The Soopa Koopa Race

By Iggy Koopa

Note: Read my Koopaling bios to find out the age order.


The Koopalings and Susan run in.

Bowser: Weíre going to have a race.

Morton: Thatís Kooptacular, Dad! Almost as Kooptacular as you are, and since youíre so Kooptacular thatís pretty hardÖ

Bowser: Ö Just ignore him. Anyway, whoever races through this obstacle course and wins doesnít have to fight Mario.

Roy: Simple! Iíll smash the winner and steal the prize.

Larry: And Iíll steal it from you!

Bowser: First, rule 1: No sore losers. Whoever is a sore loser has to fight Mario on his own.

Roy and Larry gulp.

Bowser: Rule 2: No wands. Kamek is using his powers to scan the course. If he senses magic, the user will be eliminated.

Wendy and Morton grumble.

Bowser: Rule 3: You can only have 1 weapon each. This can be any weapon, except wands of course.

Lemmy and Iggy sigh unhappily.

Bowser: Rule 4: No fire. Most of this course is wooden, so fire will burn it down. If you burn it down, youíll have to fight Mario on your own.

Ludwig stomps his feet angrily.

Bowser: Rule 5: Anything else goes.

Everyone cheers.

Bowser: Go get your weapons and meet back here in 10 minutes.

Here are the weapons:
Susan: Mini Shy Guy (To peek ahead)
Larry: Pirate Sword (To slash any rope-like things that get in his way)
Morton: Ninja Stars (To throw at things far away)
Wendy: Poison Powder (To poison living obstacles or opponents)
Iggy: Chain Chomp (To chomp things that get in the way)
Roy: Hammer (To smash things)
Lemmy: Freeze Gun (To freeze things)
Ludwig: Wrench (To smash things)

The Koopalings and Susan all go in opposite directions. One of them gets on its weapon and rides ahead, but gets smashed by something. Something on their face shatters and they canít move on.

???: Weakling.

The one who smashed the first chuckles, then continues, but doesnít notice a trap door and falls into a lava pit, burning up.

Meanwhile the youngest Koopaling is doing pretty well, but finds himself face-to-face with a much bigger Koopaling. The bigger Koopaling squishes the smaller and continues, but soon gets distracted by doing his favorite thing and is knocked over by a swinging hammer. Meanwhile someone is being very careful by using her weapon to peek ahead. She soon finds that her weapon has been smashed, however, and is forced to continue without a weapon. This makes her an easy target for someone else, who uses her weapon to poison the other, causing the other to faint.

???: I always wanted to do that!

Meanwhile, the first Koopaling eliminated notices the dead Koopaling and begins plotting. The female from above then continues, but meets up with the youngest one who hasnít done anything yet. The two decide to work together and to leave it up to the final sprint who wins. However, the other Koopaling sneaks behind the two and manages to get ahead. He then runs forward, just to be caught by a Piranha Plant. While this Koopaling is trying to get his weapon to slice the Piranha, the other two are quickly heading towards him. He finally slices the Piranha and hides in the shadows while the other two pass. He then dashes ahead and is about to winÖ when he trips over his shoe. The female Koopaling crosses the finish line, followed by the one who assisted her, then the sneaky one. Soon the one who couldnít move on due to losing something makes his way through. Then the one who was distracted, then the one who wasnít a Koopaling. Finally the one who was squished arrives. Bowser soon discovers that one of his children is dead.


The Koopaling who has a reason to believe he was defeated unfairly raises his hand with a chuckle.

Bowser: What?!

???: The winner killed him.

Bowser: Is this true?!

Winner: No!

Liar: I saw him/her drop the dead Koopaling in the lava.

Bowser: Go to the dungeon! Now!

The winner sadly walks off.

Bowser: Now, you, you win for telling the truth.

Liar: Yes!

And the answer is...

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