Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World Review

By Chomp Boy

April 29, 2006

Hello folks, it is Chomp Boy, a newbie to Lemmy's Land. This is my first Review so don't be too hard on me. It's on the GBA version of Super Mario World. My topics will be rated on a scale of 5, because that's how many Dino Coins are in each level.

Plot: 3/5

Yes, the plot stunk so it got a 3. Bowser kidnaps the princess, yadayadayadayada, and the Koopalings each have a hostage Yoshi trapped in an egg, which you must rescue. Same old thing, same old thing.

Characters: 4/5

Same old Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach thing but if I'm correct it's Yoshi's first appearance! The original Pirahna Plants are gone and are being replaced with jumping, fire-spitting ones. There's an underwater Bullet Bill named Torpedo Ted, too. There are too many new characters to name so you'll have to find out yourself!

Controls: 4/5

Simple, yet used to do so many things throughout the game, like flying with the cape, holding shells, and running. The same as SMB3.

Graphics: 3/5

Yoshi looks terribly weird, and so do Goombas, but is that going to stop you from playing? Bowser is pretty cool, considering his skin is green, and so are the Koopalings.

Gameplay: 5/5

All right, now for the good part. You have to go through areas, yes, but they have different colors. Yellow means the area has one exit. You say, "Of course it only has one exit!", but you are wrong. Lots of levels are red, meaning that they have a secret exit. Usually a key and keyhole is the one. So in the total game there are 96 exits.

Another thing is Star World. This is a very useful area, as you can raise different colored Baby Yoshis and have them usable in the main levels. Each color comes with its on special power, like a blue Yoshi can fly no matter what color shell is in its mouth.

Then we have castles and fortresses. Castles are your average building, each containing a vicious Koopaling, each with their own abilities and advantages to keep you from rescuing their shelled hostage.

Fortresses are different, though. They are a bit harder to get through than castles but well worth the effort, probably unlocking a Star World entrance. The bosses are quads of rhino-triceratops thingies called Reznor. They're SO dang easy, and you will have no trouble winning.

I almost forgot about Ghost Houses. These are fairly easy levels that require some thinking to get out of. There is nothing but ghosts and bubble things there, so don't worry.

The Switch Palaces are very important if you're on the 96 exit quest. The switches fill in the outline boxes of the same color, providing help.

Humor: 1/5

Okay, this wasn't originally supposed to be a topic, but I couldn't think of anything else. Let's face it, have you laughed at Mario games? The only two things I can think of that made me chuckle was the start where Mario looks at the sign and Luigi's running around, and at the last level with jumping Bowser statues in Door 7, where they get stuck.

Difficulty: 5/5

This game was pretty hard. For the hardest levels in the Special World (which is special and secret) or anything else, I had to be cheap and fly around with the cape. Larry was the hardest Koopaling because of lava bubbles, and Bowser wasn't a day at the beach either.

Good luck finishing the whole game in one day, including Special World, if you can!

Music: 4/5

It was okay, I guess. There were only about 10-15 different tunes in the whole game, Bowser's being the best one. The Ghost House music gets annoying, and so does the title screen. But don't turn your sound off, because sound is sometimes the only way to beat the level!

Replay Value: 3/5

Once you beat it, all you have left to do is collect all the Dino Coins and find all the secret exits. It's not much, but it's a challenge.

Fun Factor!: 5/5

I beat the game and I'm still replaying my favorite levels. Does that make it sound fun for you? I didn't say that in the above section because I don't think anyone would do that. The game is really fun and once you beat Bowser all the castles are rebuilt and surrendered but you can kick Koopa butt as many times as you want!

Overall: 5/5

Bravo Nintendo, bravo! You can also play the Classic Mario Bros., which is very addictive. I got to phase 17. Email me if you beat that! Ciao!

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