Lemmy's HTML Guide

Need help starting your own website? You've come to the right place!

Lots of people have websites, but there are many others who don't, often because they don't feel they have the time or the know-how. Making a site doesn't take long unless you let it, and HTML, the coding used to make a website, is not that difficult to learn. In fact, it's so easy that I can teach it!

If you have thoughts of making your own website, this HTML guide will give you a good start. Please note that if you are serious in building your website you might want to find a program such as Front Page or Netscape Composer (the latter of which is free and downloadable), because you can edit and create much faster, and also the files are on the web and on your computer so you're safe guarded from losing files.

If you have questions on something that isn't explained here, Email me! This guide is not a complete list of HTML, in fact it is really only basic, so many other things can be done.

Find out how to get started.

Find out how to place text.

Find out how to place links.

Find out how to place in-page links.

Find out how to place pictures.

Find out how to place music.

Find out how to make tables.

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