Roy's Sports Hall

Artwork by Fried Rooster

Easily the most popular of my siblings' sections, Roy's Sports Hall features a weekly fight to the death. Well, ok, no one has actually died yet, but nevertheless there is a lot of action in these writings, and some humor to boot. Just make sure you memorize exactly what happens, or Roy will come for you. If you would like to see the entire section, go here.

The top battle write-ups are:

#1: Birdo vs Mack (Season One)

#2: Season Four Finale: Popple vs Piranha Plant

#3: Bob-omb vs Porcupo (Season Three)

#4: Season Three Finale: Kamek vs Tanoomba

#5: Rawk Hawk vs Macho Grubba (Season Five)

#6: Robo-Chomp vs Mecha-Blooper (Season Three)

#7: Season Six Finale: Larry vs Shadow Mario

#8: Season Five Finale

#9: Amanita vs Tanoomba vs Robo-Chomp (Season Three)

#10: Chef Torte vs Gourmet Guy (Season Three)

#11: Popple vs Birdo (Season Four)

#12: Wart vs Bowser (Season Three)

#13: Mastadoom vs Rob-omb (Season Two)

#14: Buster Beetle vs Mastadoom vs Amazing Flying Hammer Brother vs Blooper (Season Two)

#15: Glumph vs Doopliss vs Tribal Guy vs Mr. Blizzard (Season Five)

#16: Season Two Finale

#17: Wario vs Smithy (Season Two)

#18: Doopliss vs Tribal Guy (Season Five)

#19: Gourmet Guy vs Piranha Plant vs Goomba (Season Three)

#20: Glum Reaper vs Chained Kong vs Rawk Hawk vs Doopliss (Season Five)

#21: Season Four Finale: Doopliss vs Super Blooper

#22: Huffin Puffin vs Bashful (Season Five)

#23: Wario vs Waluigi (Season Two)

#24: Wario vs Wiggler (Season Five)

#25: O'Chunks vs Nastasia (Season Seven)

#26: Shadow Queen vs Bonetail (Season Five)

#27: Petey Piranha vs Gooper Blooper (Season Four)

#28: Mokura vs Mastadoom (Season Two)

#28: Dark Star vs Bowser Castle vs Count Cannoli vs Bandit (Season Nine)

#29: Blooper vs Rip van Fish vs Fishbones (Season Two)

#30: Big Boo vs Chef Torte (Season Three)

#31: Wario vs Yaridovich (Season Two)

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