General Guy

Paper Mario

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More about General Guy
Games: Paper Mario
Sports Hall Record: 3-4, Rank 99
W: Dark Star (9-1), Lemmy & Dimentio (9-2)
L: Larry (6-1), Wind Crystal (8-1), Fawful (9-1), Count Bleck (9-2)
The leader of the Shy Guys, found in Shy Guy's Toybox in Paper Mario.  He would have us believe that he has organized the Shy Guys into an army, although they seem more like a gang of hit and run thieves than anything else.  He acts tough but I think he's a bit of a coward.  He sends a few waves of Shy Guys to attack Mario first before confronting Mario himself, but does so while safely in a tank.  Or, at least he's reasonably safe as long as Watt doesn't short it out.  Apart from using the tank to unleash a lightning attack, he basically just spends the battle throwing weak bombs.  It was nice to see the Shy Guys have a major role in Paper Mario but if you ask me, they deserve a better leader.  The guy's still kind of cool, though.

In Season Nine General Guy started by steamrolling over the Dark Star, but the honor of victory was stolen from him by Fawful.  General Guy retaliated in his opening match in Round Two; although it looked as though he ought to have ordered a tactical retreat, he outmanueveredLemmy and Dimentio to advance to the semi-finals.  There he would finally have to yield, however, as despite seemingly holding the upper hand he was forced into submission by Count Bleck and was eliminated from the season.

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