Amazing Race MK IV

By Giga Bowser NS

Episode 2
Title: Look for old stone junk!

Phil: Previously on: The Amazing Race MK!

Phil: Twelve teams began a spectacular race around the Mushroom Kingdom for one million coins!

Lahla: Oh my gosh!

Lakilulu: Go, go! Come on!!

Smithy: Yeah! Haha!!

Phil: The race began among the stars in the Freezeflame Galaxy! Before they could even set foot past the starting line, they were faced with a challenge! As teams completed the challenge one by one, tensions grew. Eventually, only one team was left behind.

Phil (replay): Dull Bones & Dry Bones? I'm sorry to tell you that you've been eliminated from the race…

Phil: … Teams then launched themselves to the spectacular Hightail Falls Galaxy! Teams faced a difficult Roadblock but, eventually, all teams reached the top of the behemoth!

Snow: You're so amazing! You're impossible! Wow!

Phil: They then raced to the lush Wild Glide Galaxy. Friends and Co-workers Dribble & Spitz spent the majority of the leg in first place. But a last minute fumble allowed Sisters Peeka & Lahla to claim the lead.

Phil (replay): You're team number one!!

Phil: In the end, Shy Guy & Fly Guy could not keep up with the rest of the pack and came in last. They were saved at the last minute, but now face a Speed Bump in the upcoming leg.

Spitz: *Angry cat noise*

Dribble: Don't maim the birds, Spitz.

Phil: Eleven teams remain!

Exor: Right! Hey, can someone throw me over?

Phil: Who will be eliminated…… next?!

The opening plays with a Red "X" over Dull Bones & Dry Bones

Phil: This is the gorgeous, lush paradise of the Wild Glide Galaxy! This wondrous reserve of untamed nature is lost to many tourists amongst the dozens upon dozens of Galaxies that litter the cosmos. This amazing jungle, populated by Jibberjays, was the first Pit Stop… in a race around the MK!

*Shot of all the teams*

Phil: Teams arrived here for a mandatory rest period! During the rest period, Shy Guy & Fly Guy found themselves worn out

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Fly Guy: Dude…

Shy Guy: Can we even do this?

Fly Guy: I dunno…

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: You can totally do this! Come on! Don't give up now!

Lahla: Yeah!

Shy Guy: Uuugghhh…

Phil: Peeka & Lahla, who were the first team to arrive… will depart first from this lush paradise!


Peeka: Catch one of three Starshrooms back to the planet!

Phil: Teams must now sign up for one of three Starshrooms that will take them back to the planet. The first one is scheduled to arrive at 10 AM… The second will arrive at 10:30… and the last will arrive at 11:00 AM… When the Starshrooms touch down on solid ground, teams will be handed their next clue.

Peeka: Great! Let's go!

Lahla: Where's the signup sheet? Oh, there it is!

***Peeka: Lahla and I are sisters to the end… and we feel that our experience working for Don Pianta will definitely come in handy.

Lahla: We're on it!

Peeka: Only three teams are going to be on this first one…

***Lahla: We like to dress up as bunnies and kitty cats… but we're not pushovers. We're tough!

Lahla: Good thing the second and third teams are like, right there…

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: C'mon!! Let's get motorin'!

***Dribble: Spitz and I were about to get first place… and we just missed it!

***Spitz: Yeah…

***Dribble: That didn't make us very happy… We want to get first this leg!

Spitz: Sign up!

Dribble: You got it!! There we go… Dribble and his bud Spitz!

Spitz: Woo!

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Hey you two!

Dribble: Hey…

Lahla: Sorry for stealing first! Wahahaha!

Dribble: ……

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Let's get going!

Lakilulu: Back to our lovely planet!

***Lakilulu: I may look like a fragile girl, but I can be butch if I need to…

***Lakilester: But hopefully I'll be butch enough to carry us through to the end!

***Lakilulu: Hey…

Lakilulu: Sign us up, please!

Lakilester: … Got it!

*Shot of the sign-up sheet: Peeka & Lahla    Dribble & Spitz   Lakilulu & Spike*

Lakilulu: … Hey!

Lakilester: What? *Konk'd in the head with a Spiny*

Lakilulu: I thought you stopped that!

Lakilester: Hey! What? It's a cool name!

The three teams pile into the Starshroom and it takes off.

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: Cool! Let's go!

Louie: Woo!!

***DK Jr: We may be young, but we're not going to be slowed down by that…

***Louie: We're an awesome team!

DK Jr: Okay, we're on the second Star thing… with three others.

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends

Blue: Wooo!!

***Blue: We're just so cool, it's too cool!

***Yellow: What?

***Blue: I dunno…

Blue: Cool! We're signed up and ready to go!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Shadow: Let's go, hon!

Snow: Yaaay!

***Shadow: We're… enjoying the race… We're enjoying each others' company.

***Snow: We're going to try our best not to get stressed…

***Shadow: We're just going to love each other until the race is done!

Shadow: Here's the thing!

Snow: Get us on the earliest one!

Shadow: Done!

Snow: Wooo!

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: Excellent.

Nolrem: Space is wondrous, but our planet is spectacular.

***Merlon: We feel very Zen…

***Nolrem: We keep ourselves calm and in tune with nature.

***Merlon: This is our advantage.

Merlon: *scribbles names* Excellent

Nolrem: Well done.

The second Starshroom takes off.

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Frankie: Cool! Let's get back to da planet we know and love!

Francesca: Okay, honey! Let's go!

***Francesca: We are so deeply in love with each other… I doubt that the stresses of the race will drive us apart.

***Frankie: Yeah! We're two peas in a pod!

Francesca: There's the signup sheet!

Frankie: We're on da last one now…

Francesca: Aww, man…

***Francesca: That wasn't good… Instead of being in eighth, we were basically in last place…

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: Le's go, lassie!

Mimi: Great!

***O'Chunks: We didn't do the absolute best in tha last leg, bu' we're goin' ta improve our standin'…

***Mimi: We're gonna pass EVERYONE!

Mimi: O'Chunks! Write neater! What is that? Miml and U'Chuck?

O'Chunks: Shaddup.

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Okay! Let's go!

***Exor: I'm a sword. I have a lot of magic and skills, but not a lot of mobility

***Smithy: That's a handicap, but, in honesty, a game isn't fun unless you have a handicap. Because then it's a challenge!

Smithy: Okay… We're on the last Starshroom.

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Shy Guy: Okay… Let's ride a Starshoom now…

Fly Guy: Oh… Are you ready?

Shy Guy: …

***Fly Guy: We're leaving in last place… we have a Speed Bump… and we're kinda discouraged.

Fly Guy: Are you coming?

Shy Guy: Yeah…

They scribble down their names.

Shy Guy: Look at who we're going up against! A mob member, a big burly dude, and a weapons master!

Fly Guy: …

They all pile into the final Starshroom and it takes off.

*Shot of the planet from space, with a yellow dot in the stars labelled "Wild Glide Galaxy". A yellow line is making its way towards the planet*

Phil: All teams are now on one of three Starshrooms back to the surface of the planet. When they land, they will find themselves in front of Donkey Kong's house, on DK Isle. Their next clue is located inside of the cave containing DK's Banana Hoard.

It lands with a loud impact.

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Wooo!! DK Isle! Neat!

Spitz: Jungle!

Dribble: Yeah, and it's certainly warm and humid here!

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Wow! It's gorgeous!

Lahla: Where's the clue?

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Aha! It's inside that cave!

Lakilulu: Nice eyes!

*Riiiiiiip* *Riiiiiip* *Riiip*

Lakilester: Travel on foot to Funky's Flights!

Phil: Teams must now traverse the jungles and caves of DK Isle to find this establishment: Funky's Flights. Teams will receive their next clue from the main monkey himself: Funky Kong.

Lakilester: Travel on foot? No problem!

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Let's go!

Lahla: I'm coming!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Oh sure! You four get to float! We have to wa- HEY!

Spitz: *has jumped onto Dribble's shoulders* GO!

Dribble: Spitz!! Get offa me!

Spitz: Mush!

Dribble: Ugh… Fine, you crazy cat…

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: This place is gorgeous!

Lahla: Look at the trees!

Peeka: It's a real tropical jungle!

***Lahla: Coming from Rogueport, we don't have a lot of nature to look at. We've never seen a temperate jungle before!

Peeka: Amazing!

Lahla: Coool!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Wow! This is a whole 'nother kind of pretty!

Lakilulu: What do you mean?

Lakilester: Well, Flower Fields is pretty, but… they're flowers. That's girly stuff… This is somethin' else!

Lakilulu: I guess I see what you mean!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Spitz: Faster!!

Dribble: I'm goin'!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Dribble's haulin'! Let's hurry up!

Lakilulu: Ooh look! A cave!

One by one they all enter the caves.

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Ooooh!!

***Peeka: I know it's only been two legs, but already this second one is my favorite! There's so much scenery to look at!!

***Lahla: Yeah! It's amazing!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Whoa! I gotta duck!

Spitz: Hey!

Dribble: You're gonna have to get off, you nutball! It's a low ceiling!

Spitz: Fine…

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Where's the exit?

Lakilulu: Just up there!

They all exit the cave.

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Ahh, bright light…

Lahla: There it is! Look! It's a big hut thing!

Peeka: Funky's?

Lahla: Yeah! Let's go!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: There they go! Is that the place?

Spitz: Yeah! Go!

***Dribble: It was quite a long walk from DK's house to Funky's… No problem for me, and those four could float… Some other teams might get worn out though…

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: *Sparkly Eyes* H…home!!

Louie: Whoaa!! DK Isle!!


Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Snow: Woowww! It's pretty!!

Shadow: Yeah! It's really neat! Look up there! That's DK's House!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: Oh wow! Papa's house!!!

Louie: Cool!

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: Clue…

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Oh right! The clue!

*Riiiiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiip*

Yellow: Find Funky's Flights!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Shadow: Funky!!! Cool!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: Okay! I dunno who Funky is, but I know where to go! C'mon!

Louie: We're definitely gonna win this leg!

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Hey dude!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Funky!! You have our clue!

Funky: YEE-AAAAWWW!! Wazzup, duuuuuudes?! You here for my clue?! Radical!

He hands over two clues.

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Hang on, bro. Us too!

Funky: Tubular!

*Riiiiip* *Riiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiiiiip*

Dribble: Detour!!

Phil: A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons! This Detour will send teams to one of two amazing locations on Donkey Kong Isle. They must choose between Cart or Cold. In Cart, teams will hop into one of Funky's Barrel Planes and fly themselves to Monkey Mines. Once there, they will enter this cave and must ride this Mine Cart along the tracks until they reach their next clue. It's both a frightening and difficult task that will require quick reflexes. But teams with enough skill will find themselves flying past others. In Cold, teams fly their Barrel Plane all the way up to Gorilla Glacier, where they will have to dive into this frigid water and search the reefs below for their next clue. This task is a needle in a haystack, and the water is painfully cold. But teams with a little bit of luck will be way out in front.

Dribble: Cart or Cold?

Spitz: Cart!

Dribble: All right, I guess so…

***Spitz: Bleah! Water…

***Dribble: Yeah, Spitz doesn't really like water. Besides, we didn't like the idea of a needle in a haystack, so we went with the other one.

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: You wanna do Cart?

Lakilulu: Okay! Let's do it.

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: We're doing Cart too, c'mon!

Lahla: So what, we have to fly these things?

Funky: YEAH! Well, dudes, it's easy to fly. C'mon, hop in!

They all climb into three barrel planes.

Funky: Now ya see, here is your throttle, your acceleration… altitude control! Easy as surfin'! And the barrel is outfitted with all sorts of safety stuff, so you won't get hurt when you crash!

Peeka: Don't you mean IF we crash?

Funky: Uhhh… Right!

Both: ……

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: All right! See you all later!! *takes off*

***Dribble: Anything that moves, I can drive it! I'm the master driver!

Dribble: Whooaaa!! Awesome! This thing can really move!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Don't let them get ahead!


Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: Be careful.

Nolrem: I know…

Shadow/Snow -- Dating

Shadow: C'mon! Don't slow down!

Snow: It's… a long way

Shadow: I know, but I think we're almost there! You can do it!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Yellow: Come on, slowpoke!

Blue: Shaddup, wings… Where are the monkeys?

Yellow: They're way up there at the exit!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: Nostalgiaaa!! I remember this place!

Louie: C'mon! We're pulling ahead!

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunk: C'mon! The clue's in 'ere!

Mimi: Rip it open!

*Riiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiip*

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Travel through the jungle…

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: And find Funky's Flights!

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Frankie: Den we get our next clue!

Francesca: Well let's go! We're behind!

Frankie: I know!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Shy Guy: Well let's go…

Fly Guy: Just follow them I guess…

*Shot of the sky*
*Three barrel planes quickly fly past*

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: You see the mines, Spitz?

Spitz: No!

Dribble: They're supposed to be near some ruins… Look for old stone junk!

Spitz: Hmm…

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Whoa! This is actually kinda hard to control…

Lahla: Just be careful, and get us there alive… or not… Haha!

Peeka: I'll get us there dead, don't worry! Hahaha!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Whooaa… Waaahhh…

Lakilulu: Lester, you should've let me drive…

Lakilester: Don't worry. This is just tough 'cus I'm trying to find the place…

Lakilulu: Yeah, we don't really know where we're going…

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Spitz: Wait! There!

Dribble: Good eyes, bud! You're the number one navigator!

Spitz: Woo!

Dribble pulls the plane downward and starts to descend.

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Oh! I think he found it…

Lakilulu: Good, let's go down there *Swerve* GENTLY!!

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Oh! There they go!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
Funky: YO, li'l dude!!

DK Jr: Hi! Who are you?

Funky: I'm one o' DK's best pals, and also the most Extreme thing on this island!

DK Jr: Haha, cool!


DK Jr: Detour… Let's do Cart.

Louie: Yeah. Cart is better.

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Whoa, cool! It's like Aztec or Mayan ruins…

Spitz: Cave!

Dribble: Yeah, yeah, I see the cave. Let's go in!

*Two more planes land*

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: There they go in there!

Lahla: I see, I see!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Follow them!

*Inside the cave*
Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Looks like they followed us, so let's hurry up! Hop in a cart!

Spitz: Whoaa…

***Dribble: We didn't waste any time. As soon as we were in the cart, we were off!

Dribble: Whoaa… That's… bumpy!

Spitz: Waaaaaaa…

Dribble: Oh man…

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Is that someone up there?

Lahla: It's Dribble and Spitz! Come on!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilulu: Get in!

Lakilester: Whoa! This looks fun!

They both begin moving.

*Riiiiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiip*
Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Detour, Cart or Cold?

Yellow: Cart.

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Shadow: Cart?

Snow: Yeah, I don't want to trust luck…

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: We shall choose Cart.

Nolrem: It is the logical option.

Merlon: Indeed.

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Come on, everyone! Get in a barrel plane!

Yellow: Oh, right.

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Shadow: Woo! Looks nice!

*Sounds of the planes powering up*

Snow: Let's go then!! Wooo!!!


Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: This is the end of the cave, I think…

Exor: Excellent.

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: Wha's tha' over there? Are those planes takin' off?

Mimi: Yeah, looks like it. I wonder if we caught up to some teams…

O'Chunks: Well let's go then, wha're we waitin' for?

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Frankie: Dose two goons are at da exit already! Let's not let dem get too far ahead!

Francesca: Sorry, I guess I'm a little slower than they are.

Frankie: No worries… I don't even see da Shy Guys!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Fly Guy: Shy Guy?

Shy Guy: Yeah?

Fly Guy: We've been walking for a long time!

Shy Guy: Yeah…

Fly Guy: And… I can still see DK's house…

Shy Guy: Yeah…

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: WHOAA!! OHH, MAN!!

Spitz: Wah!!!

***Dribble: Oh man, that was wild!! The caves were dark and the carts moved really fast


Dribble: HUP!

***Dribble: We only had a little headlamp at the front, and there was debris on the track sometimes, so we had to jump the cart!

Dribble: Keep your eyes open Spitz!

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Keep your eyes open!

Lahla: Wheee! This is fuuunnnn!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilulu: Whooaaa!! Lester!! Be caref- JUMP!

Lakilester: Whaaa! Thanks! You be the eyes! Watch for stuff!

Lakilulu: Okay…

Lakilester: Wah…

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: That's the mines down there! Oh wow, I haven't been there in forever!

Louie: Bring us down!

*Vrooooom… *

Louie: Careful!

DK Jr: S'cuse me, it's my first time flying a plane…barrel…thing!

They land and walk into the mines.

DK Jr: Cooooool!

Louie: Here's the carts! Hop in!

DK Jr: This should be funnn!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Is that the end up there?

Spitz: End!

Dribble: We'll be there shortly! Let's go!

*Riiiiiiip* *Riiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiiiiip*
Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Detour, Cart or Cold?

Exor: Oh, definitely Cart. Freezing water AND a luck-based task? No thanks.

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Francesca: No, absolutely not. We're doing Cart!

Frankie: You got it!

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
Mimi: Well, they're all doing Cart. You wanna do cold?

O'Chunks: Heck naw, lassie! Tha's a terrible task! We'll do the carts too!

Mimi: You sure?

O'Chunks: Quite! Now c'mon!

They all hop in planes and takeoff.

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Shy Guy: Oh… There's the end of the tunnel… Finally.

Fly Guy: Oh, I see it…

Shy Guy: Let's go…

*Shot of planes in the sky*

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Snow: There're the mines! Pull down!

Shadow: What? Where?

Snow: Right there! I see a bunch of planes!

They land.

Snow: Here comes some other people…

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Don't lose 'em!

Yellow: Yeah, yeah! I got it! We're at the cave.

Blue: The Merlons are coming too!

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Both: …

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Spitz: Dribble!

The cart leaps over an overturned one.

Dribble: Yeah-heah!!! That was easy!

Spitz: End?

Dribble: Yup, this is the end! *looks back* I wonder how those others are doing…

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Lahla, be careful!

Lahla: Whoaa!!

***Lahla: It was hard making the carts jump! I have more respect for DK now… it must've taken a lot of muscles to lift that cart…

Lahla: Waaahh! Are we almost done?!

Peeka: Yeah!!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Lulu! I almost hit that! Please watch for obstacles!

Lakilulu: I'm sorry! It's dark in here!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: All right! "Make your way by Barrel Plane to the former Kremkroc Industries, Inc."

Phil: Teams must now get back into their Barrel Planes, and fly themselves to the west of the island to find this old factory. When this island was invaded by the Kremlings, they set up this factory to produce their weapons and armor, and to simply spite the Kongs with its pollution. It is here, outside the now shutdown factory, that teams will find their next clue.

Dribble: Kremkroc Industries… It says it's a factory, so look for a factory, Spitz!

Spitz: Coo'!

They step outside, where their Barrel Planes have been transported to them.

Dribble: Let's go!

They takeoff.

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners

Funky: You guys are totally late, dudes! You have to hurry up! *Holds out clue*

Shy Guy: Um… Please don't bite me… *quickly grabs the clue*


Shy Guy: Oh, it's a Detour…

Fly Guy: Let's… do Cold.

Shy Guy: Cold? In the water?

Fly Guy: Yeah… Those mine carts sound scary, don't they?

Shy Guy: Yeah… you're right… But look… We have to fly in these plane things.

Fly Guy: Oh boy… Well, I'll drive. It'll be fine!

Shy Guy: …… …

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
They, as well as Blue & Yellow and the Merlons, have gotten into mine carts and are just shoving off.

Shadow: Whooaaa…

Snow: Okay, I'm watching out for stuff on the track, right?

Shadow: Yup! Just yell if you see something.

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: Okay. Let's approach this calmly.

Nolrem: Indeed…

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: You ready?

Yellow: Yeah, dawg!!

***Blue: I felt we had a slight advantage. Yellow was driving the cart, and he could use his wings to help it jump

***Yellow: Just any little way to get ahead!

Both: Wooo!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilulu: There's the finish!!

Lakilester: Where?

Lakilulu: Right there!


Lakilester: Waaah!!

***Lakilester: We hit the end of the track pretty hard… it flung us out.

They both land in a heap.

Both: …… …… *laugh*

***Lakilester: Luckily no one got hurt.

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Incoming!!! Wooo!!

Lahla: Hey guys!

They all step outside.

*Riiiiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiiiiiip*
Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: To the factory. I think I saw that…

Lakilulu: Let's not waste time!


Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters

Peeka: Gah! Don't let them get ahead!

Lahla: Haha, I'm going!

*Back inside the mines*
DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: Wheeeee!!! This is so much fun!!!

Louie: Whooaa… yeah! Watch out, jump!

DK Jr: Hup! Man… I didn't know there was fun stuff like this and like those planes on the island!

***DK Jr: I am having a blast being back on the island! I spent a lot of time here, but now I'm really enjoying it!

Louie: Okay!! We're almost there!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Snow: Whooaaaa!!

Shadow: This is awesome!! Woo, wooo!!!

Snow: Be careful!!

***Shadow: I loved the mine carts!! It was really dark and spooky! Just the kind of place I like!

***Snow: It was scary… but I liked it!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Duuude!!!

Yellow: Woooo-hooooo!!!

***Blue: That was SO AWESOME!!

***Yellow: That was a LOT of fun, man! I think everyone who did this task enjoyed it!!

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Both: ……

Merlon: Mhm…

Nolrem: Mmmhm…

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: THAT was fun!


Louie: Get back in the plane! C'mon!

DK Jr: You got it!


Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Okay! There's the mines!

Exor: Then take us down!

Smithy: Yeah yeah, I'm going!

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: There 'e goes, don't let him get away!

Three planes land.

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Okay! Let's get in the mine carts!

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Frankie: You ready, da'lin'?

Francesca: Let's go! We'll be fine, right?

Frankie: Just peachy!

Three mine carts begin their journey.

Francesca: Whoa… Oh gosh!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Both are shivering.

Shy Guy: A-a-a-are we getting cl-cl-close?

Fly Guy: I… sure hope so… This is REALLY scary!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: There it is!! I see it!

Spitz: *coughs* Smog!!

Dribble: Yeah… I thought the factory was abandoned…

***Dribble: We flew up to this factory built into one part of the island, and the whole area around it was mucky and dirty… It didn't look pleasant.

They come in for a landing.

Dribble: Those other guys are still right on our tail!

Spitz: Man…

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilulu: Les! I can't breathe!

Lakilester: We're about to land! Just hang on!

Lakilulu: This is putrid!

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Both: ……

***Peeka: Didn't bother us, heh…

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
They step out.

Dribble: Wow… Nice factory!

*Shot of a Speed Bump sign off to the side*


Dribble: Roadblock!

Phil: A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform! In this Roadblock, one team member must enter the smoggy interior of this factory and search for puzzle pieces. There are four different puzzle pieces they must find which, when pieced together, will reveal their next location.

Dribble: Who can clear the smokescreen? I think you can do it, bud!

Spitz: Ok!

Dribble: Good luck, little man!

*Vrroooommm… *

*Riiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiip*
Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilulu: Roadblock… Can you do it?

Lakilester: I guess so…

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Roadblock! I got it!

Lahla: Good luck, girl!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Man, you guys are like gum on our shoes…

The three team members step inside the factory, their vision obscured by the smog.

Spitz: Blugh! Man!!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: This is pretty bad… I can hardly see, hardly breathe…

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
Louie: There's the factory! I see a bunch of planes down there!

DK Jr: Oh my gosh… When did this get here?!

Louie: I dunno…

DK Jr: They've completely ruined this part of the island…

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Dude! Careful!

Yellow: Wha- wah!!!


Blue: AH!

Yellow: Oww… Ugh, sorry…

***Blue: We accidentally hit an overturned minecart…

***Yellow: That wasn't pleasant…

Blue: Ugh, you okay?

Yellow: Yeah… The others are getting ahead…

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: Someone has crashed.

Nolrem: Oh, that is unfortunate for them.

Merlon: Well let's continue. The Yoshis seem to have gotten ahead of us.

Nolrem: Oh, have they?

Merlon: They have reached the end of the tunnel.

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Shadow: Wooo!! That was an awesome task!

Snow: You had fun?

Shadow: I loved it!!


Shadow: Okay, get back in the plane. Let's go!

Snow: Let's go!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: C'mon! We gotta get going!

Yellow: I know, I know, hang on…

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Spitz: Ugh… Man… Here's one…

***Spitz: Smog. They weren't hidden. Hard to see…

Spitz: Got one! Yah!

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Have you got one? Cool…

***Peeka: I know I'm supposed to be competing with him… but Spitz is sooooooo cute!!!

Peeka: Aww, look at you! You're adorable…

Spitz: ……

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: I… don't like this place… It's not good for my health…

***Lakilester: That was an awful environment… I hated it…

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: Excellent. Let's go to the factory.

Nolrem: All right then.

Merlon: Very good.

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: C'mon! We've fallen behind! We gotta get going!

Yellow: I know, I know! I'm going!!

Blue: This stinks… but at least we're ahead of a bunch of people…

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Exor: Wooo!! This is pretty sweet!

Smithy: I know, eh? This is kinda fun!

Exor: We're ahead of those other two, so keep it up!

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Frankie: Yo, Francesca! Are we doin' all right?

Francesca: I think so… Just jump when I tell you!

Frankie: All right den…

Francesca: Like NOW!

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: C'mon, lass! We're behind the other two teams!

Mimi: Don't worry… Shy Guy & Fly Guy are probably way behind.

O'Chunks: Ah know, but on the slim chance they've passed us, we'll be in last place!

Mimi: That'll neeeeever happen.

O'Chunks: I hope yer right…

The plane has landed next to the water where the task is taking place.
Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Both just stand there shivering.

Shy Guy: You first.

Fly Guy: No, you first.

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: *coughing* Ughh… Where are these dang pieces?!

***Lakilester: There is no motivation like running through that smoggy factory. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see… it stung my eyes. It was a terrible environment.

Lakilester: I have two… but I can't find any more…

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Spitz: Yes! Got one…

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Kitty? Kitty?! Where'd you go?!

***Peeka: I lost my li'l kitty in the smog!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Spitz: Finally…

***Spitz: She's annoying.

Spitz: Three!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: Hey guys! Haven't seen you in forever!

Louie: I'll do it, okay?

DK Jr: Good luck!

Dribble, Lahla, Lakilulu: ……

***Louie: I walked into that putrid factory and it was just awful…

Louie: *coughing*

***DK Jr: It's pretty bad… I hope we can fix this part of the island sometime…

DK Jr: …

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: C'mon! Let's go!

Yellow: Where we going?!

Blue: The factory! Look, you can barely see smog rising up there!

Yellow: Got it! Let's go!

***Blue: We were falling a little behind, but we were gonna catch up!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Shadow: Roadblock… I think I'll do it.

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: Roadblock. It is your turn.

Nolrem: Okay.

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: C'mon, Spitz! Ya gotta move…


Spitz: Yeah! Got it!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: I need one more… AHA! Here we go! Got it!

They both exit the factory.

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Aw man… I can't find any more…

***Peeka: I only had two. I couldn't see very well…

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: He-hey, Spitz! Got some puzzles?

Spitz: Yeah! Look!

He places them on the ground. A picture of the volcano is shown.

Phil: Teams must now fly their barrel planes to this place located at the top of Donkey Kong Isle… the Volcano! Just outside the entrance to this boiling pit of magma that was once the base of operations for the Tikis, is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race… The last team to check in here… may be eliminated.

Dribble: C'mon, man! The Lakitu's coming out.

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: I got 'em, Lulu!

Lakilulu: Great! What do they say?

Lakilester: It's a volcano! So let's go!

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Lahla: C'mon, Peeka…

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Man, we did that quickly, didn't we?

Exor: Yeah. Evildoers are awesome!

Smithy: There's the exit. Let's hurry, because the Chunky guy's behind us.

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends

Mimi: Calm down… We're at the end…

O'Chunks: Oh, well tha's good. Great job on lookout.

Mimi: And you did great with the jumping! We make an awesome team!

Both carts reach the end.

*Riiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiiiip*

Mimi: Well let's go. What happened to Frankie & Francesca?

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Frankie: Yikes!! Dat was close!

***Frankie: I thought we were going top speed. Dey was old mine carts, so I thought dey were kinda slow. But den I found out dat Francesca had da break on!

***Francesca: Well, it was a dark cave! I wanted to be careful…

Frankie: It's okay, honey! Just go fastah!

Francesca: ……

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Aha!! Here it is! These are so hard to see…

She floats out.

Lahla: Great job. I think Dribble beat us this time!

Peeka: It's okay. Let's just go… it's a volcano.

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
Louie: Oh man… I can't breathe… Ugh… This is awful…

He continues looking.

Louie: How'm I supposed to find anything in here?!

DK Jr: …… Wow…

***DK Jr: When I left the island, that factory wasn't there. I had no idea that it had been built.

DK Jr: All of the plants are dead around it…

***DK Jr: It was heartbreaking…


Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Yellow: Go!

Blue: I'm going!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Shadow: This isn't so bad… Hard to breathe, smells bad, but it's doable…

***Shadow: Who would've thought that on a tropical isle like this, we'd go to two really dark and dank places? It was kinda fun!

Shadow: Okay… I see you over there, puzzle piece!

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Nolrem: Dear me, these people must learn to love their environment. I think I might choke. That wouldn't be good.

***Nolrem: I was obviously very distressed at the poor treatment of the environment, but I did not let it cloud my focus. There is a time and a place for everything.

Nolrem: Aha… Here is a puzzle piece.

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
Louie: Ugh… Oh, here's another… Great… I just want to get out of here…

***Louie: It was awful…

Louie: *coughing*

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Hahaa! Yes! To a factory! I'll feel right at home.

Exor: Great. Let's hurry.

Smithy: I know, I know!

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: Ya ready, lassie?

Mimi: Rrrready!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: There it is, Spitz! The volcano! It's a beaut!

Spitz: Lakis!!

Dribble: Yeah, I know they're behind us. Don't worry. Just find the Pit Stop.

Spitz: Where?

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilulu: Lester, I don't see Phil… Where do we land?

Lakilester: Let's try over there!

Lakilulu: Where? Oh, over th- Oh! There he is!

Lakilester: Where?

Lakilulu: Right there!

Lakilester: WHERE?!

Lakilulu: Just bring us down right over there!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Spitz: They're landing!

Dribble: What? Where are they… Ah, forget it!


Spitz: WHOA!

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Frankie: C'mon, Frannie! We're far behind, so let's catch up at dis factory!

Francesca: Let's go!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: C'mon! Get out of the plane! He's over there!

Lakilulu: I'm going!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: DANGIT! We're gonna be second again!!

Spitz: NO!

Phil: *Eyebrow raise*

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Hey… Phil…

Phil: …… Lakilester & Lakilulu? … You're team number ONE!!

Both: Yeaaaaahhhh!!!

Lakilester: Wooo!! Oh man, we did it!!!

*Shot of Dribble & Spitz standing off to the side, annoyed*

Phil: As the winners of this leg of the race, you've won a luxury vacation back here on Donkey Kong Isle!

Lakilester: Wow!! Thanks, Phil!

Lakilulu: Good job, honey!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Both: …

Phil: Dribble & Spitz, you're team number two!

Dribble: Thanks, man…

Spitz: *Angry cat noise*

Dribble: Yeah… We want first! We've been frontrunners for two legs now… but we can't get first place…

Phil: Well, maybe next time!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
Louie: Okay, Jr.! I got them!

DK Jr: Good… I want to get out of here.

*Plane flies off*
Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Snow: Shadow!!!

Shadow: I got it! Don't worry!

Snow: Let's go!

*Plane flies off*
Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: Are you finished?

Nolrem: Indeed.

*Plane flies off*
Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Yellow: Holy cow… People are flying past this task… Where's Blue?

*Shot of two planes in the air*

Yellow: Oh man, here come more people! This is getting a bit crazy!

The planes land.
*Riiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiip*
O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: Can ya handle this task, lassie?

Mimi: I'll do it! No problem!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: I'll have to do this one…

Exor: …

Smithy: I'm sure you'll be able to get some done soon.

Exor: I hope so…

Peeka/Lahla -- Sisters
Peeka: Yaaaaaay!!!

Phil: Peeka & Lahla? You're team number three!

Peeka: Aww, that's all right! We already won one.

Lahla: Yeah! And we're still on top! So WOO!!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Ugh… I can't find ANYTHING in this murky muck…

***Blue: It was getting frustrating…

Blue: Ugh…

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
Mimi: This is SO GROSS!

Blue: Whoa… It's Mimi… I'd better hurry.

Mimi: Uck! DisGUSting!

Blue: I just need one more…

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Frankie: Roadblock… Want me to do dis one?

Francesca: *coughing* Oh, yes please!! Ugh…

Frankie: You got it!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Aha! Here it is!

***Blue: I found the last piece, but I yelled it out… Some of the others came over and took some too.

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
Mimi: Thank you, darlin'.

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Excellent.

Blue Koopa runs out of the factory.

Yellow: C'mon! Let's go! We're really falling behind now!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
Phil: DK Jr. & Louie? You're team number four!

DK Jr: Yes!! Awesome!

Phil: I kind of expected you to do better on your home turf.

DK Jr: Yeah, but in this race, you just never know…

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: It's just tha three of us again. I hope we're not in last…


Mimi: Okay… I have three…

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Phil: Shadow & Snow? You're team number five!!

Both: Woooo!!!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: I just need one more… Where is it?

*Shot of the smoggy factory*

Smithy: Ugh… This is worse than my factory. Mine was at least breathable.

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
Mimi: Where is it?... Where is it?

Smithy: Mimi… How many do you have?

Mimi: Uhhh, I have three…

Smithy: Same… I think we're looking for the same one…

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Phil: Merlon & Nolrem? You're team number six!

Nolrem: Oh, excellent.

Merlon: That is an acceptable position.

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Did you get that one over there?

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
Mimi: Yeah…

Smithy: I wonder if we're ahead of Frankie.

Frankie (Distant): YO, FRANNIE! I GOT 'EM!

Mimi: Wh…

Smithy: Aw, MAN!

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Francesca: Well, good! Good job, hon!

Frankie: Yeah! We gots to fly to da volcano!

Francesca: Okay! Let's go!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Phil: Blue & Yellow? You're team number seven!!!

Both: WOOO!!!

Blue: That's not as good as we'd like, but it's still pretty good!

Yellow: Yeah, dawg, we're going to get so much better at this game! We're gonna win!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Aha… Got it…

***Smithy: I found my last one, but Mimi was right next to me and saw me. Nothin' I could do about that.

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
Mimi: Oh, he got it. Aw man, oh well.

They both run out of the factory.

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Exor: *laying on the ground* Hey, I can't see from down here. Did you do it?

Smithy: *picks him up* Yup. We're gonna fly to the volcano.

Exor: Oh. All right.

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: C'mon, lassie! They're ahead of us and we got'a go!

Mimi: I know, I know, jeez! We're flying to the volcano. Take us there!

O'Chunks: Yew got it!

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Frankie: Dere's Phil!

Francesca: Ugh, it's so hot! This is terrible!

Frankie: I know, it's like a volcano in here!

Phil: …… Um, Frankie & Francesca?

Francesca: Hey Phil!

Phil: You're team number eight!!

Frankie: Yeah! Dat's awesome! We're gonna move up after dis! As soon as we get on a plane!

*In the skies*
O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: Where's the volcano, lassie?!

Mimi: It's right over there, you big dope! Can't you see the big mountain?

O'Chunks: Oh. I saw tha', but wasn't sure if it was the volcano.

Mimi: *facepalm*

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Ah, dang... They passed us.

Exor: Well go!

Smithy: Yeah, yeah, I'm going!

Exor: Just hurry!

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
Mimi: They're right behind us! Go!

O'Chunks: Don't worry!

Phil: …

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
Mimi: Wait for me!!

O'Chunks: There ain't no time for waitin', lassie! Hurry up!

Phil: … O'Chunks & Mimi?

Mimi: I hope Smithy isn't out.

O'Chunks: 'E won't be.

Phil: You're team number nine!!

O'Chunks: You see? We're all fine!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Make way for the dude with the sword!

Phil: Smithy & Exor? You're team number ten…

Smithy: Great! That's great. We're still behind from the trouble at the beginning of the race. We just need a chance to catch up, like an airport.

Exor: Exactly.

Phil: I heard that you had to do the Roadblock again, Smithy.

Smithy: Hey, not to worry. There's going to be plenty of chances for Exor to do his share of the work! It's gonna be fine!

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: Good job, laddies! Nice ta hear you're still in the race!

Smithy: Heh, thanks…

*Shot of quickly moving clouds*
Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
They surface from the water.

Both: *Gasp*

***Shy Guy: We had lots of fun on the race…

*Shot of them reading their clue*

***Shy Guy: I know it looked like we were scared all the time… but it was still fun.

*Shot of them flying off to the factory*

***Shy Guy: It's an adventure that we'll never get another chance to do.

They land/

Both: *coughing*

Fly Guy: Ugh… Can't… breathe.

Shy Guy: Speed Bump…

*Shot of the Speed Bump*

***Fly Guy: Through all the troubles, all the fears, all the… pain…

*Shot of them playing a song on some Bongos*

***Fly Guy: It was a fantastic and amazing experience that we'll never forget.

*The sounds of the Bongos are heard.*

Shy Guy: This… is kinda fun…

Fly Guy: Haha, yeah! Just keep your timing!

Shy Guy: Heh heh… Woo!

*Fade to them checking into the Pit Stop*

Phil: … Shy Guy & Fly Guy? You're the last team to arrive…

Both: …

Phil: I'm sorry to tell you that you've been eliminated from the race.

Shy Guy: Heh… Well, maybe it's about time. We're running out of steam, running out of courage.

Fly Guy: It was fun while it lasted, but we really aren't fit to run the race.

Shy Guy: Oh well…

***Shy Guy: We're signing out! Bye bye!

The credits roll…

To Be Continued...

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