Count Bleck

Super Paper Mario

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More about Count Bleck...
Games: Super Paper Mario
Sports Hall Record: 12-4, Season Runner Up (9), Rank 17
W: Amazee Dayzee (7-1), Chef Torte (9-1), Fawful & Bowser Castle (9-2), Chef Torte & General Guy (9-2), Cackletta (9-2), Ludwig & Iggy & Bandit (9-3)
L: Dimentio (7-1), Dimentio (7-2), Cackletta (9-1), Waluigi (9-4)
One of the most complex characters in the Mario Universe, the history of Count Bleck has been the subject of fan fiction, and there's sure to be more to come.  When he first appears in Super Paper Mario, Bleck seems to be a lunatic who speaks in third person, has a bizarre laugh, and wants to destroy all worlds for no known reason.  Later, though, Bleck is revealed to be a tragic figure.  Once known as Blumiere, he once enjoyed his life with his true love, Timpani (who we mainly know as Tippi), but his father forbid their romance and all but eradicated Tippi (whose essense later was turned into a Pixl).  Bleck searched everywhere for his love, but finally despairing, he turned to his tribe's ancient tome, the Dark Prognosticus, and determined himself to be the destroyer of worlds.  He rounded up loyal minions (and a traitor) and set his plan into motion.  Only later would he discover that Tippi still lived - but by this point, he was too invested and did not believe it was possible to stop the destruction of all worlds, which even if it were possible appeared to require his own death.  And so Bleck fought on with no apparent remorse.  But Mario defeated Bleck without killing him, even as his traitorous minion Dimentio tried to backstab him, and after a shocking series of events the worlds were saved and a repentant Bleck was able to reunite with Tippi.  At the end of the game the two eloped to a secret, private location, presumably forever, which isn't to say the two don't still make appearances throughout the fandom.

Bleck is presumably not a villain any longer, unless he just snaps again or anything happens to Tippi; but if he were to engage in battle his main assets are speed, flight, and these black hole things he creates from his scepter.  Oh, and he's also invincible as long as he's got the Chaos Heart, which shouldn't any longer be the case.  Then again, he was invulnerable to Mario's attacks in the prologue before he'd even released the Chaos Heart!  Eh, Mario was probably just too weak then... or too flabbergasted by this strange man.  Does he even have a body or just arms and a cape?

Count Bleck has an up and down history in the Sports Hall, sort of like his own personality.  He got off to a poor start with two losses to his old nemesis Dimentio back in Season Season.  And he suffered perhaps the greatest indignity possible in Season Nine when he fell to Cackletta, then the worst ranked fighter of all time.  But he rebounded by forcing his way through a crowded Round Two in dominating fashion, and was victorious in a Round Three match in which all three of his opponents had already made it to the semifinals before.  With the season title and a rank as high as 6th on the line, he did finally fall in battle to Waluigi.

Zooming right from there into the Season Ten Tournament seeded 17th, he had little trouble with a powered up Muddy Buddy in the first round.  In the second round, Don Pianta appeared to present a greater challenge, but Bleck was most effective in his defeat of him as well.  As the first qualifier for Round Three, his next opponent will be Mack or Duplighost.

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