Koopaling Coup

By Yosh 3000

One weekend Lemmy left for a few hours to discuss Season 10 of Roy's Sports Tournament. However, he made one vital mistake: he forgot to log out of his Lemmy's Land account. The rest of the Koopalings realized this and tried to takeover his site. Unfortunately, they got into a few fights.

The two smartest Koopalings realized this first and teamed up to takeover Lemmy's Land. However, the Koopaling that's the third-strongest of the ones present saw them and attacked. The weaker of the duo went down, while the stronger one retreated to get a Mushroom for his fallen comrade.

The third-strongest Koopaling proceeded to the computer when the youngest Koopaling ran in. He/she tripped over the unconscious Koopaling, but managed to grab the third-strongest Koopaling's leg, distracting him/her. The last remaining Koopaling came in and pushed the third-strongest Koopaling out of the chair. The youngest Koopaling got up and began fighting the last remaining Koopaling.

A Koopaling came back carrying Mushrooms only to get knocked out cold by a stray wand shot. The last remaining Koopaling lost the fight to the youngest one when he/she gets knocked out by the third strongest Koopaling. However, the Koopaling that got knocked out first woke up and got into a fight with the third strongest Koopaling. The stronger one ended up winning.

Lemmy soon came back to discover that his site had been changed. However, the changes were obvious, and he managed to discover that...

Which Koopaling took over the site?

And the answer is...

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