Ice Cream Brawl

By Spikeman

It was just a regular day in Bowser's Castle, and here is what the Koopaling were doing. Larry was watering his plants, Morton was talking to nothing, Wendy was putting on makeup, Iggy was getting beat up by Roy, Lemmy was balancing on his ball, and Ludwig was making a symphony. Jr. was bored to death.

Bowser walked in the room containing his children before getting bitten by a Piranha Plant.

Larry: Sorry, Dad!

Bowser: It better not happen again or you'll really get it.

Larry gulped as Bowser was trying to get a word out to the rest of his children.

Bowser: Ahem.

They ignored him.

Bowser: Ahem!

They still ignored him.

Bowser: AHEM!

Still ignoring him.

Bowser: Ice cream.

As quick as a flash the Koopalings stopped what they were doing and jumped on him, trying to find said ice cream.

Bowser: GET OFF ME!!!

They got off him, but were still too excited.

Iggy: Where's the ice cream?

Roy: Yeah, I stopped beating up Iggy for that.

Ludwig: I too want some of that frozen delectable ice cream, Father.

Morton: Yeah, where is it, Dad, Father, King Da-

Before he could complete his sentence, Morton was knocked out by Wendy with her Magic Wand.

Wendy: Finally he shut up.

Lemmy: All right, if you don't give me that ice cream I will grab this gun and shoot your head off and kill everyone HAHAHAHAHA!

Everyone stopped and looked at him. Bowser was the first to recover (though a bit dazed).

Bowser: It's in the freezer, which you can't touch till morning. And Susan's coming over for a sleepover.


Too bad. Susan came right in with her Magic Wand. Bowser left the room, leaving his kids their with their worst cousin.

Susan: Hi Cousins, what do you want to do?

Jr: I say we get that ice cream.

All: Yeah!

Susan: Wait, why are you guys going to get ice cream if you can do this any day?

Wendy: Because he usually never gets us ice cream even if we're good.

Susan: Fine, you can do it, but I'm just going for a midnight snack.

All of Bowser's children just ignored her after “Fine”. Roy managed to whisper some during her sentence

Roy: I say whoever get to it first gets all of it.

And the answer is...

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