Sent to the Dungeon

By abcd

May 1, 2010

One of Bowser’s Koopalings walked down the hall, weapon in hand. In Super Mario World, this Koopaling had a world or a few levels named after food. He/she opened the door to another Koopaling’s room. The knife was used.

Twelve hours later, when the Koopalings went downstairs for dinner, the murder was discovered. Bowser was visibly upset. “Nobody kills my children!” He whirled around to his remaining six kids. “Whichever one of you killed my child, I will throw you in the dungeon for the rest of your life!

“But, if the guilty party will come forward right now, I’ll allow you to come out of the dungeon after twenty years.”

Nobody answered. “Fine then,” said Bowser. “The interrogation begins.”

The first Koopaling said, “I don’t know anything. Gosh, someone younger than me, dead.” The Koopaling shuddered.

The second Koopaling said, “All I know is that the victim wasn’t me.”

Bowser responded, “We know who the victim is, smart-aleck. Go to the dungeons!” The Koopaling went off to the dungeon.

The third Koopaling, who had something over their eyes, said, “The murderer was older than the victim. That’s all I know.”

A fourth Koopaling said, “The Koopaling who had the same hair color as me before New Super Mario Bros. Wii hasn’t testified yet.”

Bowser replied, “Off to the dungeon for you too!” The Koopaling went off to the dungeon.

A Koopaling younger than Iggy testified, “The murderer and the victim both had at least one world before and at least world after world 4 in Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.”

The last Koopaling said, “Oh, leave me alone! It’s so dark that I can’t see anything! Just let me go to sleep!”

Bowser said, “I know where you can sleep. In the dungeon! And, by the way, the rest of us can see just fine.” The Koopaling went to the dungeon.

Bowser realized who the murderer was and said, “Aha! You! Off to the dungeon! Forever!”

Who was the murderer?
Who was the victim?

And the answer is...

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