Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga Boss Guide

By Ckday

August 22, 2009

Just recently I’ve beaten Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga and noted that some bosses, like maybe that certain witch, people would need help with. So I’ve made my guide. Please note that I will NOT be putting the HP of any boss, because there’s really no way to figure it out.

Location: Peach’s Castle
The King of the Koopas is your first boss battle. Many don’t consider him a boss, but he’s a required battle, so I’m counting him. This battle is WAY too easy. You can only use solo jumps right now, so use them. Press A when you land to do more damage. His only attack is to breathe a stream of fire, which can be easily dodged by pressing A when it gets close to you. After a few turns, the battle will end.

Location: Koopa Cruiser Deck
Oy, this time, we’re fighting a nutcase. This time around Luigi is here too. Simply jump on him until his headgear goes down. While he has his headgear, he has two attacks; one is where he throws a ball of… something at you. If his text is red, he’s aiming for Mario, and if his text is green, he’s aiming at Luigi. His other attack is when he says “Have you readiness for this?” If the word “this” is red he’ll shoot Mario, then Luigi. If the word “this” is green, he’ll shoot Luigi, then Mario. After enough damage he’ll fall and only have one attack, which is where he runs up to a Bro and rams them. This move is even counter-attackable, so more damage to him! Keep beating him, and eventually he’ll call his headgear back and end the battle.

Location: Stardust Fields
The first boss with boss battle music… is some kind of fat bird… Okay then. Tolstar has 4 attacks, but they’re all similar. The first is to simply throw a spiked ball at a Brother. Simply jump over it. The next is he’ll throw a spiked ball at one Bro, then one at the other Bro. The next attack is where he’ll laugh, as noted by a textbox, and throw a spiked ball at one Bro, but DON’T JUMP if he laughed, because the ball will bounce over you. And the final attack is where he’ll throw one spiked ball at both Bros, or just at one Bro, and he can either throw normally, or throw above, or a combination. Be careful. His hint for all 4 attacks is to throw with the hand closest to a Bro at that Bro. He’ll even tell you his hint, but he’ll say it won’t help. Ignore his saying it won’t help and use solo jumps. Feel free to use a few Bros. Moves, but they’re not necessary. Just keep damaging him and you’ll win in no time.

Location: Hoohoo Mountain
This guy is actually really fun. He’ll hide under one of either pillar, and if you break the pillar he’s under, he’ll respawn a new one in its place and hide under the other. So, first you break the pillar he’s NOT under, then the one he’s under, which will put him in plain sight. Have your weaker Brother (which should be Luigi) damage the new pillar and then bash on Hoohooros. If you destroyed the pillar, he’ll again be in plain sight. Break the other pillar and so on until you beat him. Hoohooros only has one attack, which is to shoot a laser across at both Bros. If the laser starts closer to Luigi, have Luigi jump, then Mario, and vice versa. Sometimes he’ll come back around for round 2 and, with the same laser, swipe across the opposite way. Also, the pillars have one attack, which is to shoot a laser at the Brother ahead of it. After a while Hoohooros will go down.

Location: Hoohoo Mountain Summit
This guy may LOOK easy, seeing as how he just came out of an egg, but he’s the toughest boss yet. Now is when you REALLY need Bros. Moves. He has 4 attacks, like Tolstar. The first is while he’s standing up, he’ll shoot Hoohoo stones at you. Not TOO hard to dodge, but a bit challenging at first. His next attack is while he’s low to the ground, he’ll fire Hoohoo stones. It’s easier to dodge while he’s low down. His next attack is to create a Hoho block. Destroy the Hoho block ASAP. His final attack is to jump on the Hoho block and shoot Hoohoo stones. The decreased distance because of the Hoho block makes this attack hard to avoid. If Dragohoho has his head up before shooting, he’s aiming for Mario. If his head is sideways, he’ll shoot Luigi. After a while, the Drago-hoho will be slayed. (Get it? It’s a pun on “The Dragon will be slayed.”)

Queen Bean
Location: Beanbean Castle
Woah, big queen. At first, all seems hopeless, because the crown damages you when you jump on Queen Bean and hammering only does 1 damage, but it’s quite simple to win. Have your stronger Bro jump on the ARMS, and have the weaker one hammer Queen Bean. After both arms are destroyed, the crown disappears for a few turns so you can lay the hurt on Queen Bean. Queen Bean has 4 attacks. The first is used when both arms are around. Queen Bean will unleash a powerful, yet slow shockwave. Simply jump it. The next is used when there is only 1 arm, and Queen Bean creates a weaker, yet faster shockwave. Again, jump it. The next move also happens when there is 1 arm left. Every turn, Queen Bean gets a bit closer to you. If she gets too close, she’ll pound you with her arms. Hammer them away. If you find this move too hard to counter, have the weaker Bro hammer Queen Bean to move her back. Her final move is when both arms are gone, she’ll shoot beans at you. Jump them. If you land on a bean, it’ll turn into a Beanie. Up to three Beanies can be in battle at a time. The shockwaves target both Bros, the punches target the Bro she’s closer to, and the hint for the beans is if her hand closer to Luigi twitches, she’ll shoot Luigi. If the hand closer to Mario twitches, she’ll shoot Mario. Queen Bean’s arms will eventually regrow. Queen Bean’s shockwaves also defeat all Beanies in battle. After a while, the Queen will go down.

Popple and Rookie
Location: Chateau de Chucklehuck
So, we’ve got an odd duo here. Wait, a duo… Nah, never mind. So we’ve got a Beanish shadow thief and some guy who looks like Bowser. Well, if you want some extra experience points, take out Popple first. It isn’t necessary, though. If you damage Popple in any way other than a counter-attack, Rookie will throw hammers at you that you have to hammer away. If he jumps, he’ll go for Luigi. Otherwise, he’ll throw at Mario. Rookie can also throw hammers on his turn, too. After he takes some damage, Rookie will also breathe fire at the Bros. It’s easy to tell who he’s aiming for; just look at who the fire is heading to. Popple also has 2 attacks. The first is where he’ll run to the middle of the screen, then head to a Bro to steal a Mushroom. If his expression is a grin, he’ll go for Luigi. If his expression doesn’t change, he’ll go for Mario. Hammer Popple away so he can’t steal a Mushroom to heal himself and Rookie. His other attack is where he’ll tackle a Bro. Jump on him. His hints for both his moves are the same. If you take Rookie out first, Popple will run away.

Location: Chucklehuck Woods
Okay, I know he’s not a boss, but I figured some people would need some help with him. You don’t battle Chuckleroot, so he doesn’t have any attacks. To get past him, you need to find the red, white, and purple Chucklefruit in the two gates he opens. Once you get them and bring them back to him, you’re done with him.

Location: Chucklehuck Woods
You’ll fight this guy while searching for the Chucklefruit. He has 2 attacks. The first is a simple charge. He’ll go in front of the Bro he’s attacking and charge them. But you can’t jump his whole body, so be careful. And, if you attack his head while it’s red, he’ll make a shockwave to jump over. To beat him, jump on his red body segments until everything except his head is yellow, and then his head will turn yellow. Then you can deal damage. Note that if you hit a yellow segment, even with a counter-attack, it turns red again.

Location: Chucklehuck Cellar
This guy is quite tough, so get ready for one battle to remember. Jumping isn’t worth garbage, so don’t try. To start off, he’ll have a shield. But hammer it enough and it’ll break. Don’t use Bounce or Splash Bros, as they’re jumping moves. Instead, use Chopper and Knockback Bros. once the shield is gone, as they’re hammering moves. With the shield, Chuckolator only has either a sword or gun, but once you destroy the shield, he’ll have both at the same time. Chuckolator has 4 attacks. The first is where the Chuckolator uses the sword to make soda slugs. Hammer them. The Chuckolator will stand in front of the Bro he’s attacking. The next is where Chuckolator will shoot you, if the gun is straight horizontal, or left to right, he’ll shoot Mario. If he points the gun down at an angle, he’ll shoot Luigi. Once you do enough damage to Chuckolator, he’ll shrink down. His 3rd attack is a simple ram. Jump on him. His final attack is where Bubbles will come and tell a pun, and that will heal Chuckolator’s HP. After a while the Chuckolator will be slurped into oblivion. *gets pies thrown at him from the horrible pun*

Location: Woohoo Hooniversity
The wicked witch is here! To start off, Cackletta will shoot black holes at you. Jump over them or else you’ll get weighed down. The black holes will go down for Luigi or up for Mario. Afterwards, Cackletta will turn back to normal. Including the Black Hole Attack, Cackletta has 5 attacks. The next attack is where Cackletta will stick her arms out. If she sticks the arm closer to Luigi out, she’ll hit Luigi, then Mario with lightning bolts. If she sticks the arm closer to Mario, she’ll attack Mario, then Luigi with lightning bolts. If she sticks both arms out, she’ll strike Mario and Luigi at once. Jump over the bolts. The next attack is where Cackletta creates 2 clones of herself. It’s impossible to tell which is the real Cackletta by appearance. The next attack happens when you strike a fake Cackletta, it’ll turn into poisonous bats you must jump over. The final attack is when Cackletta and her clones send lightning bolts at the Bros, which isn’t too different from the normal version, but it’s possible to have one clone and the real Cackletta left, which actually decreases the usual amount of attacks. Cackletta also has high defense, making it hard to deal damage. But eventually we’ll see the end of Cackletta’s battle.

Popple and Rookie #2
Location: Woohoo Hooniversity Basement
The duo is back! Remember last time we saw them how I was thinking about something before I thought it couldn’t happen? Well, it happened. Popple and Rookie now have Bros. Attacks! Somehow. I mean, they aren’t brothers… But anyway, the first Bros. Move is where Rookie grabs Popple and uses him as a jackhammer to create shockwaves. Jump ‘em. The other is where Rookie ignites Popple and tosses him at a Brother. Hammer away the shadow thief. Other than that, nothing is really new. If you attack Popple, Rookie attacks you. And if you defeat Rookie first, Popple will run away, but you can take Popple out first for extra Experience Points.

Mom Piranha
Location: Beanbean Airport Tarmac
Wow, that is an ugly Piranha Plant. *Larry Koopa throws pies at Ckday* … Anyway, note the 2 Piranha Plants with Mom Piranha. Those heal Mom Piranha every turn. If Mom Piranha is red, each red Piranha Plant heals Mom Piranha by 10 HP. If Mom Piranha is blue, each blue Piranha Plant heals her by 10 HP. So, make sure you have one red and one blue Piranha Plant to minimize the healing. If you hurt Mom Piranha directly, the Piranha Plants will attack you. Just jump the attack. If Mom Piranha is red, use Luigi’s new Thunderhand or solo hand for critical damage. If Mom Piranha is blue, use Mario’s new Firebrand or solo hand for more critical damage. Mom Piranha has 2 attacks, Red Piranha Plants have 1 attack, and Blue Piranha Plants have 1 attack. Mom Piranha can shoot an orb of energy at you, which you should hammer back to do damage to them. Also, Mom Piranha can go up to you and swing her vine at you. Jump over it. Red Piranha Plants shoot fireballs and Blue Piranha Plants shoot balls of electricity at you. If either Piranha Plant tilts its head up, it’s aiming for Mario. If not, it’s aiming for Luigi. Eventually you’ll kill this ugly plant. *Larry throws more pies at Ckday*

Location: Teehee Valley
Trunkle is a neat foe. Why, you ask? There’s 2 ways to beat him! You’ll notice you can not only attack Trunkle’s body, but his head, too! I’ll list the alternate way below this one. Trunkle has 4 attacks. The first is to roll his stone fists at a Bro. If the rolling motion is upwards, the attack will switch to the other Bro. Whichever Bro is closer to a fist will be hit by that fist unless it switches Brothers. The next move is to inhale Gritty Goombas, Poison Mushrooms, and Mushrooms from behind the Bros. Jump over everything except the Mushrooms. This attack will also heal Trunkle a bit. After some good damage, Trunkle will split into 4, and one will hold a berry in its mouth. Then they will switch around. Now Trunkle’s attacks change. Trunkle and his clones can ram you. Jump on them. Also, they can burrow underground and pop up like a mole to try to damage you. Hammer them. If a fake Trunkle takes any damage at all, it’ll shatter and can’t attack or be attacked. Trunkle doesn’t take too much damage from solo attacks, so use powerful Bros. Attacks like Swing Bros. (if you have it), Chopper Bros, and Knockback Bros. Do enough damage to the real Trunkle and you win!

Alternate Strategy: If Mario and Luigi are at high levels (maybe like level 25), use Bros. Attacks on the top of Trunkle and it should go down without splitting into 4 or anything. It’s harder to get prepared but worth it.

Ruins Monster
Location: Guffawha Ruins
Like Chuckleroot, you don’t battle this guy. But the music that plays during the game is the boss battle music, so he’s a boss. He’s simple; just stand on a platform and jump over fireballs until a platform appears behind you. Jump onto it and continue jumping fireballs. Once another platform appears behind you, jump onto it and repeat until time runs out.

Hermie III
Location: Gwarhar Lagoon
Is it Christmas? Oh wait, still writing. This crab with a lisp hates you right now and is your biggest challenge yet! Hermie has 3 attacks. His main one is to try to snip you into pieces with his claws. This attack won’t stop until you stomp on his claws. His next attack is to try to poison you with poisonous bubbles. Hammer the bubbles into oblivion. His final attack is to power himself up. You can damage his claws to stop his clawing move, but it’s pretty useless. Simply deal the damage out to Hermie’s head. He’ll get angry and do his claw move if his claws weren’t defeated when you hit his head, but it’s nothing to worry about. If Hermie hides in his shell he’ll take 1 damage from every attack and heal himself every turn. To get him out use Firebrand on him. Keep up dishing out pain and you’ll win in no time!

Piranha Bean
Location: NE Beanbean
Luigi’s on his own here. But Luigi’s Thunderhand deals Critical damage, so… Piranha Bean has only 2 attacks. The first is to shoot fireballs at you. Jump over them. The other is to shoot some green thing (revealed after you beat Piranha Bean) at you. Again, jump it. To finish this battle quickly, use Red Peppers. Also, I thought Mom Piranha was ugly – *Larry throws more pies at Ckday* – but he’s even uglier! *Larry throws yet even MORE pies at Ckday* … Is this going to be a recurring gag in my guides?

Location: Chucklehuck Woods
Popple is on his own, so those people who didn’t beat Popple in the last 2 encounters are going to enjoy this. Sadly, Popple has brain-freezing defense. But we can just bust that with a well-played Thunder Bros. Popple is bringing new things to the table, resulting in a total of 4 attacks instead of 2. He’s lost his ram attack, but got a worse attack. He can steal not only your items (which is a separate attack from this new one), but even your hammers! If he is backwards when he goes to the middle of the screen, he’ll steal a hammer and you can’t use it for a few turns. His next new attack is where he’ll use a stolen hammer to beat the Bros. up. If you can, hammer him off. His final new attack is where he grabs a bag and throws bombs, Poison Mushrooms, and Mushrooms at you. Grab the Mushrooms, dodge the Poison Mushrooms, and bombs, and use Bros Attacks like Fire, Thunder, Chopper, and Swing Bros.

Jojora and Chucklissa/Oholina/Hoohoolia/Teeheena
Location: Joke’s End 5th Floor
Before the fight you can choose between 4 names for Jojora’s friend. To shorten it, I’ll just call it “Friend”. Anyway, Jojora has 2 attacks and Friend has 3 attacks. Jojora’s first attack is to hit you with her wand. Hammer her and her wand will go flying, sending her out of the battle for a few turns. Friend’s first attack is to try to kiss you. Jump on her. The kiss is also poisonous, so be careful. Friend’s next attack is to wink at a Bro. If she winks closer to Mario, he’s the target. If she winks closer to Luigi, he’s the target. Then Friend will walk offscreen, then roll at the Bro she winked to in a giant snowball. Hammer her. Her final move is to change her hair color from yellow to red. If her hair’s yellow, Mario should ignite her on fire. FIYAH! Oh, sorry. Anyway, if her hair’s red, Luigi should zap her. (Maybe it’ll recharge her DS… Just kidding.) If you burn her while her hair is red or zap her while her hair is yellow, you’ll heal her. If you attack Friend while Jojora is around, Jojora will use her other move, which is to send a blizzard at you. Jump like a mental patient until it ends. The blizzard will also heal Jojora and Friend. This battle is somewhat like the first 2 Popple battles and the next boss. If you get rid of Friend first, Jojora will leave the battle. Defeat Jojora for extra Experience Points. To defeat Jojora, you have to hit her multiple times, as every attack on her does 1 damage. To do good damage to Jojora, use Chopper Bros and, if you have it, Cyclone Bros. Eventually the pretty cool (pun intended, but literal) Jojora and ugly Friend will go down. Well, Friend is about as ugly as Piranha Bean. *Larry throws still even MORE pies at Ckday* Where do they get those pies?

Popple and Birdo (new Rookie)
Location: Teehee Valley Underground
Yep, BIRDO is Popple’s new rookie. Luckily, they don’t have any Bros. Moves. Popple has no new moves, but Birdo has 3 moves and each Egg has 2 moves, totaling up to a total of 9 different moves to avoid. Ouch. You won’t have to fight an Egg if you don’t damage Popple, but more Experience if you do. Birdo’s first move is to shoot an egg at you, as seen by a cursor. Jump over the resulting flames. Birdo’s next move is to try to ripoff of Kirby and inhale you. If she succeeds, she’ll heal some HP and do what I think is double of the HP she healed to you. Hammer Birdo away. If you attack Popple, Birdo will, because of her love for him, hide him in an Egg and create 3 more to mess you up. Every turn all remaining Eggs will roll at you. Hammer them away. If you break an Egg that doesn’t hold Popple, you have to dodge a bomb. Jump it. If there are still remaining Eggs when you find Popple, he’ll break the rest. If you defeat Popple first, Birdo will get angry, increase her stats, and replace the egg move with a super egg move, which does more damage. Now for the hints. At the start of the battle, use Thunder Bros. because Popple and Birdo’s defense are insanely, mind-blowingly high. Then use Chopper, Knockback, and if you have them, Swing and Cyclone Bros.

Location: Bowser’s Castle Iggy’s Room
Final 10 number: #10
The first boss of the Final 10, and also the first boss of the Koopalings. From now on, I’m going to have the new Final 10 number below the location. Anyway, this battle is simple. Use Thunder Bros. to lower his defense, then use Swing or Chopper Bros and Knockback Bros. Iggy, my second-favorite Koopaling, has 2 attacks. The first is to shoot fireballs at you. Hammer them back to deal damage. The other attack is where he spins in an oval around the two Brothers until he’ll eventually damage them. Hammer him while he’s in front of a Bro. If you follow this, Iggy will be gone in no time!

Location: Bowser’s Castle Morton’s Room
Final 10 number: #9
Morton is like Iggy. Thunder Bros. first, then Swing or Chopper Bros. and Knockback Bros. Morton also has 2 attacks. The first is the Fireball attack. It’s just like Iggy’s but a bit faster. Iggy’s spin move was replaced by Morton’s shockwave. However many times he spins in the air is how many shockwaves will come. Jump them. Follow this for an easy owning. (OWNED!)

Location: Bowser’s Castle Lemmy’s Room
Final 10 number: #8
My favorite Koopaling is here and he’s WAY harder than Iggy or Morton. For starters, he isn’t affected by Thunder Bros’ defense drop. Then, his fireballs are faster than Morton’s. Also, he has the cloning move. Lemmy has 2 moves, Fireball and Clone. Lemmy’s clones are impossible to tell from the real one, so use Thunder Bros. To beat Lemmy, Swing Bros is the best, but Chopper and Bounce Bros work well. Eventually, the Koopaling will fall like a house of cards.

Location: Bowser’s Castle Ludwig’s Room
Final 10 number: #7
Ludwig can spin like Iggy, but is faster. He also has the fireball move, but faster still. His new move is where he gets in his shell and spins at you for a while. This is a deadly attack. Go for Thunder Bros, then Swing and Cyclone Bros, or Splash and Bounce Bros.

Location: Bowser’s Castle Roy’s Room/Bowser’s Castle Ventilation Room
Final 10 number: #6
First you see Roy is in his room, but when you get to him, he disappears. Later in the room where you stand on the grate with Luigi in a barrel, Roy reappears and battles you. Roy, in this game, is a chicken. Not only does he flee once, but then he introduces the time bomb so you have to finish the fight in 8 turns or you lose. So, you have 8 turns to beat Roy. Start the battle off with Chopper Bros. and Thunder Bros, then use Swing or Chopper Bros. and Knockback Bros. to finish it. Roy has 3 attacks. The first is Ludwig’s Shell Launch only faster, he has Morton’s Shockwaves only more of them  and they’re faster, and the all-obvious Fireball, faster than Ludwig’s. But don’t think he kept his tech to himself…

Location: Bowser’s Castle Wendy’s Room
Final 10 number: #5
…Because Roy gave Wendy a time bomb! Yep, 8 turns to defeat Wendy. Fire and Knockback Bros, and you’ll have her down in no time! Wendy has Lemmy’s Cloning move, a faster Fireball, and a new ring attack. First, jump through the ring (I’m not an animal!) and then jump again when she claps or you’ll take damage and gain weight. Thunder Bros. doesn’t work, so just go for the kill!

Location: Bowser’s Castle Larry’s Room
Final 10 number: #4
The final Koopaling. Although he isn’t the toughest – *Larry throws pies AGAIN at Ckday* – he’s quite a challenge. Go for Thunder Bros, then Chopper and Bounce Bros. He’s apparently been spying, as he’s got all of Ludwig’s moves but faster and longer. He’s also been stealing, as he’s got the time bomb. Now his Fireball has reached max speed and, when you hit it back, he’ll pull out a tennis racket and knock it back at you. Keep rallying and you’ll get him to slip up. Also, each time the fireball is hit, it powers up. But eventually, you’ll get the win.

Fawful #2
Location: Bowser’s Castle Lava Passage
Final 10 number: #3
Final 3 number: #3
Now we’re back to nutcases. I’ve added the Final 3 number counter as we’ve got 3 bosses left, counting this guy, and that’s something, so… Anyway, Fawful has 5 attacks. The first is when Fawful opens up his device to shoot an orb-thing at you. Hammer it back for damage. The next is where Fawful will wave an arm, the one that’s closer to Mario means he’ll hit Mario, and vice versa, and he’ll loop around twice, hitting the Bro twice if unguarded. Hammer him off. His next attack is to send lasers at the duo. Each Bro will have to jump at the same time. His lasers go every which way, so be careful. His most deadly attack is where block things appear above both Bros’ heads, jump like crazy to break them, then jump a powerful laser. His final attack is what you want to see. Once you attack his device 4 times, he does an attack where a bunch of orbs appear around the device. Hammer the orbs and jump the remaining ones. Afterwards the overheat will send Fawful out. Thunder Bros. won’t reach him, so just use Swing, Chopper, and Knockback Bros. Eventually Fawful will reenter his machine and you must repeat until you win.

Location: Bowser’s Castle Throne Room
Final 10 number: #2
Final 3 number: #2
Huh? Bowletta isn’t the final boss? Don’t worry, it’s soon. Use Thunder Bros. at first to lower Bowletta’s defense and then go out with Bros. Moves. Don’t worry about Flarettes; you’ll cause more damage than they can heal. After a while Bowletta will turn black. Jumping, Bounce Bros, Splash Bros, and Swing Bros can’t be used here. Bowletta has 3 attacks. The first is used while Bowletta isn’t black. A block will appear over your head and you must hit it until the number on it reaches zero before time runs out so you can jump the upcoming fire blast. The next attack, also while Bowletta isn’t black, is where Bowletta will shoot a flarette at you, place one by her, shoot two, place one by her, and shoot a final two more and place one by her. When she turns black, her only attack is where stars fall, and if they’re red, they hit Mario, green hit Luigi, and purple are harmless. Hammer the red and green stars at Bowletta for damage. Eventually Bowletta will return to her normal color and knock you out with a time bomb set to zero. Then Bowletta will inhale Mario and Luigi and it looks like the end for them…

Cackletta’s Spirit
Location: Bowletta’s Belly
Final 10 number: #1
Final 3 number: #1
The final battle… at long last… Let’s-a go! *Mario throws pies at Ckday, and, seeing that, Larry does too* Oh come on! Anyway, Cackletta’s Spirit has a whopping 11 attacks! The first is the head will shoot a ball of energy at a Bro. Hammer it 4 times to get rid of it. The next is to look at areas with her eyes; if the eye is up, stay low, if the eye is down, jump, then Cackletta will freeze time and fire lasers at where the eyes were looking. The next is to call Fawful’s ghost to fire balls at the Bros, then a Bro must hammer him or he’ll keep shooting. The next is where orbs appear and the Mario Bros. must hammer them back, purple for Mario, green for Luigi, and the rest are harmless. The next is where the head heals any body part except for the heart. The next is where the head will power-up either itself or either arm. The next is where the arms will rotate and must be jumped, but some are up high and must be stood under. The next is where the hands will flick a Bro into the air and won’t stop until the hand is hammered. The next is where an electric orb will appear in front of a Bro and must be hammered until it disappears. The next is where fireballs will rotate and try to crash into a Bro. Even if a Bro is hit by a fireball, it won’t disappear and will continue circling them. If the head is attacked while at least one arm is still alive, the arm rotation move will start. Once the arms and head are destroyed, the heart will appear. Thunder Bros. heals the heart, so don’t try that, just use Swing, Chopper, and Knockback Bros. The heart can also regenerate the head and arms (which is the final, or 11th, attack) but will stay out for a few turns. Repeat until you win.

Location: Bowser’s Castle Escape Path, Bowser’s Castle Throne Room, Bowser’s Castle Entrance
This isn’t really a boss, but it’s the final gameplay, which is usually the final boss, so… anyway, after Peasley leaves, high jump up to the newly opened door and enter. Then high jump up to the platform and enter the next room. Then go down the stairs and dunk Luigi in the barrel, then climb up the stairs next to the one you climbed down up to the top. Then fall off the ledge and have Mario jump on the barrel and hit the switch. Get off the barrel and smash it. Go through the door and continue along the simple path until you get to Blabladon. Talk to him and you beat the game! Enjoy the ending! And DON’T do drugs or you’ll look like Piranha Bean! *Larry leads an army of environmentalists to throw pies at Ckday* …Bye.

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