Lemmy's Mysteries: Sherlock Iggy and the Stolen Chocolate

By Hop

Kastle Koopa: Lemmy and Iggy’s room, 1:00…

Lemmy and Iggy were reading Sherlock Holmes books. Iggy found it coincidental that he had the same hat Sherlock Holmes had. Suddenly...


Lemmy and Iggy jumped to their feet.

Lemmy: That sounded like Ludwig!

They ran to the source of the scream (AKA, Ludwig’s room).

Kastle Koopa: Ludwig’s room, 1:02…

All of the family was there.

Ludwig: Someone stole all the chocolate from my chocolate stash!

Lemmy and Iggy looked at each other. They both had the same idea.

Iggy: We can find-

Lemmy: -the thief, Ludwig!

They left the room, then came back with weird hats. Lemmy was wearing a black bowler hat and holding a magnifying glass. He looked around with his magnifying glass. Iggy was wearing his Sherlock Holmes hat, and had a pipe. He blew in his pipe and bubbles came out.

Roy: What’s with da stupid hat, Iggy?


Roy: Wha?


Roy: 0_0’

Lemmy: Ok, Ludwig, who would want to steal your chocolate, and why?

Ludwig: Well, Roy would, because he’s Roy, and Wendy would, because she likes candy.

Roy: Eh, I didn’t do it. I don’t need any crispy caramel chocolate.

Wendy: I didn’t either. What makes you think I would want Ludwig’s chocolate?

Wendy adjusted her pink high heels she wore at all times.

Lemmy: We meant, did something happen today that would make someone want to get revenge?

Ludwig: Oh, ok. Well, I duct-taped Morton’s mouth shut when he wouldn’t shut up about where his secret jewel stash is, and I gave Larry a black eye when I was experimenting with magnetics.

Iggy: 4 suspects; Lemmy, take note.

Lemmy: Gotcha.

Iggy examined the safe. It didn’t look broken, so that meant the thief had somehow figured out the combination. The thief was careless, though, and had left footprints in some spilled chocolate. The toes and heel were too big to be Larry’s or Wendy’s, but Roy or Morton’s feet could fit. Or Larry or Wendy could have smushed their feet all around, making them seem bigger.

Iggy and Lemmy reviewed the suspects, and thought about them…

Roy: An all around bad dude. He loves beating up his siblings. Not very smart. Has no reason for stealing the chocolate.

Morton: Wouldn’t shut up. He is kinda nice. Not stupid, but not smart. Has reason for stealing Ludwig’s chocolate.

Wendy: A self-loving brat. Not very nice. Smart-ish. Doesn’t have reason for wanting to steal the chocolate.

Larry: An excellent spy. Nice. Smart, but not as much as Ludwig. Has reason for wanting to steal the chocolate.

Iggy set off to interview the suspects as Lemmy took notes.

Dark Bathroom, 2:00…


Roy: Are you accusin’ me, Punk?

Iggy: No! Just asking where you were.

Roy: Oh, ok. I was lifting weights. In Sky Land castle. I’m strong.

Roy flexed. His muscle was large.

Iggy: Ok, now, about your stupidity-

Roy punched Iggy in the face, then left in a hurry.

Iggy: Ow...

Iggy started choking on his pipe.


Iggy: Where were you when the chocolate was stolen?

Morton: I was in my secret jewel stash. It has rubies, and rubees, and emeralds, and sapphires, and-

Iggy: Ok, now about your feet...

Morton: What about them? They’re the best feet ever because they’re mine and I am the best Koopaling ever and-

Iggy: GET OUT!


Iggy: Where were you when the chocolate was stolen?

Wendy: Looking at my new, sparkly high heels.

Iggy: Ok, now about your makeup...

Wendy: Yes?

Iggy: It looks hideous.



Larry: I’ll never talk!

Iggy Give you 10 coins if you give me hints about the thief.

Larry: I could just tell you.

Iggy:Nah, guessing is more fun. Give me hints.

Larry: They had a plan, so carefully thought out. The thief’s plan was stupid.

Then Larry left.

Iggy: Lemmy, let me see those notes...

Iggy looked through picture after picture of bunnies.


Lemmy: Bunnies are fun!

Iggy: I was counting on you to get me great notes!

Lemmy: Oops. Well look, I found a piece of chocolate to cheer you up.

Iggy: Lemmy, where did you find this?

Lemmy: It fell and hit me on the head. THE SKY IS FALLING! AHHH!

Iggy: Yeah, we need a doctor. But now I know who did it...

Who took the chocolate?

And the answer is...

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