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Lemmy's Land Anthem

By Luigi_Ownz

This Lemmy's Land themed compilation features a wide variety of tunes including the following: Mario Material Used Mario Teaches Typing 2 Super Mario World (TV Series) Underwater (Brawl Remix) Vanilla Dome Frappe Snowland (Remix by an old friend of mine) Starring Wario! Waluigi Pinball (Brawl Remix) Boss Battle (Mario 3, Brawl Remix) Additional Music Used Inside The Lamp (Aladdin for SNES) Seven Rings In Hand (Sonic and The Secret Rings) Pinky and The Brain Theme (8-Bit Remix) Be Prepared (The Lion King) BoogerHenge/Tureen Toliet (ClayFighter 63 1/3) The Facts (Homestar Runner) I used music to the fit the fun yet sometimes sinister demener of Lemmy's Land. Enjoy! (Please note that this song may not play normally because it is in WMA format. If it does not play you may need to download it and open it in your music player.)

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