A Koopaling Defects

By abcd

It had been too long since Bowser had been victorious against Mario. He couldn’t even remember a successful conquering of land. “That’s it!” Bowser declared. “Koopalings, we have a new tactic. We’re going to capture Mario, Luigi, and Peach all at once.” They all took the Clown Copter.

Inside the Clown Copter, Ludwig found a comb. “Hey, whose is this?” he said, waving the comb in the air.

Another Koopaling replied, “Oh sorry, that’s mine.”

Everyone in the car looked at him/her. Bowser questioned, “Why do you need a comb?”

The Koopaling responded, “I have hair, you know. Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii! Gosh!”

They finally landed just outside of Mushroom Kingdom, and began the long trek on foot. One Koopaling, frustrated with all the walking, complained to Bowser. At this point, he/she really wished that he/she hadn’t made Bowser give him/her all that candy.

When they finally arrived, the Koopalings snuck inside the castle disguised as Toads. (Bowser, who was much too large and recognizable, stayed outside.) Unfortunately, once inside the castle, the disguises all fell off the Koopalings’ faces. They were exposed!

A Koopaling less mobile than normal decided to pair up with one older than itself. Both went to Luigi’s room to fight.

Additionally, the Koopaling who’d complained paired up with a blue-haired Koopaling, and they went to Mario’s room.

Another heavy Koopaling decided to pair up with the one who had the comb, and they went to Peach’s room.

The remaining Koopaling went back to the Copter, upset that he/she had no partner.

In Luigi’s room, there was a fierce battle. The more agile of the Koopalings began to battle with Luigi, while the other snuck up behind him. Luigi knocked out the one he was fighting with, but the other one punched him from behind, knocking him out. That Koopaling took his sibling and Luigi back to the Clown Copter.

In Mario’s room, the battle was intense as well. Mario knocked out the elder Koopaling immediately, throwing him/her out the window, killing him/her. The younger one fought valiantly, but only damaged him slightly. Mario knocked him/her out and left him/her there. He needed to find Peach.

The princess, not being trained in battle, was easily overwhelmed by the two Koopalings in her room. The older Koopaling immediately picked her up and returned to the Clown Copter, leaving his/her sibling there. Once Mario arrived in Peach’s room, he knocked out that Koopaling. But another Koopaling who was neither at the Clown Copter nor already in the room entered and dealt Mario a blow to the head, knocking him out. That Koopaling picked up his/her sibling and Mario, and returned to the Clown Copter.

Bowser was pleased with his children, or most of them, at least. He would never forgive the one who did not fight, because he believed that his dead child could have lived if he/she had fought.

Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, and Peach were left alone in prison cells, and they began to despair. But a Koopaling who felt unloved decided to free them. He/she left with them, and they returned to Mushroom Kingdom. The new Koopaling joined life in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Who knocked out Mario?
Who captured Peach?
Who knocked out Luigi?
Which Koopaling is dead?
Which Koopaling freed Mario, Luigi, and Peach?

And the answer is...

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