An Obstacle Course of Lies

By badyoyo

Ludwig and Roy are seen driving a tank to one of the many obstacles courses in Dark Land.

Roy: Man, I hate it when King Dad makes us do the maze obstacle courses! Why make us learn to use mazes if all we do is hide at the end?

Ludwig: I find them quite amusing.

Roy: I'll tell ya what's amusing... your outfit!

Ludwig: Shut up! We're here!

Ludwig and Roy pull in to the Maze Obstacle Course. However they see a strange sight.

Ludwig: What the?

Bowser and the five other Koopalings are huddled around the start of the maze.

Bowser: It's about time you two got here!

Some Koopatrols walk up to Bowser.

Koopatrol: The man was killed at 6:58 today, sir.

Ludwig: Killed?!

Bowsser: Yes, Koko Koopa, a well-loved minion of mine, was found dead. His death was due to Koopaling claws. I can tell that one of you runts killed him as a favor to Mario! I'm going to find out who! We'll start with my biggest suspect! Lemmy!

Bowser points to Lemmy.

Bowser: Lemmy, you were helping me around the house, but around 6:44 I sent you to get cleaner lava for my castle. You had just enough time to get the lava and kill Koko Koopa! I noticed you came into the castle panting.

Lemmy: Lava is heavy, King Dad!

Bowser: I carry it all the time! I don't feel pain!

Lemmy: But that's because you're big, and strong, and-


Ludwig checked his watch, it was currently 7:34. Bowser noticed him.

Bowser: Ludwig! You seem nonchalant about this! You and Roy could've double teamed Koko!

Ludwig: But King Dad, we were driving the tank on our way here! We left at 6:34, made our rounds, then made our way to the obstacle course!

Roy: Uh, Bro, knowing the speed of the tank, I think we could've killed him though.

Ludwig: You're not helping my case!

Bowser: ... Lemmy! Did you see Ludwig and Roy?

Lemmy: Yes King Dad, I saw a tank while getting the lava. I couldn't see the driver though.

Bowser: Maybe I should ask... IGGY!

Iggy: What?!

Bowser: You, Wendy, Larry, and Morton went into the maze at 6:23!

Wendy: How could you know that, King Dad?

Bowser: Security cameras! We don't have any in the maze though. At 6:23 you four entered, and at 6:35, Koko Koopa entered. Now Iggy, what do you remember?

Iggy: At 6:57 I was wandering the middle of the maze. I watching the Bob-omb cannon shoot Bob-ombs into the distance. I must say I like that idea-


Wendy: Yeah Iggy!

Bowser: You're one to talk, Wendy! What did you do?!

Wendy: Well I finished the maze around 6:53, I remember it from my watch. I walked around to the start and saw Larry doing something with the wires. Then we heard some sort of fight going on, and then a scream, we went back into the maze and saw the body. We're the ones to call the Koopatrols to examine the body.

Larry: I can confirm this!

Bowser: How did you get out so quickly?

Larry: Simple, I cheated, I climbed the wall to the east, and got out in 8 minutes according to my stopwatch. Then some Monty Moles wanted my brilliant electric skills to fix the Bob-omb cannon in case Peach's Troops come by to attack us. I never got it fixed, because at 6:57 Wendy and I heard a fight going on, then the scream. We found Koko after going back into the maze... It was bloody.

Bowser thinks about this and turns to Morton.

Bowser: Morton, it a few words. Where were you?

Morton tries hard not to talk too much,

Morton: I... finished... the maze... at... 7:00... Before I left... I heard a fight... and a scream...

Bowser: Hmph... Well... since I can't figure out which one of you is the murderer... I'll just send Morton to the dungeon.

Morton: WHAT?! HUH?! WHAT THE?! WHA?!

Bowser grabs Morton and starts dragging him to his castle.

Ludwig: King Dad, stop! I know who the real murderer is! Morton is innocent!

Bowser: ... Ludwig, if you give me the real name of the murderer and PROVE IT, I'll let Morton go. But, if you're just craving attention, you're going to be in so much trouble for sticking up for Morton!

Who killed Koko Koopa?

And the answer is...

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