Mario Bros. 2: Bowser's Attack
By Shadow Yoshi
February 18, 2012
Game Info  
System: Gameboy Advance  
Price: $9.99, 90 coins in Mushroom Kingdom, £20 for Frogs  
Genre: Platformer  
Rating: E for Everyone (ESRB)  
Notes: I don’t care if it’s for GBA, I started this in 2007 and have finally finished it. This is meant to be an easy game, more of a starter for younger people or those who are new to Mario games. Also, the graphics will be somewhat custom but will resemble that of SMB3. I’ll post some pictures some other time, and they’ll be good ones. ;)  
Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser again during his attack on the Mushroom Kingdom; Mario and Luigi must save her! Travel through 4 different worlds defeating enemies, all in the name of rescuing the one we call Toadstool.  
A button: Jump, confirm  
B button: Run (when pressed with Control Pad), go back, pick up, throw fireball  
Control Pad: Move  
L button: List of enemies discovered in current world so far  
R button: Discovered worlds list (if you’ve beaten any worlds or found them through warps, you can select them and warp to them)  
SELECT: Select  
START: Pause, confirm  
- The Mushroom Kingdom currency  
- 100 of these will give you an extra life  
- 10 points  
- A tasty fungal snack Mario and Luigi like to eat (can only be obtained as normal Mario)  
- Makes you Super Mario (or Luigi)  
   - You will look bigger  
   - You will get an extra hit before you lose a life  
- 200 points  
Fire Flower  
- A special flower, warm to the touch (can only be obtained as Super Mario)  
- Makes you Fire Mario (or Luigi)  
   - You will look like Super Mario, but with a white shirt and red overalls  
   - You will get another extra hit (in addition to the one provided with Super Mario) before you lose a life, and you will also be able to throw a fireball by pressing B  
- 500 points  
Super Leaf  
- A crunchy leaf with a soft stem (can only be obtained as Super Mario or Fire Mario)  
- Makes you Raccoon Mario (or Luigi)  
   - You will look like Super Mario, but with raccoon ears and a tail  
   - You will get another extra hit before you lose a life, and you will also be able to fly by running and pressing A continuously  
- 500 points  
- A rare star found in ? Blocks  
- Makes you invincible for limited time  
- 1000 points  
1-Up Mushroom  
- An even tastier snack that is harder to find  
- Gives you an extra life  
- 1000 points  
Title Screen  
Options: Single Player, Multiplayer  
- Single Player  
   - Select Save File  
      - Save 1  
      - Save 2  
      - Save 3  
   - Minigames (see game list down the page)  
- Multiplayer  
   - Multiplayer options (who to play with)  
   - Minigames (see game list down the page)  
Pause Screen  
Continue: Continues your game  
Save: Saves the game  
Save & Quit: Saves the game and goes to the Title Screen  
Sleep: Puts your system to sleep  
SECTION I: Single Player Mode  
Worlds and Bosses
*=New enemy  
World 1: Grass Fields  
Level one: Meet the Goombas  
   Enemies: Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Paragoomba  
   Style: Grass  
Level two: Piranha Plant Pandemonium  
   Enemies: Koopa Troopa, Piranha Plant  
   Style: Grass/Cave/Grass  
   Hidden warp to Level 2-2  
Level three: Paratroopa Terrain  
   Enemies: Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Paratroopa  
   Style: Air/Grass  
World 1 boss: Grass King  
After he fires sharp blades of grass, he will be disarmed for five seconds, so jump on him. The fight takes place in a grassy room of a castle.  
MINIGAME: Card Match  
World 2: Water World  
Level one: Blooper Buddies  
   Enemies: Blooper, Mecha-Blooper, Blooper Nanny  
   Style: Underwater/Beach  
Level two: Cheep Cheep Choppers  
   Enemies: Cheep Cheep, *Baby Cheep, Blooper  
   Style: Beach  
   Hidden warp to Level 3-2  
Level three: Big Bertha’s Babies  
   Enemies: Big Bertha, *Baby Cheep  
   Style: Beach/Underwater/Beach  
World 2 Boss: Bigger Bertha  
Bigger Bertha is a Big Bertha that Bowser created. It will shoot Baby Cheeps out of its mouth, and maybe a Cheep Cheep. When it is not attacking you, some Cheep Cheeps will be on the ground. Pick them up and throw them at the boss. The fight takes place in a water-filled cavern that has changing water levels.  
MINIGAME: Water Relays  
World 3: Desert Dunes  
Level one: Hot Hills  
   Enemies: Chain Chomp, Goomba, Firesnake  
   Style: Desert/Cave/Desert  
Level two: Desert Dirt Devils  
   Enemies: Goomba, Angry Sun, Paragoomba  
   Style: Desert  
   Hidden warp to Level 5-1  
Level three: Oh! An Oasis!  
   Enemies: Goomba, Boss Bass, Jumping Cheep Cheep  
   Style: Desert/Oasis/Desert  
World 3 Boss: Giant Gritzy Goomba  
Giant Gritzy Goomba will chase you around the room. Fireballs won’t work. Keep jumping over him on the springs, and he’ll become confused. Then his spike will fall off. Use the springs to pound his head before he picks his spike up again. Do this three times and he’ll die. The fight takes place in desert terrain outside the castle.  
MINIGAME: Tornado Ride  
World 4: Dark Dungeon  
Level one: Danger!  
   Enemies: Goomba, Boo, Bullet Bill  
   Style: Dark Field/Dungeon  
Level two: Banzai Bombers  
   Enemies: Banzai Bill, Bob-omb, Boo  
   Style: Dark Field  
Level three: Goombullet Baddies  
   Enemies: *Goombullet, Banzai Bill, Paratroopa  
   Style: Doomship  
World 4/Final Boss: Bowser  
This Koopa King will breathe flames at you. After he breathes three flames he will fall on his back to catch his breath. Jump on his stomach before he gets up. Do this five times and you will have beaten the final boss! The fight takes place inside an airship dungeon.  
MINIGAME: Dungeon Ball  
Hidden in one level in worlds 1 and 2 are warps to worlds 3 and 4, respectively. They function just as warps in SMB2 do; each is a pipe that ends the level and warps to the specified world. This makes the world you warped to accessible from the world screen (by pressing R) along with the world you skipped. Note that the world you skipped will be accessible, but no levels will be saved as completed.  
Enemy List  
NOTE: Numbers 21-24 are bosses. Their castles contain Podoboos (fireballs shooting out of lava) and Thwomps (blocks with faces that will fall when you get near them). They also can contain any enemy numbers 16-20.  
1. Goomba  
Levels: 1-1, 1-3, 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 4-1  
Description: The underling of all underlings. Jump on these guys once and they’ll die.  
2. Paragoomba  
Levels: 1-1, 3-3  
Description: Just a Goomba with wings. Able to jump up and down.  
3. Koopa Troopa  
Levels: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3  
Description: The most common minion. Jump on them one time, and they will go into their shell, eventually coming back out. Jump on them twice, and their shell will be sent flying. To stop it, jump on it again. To kill it, send it into another Koopa Troopa’s shell or carry it somewhere (use B).  
4. Paratroopa  
Levels: 1-3, 4-3  
Description: Just a Paratroopa with wings. Able to jump up and down and will sometimes fly up/down or left/right.  
5. Piranha Plant  
Levels: 1-2  
Description: A plant that comes out of a pipe. You can’t jump on them, but fireballs will do the trick.  
6. Cheep Cheep  
Levels: 2-2, 3-3  
Description: Swims in the water, or jumps out of the water.  
7. Baby Cheep  
Levels: 2-2, 2-3  
Description: Miniature version of a Cheep Cheep, these will swim around, or come out of a Big Bertha’s mouth.  
8. Big Bertha  
Levels: 2-3  
Description: A big Cheep Cheep that carries a Baby Cheep in its mouth, letting it come out, then back in.  
9. Boss Bass  
Levels: 3-3  
Description: A Big Bertha that will swim in the water and jump up to the surface to try to catch you in its mouth.  
10. Blooper  
Levels: 2-1, 2-2  
Description: A little octopus that will swim around.  
11. Blooper Nanny  
Levels: 2-1  
Description: A Blooper with baby Bloopers following it around. Sometimes it lets the babies swim away.  
12. Mecha-Blooper  
Levels: 2-1  
Description: A Blooper that’s slightly bigger than normal and its tentacles shoot missiles.  
13. Chain Chomp  
Levels: 3-1  
Description: These mouths are chained to bricks. Wait 160 game seconds, and it will break free and take one lunge at you, then run away.  
14. Firesnake  
Levels: 3-1  
Description: These are snakes of fireballs. They will jump around, chasing you.  
15. Angry Sun  
Levels: 3-2  
Description: A sun with an angry face on it that, halfway through the level, will start swooping down to chase you.  
16. Boo  
Levels: 1-4, 2-4, 3-4, 4-1, 4-2, 4-4  
Description: A ghost that will follow you when you’re not facing it. If you face it, it will cover its eyes and not move.  
17. Bullet Bill  
Levels: 4-1  
Description: A bullet that will shoot out of a cannon.  
18. Banzai Bill  
Levels: 4-2, 4-3  
Description: A huge Bullet Bill. You can’t see where these come from, but you can hear the cannon shot.  
19. Goombullet  
Levels: 4-3  
Description: A Bullet Bill with a Goomba on top. Shot out of a Bullet Bill cannon with a picture of a Goomba on top.  
20. Bob-omb  
Levels: 4-2  
Description: A bomb that will walk around. If you jump on it, it will stop moving and explode. If you don’t jump on it, it will keep walking, and eventually stop moving and explode.  
21. Grass King  
Levels: 1-4  
Description: The king of Grass Land. For information on how to beat him, see Worlds and Bosses.  
22. Bigger Bertha  
Levels: 2-4  
Description: A massive Big Bertha. For information on how to beat her, see Worlds and Bosses.  
23. Giant Gritty Goomba  
Levels: 3-4  
Description: The emperor of Desert Dunes. For information on how to beat him, see Worlds and Bosses.  
24. Bowser Koopa  
Levels: 4-4  
Description: The ruler of Dark Dungeon and the final boss. For information on how to beat him, see Worlds and Bosses.  
25. Kamek Magikoopa  
Levels: 5-1  
Description: The boss you will find by beating every level from 1-1 to 4-3. Once you beat everything a tornado will take you to World 5. The only level you will find here is 5-1. This is a doomship level. There are no enemies, but the screen will move fast, and there are a lot of ledges, so be careful. Find Kamek, and defeat him by jumping on him. There is also a hidden warp in this level that will take you to a special ? Block that will give you a certain amount of points…  
World 5: Beat every single level in every world, and then beat level 5-1 (see Kamek Magikoopa boss description for info on 5-1). After all this is completed, you can select World 5 from the World Menu by pressing the R button. NOTE: There are no other levels in World 5 besides 5-1.  
Secret Mode: Get at least 800,000 points without turning the system off, quitting, or getting a game over (level 4-3 must be beaten too). The secret mode is Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels.  
Luigi: Beat level 4-4. From the title screen, you will be able to select either Mario or Luigi to be your character.  
New Minigame: Beat everything in Single Player mode (not including Secret Mode) and you will be able to select Wario and Waluigi’s Adventure from the Minigames menu.  
Card Match: Match up the cards on the screen.  
Water Relays: Compete in different boat relays against other Toads.  
Tornado Ride: Race a Toad through tornadoes in the desert (you might actually want to stay out of the tornadoes, because they can take you anywhere if you stay in them).  
Dungeon Ball: Toss a ball around against a Koopa Troopa. If you drop the ball, the game will be over.  
Wario and Waluigi’s Adventure: Find Wario Coins in three mini-levels until you get to the boss. After you defeat the boss, you can choose to replay any levels or the boss level. Once you beat the boss level, you will be able to select Waluigi as your character. You are also able to play Wario’s Coins or Waluigi’s Mansion. (NOTE: Wario and Waluigi’s Adventure is an unlockable game for both single player and multiplayer.)  
SECTION II: Multiplayer Mode  
In Multiplayer Mode you can link up with other players and play any of the Minigames.  
Card Match: Match up more cards than your partner in 30 seconds.  
Water Relays: Compete in boat relays against your partner.  
Tornado Ride: Race your partner through tornadoes in the desert.  
Dungeon Ball: Toss a ball around against your partner. If you drop the ball, the game is over.  
Wario and Waluigi’s Adventure: Play either Wario’s Coins (collect more coins than your partners) or Waluigi’s Mansion (race your partners through a mansion).  
Q: Can I get more than 1,000,000 points?  
A: No. The highest amount of points you can get is 999,999. It works the same way as many other Mario games, even if you keep getting the points the numbers will be the same.  
Q: Are there more secrets to this game?  
A: Yes, there are.  
Q: Will you give me the secrets?  
A: Of course not!  
Q: What happens if I complete all the levels in Secret Mode?  
A: You can replay all of the levels in Secret Mode.  
Q: If I get a Fire Flower and then take damage, will I be Mario or Super Mario?  
A: Super Mario.  
Yeah, so they aren’t really “lost” like the Japanese SMB2 was. But I decided the name was symbolic so I think it fits. MB2: The Lost Levels includes 3 additional worlds (Worlds A, B, and C, much like the version from Super Mario All-Stars). Each world has three levels, and levels A-3 and B-3 have a new boss. In level C-3, Dry Bowser emerges from the lava and you can defeat him the same way as defeating normal Bowser, although Dry Bowser is a bit faster. After that, however, the fight isn’t over. Kamek will come out and you will have to fight him (the same way as in 5-1).  
There are also new enemies introduced, including Spiny, Buzzy Beetle, and Spiky Goomba, along with the Poison Mushroom (touching it has the same effect as touching an enemy). After defeating Dry Bowser you will be warped back to Peach’s Castle on the World 1 map, with a new path to the other side that leads to a warp pipe going to World A.  
SECTION IV: Conclusion  
Peach is having a party at the castle. She gives you the typical cake and a kiss, and then you are allowed to roam the castle freely. There are many rooms; some might even have a power-up in them. If you go out the castle’s front door a message will ask you if you want to leave the castle. If you say “Yes”, you will go back to the starting point of World 1. There will be a new path to the left leading 2 spots over to Peach’s Castle.  
Congratulations, you’ve finished the game. Be sure to play through all of the secrets!  
2007 - 2012 Shadow Yoshi

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