The Return

By Charyb

The two main gate night guards at Kastle Koopa are sitting, talking.
Phil: So, Jim, how's it going?
Jim: It's going great. How's about you?
Phil: Good. So, I wanted to ask you about somethi-
Just then a shadow darts across a nearby wall.
Phil: Jim, did you see that?
Jim: No... what?
Phil: I thought I saw a shadow over there...
Jim: Ah, probably just your imagination. So...
Another shadow darts across a wall. Neither of them notice this time.
Jim: So, I said to the guy "No, I don't know where your house is", and he said-
Suddenly Jim's eyes glaze over and he drops to the ground, motionless as the floor. A black-robed Koopa Troopa is standing behind where Jim used to be, but Phil can't pick him out in the darkness.
Phil: Jim! JIM! Are you okay?!
Suddenly he notices the Koopa.
Phil: Wh-who are you? And what did you do to Jim?
Suddenly, from behind, two more black-robed koopas appear, and the three surround Phil.
Phil: W-what are y-y-you doing? H-help! HELP!
Even outside, a short scream can be heard emanating from Kastle Koopa, but it falls silent quickly as it is stifled, unnoticed in the darkness of the night.

Chapter 1

Bowser is standing over Mario's body on the battlefield, a triumphant look on his face. His wife and kids are looking admiringly at him.
Iggy: Wow, Dad! You're so cool!
Lemmy: Yeah! That was amazing!
Bowser: Awww. It was NOTHING.
Suddenly he starts shaking.
Bowser: Huh? What?
A disembodied voice comes out of nowhere.
Voice: King Bowser! Wake up!
Bowser: Huh?
Voice: WAKE UP!
Bowser's eyes flutter open, back in reality.
He sees that the voice belongs to the morning main gate guard Koopa. The Koopa doesn't notice that he's awake, and keeps shaking.
He grabs the Koopa.
Bowser: I was having my favorite dream! WHY'D YOU WAKE ME UP?!
A mouthful of spittle flies into the Koopa's face. The gate Koopa catches himself just before he blurts out "Why don't you brush your teeth, fatso? Your breath is terrible!" He's still angry that this is free labor he's doing.
Koopa: Oh, um, there has been an, erm, DISCOVERY earlier this morning at the front gate by me and my partner, sir. I came to fetch you.
Bowser: What is it? Have you told anyone else?
Koopa: No. I figured I should tell you first, as you're the king.
Bowser: Well, this would explain why you woke me up... *growling* And it's a good thing you told me this, because I was right about to tear you limb from limb for entering my bedroom without permission.
The Koopa Troopa gulps loudly, tugging at the neckhole in his shell.
Koopa: Well, uh, anyway, sir, I think you should see this.
Bowser: *muttering* This'd better be good, for your sake...
Koopa: Well, it's interesting, but it's not good. It's an urgent matter. We'd better hurry.
They walk the rather long trek to the front gate. Bowser stops short when he notices what lies before him. The gate Troopa, not noticing, keeps walking, unaware that he's left Bowser behind. Bowser notices that he's been left in the dust, and quickly catches up to the stopped Troopa.
Two Koopas are laying on the floor. One isn't moving at all, with his eyes glazed over. The other one appears to be in some kind of restless sleep, rolling around on the ground, visibly twitching and muttering.
A few doctors are observing the pair, attaching some instruments to them. Even the ruthless Bowser is speechless at this gruesome sight. The doctors begin telling him facts.
Doctor 1: The non-moving one appears to still be alive, but barely. The other... well, we don't know what's wrong with him.
Doctor 2: The ruts in the ground under the nonmoving one make it seem as if he has been laying here for a long time. I'd have to say about 5 or 6 hours he's been laying here. We have to guess that the other has been here for a similar amount of time.
Doctor 3: He also appears to have been knocked unconscious, and injected with a poison. We think we know what it is. But I thought it went extinct YEARS ago!
Doctor 2: The moving one appears to be suffering from massive shock and fear, but other than that, he's fine.
The first doctor calls out to a Meditroopa.
Doctor 1: Go bring the muttering one to the infirmary! I don't think we should move the poisoned one yet.
Bowser is watching this whole proceeding with little interest, when he notices a slight tapping. He turns around.
Ludwig: Hey, King Dad, I think I found the security tapes from last night. Wanna see them?
Bowser: I might as well. Better than sticking around here.
They walk off to Ludwig's room. There, they shuffle over to Ludwig's large computer (Karma and Bowser glare at each other), where he begins to fiddle with the controls. A pop-up appears. Ludwig clicks it, and the security footage from the previous night jumps up.
The events of the previous night flash across the screen. Bowser doesn't notice the hooded figures, but Ludwig does. He turns up the lighting on the tape.
Ludwig: A-HA! Look there, King Dad, there's a cloaked Koopa Troopa right there!
Bowser: I see him, I see him. But what was he here for? What did he want?
Ludwig: Nothing was stolen or anything. This is very suspicious...
They're so focused on the security tape that neither of them notices that Wendy has been watching the proceedings this whole time. Ludwig notices her at last, and nearly falls off his chair. Karma sniggers from her bed.
Ludwig: WENDY!
Wendy: King Dad, Larry and I found something you might like. Come look!
Bowser: BAH! Fine!
Bowser follows Wendy to her room, where Wendy points out her window.
Wendy: Look there!
Bowser What is THAT?!
A large camp has been setup not far from Kastle Koopa. While it's not a full establishment, there are a lot of troops and a few powerful-looking airships stationed there.
Wendy: How much do you want to bet that those guys from last night came from that camp?
Bowser: How the... why... THE NERVE! TO PUT UP A CAMP RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME?!
Bowser stomps out of Wendy's room into the hallway.
He stomps off into the kitchen, followed by a troop of dazed and sleepy Koopalings.

Chapter 2

In the kitchen...

Bowser: All right, here's the situation. By now, you all obviously know what happened at the front gate. But what you probably don't know is that there is a camp of potential enemies RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR CASTLE! Grrrr...

Larry: Calm down, King Dad. Send one of us to deal with it.

Bowser: Fine. Iggy, you get an airship fleet assembled and destroy that camp.

Iggy: Aye aye, King Dad!

They all leave.

Later, everyone is waiting for Iggy to return. They're all by a transponder radio that Iggy can call in on. So far, Iggy has not called in.

Bowser: What's keeping Iggy? He should've called close to five hours ago, and he should have beaten the camp by now!


Lemmy: I'm sure he'll radio in any moment.

Suddenly a crackling is heard on the radio. It's turning on.

Lemmy: I told yo-

But instead of hearing a voice, they hear many voices. All of them yelling. One voice is louder than the others. Explosions and screams can be heard all around.

Loudest voice: King Dad! This is Iggy! They're stronger than we anticipated! Airships are useless! Send reinforcements! SEND REINFORCE-

Before he can finish, a massive explosion can be heard along with a large number of screams, Iggy's voice among them. Then a crash is heard and the radio stops.

Everyone is speechless… Ludwig recovers first.

Ludwig: We should all go! We have no idea what lies in store!

Lemmy: Agreed! Let's go save my bro!

Chapter 3

They all rush off to prepare. When they return, they all have separate weapons. All of them have their wands. They decide not to use airships or troops, but to use stealth instead, because of what Iggy said. Their biggest problem is Bowser. While the Koopalings are all small and nimble, Bowser is massive and very conspicuous. They decide to ad lib as they go. They set off.

They soon reach the camp.

Bowser: Wow, it's bigger than I thought.

The camp is roughly circular, with a large open area dead center in the middle. It looks almost completely deserted. There are a few random Koopas rambling about, doing their duties, but they look nothing like soldiers.

Larry: This is obviously a trap.

Morton: Oh no! No no no no no no! I don't like traps no no not in one bit I might even leave if we keep going forwar-

Roy shoves a sock in Morton's mouth.

Morton: Mmph mmph!!

They all sigh in relief.

They have no trouble navigating the camp, as it is very spacious and relatively empty. They all keep in mind that this is probably a trap, and alert no one to their presence. They soon reach the middle circle. There, they find a statue. It looks horrifyingly similar to...

Lemmy: IGGY!

Everyone holds Lemmy back. In the middle of the opening stands a perfect statue of Iggy, every contour and spike on his shell perfectly placed.

Roy: Dummy. Did you honestly think that that was the real Iggy?

Wendy: Well, if it isn't, it's amazing! I want one!

Ludwig: Hold up, everyone.

All: What?

Ludwig: I found a tracker in the storeroom of the attic above my room. It was made in a way I never built. Sure, it has some stuff I would do, but most of it is alien. It senses life force and tells me where it is. I know how it works, though... Here, let me use it.

Ludwig turns on the tracker.

Ludwig: Oh no. Oh no no no no no.


Ludwig: Okay, I have some good news and some bad news. Which would you like to hear first?

Roy: Good news.

Ludwig: Good news is, I just found Iggy.

Lemmy: Really?! Where?!

Ludwig: Well, here's the bad news. This tracker picked up residual traces of his life force in that.

He points at the statue. They all gasp. Bowser louder than the others.

Wendy: Pssshaw. That's not possible.

Ludwig: Believe it or not, that IS Iggy.

Lemmy: Then let's go retrieve him!

Larry: I'll go. I'm the sneakiest, after all.

All: All right.

Larry goes, nimbly sweeping up to the statue. Suddenly he gets struck by something pitch black and he falls.

They all stare in shock. No one could have hit Larry, considering how small he is and how fast he was moving! They all run out to Larry.

Ludwig: Larry, are you all right?

Larry: No.

Suddenly they notice a tent flap closing.

Bowser: The sharpshooter must've gone in there!

They all run in, Bowser carrying Larry. There are four figures in the camp. Three are completely shrouded in darkness. The last is a Hammer Bro with a black helmet, black shell, black shoes, little horns popping out of the sides of his helmet, and a good bunch of varying Bro weapons on his waist. Then, the smallest shadowed figure speaks. His voice is high-pitched and musical.

??? 1: Army Bro, did you make a direct hit?

The Hammer Bro starts talking.

Army Bro: Of course I did. What do you take me for?

??? 1: Oh, it seems we have visitors! However, you are unwanted. Go away.

Bowser: Hey, wait a minute! YOU'RE THE ONE ON MY PROPERTY!

??? 1: Hee hee hee, I know this one! But I'm afraid you talk too much. Begone!

??? 1 pulls out a magic wand and points it at the Koopas. They disappear.


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