Haha! Take that, Lemmy!

Susan's Koopa Trading Card Game

It's spring again, and you know what that means...the ever-popular KTCG has been revamped! I think this is Season 3. Anyway, this section has grown into sort of a boomtown. All these people have moved in and built a city that revolves around...you guessed it...playing this amazingly cool strategy card game.

Take a walk down the main street. The people are friendly, and there's no sales tax!

KTCGville Points of Interest

News Stand

Find out what's happening in KTCGville!

Old Pro's House

He knows everything! Newbies, stop by for a chat.

Collector's Shack

A huge fan of the game lives here. Will you help him out?

House of Lords

This is where the Lords and Ladies hold court. Will you challenge them?


Meet other KTCG players here.

Susan's Card Emporium

Get your booster packs here! Harass the clerk for other deals.


Directions to other fun sites.

Disclaimers and Credits
Credit goes to Nintendo for inventing all the places and characters involved in the game.  The game idea, rules, and cards are mine.
Thanks to Bowser for the picture on the rules page.
Thanks to Fungiman for the title picture above.
Thanks to Tail Koopa for making images of the cards.

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