Lemmy's Games

By Black Boo

Ready for some action? Tired of simply staring at your screen? Then you've come to the right place! No longer are you restricted to only looking at words or pictures, thanks to the Games in this section you are now set to get right to the fun! Whether it's an edited video game, an offline board game, or a computer application, these time-wasters are guaranteed fun!

Games are not easy to make, but hopefully this new section will interest more developers. I'll award a Koopaling vote for an offline Game or a whopping four votes for a Game that can be played on the computer. Please note: you will not find roms here, nor will there ever be a section called Lemmy's Roms. You'll have to find those elsewhere.

The Games are listed in alphabetical order by developer, and those that can be played on the computer are marked as such. Enjoy!

**NEW** Super Mario Bros. 5, by Ludwig X


Super Mario Pacman 2, by Antwan

Apple Kid

Beetle Mania!, by Apple Kid

Blue Boo

Super Mario World: The Crescent Kingdom, by Blue Boo

Blue Kirby

Super Mario Pacman, by Blue Kirby

Super Mario Kart Street Race, by Blue Kirby

Crazed Robot:2R91N

Super Luigi, by Crazed Robot:2R91N

crazy iggy fan

Koopaling Word Search, by crazy iggy fan.

Crazy Packers Fan

Crazy Mario Brothers 3, by Crazy Packers Fan

Crazy Mario Brothers, by Crazy Packers Fan

El Chico Koopa

Master Hand Shooting Gallery, by El Chico Koopa

Donkey Kong Chico's Edition, by El Chico Koopa

Super Mario Dodge-Shell, by El Chico Koopa

Super Bowser World, by El Chico Koopa

Exlax Cupcake

Epic Fools, by Exlax Cupcake.

General Cheep

Larry's Spore Sort, by General Cheep


Super Mario: The Not So Old Door; HOOKTAIL DEMO, by Grenador


Super Mario World: The Lost Levels, by Hip

Hyper Link

Super Spider Stomp, by Hyper Link

Super Mario Turkey Quest, by Hyper Link


The ? Block Game, by Introbulus


Bowser's Revenge, by JonnyJinx


Nerr2Babe, by Jukilum


Bob-omb in Danger, by Jumpman

Ludwig X

Super Mario Galaxy X, by Ludwig X

Super Mario, Quest for the Yoshis, by Ludwig X

Super Mario Dash, by Ludwig X

Final, by Ludwig X

**NEW** Super Mario Bros. 5, by Ludwig X


Mario's Postal Quest, by Parakoopa

Rio the Hedgehog

Enemy Crossword Puzzle, by Rio the Hedgehog.

spooky spook

Yoshi's Copter Quest, by spooky spook

The Fire Commander

Baby Luigi's Adventure, by The Fire Commander


Tyler's 3D Maze, by Tyler


Rob-omb's Quest, by Videogamerpat

Young Link

Mario's Money Catcher, by Young Link

Koop-Shoot, by Young Link

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Scene Builder, by Young Link

Super Mario World for Super Players, by Young Link

Paper Mario Scene Builder, by Young Link

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