The Broken Vase

By banjonator1

It was a stormy night in Dark Land. Bowser had just gone down to the living room to relax. Suddenly, the lights went out! Bowser fumbled around for the light switch.


After Bowser turned the lights on, he saw that a vase lay broken beyond repair on the floor. Most importantly, this was Clawdia’s favorite vase! Fleeing the scene was a Koopling that Bowser couldn’t make out. The only other pair of eyes to witness the crime was those of the security camera. Bowser stormed into the kitchen to call a family meeting. He brought the recorded tape from the security camera with him.

“Grrr,” Roy said. “I really want to get some sleep here!

“Yeah! I need my beauty sleep!” Wendy said.

“None of you will be allowed to sleep until you can explain this!” Bowser held out the shattered remains of the vase. “This was your mother’s favorite vase. Now, any of you want to step forward? No? Then be prepared to face the consequences!”

All the Koopalings gulped as Bowser slipped the tape into the VCR.

“Now, this tape here is going to tell us who broke your mother’s vase,” Bowser said. The room on the tape was dark, so Bowser could only make out a few details on the culprit.

“I am a firm believer in hard evidence! I refuse to accept a silly tape as the only clue in this crime!” Larry said.

“Why, of course Larry,” Bowser said with a sneer that could make Ludwig hate chocolate. “I found this to-do list at the scene of the crime. Whoever it belongs to is obviously the culprit. And as an added precaution, I will be interviewing each one of you separately with a curtain over you so as to keep it fair.”

Bowser set up a curtain and began to interview the Koopalings. “And where were you on the night in question?” Bowser asked the first. “Well, after being electrocuted just for guessing something wrong, I was then used as a mop by aforementioned electrocutionist! Apparently it’s a tradition or something!” the Koopaling said.

“That’s all I needed to know,” Bowser said. “You may leave.”

The next Koopaling walked in. “So, what’s your excuse?

“Swimming lessons, King Dad,” the Koopaling said.

“Thank you,” Bowser replied.

The next Koopaling walked in. “So, what were- “Vhy should vhi know?! Vhi have much more vhimportant things to do than keep track ov vhere I’ve been!”

The Koopaling who had refused to give Bowser any information stormed out of the room. So much for the interviews. Bowser then pulled out the to-do list. It read as follows:

1. Wake up and eat my cocoa-free yummy Koopa-Puffs.
2. Watch TV most of the day.
3. Destroy all Matrimonial Pastries. Man, I hate those.
4. Destroy the item mother holds most dear.
5. Celebrate by bombing Vanilla Dome!

With that information, Bowser knew the culprit. But instead of punishing the perpetrator himself, Bowser simply walked by the culprit’s room and said, “Just wait until your mom finds out!” Soon after hearing that unnerving statement, the culprit simply walked downstairs and locked itself in the dungeon rather than face the wrath of its mother.

Who broke the vase?

And the answer is...

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