Super Mario Galaxy Review

By P.T. Piranha

February 16, 2007

So I’m reviewing my latest Mario game, the latest one to come out, Super Mario Galaxy. I’ll be rating out of 5. It’s okay if you disagree.

Story/Originality: 5/5
Let’s see… Every century a comet passes by and drops Star Bits, which form into Power Stars, Lumas, or stay exactly the same. Interesting. So of course, the Toads are having a festival to celebrate it, and Mario’s invited. And then SOMETHING has to go wrong. And that something comes in the form of Bowser and his airships. That’s less original, but it gets better. Mario wakes up on a planetoid in the “Gateway Galaxy” and the Luma introduce him to Princess Rosalina, and from there his adventure begins. It’s a new storyline, but with some clichés in there at a few points. Then there are features such as the Star Spin and the Star Cursor, and of course Mario’s new Star Bit attack. And if you play 2-Player, the other person controls a second cursor. It appears to be original enough to outweigh the Bowser crashing the party cliché.

Graphics: 4/5
The graphics aren’t amazing compared to some games, especially not the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl. But compared to recent Mario games, they’re pretty good.

Characters: 5/5
Well, well, well. We have Mario, Peach, Bowser, the star people known as the Lumas, Rosalina, Bowser Jr, plenty of new bosses, a band of Toads called the Toad Brigade, penguins, robots called “Gearmos”, bunnies, bees, and a giant dolphin. And… Could it be? That’s right, even Luigi appears! With a slew of new characters with Party/Tennis/Golf-reappearing potential, as well as Luigi finally appearing, I’d say Nintendo done good here.

Locations: 5/5
All those whiners crying about how Sunshine’s levels were too tropical, well I have good news for you. Mario Galaxy takes place mostly in space, but in the different galaxies. One minute you’re in a haunted mansion, and a few minutes later you’ll be visiting a desert. However, some of the galaxy names don’t make sense. Good Egg? It’d better not be just because of the egg planetoid.

Music: 5/5
At first, I was a bit skeptical when I heard Mario Galaxy takes on just orchestrated music. But after playing the game myself, I learned it was amazing. They even brought back old themes from Super Mario Bros. 3 like the airships and those levels that play that one music. The boss themes are also swell and fitting for each boss, even though they’re reused. Especially songs toward the ending are cool, too. But one thing I don’t get: Whenever you fight a mole, it always plays the same song. Do they have some kind of mole union that states you must always have the same theme? Oh well.

Items: 4/5
Mario gets a few new Mushrooms to munch. There’s the Bee Mushroom which gives him a bee suit, the Boo Mushroom which turns him into a boo, the Spring Mushroom which coats Mario in a large coil, the Red Star which lets Mario fly, and the Life Shroom which doubles Mario’s life. He also finally gets to use the Fire Flower! And returning from Mario & Luigi 2 (but with different effects), we see the Ice Flower again! However the Red Star is mostly useless and it’s also time-limited along with the two Flowers. Plus there could be a few more.

Difficulty: 3/5
In case you’re wondering, I rate difficulty exactly the same as the other parts (lower score = bad). Parts of the game are easy, and a lot of later parts get more difficult as you can expect. However there are some early things that are hard, too. And the new Prankster Comet swoops down into a galaxy now and again to spice things up, making easy galaxies hard, and hard galaxies harder. There’s also a secret mode that I won’t reveal anything about, except that it’s harder.

Replay Value: 5/5
Super Mario Galaxy is very replayable. If you want to get secret mode, you have to beat the game 100%, and then beat it 100% in the hard version (thus, 200%) to unlock a very special level for both modes. Not to mention, some of the levels are just so fun you’ll want to redo them again.

Fun Factor!: 4/5

Overall Score: 40/45, A-

Recommendation: Yeah, I’d recommend this game. It’s very fun and new, but still a bit hard. Even if you or another aren’t a Mario gamer, this just might get you hooked. If not, you may be at least amused by this game.

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