New Super Mario Bros. Wii Boss Guide

By GeneralBleck666

September 12, 2010

TEN HUT! BLECK! Hello troops! I’ve been gone for awhile, but your general hasn’t gone downhill since the last time I made a guide! So, without further adieu, let’s get those Koopas! Just don’t tell Bowser!

IMPORTANT: When you hit one of the Koopalings, they will try ramming you with their shell (except Bowser Jr). Luckily, you can get rid of any of their wands’ magic beams and Bowser Jr’s flames by shooting snowballs at them as Ice or Penguin Mario. Also, you can beat any Koopaling with fireballs as Fire Mario (again, except Bowser Jr). Don’t forget, private!

-World 1-
Larry Koopa’s Tower Battle
Attacks: This is the most basic of all the boss battles in NSMBW. Larry will simply jump around and fire magical beams at you.
How To Win: Just stomp on the blue-haired Koopa’s head 3 times to best him.

Larry Koopa’s Castle Battle
Attacks: Here, you’ll learn that Kamek the Magikoopa is going to cast spells to help the Koopalings in their bigger fights. He will enchant the floor to make movement around the room more difficult, but other than that, the fight should be the same as the first time.
How To Win: Same as the first fight.

-World 2 -
Roy Koopa’s Tower Battle
Attacks: Roy attacks by stomping the ground to stun you and fires beams at you. Oh, and watch out for the quicksand at the sides of the room.
How To Win: Jump up before he hits the ground and stomp him 3 times to win.

Roy Koopa’s Castle Battle
Attacks: Roy will attack in the same way as before, but instead of simply jumping and dropping, he will jump straight up into a pipe and start peeking out of the 5 pipes, then randomly drop from one of them. Of course, he will be shooting his magic beams after that. Make sure to jump before the shockwave stuns you!
How To Win: Same as before. Jump on him 3 times to win.

-World 3-
Lemmy Koopa’s Tower Battle
Attacks: Lemmy is very different from his siblings. Instead of trying to attack directly and shoot magic beams, he will shoot rubber balls from his wand and roll and bounce around on one of his own ball to try knocking you into one of the 2 chasms on each side of the room. Plus, the floor is icy! Jeez...
How To Win: The balls can’t hurt you by touching you, so try bouncing on them and landing on Lemmy 3 times to move on.

Lemmy Koopa’s Castle Battle
Attacks: Lemmy’s fight will be the same as before, only this time, he will have MUCH bigger rubber balls to stand on and conjure up. Plus, the one under him will get even BIGGER after 2 hits! Watch out, because there will still be ice on the floor.
How To Win: Try bouncing on the balls that he throws at you to reach him on top of his giant ball. Hit him 3 times and you’ll win.

-World 4-
Wendy O. Koopa’s Tower Battle
Attacks: Wendy is slightly different from her brothers. She will prance around the room, but instead of shooting magic beams, she will do what she did in Super Mario Bros. 3 and shoot magic rings that will bounce off the walls, ceiling, and floor. Watch out, though. The more you hurt her, the more rings she will shoot.
How To Win: Same as usual. Stomp her 3 times.

Wendy O. Koopa’s Castle Battle
Attacks: This fight will be the same as Wendy’s first battle. Only now, the room will keep alternating between filling with water and emptying out. While the water is there, not only will it be harder to move, but if you try stomping Wendy, you will get hurt!
How To Win: If I were you, I’d bring a Fire Flower. That way, you can use it to hurt Wendy while the water is still in the room. Otherwise, just wait until the water empties out, then stomp her 3 times to beat her.

Bowser Jr’s Airship Battle #1
Attacks: Bowser Jr. will fly around and spit fireballs that home in on you and leave flames on the floor if they hit it.
How To Win: Grab the Propeller Block and shake the Wii Remote to fly up and hit Junior on the head. Do this 3 times to knock him out.

-World 5-
Iggy Koopa’s Tower Battle
Attacks: Iggy, with his brand new look, is actually pretty tough. Since the platforms are constantly moving, it will be harder for you to hit him and easier for him to hit you. He can move faster than his siblings, and his magic beam also flies faster.
How To Win: As always, 3 head bumps.

Iggy Koopa’s Castle Battle
Attacks: Iggy will have some help from a Chain Chomp. After Kamek makes the Chomp bigger, it will pull Iggy around the room. Plus, he still shoots magic beams at you!
How To Win: If you hit Iggy, the Chomp will get mad and go full speed ahead, so watch out. Other than that, 3 headbonks should do it.

-World 6-
Morton Koopa Jr’s Tower Battle
Attacks: Morton is basically a harder version of Roy. He will shoot beams at you as well as slam the ground to stun you. Plus, his shell is much bigger than his siblings’, so it is harder to dodge. Watch out for the spiked pillars and lava!
How To Win: Jump just before Morton slams the ground to keep from getting stunned, then hit his head. 3 times should do it!

Morton Koopa Jr’s Castle Battle
Attacks: This should be quite similar to Morton’s first fight. Only now, Kamek has enchanted the floors so that whenever Morton pounds the ground, the surrounding sections of the floor will go flying up to the ceiling and, if you’re on those sections, you will get crushed and killed instantly. That, and Morton obviously can shoot beams at you.
How To Win: 3 head-stomps and... A WINNER IS YOU!

Bowser Jr’s Airship Battle #2
Attacks: For the first time EVER, Mario gets his own Clown Copter! But that doesn’t mean that Bowser Jr. will give up on his copter. All he will do this time is try to ram you into the electrified walls.
How To Win: To control the Copter, use the D-Pad as usual and shake the Wii Remote to ram Junior. Smash him into the walls 3 times to beat him.

-World 7-
Ludwig Von Koopa’s Tower Battle
Attacks: This will be a bit tougher than usual. Ludwig will jump high into the air, flutter around a bit, then drop suddenly. But that isn’t the worst part! His beams follow you! To get rid of them, you can try to lead them towards the floor.
How To Win: Same as usual. 3 head-pounds.

Ludwig Von Koopa’s Castle Battle
Attacks: This one is tough. Instead of a full floor, you’ll have to balance on one of 3 moving platforms. Ludwig will shoot barrages of magic beams, then jump off the top of the screen. You’ll see his legs flutter at the TV screen’s peak, then he will drop straight down. Don’t get stomped!
How To Win: Dodge well, and find an opening in Ludwig’s attacks so that you can stomp him 3 times before he stomps you!

-World 8-
Kamek’s Tower Battle
Attacks: Now that Kamek can finally fight you 1 on 1, he will enchant the whole room full of blocks and they will move across the room while Kamek teleports around the room and shoots beams at you. Unfortunately, his beams can hit the blocks and turn them into things like Koopas, Spinies, Goombas, Bob-ombs, and even Thwomps! But the blocks may also be turned into Mushrooms and coins! Careful, though! Thwomps and Bob-ombs’ explosions can destroy blocks! Don’t be on them when they go!
How To Win: Just like with the Koopalings, just jump on his head 3 times to win. Just don’t fall off all the blocks.

Bowser Jr’s Airship Battle #3
Attacks: Bowser Jr. seems to think that using his dad’s Clown Copter will give him an advantage. So this time he will use it to drop huge, rolling, spiked bombs on you, as well as spit more fireballs at you that leave residual fires on the ground.
How To Win: Wait until the bombs are rolling towards a spot underneath Junior. At that moment, use a ground pound as close to the bomb as possible. The shock will fling the bomb into the Copter. Do this 3 times to beat Junior for the final time.

King Bowser’s Castle Battle
Attacks: He will breathe fireballs at you, jump around the room, and occasionally send out a barrage of fireballs.
How To Win: If you’ve played Super Mario Bros, you should know how to defeat Bowser. When he jumps very high, take that chance to run under him and step on the ! switch.
Congrats! You’ve beaten Bowser! Unfortunately, that isn’t really Peach in that cage...

Mega Bowser Battle
Attacks: Kamek will get his last chance at beating you and cast his spell on Bowser, making him grow to an undeniably huge size. Mega Bowser will breathe huge fireballs, jump forward whenever you get too far ahead, and occasionally swing his arms around.
How To Win: Your only choice is to move to the right and jump to the proper spots so that the Koopa King’s flames fly right into the walls around you. The flames cut through the walls, letting you get further each time. Simply let Bowser blast through each wall as you jump across each of the later revealed platforms while dodging the waves of lava, and don’t forget to pick up the power-ups and Star Coin along the way. Step on the large ! button at the end of the room and... well...  THAT’S IT! You’ve beaten the game! Enjoy the ending, enjoy the credits, and most importantly, enjoy the big secret revealed by the princess!

Well, that’s all for now, troops, so until next time, remember, no matter how many lives you lose, the game’s never over!

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