Ninja Night Fight

By Iggy Koopa

One day the Koopalings are bored.

Ludwig: Let me and my siblings build important things!

Lemmy: Invent, and let’s play ball!

Roy: No, let’s fight!

Iggy: I think we should NOT fight…

Wendy: Let’s go swimming!

Morton: No way! I think we should build sandcastles!

Larry: We could water the garden in Grass Land!

Bowser comes in.

Bowser: Koopalings, Susan is coming over. Be kind to her.

Koopalings: Aww…

There’s a knock at the door.

Bowser: That must be her.

Bowser leaves and Susan comes in.

Susan: Hi!

Lemmy: I’d rather say bye…

Susan grabs Lemmy.

Susan: Aw, you’re so funny, Lemmy! I know you wouldn’t say bye when I just arrived.

Iggy: Actually, we probably would.

Susan (grabbing Iggy): Ha-ha! That’s so funny!

Ludwig: I wouldeth like to goeth and worketh on my very important things.

Susan (grabbing Ludwig): You talk funny!

Larry: Doo-doo-doo…

He starts to walk away but Susan grabs him.

Susan: Let’s play Ninja!

Larry: Aw, man! I wanted to play Pirates again...

Susan: I brought some ninja costumes.

They get into their costumes. Then Ludwig pulls a stunt and almost kicks Lemmy in the chest.

Lemmy: Hey! Careful!

Iggy: Why did you do that to my twin?

Ludwig: I did not mean to hurt your sibling, sibling.

Iggy: Oh yes you did!

He punches at Ludwig, but Ludwig dodges and punches Susan’s arm.

Susan: OW!

She punches at Ludwig but misses and hits Lemmy’s leg.

Lemmy: Hey!

Lemmy punches at Susan but hits Roy.

Roy: Stop that!

Roy punches at Lemmy but hits Wendy.

Wendy: You know what this means! WAAAAAAR!!!

Larry: No, Ninja War in the Ninja Kingdom. We’ll each take a land, and whoever captures the most lands by tomorrow night is the best ninja.

Here are the lands:
Black Ninja Pipes – Ludwig
Icy Ninja Land - Lemmy
Sky Ninjas – Roy
Giant Ninja Land – Iggy
Ninja Sub – Wendy
Talking Ninjas – Morton
Ninja Garden – Larry
Ninjewels – Susan


The non-Koopaling attacks the Koopaling of the same gender and takes its sub, but then is attacked by the short Koopaling and loses one of its lands. The bully attacks the weak Koopaling but amazingly fails and loses its land. The first Koopaling that attacked, attacks the two Koopalings with no lands and sends them flying away, but is attacked by the weak Koopaling and loses its last land. The weak Koopaling then attacks the biggest Koopaling but fails, losing one land and tieing the score between three. The Koopaling that owns two lands but hasn’t attacked yet sneaks into the chocolate-loving Koopaling’s land and distracts that Koopaling by talking and then steals the land. The only Koopaling with a bow attacks the Koopaling in the lead but fails and is sent flying. Then the sun comes up.


The winning three Koopalings attack the one with no lands but fail and each lose one land. The biggest Koopaling attacks the winning Koopaling and gains all three of that Koopaling’s lands. The youngest Koopaling left attacks the leader but is sent flying and loses one land. The Koopaling with glasses attacks the fattest and sends him flying. The winning Koopaling attacks the two Koopalings with the fewest lands but loses and loses one land to each. The two that are losing attack each other but both are sent flying, awarding the four lands they had together to the only Koopaling left. Since only one Koopaling is left, that Koopaling is declared winner.

Who won the game?

And the answer is...

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