Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time Boss Guide

By Bob's revenge

January 23, 2006

Hello! Here I will give you strategies for defeating the Mario and Luigi: Partners In Time bosses. If anything is wrong, you have a strategy, etc, Email me! Ah well, here's the bosses!

Hammer Bros.
HP: 100 each
The Hammer Bros. kidnap the adults, so the babies have to give these Bros. a lesson in speech. Use Fire Flowers to hurt both of them at once. When one of them knocks the other into you, watch what happens with the hammer. If the hammer head breaks, don't jump. Otherwise, jump. Their other attack is to throw hammers. Watch the shadows, then jump just before the hammer hits the ground.

HP: 250
Ignore Swiggler for now. If you hit it while it's red, it launches three fast shockwaves you need to jump, and you won't do much damage anyway. Instead, focus on the Dr. Shroob grunts next to it. Only hit one when it has a Poison Mushroom; if you hit it while it has a Mushroom, it'll turn Swiggler's drink into a healing drink. If you hit it while it has a Poison Mushroom, however, Swiggler will turn green. It'll be unable to attack while green and you'll do normal damage, so launch a flurry of Bros. Items. After both duos take their turn, Swiggler will turn back to red. If it drinks its normal green drink, it'll power two UFOs on the top screen. The upper one attacks Mario and the lower attacks Luigi. If they switch places, they will still target their normal targets. When it's red, Swiggler will attack with poisonous clouds you need to hammer twice.

HP: 450
Hit Kamek with powerful Bros. Items at the start. When he clones himself, counter his and his clone's spiked ball attacks. When you counter, it'll hit the real Kamek. Sometimes he and his clones launch a Mushroom instead of a spiked ball. Let the Mushroom hit you, for it'll restore your HP. Hit the real Kamek and he'll drop his broom. When he's without his broom, he attacks with an easy to dodge ring of fire. The ring of fire will then hit Kamek, who'll run at one of the Bros. Quickly jump. Repeat until he's dead.

HP: 300
The eggs surrounding Sunnycide are more important to hit than Sunnycide himself. When you destroy five (they have 29 HP each, so it isn't difficult), the Yoshis inside of the eggs will push a boulder on Sunnycide, making him vulnerable. Unleash your best Bros. Items then. His favorite attack is to launch an egg at the Bros. He uses a targeting cursor to identify who he's attacking. Jump over it. He also attempts to suck a Bro in, restoring his HP while damaging you. Hammer him when you get drawn. When his weak spot is exposed, one of his attacks is to pull a rope. Watch how he pulls the rope.  If he pulls it with his left hand, he's after Luigi; the other hand means Mario. He can also turn the room dark and launches a Boo at you. Hammer it, or it will steal an item. If he pulls a chain instead, he'll make a hole under a Bro. Jump over it when the floor starts to fluctuate.

Shrooboid Brat
HP: 900
When the Shrooboid Brat raises his lollipop, votes will be cast. If there are more M's, he's after Mario; L's mean Luigi. If multiple votes are cast, he'll pull another lollipop out of his mouth (EW!) and throw it again for who got the most votes the second time, etc. The audience also likes to change the colors of their vote, but you should pay attention to the letters, not the color. Sometimes, two audience members hold up M and L signs (and as always, they can change color). Items will then be thrown and hit a sign. Which sign it hits designates who the item hits. The Shrooboid Brat spits them in reverse order, and if he gets a Poison Mushroom, he'll throw a Mushroom instead, and vice versa. He'll also get Fire Flowers. Hammer them away like the Poison Mushrooms. Unleash a flurry of Bros. Items, preferably Trampolines, Cannonballers, or Green Shells, to destroy this massive sicko.

Petey Piranha
HP: 960
First off, how to do damage. If Petey Piranha is flying, use trampoline Bros. Items. If he's underground, blast him with Fire Flowers to hurt him. For defending, when Petey Piranha is flying, watch how he falls. If he falls doing a flip, jump at the same time with each duo.  If he falls upside down facing towards you, the first boulder will aim for Luigi and the second for Mario. If he falls upside down facing away from you, the first will aim for Mario and the second for Luigi. When he's underground, he does one of two attacks. The first is that he makes a sinkhole. Jump like a madman to avoid it. The second is he sends a pendulum, watch whose initial is on the block. If it says M, it first goes for Mario, and L is for Luigi. Hit it back and forth and it will break.

Mrs. Thwomp
HP: 600
Tell me this is a joke... Oh, this is a real boss? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! Anyway, to do damage, just mash trampoline Bros. Items. Mrs. Thwomp's only dangerous attack is to roll around, launching boulders at you. You must use your hammer to hit them in quick succession. She also stands still, launching boulders, but thus is easy to counter. When you destroy a boulder, a Bros. Item will pop out. I've gotten Green Shells, Fire Flowers, and Ice Flowers from these boulders. After you do enough damage, she shrinks and gets four look-alikes. Mash Trampolines, since you'll damage all of them. When Mrs. Thwomp is shrunk, she and her clones attack by slamming into you. Look at which eyebrow is raised. If her left eyebrow is raised, she's after Luigi, right and she'll attack Mario. Hammer them. She'll eventually grow back to normal size. Repeat until she's dead. She also does a jumping attack with a quake, but I won't go into much detail about that. Just jump with Luigi first if she lands in front of him, and the same for Mario. Jump with both at the same time if she lands in between.

Bowser and Baby Bowser
HP: 1,200 for Bowser, 1,000 for Baby Bowser
Yet again, use an army of Trampolines. I sure hope you got an Ulti-Fee Badge from Fawful. You can't hurt Baby Bowser while he's on Bowser's back. If you completely fail to dodge one of Bowser's attacks, Baby Bowser restores 100 of his HP. Bowser's most deadly attack is to fire a flame blast at you. Jump immediately when Bowser inhales, but wait until his second inhale if he grins. He also stomps the ground, making a shockwave. Jump with both duos. After this move, Thwacks fall from the sky. Look at the colors of the Thwacks; yellow means it will explode and aim for both, pink means it will explode and aim for Mario, and green means it will explode and aims for Luigi. Bowser also throws Baby Bowser and launches a fireball when he lands. Watch how the little dude spins; he spins counter-clockwise if Bowser will hit Mario, and clockwise for Luigi, but be aware that sometimes, Baby Bowser flies off the top screen. In that case, Bowser attacks both duos. Baby Bowser can bring his hammer out and hit Bowser with it. Watch who the hammer is pointed at, and hammer Bowser, then prepare to do it with the other duo. When Baby Bowser fails to hit Bowser, Baby Bowser will be by himself for a few rounds. He attacks by himself by either using a Mushroom or hammering fireballs. Watch who his hammer is pointed at, then hammer the resulting fireball. Baby Bowser takes more damage then Bowser, and as a result Trampolines do even more damage. When you defeat Baby Bowser, he won't be able to heal Bowser any more, and Bowser attacks less.

Commander Shroob
HP: 1300
Commander Shroob likes to sit back and let his Support Shroobs hurl Shroob-ombs at you. Don't focus on the Shroob-omb; another one will take its place. Instead, attack the middle and right Support Shroobs and destroy them. They have only 88 HP, so you shouldn't have trouble at all. Once you do that, the Shroob-omb will roll and force the Commander Shroob into battle. Don't destroy the left and middle Support Shroobs; the Bros. will get hit. Once the Commander Shroob is at your mercy, show him none. Blitz him with Copy Flowers and Trampolines. He has two attacks by himself. The first is to use a regular laser gun strike. However, it's much faster than that of the normal Shroobs. It's best to jump with both duos, since it's hard to identify who he's attacking. His second is to send a horde of Support Shroobs at you. If he makes a Support Shroob spin at a duo, watch his arms. Since he has his back toward the Bros, if he spins the Shroob with his right arm, he's going after Luigi, left arm and he's going for Mario. If he kicks a Shroob into the air, watch how it falls. If it falls upside-down, Luigi's the target. Right side-up, and he's going for Mario.

Elder Shrooboid
HP: 1,750 in the first form, 1,200 in the second
Thanks to the spines on the Elder Shrooboid's head, you can't use jumping attacks or any Bros. Item that involves landing on someone's head. Ice Flowers do critical damage to this alien, so use them. His first attack is to run at you, then charge. You must hammer him four times to dodge. He also makes fireballs and throws them at the Bros. Watch which arm he makes the fireballs in. If he makes it in his left hand, Luigi's the target. Mario's the target if it materializes in his right hand. If a fireball materializes in both hands, both duos will be hit. Another attack, and the most dangerous one, is to encase you in gold crystals and then spin a ball at you. Jump like a madman to get out of the gold crystal. Watch who's initial is on the ball, then jump with that duo when he roars. Jump with the other duo when the Elder Shrooboid stumbles. He also throws a spiked ball at you.  Hammer it and it will hit the floor, making the Elder Shrooboid trip. While his back is showing, blitz him with trampoline Bros. Items. After you do 1,750 damage, he will turn bigger and a UFO will appear. If the timer on it reaches zero, it's game over. He'll also use a spiked ball attack after he uses an attack. If the UFO is above the Bros, hit the spiked ball with Luigi. If it's in the top-right corner, hit it with Mario. Doing this will reset the timer.

Princess Shroob
HP: 2,500
Princess Shroob will start the battle in her throne. Destroy the force field with Copy Flower Bros. Items. While she's on her throne, Princess Shroob will do one of two attacks. The first is to use lasers. The top gun aims for Mario, and the bottom aims for Luigi. Watch how they're pointed; if they're pointed upwards, they'll pass harmlessly overhead. Her other attack is to launch energy rings at a duo. Watch the shadow when her throne leaps, and jump over with the duo. After this, she attempts to squish the same duo. If she laughs, delay your counter-attack. When the force field is destroyed, use Trampoline Bros. Items. While the force field is destroyed, one of her attacks is to throw a purple star at you. Watch how she points her arm, then hit the star with the duo. If you don't she'll launch the star again. Her other attack is to launch energy balls. These can poison you, so make sure you have Refreshing Herbs. She launches them in three ways. The first is to go in front of a duo and launch a single shot. If she goes between the Bros, jump with both duos. If she appears on the top screen, watch how high she is. If she's roughly in the middle of the top screen, she'll attack Luigi, otherwise, she attacks Mario.

Elder Princess Shroob
HP: 3,000
The Elder Princess Shroob has a wide array of attacks. Princess Peach will aid you in this battle by giving you a star to shoot down UFOs. How many you destroy will determine what attack the elder will use. Peach also helps by giving Mushrooms. If only one UFO remains, the Elder Princess Shroob will attack by having the UFO lure a Chomp to the Bros. It will try to hit one duo, then turn around to try to hit the other.  Jump to eliminate the Chomp. If two UFOs remain, she has the UFOs pull her up. There, she'll launch energy balls at the Bros. She raises her right arm if she wants to attack Mario, left for Luigi. She follows up her attack by going into the background and launching a huge energy ball. If she's lined up with the top of the throne, the blast will pass harmlessly overhead, but otherwise, the Bros. will have to jump over the blast. She then makes a shockwave, which the Bros. will have to jump over simultaneously. If three UFOs remain, which is often, she'll have the UFOs bring her a meteor to hit the Bros. with. Hit her repeatedly to make her drop the meteor. When she calls for healing drinks, you know you're close to beating her. She heals 120 HP every turn with these, but if you use a barrage of Trampolines, Copy Flowers, and Mix Flowers, you'll do more damage then she can heal. You can also negate the healing altogether by destroying every UFO. The Elder Princess Shroob also rushes toward a duo. Hit her with a hammer before she connects, but be aware that sometimes, she pauses for a second.

Transformed Elder Princess Shroob
HP: 3,000 for main body, 350 for the crown, 248 for the arm tentacles, and 496 for the foot tentacle
You can't damage the Transformed Elder Princess Shroob until you destroy her crown. Destroy the foot tentacle with Copy Flowers to gain access to the crown, then destroy the crown with more Copy Flower barrages. Once the crown turns gray, hit the Elder Princess Shroob with Copy Flowers, Mix Flowers, or Trampolines. Each body part except the crown has at least one attack to hit you with. The foot tentacle will spin around and attempt to hit the Bros. There can be 2-4 tentacles, so jump with the Bros. When the elder shakes, jump with both Bros. after you hear a sparkle. The arm tentacles also can grab a duo. Hammer the tentacles before they reach the Bros. Be prepared to fend them off repeatedly. She can also spit poisonous clouds at the Bros. It's imperative that you jump over them. If you jump on them, you might not be able to dodge the next cloud. When she launches an energy shot at her UFOs, watch the order that the UFOs are hit. This is the order they will fall. Ones that are electrocuted go for Luigi. Ones on fire go for Mario. Her last attack is to make an energy ball on the top screen. If more red balls go into it, Mario is the target. Luigi's the target if more green balls go into it. When you hammer it with the targeted duo, it'll go for the other duo. Hammer it again to have it explode on Elder Princess Shroob. After a while, her crown turns back to normal. Her other body parts can also regenerate. Keep on destroying her crown and whittling away her HP, and eventually you will be victorious.

Shrowser's a joke. He must be the easiest boss in the entire game. The Bros. can't attack or heal in this final battle. Every time you dodge or counter an attack, you do damage. Look at the Shroob faces on the top screen to see his health. For every attack, you can tell who it will aim for by looking at the Elder Princess Shroob image in the top screen. She points her tentacle at who she wants Shrowser to attack. If a glowing orb appears on Shrowser's face, hammer the resulting fireball. If the jump icons appear, a fireball will attempt to hit a duo, then circle to hit the other one.  Jump over it to dodge.  If the Elder Princess Shroob image points multiple times, Shrowser will launch a rain of fireballs into the air. Hammer the fireballs back.

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