to Iggy's Casino

Graphic by Latisha Banks

Welcome to my Casino! I see you like to gamble. You will find a number of games in my Casino, and I think they are all fun. Of course, the only currency in Lemmy's Land is Koopaling votes, so that's what you'll be gambling.

Four of the games simply involve random guessing, but in Black Jack, you have to decide how many cards you want. As in real life, the casino usually wins, but if you hit the payoff...

This casino is for compulsive gamblers only, so step right up and let's get down to business. We like it when our tourists gamble, so there are no bouncers. Keep gambling until you run out of votes, time, or both! This casino does have a higher occurance of pay-out than you would think...

A simple game to get you startedFor the more experienced gamblers
Want to take a risk?Want to take a big risk?
For those of you who are not really compulsive gamblers

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