Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review

By Koopra

Developers: Nintendo
Publishers: Nintendo
System: Wii
Release Date: March 9, 2008
Rated: T

Here we go, mah first Review! On a scale of 1-10.

Story: 8
This one was a little difficult to decide, but I went with the Subspace part of the game, for that part is one half good gameplay, and one half awesome cinemas and story. Since the whole “save the world” thing has become kind of old, I took off three points. The cinemas gave it the extra one point to make it an 8.

Gameplay: 8
Awesome gameplay all around! The two things that made it lose two points were the facts that the Subspace's gameplay got a little dull, and the multiplayer is almost completely the same as the last two games. For multiplayer all you do is run around and KO (Knock Out) people before they can KO you. The Subspace is like any other sidescrolling game, but it reminds me a lot of Donkey Kong Country.

Music: 100!
What can I say, the tracks were complete masterpieces! There were songs like Gerudo's Valley, Rainbow Road, and Star Wolf's Theme, to name a few.

Characters: 9
The characters were great, but sadly, Banjo and Kazooie will never be in. *sobs* Here’s what I thought of the starting characters.
Mario: 8
Bowser: 8
Peach: 5
Donkey Kong: 10
Diddy Kong: 7
Yoshi: 8
Wario: 10
Link: 7
Zelda/Sheik: 8
Kirby: 10
Meta Knight: 11
King Dedede: 9
Olimar: 6
Fox: 8
Pikachu: 8
Pokemon Trainer: 9

Controls: 10
I'll only say this once, there are four types of controllers, and you can change the layout completely for any of them. What's not to like?

Difficulty: 6
It wasn't that hard at all, until you get to the Great Maze. And then there are the Events, difficulty select anyone?

Stages: 9
There are so many to choose from… I think I'll just make my own! This part is awesome, just awesome. Sure, most of the levels had at least 50 different gimmicks in them, but Brawl makes up for that with my little friend, the Stage Builder.

Secrets: 10
There are so many secrets that you head would asplode. There are trophies, stickers, Stage Builder parts, characters, CDs, and much more to unlock in this game.

Replayability: 1,000,000
Yeah, I went a little overboard with this one, but it is true. The multiplayer, the Subspace, the events, everything you can play to your heart's content.

Graphics: 11
These are awesome, showing every hair on Fox, every glint on Samus's armor, every stitch in Mario's overalls. This game is simply amazing.

Overall: 10
This game is perfect, you should buy it, nay- You NEED to buy it! This game is sheer elegancy.

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