Contest 381
Picture by Atticus

Fried the Hen: Peach: Umm, that hamburger party was for my party tonight.
Fried the Hen: Peach: Be nice to Wario and let him pass.
Fried the Hen: Wario: Sorry Bob-omb, but the purple berries are in another tree.

polkamon: Peach: Mario, stopping up the water is NOT the way to stop forest fires.
polkamon: Bob-omb: Smiling at me like that isn't going to stop me from blowing you up for stealing my coins.

Brick Block: Peach: No, Wario. Mario can't play Bombsketball with you right now. He's busy trying to save the Mushroom Kingdom from
Brick Block: Luigi's incessant crying. ***FIRST PRIZE***
Brick Block: Mario: Mamamia, Princess! I know you're thirsty and all, but is it really necessary to drain the entire Soda Lake just to get you a
Brick Block: drink?!
Brick Block: After losing a total of 729 lives in water levels, Princess Peach decided to take extreme measures to prevent their existence in
Brick Block: future Mario games forever.

badyoyo: Peach: Forget it, Mario. First you flood Toad Town instead of Sarasaland, then Wario rescues me from Daisy and Bob-ombed her
badyoyo: kingdom. It's over. I'm making Wario the person who rescues me from now on.

Flitchard: Wario: Err... Princess? I think-a we should cancel that-a trip to Giant Land... It-a looks like there's a problem with the warp pipe...

Bradley the best: Wario: I just found this Bob-omb in my house!

lilboo: Mario: Gah! They're pointing at two different things! Which one should I look at?!
lilboo: Wario: Uh, guys, I don't think it's such a good idea to be standing there. I just set up a bomb there... I mean, I just made some cookies
lilboo: and I thought you guys might want some, and you might want to get to them in the next thirty seconds 'cause they could get stale! lilboo: **GOOD PRIZE**
lilboo: Peach: Hey look, a sign.

Omniscent Guy: Bowser: LET ME OUT OF HERE! I'M DROWNING!!!
Omniscent Guy: Wario: All right Bomby, I'll throw you at Mario and then run for it before the kingdom is flooded!
Omniscent Guy: Peach: Pull my finger!

Yoshi's Clone: Wario: I don't care if you don't want to explode! It's in your job description!

V Koop: Mario: NO! You can't kill my Pokemon! Who cares if they're from another universe?!
V Koop: Peach: Mario, we know that's where you keep your secret stash of pasta.

Hop: Peach: Mario, you're the WORST plumber EVER!
Hop: Mario: This pipe just HAD to be in front of some slippery mud...
Hop: Wario: What? This is a live Bob-omb? It will explode in how many seconds? 2? AHHHH!!!

Brawlimar: Wario: I'm nervous because this is the first Caption Contest I've been in for some time!
Brawlimar: Peach: You really think a giant cork will stop that flood?
Brawlimar: Larry (off-screen): I knew flushing all the toilets at once would flood the Mushroom Kingdom! >:D
Brawlimar: Wario was slightly concerned at the mob of angry Toads behind them because the main city pool was out of water...

WendyRulez and Co: Mario: Whose idea was it to design a warp pipe to Water Land anyway?!
WendyRulez and Co: Wario's game of Hot Potato is about to end in disaster...


Fireball: Wario: Maybe if I bomb the pipelines even MORE it'll stop?

iggy26: Mario: Don't blow up the pipe! I just sealed it with a giant burger patty!

TurboSalad: Mario: Mamamia! No way I'm doing the Midas River course AGAIN!

super shy guy: Mario: Guys, I don't think it's a good idea to throw that Bob-omb here.

SilverYoshi79: Peach: (Miracle worker, yeah right.)

Weegee Malleo: Wario: And that, Bob-omb, is why I never became a plumber.
Weegee Malleo: Mario: I know we can all somehow breathe underwater 75% of the time, but I'm not taking the risk! **GOOD PRIZE**

Dry Bones: Mario: Um, we may need a bigger clog.

abcd: Mario: This is how we stop oil spills in the Mushroom Kingdom! **GOOD PRIZE**

Mr.C: Wario and his new partner in crime, Bob, came to look at the mess they made with the Mushroom Kingdom plumbing.

DaDarkBowzah: Wario: Peach, can I go throw this Bob-omb before it explodes instead of watching this guy try to stop this pipe (which is
DaDarkBowzah: impossible to do anyway)?
DaDarkBowzah: Peach: Wario, look at this guy try to clog this pipe- the wrong way! Throw your Bob-omb later, will ya? Hahaha!

Dark Dimentio: Mario: Peach, stop using your psychic powers!

Andrew Robinson: Mario: This isn't what it looks like. Wario blew up Koopa Cape! Just ask Professor Layton!

Dark Goomba: Peach: Mario... There's no way Luigi could have flooded those sewers. Unclog that pipe NOW. We need a little bit of water to
Dark Goomba: put out those exploding Bob-ombs in the village!

KGuy1: Peach: Oh yeah, watch out for that.

Angel E. Koopa: Peach: Mario! Whatever you do, don't let that water flood the town.

Flemmy Koopa: Unknown Voice: Why is this giant cork in the pipe?

Ninjinin: Peach: You know, I don't think blocking the warp pipe with a giant piece of toast is going to do much, Mario...

Bullet Billy: Wario: Uh, somehow this Bob-omb was in a ? Block.

UltraLemmy: Mario: What flood?
UltraLemmy: Green Apple: Serves you right, Mario, for having your green dino pet eat my family!

Daniel: Peach: Mario, didn't I tell you to UNCLOG the pipe?

jair: Wario: May I please go to the washroom?

CrazyDimentiodude: Wario: C'mon guys! We'll never be able to destroy Waluigi's house at this rate!
CrazyDimentiodude: Mario: PEACH! I love you but could you actually help?!
CrazyDimentiodude: Peach: Work faster, fat pasta-lovin' slave! **GOOD PRIZE**

BT: Bob-omb: Why not this time I throw YOU and YOU can blow up... ***FIRST PRIZE***


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