Wendy's Birthday Surprise

By Pyro Guy

It is Wendy's birthday and the Koopalings are gathered for cake.

Wendy: Oh, I love fruitcake on my birthday!

Bowser: Make your wish so we can eat, then.

Wendy blows out the candles and takes the first bite. She drops dead seconds later!

Clawdia: Someone must have poisoned the cake! Where were all of you just before I brought it out?

Larry: I was watering my mistletoe plants.

Morton: I was practicing my famous, well-loved, great, fantastic speech about speeches.

Iggy: Me and Lemmy were-

Lemmy: Playing Mario Kart DS.

Roy: I was giving Larry back his stupid plant-growing book like you told me to.

Clawdia: I said to do that last week.

Roy: I wanted to grow some berries.

Ludwig: I was building a camera for Wendy's present.

Bowser: Well everyone else is out of the castle today. So it was one of you!

Larry: Well it wasn't me! Ludwig came to get me when the party was starting.

Clawdia: And I was still making the cake then.

Ludwig: Perhaps there are footprints in the kitchen?

They all go into the kitchen and find a muddy footprint.

Bowser: Well this explains everything.

Who poisoned the cake?

And the answer is...

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