Mystery of Bowser's Death

By Loxo123

It was a normal day at Bowser's Castle when a huge. Low-pitched scream echoed through the castle. 2 Koopalings ran into each other and decided to look for the source of a scream. Later, they found Dry Bowser.

"DID YOU TWO DO THIS TO ME?!" he shouted angrily.

"No, but don't you know who turned you into a skeleton?" asked one of the Koopalings.

"No, but if I find out who did this I'll send him OR her to the dungeons for the rest of their life!" responded Dry Bowser.

The 2 Koopalings decided to question each other. "I was looking for secret passageways so I can catch my younger brother spying on me," said one of the 2 Koopalings.

"I was weightlifting in the gym so I can finally show my older brother who's stronger," said the other Koopaling.

They both decided that they weren't the killer. They decided to visit a Koopaling busy playing a bowling game. As soon as they got to the doorway the Koopaling asked, "What do you want?"

"What were you doing a few minutes ago?" they asked.

"I was trying to get one of my older siblings to allow me to choose a referee for my upcoming match against a Koopa in an egg," he said. After that, he closed his eyes and made another strike.

The 2 Koopalings decided to visit one of their older siblings. This sibling was weightlifting, and at the same time, he was punching a punching bag at an amazing speed. "What are you doing here?"

"We're trying to figure out who is Bowser's killer," explained 1 Koopaling. "We want to know what you were doing a few minutes ago.”

"Hmph, I was working out, of course!" said the Koopaling. "I want to set YOU in place, pipsqueak."

Before the Koopaling could do anything else both, Koopalings bolted out of the door. Then the Koopalings decided to split up to talk to the 3 remaining Koopalings. 1 Koopaling left to talk to his "twin" while the other Koopaling went to talk to 1 of the top 3 oldest Koopalings.

When the first mentioned Koopaling went to visit his "twin", his twin said, "I was busy updating my website."

When the other Koopaling detective talked to the one he was looking for, that Koopaling said, "I was busy investigating with my masked ally to see who was sending me strange letters."

The 2 detectives went looking for the Koopaling they had not yet questioned. One of the 7 Koopalings muttered to himself, "He thinks he can beat me in a fist fight?" He walked silently toward one of the Koopalings and quickly killed him.

The other Koopaling found the Koopaling’s corpse and quickly ran away to question the remaining Koopaling, thinking that he was the killer.

When the remaining Koopaling was questioned, he answered, "I have no idea who the murderer is but what I know is that the Koopaling Killer did NOT have blue hair, was not his "twin", DID wear something on his head, and WAS questioned by both detectives. I also know that Bowser's Murderer was not me, is not currently dead, was not a girl, not the Koopaling that was playing bowling, not the Koopaling the dead Koopaling questioned, and not the Koopaling who killed your brother. I also have a q- MPH!"

By then the Koopaling realized that Koopaling was about to go on one of his usual rants. The Koopaling sat and thought for a while, then realized who killed a Koopaling and who killed Bowser.

Who killed Bowser?
Who killed one of the Koopalings?
Who was the detective that was killed?
Who was the detective that survived?

And the answer is...

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