Koopa Murder Spree

By Super Goomba

It was a dark and scary night at Koopa castle... Susan was staying there that week due to the fact that her father and her brother were out at Spanish class, for some strange reason. Her mom was in a coma after Bowser accidentally poured poison into her salad, mistaking it for a green salad dressing. Bowser had forced his kids to wear nightcaps because of all the mysteries involving fallen hair. The Koopalings thought that that wasn't fair, so Bowser let them sleep wherever they wanted. They could even sleep in bunk beds! On a final note, Bowser Jr. was away on vacation, as all the Koopalings got a vacation per year. Anyways, back with the story...


There was a loud scream, that of a young female. No one actually heard this though, due to the fact that everyone was sound asleep. Soon after the scream a gunshot was heard too, and this time some people woke. The Koopalings to be exact. Except there was something wrong. They all had a certain bloodlust in them. Soon they would all grab daggers, and prepare to kill their siblings. Yes, it was a Koopaling MURDER SPREE!

First, one Koopaling got out of the top bunk of a bunk bed, slipped, and accidentally knocked off the glasses of the Koopaling in the bottom bunk. He then grabbed a dagger and ran off into a hallway. There, he/she met another Koopaling....

He/she killed that Koopaling, who dropped his/her glasses during the battle. Meanwhile a third Koopaling, who had blue hair, killed a fourth Koopaling and knocked off his/her nightcap, revealing a completely bald head.

Meanwhile, a fifth Koopaling killed a sixth Koopaling.

Koopaling 5: I beat, killed, destroyed, mangled, you to death!!! HAHHAHHAHHHHA, LAUGHLAUGHLAUGHLAUGHLAUGHLAUGH!!!

The fifth Koopaling soon died on account of a seventh. This Koopaling left, deciding not to return to this room. On his way out he bumped into a wall.

Soon, one of the remaining Koopalings searched for another to kill... His/her wish was granted when another came in with the equilateral tooth of a Koopaling stuck on his dagger. They fought, but the one with the tooth on his dagger, being blind, lost, and was killed by the other.


Soon after the previous battle there was another scream. This time it was from a young male. Bowser, who was about to wake up anyway, was woken up by said scream. He looked around the house, trying to figure out what was going on, and saw many dead Koopalings. He also noticed what appeared to be a giant frog running out of the house.

Soon, he found a note. It read:

Dear hermano,

I kidnapped one of the Koopas in the house, then I used this magical gun I bought at Weapons 'R Us to cause the rest of the Koopas to kill themselves. I then killed the remaining one myself!

That'll teach you not to mess with my wife!

Signed, anonymous

Bowser was confused. He had no clue what was going on. Do you?

Who killed Roy?
Who killed Wendy?
Who killed Larry?
Who killed Morton Jr?
Who killed Ludwig?
Who killed Iggy?
Who killed Lemmy?
Who screamed first?
Who wrote the note?

And the answer is...

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