By abcd

One morning, a blue-haired Koopaling woke up really early to find nobody in the house awake. Bowser was normally awake at this time, so this Koopaling was troubled. He went to go find an older sibling to see if he or she knew why Bowser was gone.

A few hours later, everyone was awake, but Bowser still had not yet returned. Suddenly the front door to Koopa Kastle was opened, and Bowser walked through the door, teary-eyed and wearing a black suit. He said, “Kids! I was just at the reading of Grandpa Morton’s will. In it, Grandpa Morton wrote that he wanted one million coins of his fortune to go to the strongest of his grandchildren. To find out who that is, all seven of you will go through an obstacle course. Anything is allowed. First one to exit the course wins. Oh, and I’ve set up a few traps for you along the way… so be warned!”

Apparently showing no remorse for his grandfather’s death, Ludwig proclaimed, “I will win this easy! I can make tons of new inventions with this!”

Roy muttered, “He-he-heh. Iggy’d better watch his back. I can buy sooooo many weapons with a million coins!”

Iggy worriedly said, “I can hire so many bodyguards with that money!”

“I can buy about… 1,000 new dresses!” Wendy sang cheerfully.

“Wedding cake! Tons of it! Everywhere! A never-ending— MPH!” cried Morton as his mouth was covered by Larry, who stated, “You all better watch your backs. That could buy me state-of-the-art spy gear!”

Lemmy summed it all up, “I want money!”

Bowser replied, “Yes. Money. I’ll lead you seven to the course.”

Soon the group of seven was lined up at the starting line. Bowser counted down… “Three… two… one… Go!”

Right out of the gate, one burly Koopaling tripped his older yet thinner brother. That sibling fell and destroyed the mode of transportation of another Koopaling with his teeth. The Koopaling without any way to travel broke their leg while falling off their mode of transportation, and was thus out of the race before it had even started. That Koopa, sulking, hopped back to Kastle Koopa.

Meanwhile, one Koopaling snuck up behind one of his/her younger siblings and aimed a sucker punch at the back of his/her head. In mid-punch, an older Koopaling tackled their punching sibling. “I’m ashamed of you. That’s the one person you cannot punch.” Then the older one punched their younger sibling in the face, knocking him/her out of the race.

Later on, one who had a good reason to be tired began to slow down. He/she took a nap, and awoke after the race was over.

It was down to the final four. They were sprinting toward the finish line when two Koopalings worked together to sandwich their sibling, which caused him/her to break a hip, meaning that he/she could not continue. That Koopaling sat down as he coughed up a ball of fire.

The three remaining Koopalings arrived at Bowser’s one and only trap: a dome of mirrors that, similar to Crystal Canyon, reflected sunlight at anyone who entered. The oldest and youngest Koopalings remaining entered, while the middle one stopped short. He/she then went around the dome, letting his/her siblings deal with it.

Inside the dome, one of the two Koopalings was feeling the heat more than his/her sibling. It was only natural: he/she attracted the sunlight more than his/her sibling did. The Koopaling most affected by the heat collapsed inside the dome. He/she jealously looked on as his/her sibling escaped, and continued watching as the two remaining Koopalings ran for the finish line.

One of the Koopalings pulled ahead of the other, but something fell off the neck of the Koopaling in the lead. As he/she bent down to pick it up, his/her sibling crossed the finish line. That Koopaling was the winner!

Who won the race?

And the answer is...

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