rides on Boo up to a Golden one, which begins to flee. Boo grabs for it, but Fawful flies in on his headgear, knocking Boo out of the sky and allowing the Golden Shy Guy to escape. Wario flings Toadette up to a couple of Green ones, which she holds in her hat. She then notices a Pink one and grabs it, but is now out of room.
Wendy Survivors: 25
Luigi Powers: 11
Time Left: 5 Minutes
Wendy and Koopa both notice a Golden Shy Guy and race for it, both in their shells. Fawful, however, wanting to get it first, gets in Koopa’s way and Wendy grabs it.
Wendy Survivors: 40
Luigi Powers: 11
Time Left: 3 Minutes 30 Seconds
Fawful races up to two Pink Shy Guys and puts them in his headgear. He sucks up 10 more red ones, then his headgear gets full and he grabs 1 Yellow and has to leave.
Wendy Survivors: 40
Luigi Powers: 33
Time Left: 2 Minutes
Everyone sees the remaining Golden one at once. Koopa, Bumpty and Wendy race forwards, all sliding, with Toadette and Waluigi close behind, Toadette accidently dropping one Green one. The others watch nervously to see who gets there first. Koopa goes off course and rams into Wendy, who is sent sliding into Toadette, tripping her. Waluigi jumps over Wendy while Waluigi, Bumpty, and Koopa continue. Koopa trips Waluigi, and Bumpty grabs it.
Wendy Survivors: 40
Luigi Powers: 45
Time Left: 0
GAMER Guy: Time up! Processing results… Luigi Powers wins!
Luigi: What’s the prize?
GAMER Guy: Wendy Survivors. Leave.
Wendy leads her tribe away.
GAMER Guy: Here are 18 cans of Mushrooms to eat. Use them wisely.
Wario: Super Mushrooms?
GAMER Guy: Regular ones.
Wario: Rats.
GAMER Guy: You may now leave.
Luigi Powers
Luigi: I can’t believe it took us an hour to get up here!
Boo: Why didn’t we take the warp pipe?
Luigi: Hrm… I’m not sure.
Boo rolls her eyes. Bumpty, Toadette, Koopa, and Boo gather.
Bumpty: So we’re all here, right?
Toadette: The four you called are here.
Bumpty: That’s bouncin’ good. I called you here because we’re gonna bouncin’ eliminate Fawful!
Boo: …Why?
Bumpty: He’s useless. He messed us up twice and is bouncin’ annoying.
Koopa: A showoff. Yeah. Let’s get him out.
Toadette: You haven’t been so nervous lately, what’s up?
Koopa: I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because Roy’s gone.
Toadette: Hm.
Toadette Flowers, Gardener: I think Koopa’s hiding something.
Bumpty: So we’re voting for Fawful?
Boo: Yeah, I guess.
Boo Diddley, Ghastly Villain: I am in so much trouble right now… Luigi’s suspicious, Wario and Fawful are going to figure out that I turned against them, and now I have to vote for Fawful! Uuuugh…
Wendy Survivors
Wendy: Ok, so we lost this time. We’ve won the last four challenges, so it’s all good.
Tayce: Hey Wendy?
Wendy: Yeah?
Tayce: Can I share my comfort item now?
Wendy: Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that. What is it?
Tayce: It’s a bunch of fried turnips.
Wendy: Why fried?
Tayce: Because if they’re fried, I can get away with bringing my frying pan too.
Wendy: Oh. How exactly does that work?
Tayce shrugs.
Chompette: Hey, Tayce… come over here.
Tayce follows Chompette over to Waluigi and Petey.
Chompette: Since you’re new, we decided you would count as an “outcast”. And our alliance is just outcasts.
Tayce: Oh, but I’m-
Waluigi: We were thinking of voting off either Syrup or Larry.
Chompette: Which one do you want to vote for?
Tayce: Um, um, um, um…
Tayce Toad, Professional Cook: I’m already in an alliance! What should I do?
Tayce: Errrrrm… Syrup, definitely.
Tayce Toad, Professional Cook: Not getting rid of Larry. Definitely.
Chompette: Um… ok. Why?
Tayce: Oh, because… Larry’s useful. He has… a useful comfort item.
Waluigi: Ok…
Petey: Grrrrumble…
Petey Piranha, Plant Mutant: GRGRGRGRGRGRGRAH!
Waluigi Wario, Scaredy-Cat: Um, yeah. He said that he doesn’t believe Tayce T… Thinking about it, neither do I.
Day 9
Luigi Powers
Bumpty, Toadette, Koopa, and Boo are talking.
Koopa: Someone’s getting eliminated today.
Bumpty: I know, right? It’s bouncin’ scary.
Boo: The good thing is, we’re unlikely to get caught in the middle of it. I mean, we’ve gone there twice before.
Toadette: But we should make sure anyway. So… Fawful?
Bumpty, Koopa, and Boo nod.
Bumpty Penguin, Bouncing Champion: I’m really bouncin’ nervous. I think everyone is.
Meanwhile, Wario and Fawful are also planning.
Wario: This isn’t going to go well, Fawful. There’s only two of us. What can we do?
Fawful: We will not be of the eliminating Luigi yet… but we may be of the joining someone else before we do.
Wario: That… that’s actually pretty clever, Fawful. Who has alliances?
Fawful: … Boo, Bumpty, Toadette, and Koopa are of the trying to get rid of the me. I heard of the over them yesterday.
Wario: … Is that it?
Fawful nods sadly.
Wario: What about Luigi?
Fawful: No alliance, but he would not of the trust us.
Wario: … Or… or would he?
Fawful: Hrm?
Wario and Fawful walk over to Luigi.
Luigi: Wario? Fawful? … What are you doing here?
Wario: Well, you see…
Fawful: We are of the wanting an alliance!
Luigi: … You’re kidding, right?
Wario: Err…
Fawful: Not… really.
Luigi: … So… you’re asking me… for an alliance… after you tried to eliminate me?
Wario: … Maybe?
Luigi: … Well…
Jackster: TREEMAIL!
Bumpty: I got it!
Bumpty takes the Treemail.
Bumpty: … Guys, we’re heading back to Koopa Valley!
Everyone gathers up and follows Luigi down the mountain.
Wendy Survivors
Tayce Toad, Professional Cook: Agh! I’m stuck. I’m trapped in between two different alliances! One of which wants to eliminate someone from the other alliance! All I can do is talk with Larry, Daisy, and Yoshi.
Tayce: Um… Hi guys.
Daisy: Hey Tayce! We were deciding on who to vote for. The two options are Waluigi or Syrup.
Tayce: … Reasons?
Larry: Waluigi because he’s dumb.
Yoshi: Syrup because she over helpful.
Tayce: … Um… Yeah, let’s do Syrup. Waluigi is… more helpful than harmful.
Daisy: … That makes sense.
Yoshi: Yeah. Yoshi vote Syrup!
Larry: I’ll vote Syrup, too.
Tayce: Great! I mean, um, yeah, I will too.
Daisy: Hm…
Daisy Toadstool, Tomboy: Tayce’s suspicious. You know what…
Jackster: Treemail!
Tayce: I’ll go get it!
Daisy: Ok!

Tayce leaves.

Daisy: Guys, change of plans. We’re voting Tayce.
Yoshi: Why Tayce?
Larry: I understand. She’s been acting strangely. I think she’s double-crossing us.
Yoshi: … Oh.
Yoshi Dino, Gourmet Eater: I no believe Larry and Daisy. I think we still vote Syrup. I vote Syrup.
Tayce: Guys, we’re going to Koopa Valley!

Immunity Challenge
GAMER Guy: Welcome, contestants. This… is the immunity challenge.
The contestants gulp.
GAMER Guy: Welcome back to Koopa Valley. Like most areas on Yoshi’s Island, this place had a couple of “Minigame Houses” built by Bandits to annoy the Yoshis.  This… is Andy.
Bandy Andy from PMTTYD steps out and waves.
Bandy Andy: It’s Bandy Andy.
GAMER Guy: Your challenge is to pick one member from your team to challenge Bandy Andy in one of the minigames from Yoshi’s Island. Now, choose.
Wendy: Who should we pick?
Yoshi: Yoshi! Yoshi! Yoshi!
Tayce: I agree with Yoshi- he’s done this before.
Daisy: Same.
Wendy: Makes sense. We pick Yos-
Waluigi: … He wants to do it.
Wendy: No, we’re doing Yoshi.
GAMER Guy: Luigi Powers?
Koopa: I can try it…
Fawful: No, it should be of the me!
Luigi: I think Wario may be the best choice…
Wario: Wario like that idea!
Luigi: Yeah, we pick Wario.
GAMER Guy nods.
GAMER Guy: Yoshi, you go ahead and enter. Wario, wait your turn.
Wario growls, but nods.
Bandy Andy: So, Yoshi, you ready?
Yoshi: Badabum!
Bandy Andy: This is… Balloon Toss!
Yoshi nods.
Bandy Andy: I’ll start it.
^ > A X B <
Bandy Andy hits the correct code in time.
> < A B A B v
Yoshi hits the correct code in time.
< < < ^ ^ ^ A B
Andy hits the correct code in time.
A A B B X X Y Y v
Yoshi hits the correct code in time.
Andy hits the wrong code.
Andy: Augh!
Andy hits the right code before time runs out.
Andy: Ha!
B A B Y B A B Y Y v ^
Yoshi hits the right code in time.
Yoshi: Why it say Baby Baby?
Andy shrugs.
> < > < > < ^ v ^ v ^ A
Andy hits the right code in time.
v A X v B Y v A Y v B X v
Yoshi hits the wrong code.
Yoshi: Waaaah!
Time runs out and the balloon pops in Yoshi’s face.
Yoshi: No…
Andy: Ha! Winnah!
Yoshi and Andy leave
GAMER Guy: Yoshi, did you win?
Yoshi shakes his head sadly. His tribe gasps.
GAMER Guy: Wario, if you can win, your team wins immunity.
Wario: Wahaha!
GAMER Guy: If not, Yoshi gets a second chance.
Yoshi: Ooh! Yoshi!
GAMER Guy: Wario and Andy… enter.
Wario: All right Andy, what’s the game?
Andy: Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest!
Wario: Wahaha! Wario’s gonna win this one.
Andy puts on his Yoshi mask. Both Wario and Andy eat the watermelon in front of them and spit seeds at each other. Most of Andy’s seeds bounce off of Wario’s fat and back at him.
Andy: Whoa whoa whoa! No fair!
Andy dodges and sees a Super Red Watermelon. He eats it and roasts Wario.
Wario: WAAAAH!
Andy’s Health: 32/100
Wario’s Health: 70/100
Andy continues to dodge Wario until another Super Red Watermelon appears. Wario eats this one before Andy can get it though, and roasts Andy badly.
Andy: Aaaaagh!
Andy’s Health: 1/100
Wario’s Health: 70/100
Andy eats a watermelon and spits seeds at Wario’s face. Wario can’t dodge because he’s too fat and gets badly hurt- he also can’t spit because Andy’s spitting too fast.
Andy’s Health: 1/100
Wario’s Health: 8/100
Andy sees a Super Red Watermelon, but Wario does too. They both dash for it…
Rest of Tribe
Voice: YES! I won!
Tribes (adlib): Huh? Who was that? Who won? Ooh! I think that was- Uh oh… (etc.)
Andy and Wario exit the room.
GAMER Guy: Who won?
Andy: Well…
Wario: I DID! Wahaha!
Luigi Powers: YESSSSSS!
Wario: Wario rules!
Yoshi: (sniffle)
GAMER Guy: Wendy Survivors… follow me.
Tribal Council
GAMER Guy: Welcome to your first Tribal Council.
Wendy: Yeah, thanks.
GAMER Guy: Petey, do you think your tribe is going well?
Petey: Grrr…
Larry: He said that there are a few people that aren’t trustworthy.
GAMER Guy: Interesting… Tayce, you’re newest here- have you made enemies?
Tayce: I hope not… I mean no harm!
GAMER Guy: Hm… Let’s vote.
Wendy goes up to vote.

Petey goes up to vote.

Daisy goes up to vote.

Syrup goes up to vote.

Chompette goes up to vote.
Chompette: I think she’s right… sorry.
Yoshi goes up to vote.

Larry goes up to vote.
Larry: You aren’t trustworthy. Goodbye.
Waluigi goes up to vote.

Tayce goes up to vote.
GAMER Guy: Tallying votes…done. First vote…Syrup.
Syrup is slightly shocked.
GAMER: Second vote…Yoshi.
Yoshi doesn’t really notice.
GAMER: Third vote…Tayce.
Tayce is horrified.
GAMER: Fourth vote…Tayce.
Tayce covers her eyes.
GAMER: Fifth vote…Tayce.
Tayce is hiding in her cap.
GAMER: Sixth vote…Syrup.
Syrup is shocked completely.
GAMER: Seventh vote…Syrup.
Syrup is horrified.
GAMER: Eighth vote…Syrup.
Syrup covers her face with her bandana.
GAMER: Ninth vote…Tayce. It’s a tie. These seem to be popular.
Everyone except Tayce and Syrup laugh.
GAMER: Revote.
Wendy goes up to vote.
Petey goes up to vote.
Daisy goes up to vote.
Chompette goes up to vote.
Yoshi goes up to vote.
Larry goes up to vote.
Waluigi goes up to vote.
GAMER: Tallying… first vote… Tayce.
Tayce isn’t paying attention.
GAMER: Second vote… Syrup.
Syrup is shocked.
GAMER: Third vote… Tayce.
Tayce is shocked.
GAMER: Fourth vote… Tayce.
Tayce is highly disappointed.
GAMER: Fifth vote… Syrup.
Syrup is shocked.
GAMER: Sixth vote… Syrup.
Syrup is really surprised.
GAMER: Seventh vote and third person removed from Survivor: Yoshi’s Island… Syrup. Sorry Syrup. Smack whoever you believe is responsible.
Syrup smacks Daisy.
Daisy: Heeeeey!
GAMER: You may now leave.
Syrup does, sadly.
GAMER: Wendy Survivors, please return to your hut.
Who voted for who?
Wendy: Yoshi (he didn’t win the immunity challenge), Syrup (doesn’t want Tayce to lose her chance)
Petey: Syrup (confused), Tayce (doesn’t trust her)
Daisy: Tayce (doesn’t trust her), Syrup (feels sorry for Tayce)
Chompette: Syrup (thinks she’s overly helpful), Syrup (same)
Yoshi: Syrup (same as Chompette), Syrup (same)
Larry: Tayce (doesn’t trust her), Tayce (same)
Waluigi: Tayce (doesn’t trust her), Tayce (same)
Who’s left?

Luigi Powers:

Wendy’s Tribe:
Tayce T.

To be continued...

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