Is a Wand Worth It?

By Punio

One day in Bowser’s castle the Koopalings are checking their safes to see if they can buy a new wand at the auction.

Lemmy: Oh drat! We need a couple weeks of allowance.

Morton: Oh, so disappointing that I’ll…. Hmm, what will I do? I’ll write a speech about how we need more allowance.

Ludwig: I could make an advanced wand.

Wendy: Without it exploding?

Larry: Maybe I’ll steal some of King Dad’s money.

Roy: Oh, #%$@!

Iggy: I say we wait 'til we get enough.

Others: What?

Iggy: Never mind.

Ludwig: We could see who can steal King Dad’s money.

Wendy: And if we get caught?

Ludwig: We’d be dead.

Morton: We could try to get Mario’s money.

Lemmy: That will work.

Ludwig: But if we get caught we’re dead.

Wendy: We could do chores.

Morton: Chores are hard, boring, exhausting…

A sock ends up in Morton’s mouth.

Iggy: Okay.

The chores begin. Each Koopaling earns 100 hundred coins.

A tough one breaks a vase while dusting and loses 15 coins.

A Koopaling who was taking care of plants spills water on a lamp, which costs 10 coins.

A Koopaling spills a formula on the floor and stains it. It costs 12 coins for a Rug Doctor rental.

A Koopaling slips off something and breaks a window, costing 20 coins.

A Koopaling begins to scream and causes a bottle of soda to crack and stain, costing 17 coins.

A Koopaling with glasses trips and breaks a mirror, costing 23 coins.

A Koopaling gets icing on the carpet, costing 15 coins.

Then the Koopaling whose favorite vacation spot is Hershey PA cleans out the attic, giving him 10 coins.

A Koopaling that talks 15-7 paints the house and earns 17 coins.

A Koopaling washes the dishes and earned 15 coins for herself.

A Koopaling with bad luck cleans the toilets and earns 5 coins. Talk about bad luck.

A Koopaling steals 12 coins at the playground.

A Koopaling rolls to the grocery store and picks up groceries for the household, earning 15 coins.

A sneaky Koopaling cooks dinner. It isn’t that great so he only earns 7 coins.

They walk to the auction since time is nearly up. On there way a Koopaling finds 15 coins, breaking his bad luck streak.

A robber got robbed of seven coins.

A genius is genius enough to look on the ground and find only two coins.

They find a wishing well and a Koopaling makes four wishes about saving the trees.

One of them trips and looks teary-eyed, but finds three coins.

A short Koopaling feels lucky and tries the slots, and wins three coins.

They arrive at the auction. All of it is close, but the Koopalings each get a mecha wand, except for one. The quality of the wands bought depended entirely on the number of coins held.

How did each Koopaling fare at the auction?

And the answer is...

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