Contest 373
Picture by Atticus

LuigiMania: Bowser: See, Son, if you want to relieve sadness, toss a spiked hammer over the edge of the castle and hope it hits some
LuigiMania: worthless Goomba. Otherwise Kamek.
LuigiMania: Bowser: Son, the meaning of life is throwing this hammer at Morton to shut him up.
LuigiMania: Bowser: Son, let me tell you: a Christmas Miracle comes from the stars, so never have a sad face! Stare at the stars...
LuigiMania: Bowser: I'm sorry, Larry, but you are the first to be voted out of Survivor: Koopa Castle.

polkamon: Bowser: Oh, and if you see Mario, try to act like your sister.
polkamon: Larry: King Dad, that was a great story about snow, but you still haven't told me why you're holding that hammer.

Flitchard: Bowser: Remember, yell if you see a green, furry Jim Carrey. Nobody steals from me TWO years in a row!

Hop: Bowser: Someday, Son, this cool hammer will be yours, but for now go clean the bathroom.

Ludwig von: Bowser: Larry, you become a man tonight. Now remember, whack the Toads BEFORE you drag them away.

Dark Goomba: Bowser: Someday, Larry, this will ALL be yours. Well, I mean, that's if you manage to kill all your older brothers first... ***FIRST Dark Goomba: PRIZE***

Governor Nick: Bowser: Now, always remember to reload the cannon after you fire, otherwise you'll be vulnerable to people like... Roy.

iggy26: Bowser: ...And that's where babies come from.

ilikepie: Bowser: See, Larry, we're gonna knock down a tower over there, and then build one here!

shadaki: Bowser: Have you grown?

nightmare koopa: Bowser: Now remember, Son: the best way to get good discounts at a store is by throwing a fit, raging, and then lighting it
nightmare koopa: on fire!

Ludwig von: Bowser: Larry, you're getting what you deserve. I'll teach you to burn up my beef jerky, you vegetarian!

comiccreater: Bowser: Don`t worry, Larry, we`ll get your refund at McDonald's. **GOOD PRIZE**

BT: Larry: (Maybe if I just stare at him and nod my head he'll stop talking...)

Petey Piranha Fan: Bowser: They say, Son, when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true. So hurry up and help me wish for Mario's Petey Piranha Fan: violent death.
Petey Piranha Fan: Bowser: See that, boy? That highest twinkle up in the sky is the last guy I hit with my hammer. Who do you know that
Petey Piranha Fan: starts a speech with "Prepare for trouble"?...

Ham: Larry: Uh, yeah, Dad? I've heard that line before from The Lion King.

cra-ziggy: Bowser: Now then, Larry, be careful with this old hammer I stole from Donkey Kong!

The King of Cheese: Bowser: Go to the first star to the right, and give Hook what for treason because he isn't catching Luigi but Peter Pan!

Bullet Billy: Bowser: Now, if you think a fast food joint has horrible food, you do this...

Kkadwell: Bowser: We don't have to worry about the fat man in red 'cause we don't have a chimney? Yeah, that's what you said before
Kkadwell: Contest 354.

AJ Koopa: Bowser wanted to spend some father-son time with Larry, so he took him Atticus-hunting. Larry isn't amused.
AJ Koopa: Bowser: Now the first thing you do when using a hammer is to point your finger out like this.
AJ Koopa: Larry: And why did you choose me instead of Roy to use an extremely large hammer against the Mario Bros? **GOOD PRIZE**
AJ Koopa: So remember, if you ever get into a fight with Mario while you have a giant hammer, PANIC!

KGuy1: Bowser: And that's why mallets exist.


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