Deadly Disaster

By Doom

It is Bowser and Clawdia’s 15th anniversary. Bowser, after learning his lesson with having to deal with many of Lemmy’s Mysteries, hires 7 babysitters, instead of just one like usual one. The sitters are Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Bob-omb, Boo, Shy Guy, Bandit, and Kamek. After Bowser and Clawdia leave, the 7 Koopalings and the babysitters watch “How to Kill a Plumber”, since Bowser makes them watch that show at least once a week.

A few minutes later, Susan and Fawful come for a visit, for no real reason. They are invited inside for, once again, no real reason. Just then, someone whose name starts with the letter “L” says something that offends the Koopalings’ cousin. The cousin gets mad, and punches the offender. With that, an immense battle commenses.

1. The twin of the offender zaps the cousin to death.
2. A bald Koopaling then slashes the strongest Koopaling with his/her claws.
3. A glasses-wearing villain decides to toss a babysitter out a 30-story window.
4. The villain whose last 5 letters in their name spell “awful” stabs an armless babysitter with a knife.
5. 3 villains whose names start with “B” create an alliance, and choke a visitor.
6. A masked villain who hasn’t been mentioned yet kills a babysitter via judo chop. The victim in this clue is also the murderer in clue 3.
7. The guy whose name can also be a human’s occupation betrays his/her alliance, and lights his/her explosive ex-partner on fire.
8. A Koopaling who hasn’t killed anyone yet bites a brother on the foot, and the victim dies soon afterwards. The victim’s world number in New Super Mario Bros Wii is higher than their world number in Super Mario Bros 3.
9. The smartest villain defeats a villain with their weakness, the Poltergust 3000.
10. The most talkative villain speaks their younger sibling to death.
11. A clothed villain kills a fellow clothed villain.
12. The betrayer from clue 7 kills his/her new partner’s only living older brother.
13. The foot-biter from clue 8 uses their foot-like breath to poison their brother.
14. Of all the Koopalings remaining, the least popular one is killed by one of their siblings.
15. The finalist in this mystery who killed more villains goes insane, and killed themself.

When Bowser and Clawdia comes home, they see one villain left, surrounded by corpses. Bowser gets furious and kills the survivor.

In what order were the 16 killed?

And the answer is...

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