What We Ate

By Yosh 3000

Bowser was sitting at his throne room, stomping his foot. Larry, Wendy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig - aka, everyone but Morton and Iggy - were late for dinner. How late? 3 hours late, and that's super late ya know. Soon however, they finally came.

"Where were you children?! You're 3 hours late for dinner! I was forced to feed your food to the Chain Chomps!" yelled Bowser.

"Sorry Father. We were racing karts with the other children in town," said Ludwig.

"No wonder you go-kart with Mario all the time! It's pretty fun!" said Larry.

"Yeah, why don't you ever bring us with you? We're your own children!" yelled Wendy.

"SILENCE! The chefs have gone home, so now you will have nothing to eat! I hope you're happy!" yelled Bowser.

"Actually, we ate at a sweet restaurant on the way back," said Roy.

"Really? What did you eat?" asked Bowser.

"I don't remember. I was too busy rolling on my ball to notice what I ate," said Lemmy.

"So did I! I got distracted by my own beauty!" said Wendy.

"I was admiring some potted plants..." murmurred Larry.

"I was too busy threatening little kids to care," said Roy.

"I forget what we ate to tell you the truth," said Ludwig.

"WHAT DID YOU GUYS EAT?!" yelled Bowser.

"Well, I remember we ordered a steak, a salad, some waffles, some chicken fingers, and a taco. I just forgot who ate which. But I remember settling on something with meat," said Ludwig.

"I like plants so much, I don't even eat vegetables!" said Larry.

"I got something no one would think of getting!" said Lemmy.

"I ate something completely healthy. No meat or anything else. Just healthy food. I have to stay beautiful, you know!" said Wendy.

"Eh. Mine was okay. Bit hard to cut though," said Roy.


What did each Koopaling eat?
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