Super Paper Mario Review

By Fillet-O-Fish

March 1, 2008

I have recently beat SPM (I'm someone who gets stuck, stops playing, comes back, and beats it), and will review it. It will be rated on a scale from 1-10, one being low and ten being high. Let's get started!

Story: 9.9

There are two books, the Light Prognosticus and Dark Prognosticus. Many people went after the latter, but none had a happy ending. They told the future, one good, and one bad. An evil villain named Count Bleck and his minions have got this book, hoping to cause the end of all worlds. You must stop them. Very dark and deep. I, for one, liked it. And the end... I almost cried.

Characters: 8

There are a bucketful of new characters in this game. A lot of them are just minor NPCs, but Tippi reveals fun facts about all of them. Who is Tippi? Tippi is one of the various Pixls. These are Mario's partners. I especially liked Squirps!

Places: 5

The people at Nintendo tried to make the places different, but failed. Almost every level starts with a "grassy plain" area, and if it doesn't, then all the other levels are almost EXACTLY like the first one. The Bitlands and Outer Space were good, and The Underwhere/Overthere was okay, but they could've tried harder.

Music: 11

Okay, I know I can't give it an 11, but the music ROCKED! I loved almost all the music in this game. I hated King Croacus's music, but for the most part, it deserves Best Music in Nintendo Power.

Controls: 7

The controls could be confusing, but I got used to them. There isn't much else to say.

Difficulty: 8.4

This game was challenging, but I got stuck at Castle Bleck. The bosses weren't that hard (It took me three tries to beat the final boss. It took me longer to beat Huff Ní Puff in the original), but Brobot was sorta hard. After I beat the game, I got to the 42nd floor of the Pit on my first try.

Graphics: 7.6

It's a PM, so the graphics weren't great. But they were clear and vibrant.

Humor: 9.9

Several funny characters. I loved Fracktail's CTRL ALT DEL, and Francis in general. Every times Bowser says something, it's bound to be funny, and Squirps was just pure awesomeness.

Length: 5.9

Not very long. You might get stuck on some puzzles, but that's why we have cheat websites. However, the TipTron sidequest is lengthy, because it's hard getting 999 coins. Getting optional Pixls added a few points, but they're optional.

Replayability: 7.1

Yes! This was a great game, and I might start a new file to relive it, if possible. You can also try to get TipTron for 999 coins, complete the Flipside and Flopside Pits, and get optional Pixls.

Fun Factor!: 10.1

This game was insanely fun. I love lots of these levels, and characters. It's like the box just screams "PLAY ME AGAIN! PLAY ME AGAIN!" Although there are some tedious "collect the item to pass" quests, these are really fun. I love the Duel of 100 and Fort Francis, which gives me some nostalgia.

Overall: 9.9 or 98.7% (Not what it says on the calculator, but that's too bad!)

This game has risen to No. 2 on the Top Ten Games of All Time on my list. Beaten only by the original Paper Mario, this game is worthy of its "Super" title, because that's what it is!

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