New Super Mario Bros. Boss Guide

By yoshi's clone

January 29, 2011

New Super Mario Bros. brings the series back to its roots with classic enemies, power-ups and blocks. This guide will explain how to beat all the bosses in the game. This contains major spoilers.

Bowser Jr.
World: All Worlds
In the first four worlds, he tries to charge at Mario and will sometimes jump at him. You need to jump on his head three times. In the last four worlds, he will hide in his shell every time Mario gets near him. To beat him, jump on one of the Koopa shells that he throws, throw it back at him, and then jump on him. Do this three times to beat him.

World: 1
Bowser will confront Mario on a bridge on top of a pool of burning lava. You will need to jump over his head or run under him when he jumps, and hit the skull switch on the other side of the bridge. The bridge will then disappear and Bowser will fall. We have all seen this happen before, but this time it sears Bowser’s skin clean off. The result? Bowser’s skeletal form, Dry Bowser.

World: 2
It is a tall Pokey with red spikes. Mario needs to jump on top of the mummified Pokey’s head 3 times to defeat it. You may need to use wall kicks to reach its head. The height of the foe varies from two to five segments. Defeating this boss as Mini Mario will take you to World 4.

World: 3
Mario will be on a bridge and Cheepskipper and some Cheep Cheep helpers will be under the bridge and in the water. They will jump out and try to attack Mario. Jump on Cheepskipper three times to defeat him.

Mega Goomba
World: 4
A seemingly normal Goomba will grow to an extremely large size and then the battle will commence. Pressing a switch will cause a platform to appear, and from there Mario can attack. Ground pound the Mega Goomba three times to win.

Petey Piranha
World: 5
He will start by flying up high and attempting to crush Mario, but due to ice he will slip and fall. That is your chance to attack. After the second hit, he will jump fast after Mario. Just dodge until he falls, then deliver the final blow. Defeating this boss as Mini Mario will take you to World 7.

Monty Tank
World: 6
He will start by firing Bullet Bills all around the arena. Crouch to avoid them. When he exposes his head, he will throw Bullet Bills at Mario. Either catch them and throw them back, or jump on his head three times. Each time you harm him an extra level will be placed on the tank, making it harder.

World: 7
As his name implies, he can shoot thunder from his cloud in addition to throwing Spinies as normal. When he swoops down low, jump on his head. Do this three times to defeat him.

Dry Bowser
World: 8
Remember him? Well this is exactly the same as the first Bowser fight except for the fact that he can now throw bones. Hitting the skill switch will send him toppling into the lava.

Bowser + Jr
World: 8
Before the fight, Jr. is seen throwing the remains of his father in a cauldron, then Bowser comes out bigger and badder than ever before. (Ok, maybe in Super Mario Sunshine he was bigger, but that’s beside the point.) You defeat Jr the same as you did the last three worlds. You need to dodge all of Bowser’s flames and hit the skull switch. After the battle, Peach comes down from the platform where she watched the battle, and gives Mario a kiss. After that you watch the credits.

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