Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review

By Fillet-O-Fish

April 5, 2008

I'm pretty sure I'm the first to review Brawl! Yayz! This is my second Review, and I'll try and make it longer. I won't spoil anything, but I might refer to an unlockable as Snufit Ball. So if I say "I really liked using Snufit Ball" don't expect that small ball Snufits shoot out in SM64 to be playable. But if you HAVE too know who or what I'm really talking about, then just reply. I rate on a 1-10 scale.

Graphics: 9
Wow. Amazing. You can see every stitch on Mario's overalls, every scale on Bowser, every gleam of light on Link's sword, it all looks so real. By far the best graphics I have ever seen. The things that stopped this from getting a ten are that the Melee stages look like they were ripped directly out of Melee. It doesn't seem like much, but if you've played the game you'd know. The other thing is Captain Olimar's Pikmin. They sorta look like the dreaded polygons (BUM BUM BUM!!) And some items and Pokeballs, too. I especially liked how in New Pork City you could see Porky in his original form, not ripped from whatever system Mother 3 was on. That would make you think I'd give it a lower score, but I liked the effect it made. The Pikmin and Melee stuff would've made this an 8 or 7, but the AMAZING character detail makes up for it.

Characters: 8
I really liked the character selection. Who would've thought Snufit Ball would be in? Sadly, Krystal and Midna make no appearance. Young Link is replaced by Snufit Ball, who I haven't unlocked. But he does look cool! There weren't any clones that I know of. Wait... Lucas and Snufit Ball. I like using Snufit Ball better, though. This game included Pit, one of my favorite characters to use now, and I liked using the Pokemon Trainer better than I thought. First I thought you controlled the Trainer as he controls the Pokemon, but you actually control the Pokemon. There is a moderate amount of newcomers, and some oldies. I really thought they would have at least 40, maybe 45, but I was wrong. Why couldn't they have Balloon Fighter? Or maybe a Hammer Bro? What about Captain Linebeck? (Well, maybe the last one was a little far fetched, but it would be cool.) Or Dr. Lobe, or Bomberman... I'm gonna stop now, or this would have to be 2 pages. Seriously, I have a list at home. Overall, I liked the character selection, but some characters could've been added. The game would've sold more if Krystal or Midna were in. And Paper Mario. But I did like- never mind, I'll explain that later.

Story: 0/4/9
The 0 is for just regular Brawling, because you just get to fight each other. No real plot. The events give you a small bit of a story, like "Two kings are terrorizing Isle Delfino! Stop them!" That's good enough for me. The Subsace Emissary is pretty good, where the Subspace Army is trying to send the world into Subspace, like some sort of eternal void thing. Sorta cliched, but I think it really was better than most games. The one thing that bothers me is how did the characters get into the same universe? How did Mario and Kirby meet? Why is the Pokemon Trainer in the Ruined Zoo? I wish they explained that a little better. There aren't many plot twists or anything, but they did a good enough job.

Remember how I said SPM's music was really awesome? This makes SPM's music sound like a baby screaming while a dog barks loudly and there's some kind of screeching noise while a random pedestrian bangs on the wall with a pipe. They’d better make a CD of this. Even if it's only in Japan, I'll use eBay. Like Nintendo Power said, this is like Nintendo's Greatest Hits. Some Paper Mario music would be good, though. They do epic, fantastic remixes of great songs, which you can listen to most of on YouTube. Lots of people uploaded it, and I'm listening to the Windwaker's Great Sea as I type this. Some songs aren't changed at all, but they still sound seriously epic. If this was a CD, I would download it to my MP3, play it in my CD player, listen to it in the shower, and STILL wouldn't get tired. Even from series I don't really play (F-Zero, Fire Emblem, Star Fox), I really like the music. Even the tunes that play when people win are memorable. I especially like it when Lucas or Snufit Ball win. I go to some stages just to listen to music. Wait! You don't get this majestic soundtrack by pressing POWER. You have to work for it! Randomly, CDs appear in the arena. They are only there for a few seconds, and are hard to get. I'm trying to get all the music, which should occupy the next 18 years of my life.

Stages: 10
This place has a lot of memorable areas, including ones you'd think you'd never see. (Electroplanton, anyone?) New Pork City is the new Hyrule Temple, but you can still play on the latter. Two unlockable stages will give you some nogolista, and the songs play in their respective areas. One of my favorite stages is WarioWare. It might just seem like a small stage, but every couple seconds you are asked to do a minigame. I recognized a few, and fans should too. I also liked PictoChat, which has lots of cool effects. But I still haven't told you why this got a ten... A stage builder! Seriously, unlocked from the start. It might seem sorta limited with not a lot of blocks and stuff, but you can get more (by unlocking them). The possibilities are endless! I can finally design those stage I thought of when Brawl was first seen at E3! Well, actually, I only designed two. Seriously, you can make anything. If anyone else has made an Evil Clown stage, let me know.

Controls: 10
Finally! I never owned Melee, but I did play it at my friend's house a lot. I always lost, because I didn't know the controls too well. These are easy to understand. In the way I play, everything can be controlled with the control stick, C, B, and A; whereas on Melee, you needed every single button. If you don't like the Wiimote, you can go GCN-style. I'm not the best at Brawling, but I've certainly become much better. I sorta wish there were motion controls. I could do all of Link's poses in real life, and not need an excuse for why I'm doing it! (Mostly it's because I'm saving an imaginary Zelda.) The controls for the trophy machine thing are different. Trophies slide across the screen, and you shoot coins at them. Enemies appear, too.

Items: 10
Golden Sun fans were let down knowing Isaac wasn't in Brawl. "Where's Waluigi?" Mario fans yelled. Fear no more, my friend! Assist Trophies are the answers. They're like Pokemon, but not Pokemon. I always try to get the Hammer Bro, but I haven't yet. Pokeball Pokemon are good, and they have a lot of other cool items. CDs gave this a ten, because you can listen to MORE MUSIC!

Enemies: I really don't know
Enemies, eh? Well, you've got the creepy Floow, the fat Ticken, the slimy Armight, the freaky Puppit- I could go on all day. Some enemies I liked, like Primids and Mites, but others were weird. The Ticken looks like a fat armored chicken, the Puppit has no pupils and black eyes, and the Floow... Ugh. A bunch of floating line in a humanoid shape. I hate this one because of its only attack. It gets red eyes and makes a scream in pain, and demonic skulls come from around it. I can get scared easily, so that explains why I hate it. To make it even worse, once you hurt them, they freeze for a second and restore HP very quickly. This can only be stopped by attacking it again. They had some really bizarre enemies, but anything goes in the World of Smash Bros- We have Sonic in it!

Bosses: 10
I really loved the bosses. Petey Piranha was the first, and easiest. Then Rayquaza, a Pokemon, then *gasp* Earthbound fans, rejoice! Yes, Pokey and his Spider Mech is fought by Lucas and Ness. Very nice, Nintendo. Very nice. There are two new bosses, and Ridley and Meta Ridley, and there's the final boss, but I'm not telling him. There are also some minibosses, too. But you just have to knock them off the stage.

Difficulty: 7
I'm not the best gamer, but I had to do a lot of continues on Hard in Classic. That isn't a good thing, because there are two difficulties harder than that. SSE was hard too. Sometimes you have to defeat a horde of enemies to move on and defeat the next ones, but there are other puzzles too. But I doubt you'll be stuck forever anywhere.

Replayability: 11
Yeah, 11! I got this game on March 9th, and today is March 24. My bro and I have fought OVER 375 matches, and there are only 3 characters we need to unlock. And I love every moment of it. You can play this 100 times, and no two matches will be exactly alike. And if you really liked the SSE, there are 50 save files for it.

Fun Factor!: 11
So much fun! I have yet to call my friends over to play it, but I've fought my non-gamer dad. He did really well, better than I did before I decided to read the controls. This game is fun for kids and adults alike, and even a caveman could do it!

Overall: 100/100
Nintendo, you have truly outdone yourself! Anyone who knows me knows my favorite video games change frequently. This booted Paper Mario to second, and it might stay there for a long, long, time. If this doesn't make Game of the Year in the '08 Nintendo Power awards, then so help me! Was this worth being delayed? Yes. Was it worth 50 dollars? Yes. Will you enjoy this game? Definitely! I pointed out some things I didn't really like, but this was truly one of the best games I have ever played. Nintendo, you are fantastic. (Especially you, music staff!) It was a long wait, but that made the game oh so much more satisfying.

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