The Quest for the Warped Badge

Artwork by Cassie Koopa

You step inside the White Ice Castle Gym and immediately start to shiver. No wonder! The entire city is coated in ice. The sun reflects off the ice all around you, making it hard to see. You consider leaving for some place warmer, but you know you'll never get a badge that way. Instead you look around and finally make out a sign with writing on it printed in Jokerman font. You read it and then make your choice.

Oh, but first, be sure to sign in! If you don't have a name and password at the R.E. League, go sign up!


/Lemmy's Zoo: Take the path on the left to find some training grounds with lots of wild Pokemon. Fun for the whole party!

/Lemmy's Circus: It gets a little wild when all of Lemmy's siblings show up, but if you want to see if you're a match for this crazy gym leader you'll want to take them on and see how you fare. Hopefully your team isn't too laughable! Take the path on the right to get there.

Lemmy's Castle: Go forward to advance into the heart of Lemmy's castle. You'll find some challengers, a shop, a PokeCenter, and of course the crazy prankster himself.

/Lemmy's Land: Get out of the city and escape the cold, as well as a lot of embarrassment. Or, just go to enjoy the great Fun Fiction! It won't get you away from Lemmy though.

/Hey! What's going on down here?

Mario Yo! Champ in-a the making! It's-a me, Mario! Lemmy Koopa is-a the gym leader here, and he's-a warped! He's-a also incredibly tough, but you will-a want to defeat him as soon as-a possible because I have-a heard that Lemmy has-a just discovered a secret trick and is-a about to implement it, but it-a will take some time. Hurry! Beat him while-a you still can! Good luck!

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Lemmy's Zoo

You carefully make your way to Lemmy's Zoo, since the ground is very slippery. You're hoping it really is a zoo so you can make some easy catches, but there's no such luck. Lemmy, the gym leader, only called this area a zoo because he thought it sounded cool. But the good news is that there are some good places to train. You find another sign, read it, and make your selection.

/Up the Tree: Climb the nearby rope ladder and find some Pokemon in a tree. Don't lose your balance! Level 7.

/In the Aquarium: Take a deep breath and go swim with the fishes. If you survive your party could gain some experience. Level 10.

Behind the Fireplace: Why is there a fireplace just sitting in the middle of nowhere? And it's still cold! Well if you don't mind getting burned you could run behind the fire and battle. Level 13.

/Under the Garbage: Step right up and get buried under Lemmy's trash, along with some Pokemon that actually like it. Level 16.

/Lost Among the Mirrors: Lemmy's mirror room makes no sense whatsoever! You may as well just close your eyes. But the battles here could help your party. Level 19.

/White Ice Castle: Go back to the main grounds.

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Lemmy's Circus


As you make your way along the path you begin to hear cheerful music. Finally you come into view of a huge circus tent. You enter and find Lemmy's siblings. You could battle one of them... or you could back out of it. Make your choice!

Lemmy's siblings are packing it at Level 15, so if you're not ready you might want to go back to the main grounds and then to Lemmy's Zoo. Of course, if you can't beat all of Lemmy's sibs, you surely won't be any challenge to the gym leader.

/Larry/Larry: Lemmy's youngest sibling is very sneaky. Larry loves plants, and he's sure to surprise you.

/Morton/Morton: If there's one thing Morton likes, it's talking. There aren't many Pokemon that talk, but don't think your ears will get off easy. His team is loud.

/Wendy/Wendy: The only girl in the family, Wendy can be very forceful in order to get what she wants. She loves water. She probably hates you.

/Iggy/Iggy: The twin of the castle boss himself, Iggy doesn't believe in picking one strength, but spreads his talents across the board. Be ready for anything.

/Roy/Roy: Easily the strongest of the Koopalings, though he is rumored to have rocks for brains. Caution: Those who approach Roy should wear a helmet.

/Ludwig/Ludwig: He's a genius! Ludwig's the only Koopaling older than Lemmy, and if you're not careful he'll simply outsmart you.

/White Ice Castle: Go back to the main grounds.

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Lemmy's Castle

The castle is a magnificent sight to behold. You are awestruck at its beauty, and even begin to forget about the cold. Eventually you manage to take your eyes off the beauty and take a look around. You can see a store on the left, and the ever-popular PokeCenter is on the right. Lemmy's throne room is just ahead. And- oh yeah, there's also the large, menacing character right in front of you. He MIGHT want to battle.

/Lemmy's Shop: Step right up and trade some gold coins- I mean, yen, in exchange for some junk- I mean, good stuff! Yeah...

/Lemmy's PokeCenter: Mess with your PokeBox and have a nice chat with the nurse. Oh yeah, and if anyone has managed to beat Lemmy, you can find them in the Hall of Fame here.

/Bowser/Bowser: As evil as ever, Lemmy's supervillain father is not just going to let you wander around doing as you please. You'd best battle him, or you might get burnt to a crisp by his fiery breath. But... his party is on Level 18...

/Lemmy/LEMMY!!! If you dare and are as crazy as this jester is, go into the throne room and take on the gym leader himself. Level SOMETHINGREALLYHIGH.

/White Ice Castle: Go back to the main grounds.

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Lemmy's Shop

You go inside the store and start to look around when you are interrupted by the clerk, a Flurry.


"Yeah, whatdya want?!" he asks.

"I was just looking for some stuff to buy," you say, worried.

"Oh yeah? Good! Cuz we have lots of stuff to sell."

"Anything good? I've heard differing opinions."

"You'll just have to find out for yourself! Heh heh... now buy or get lost!"


/Get lost: Go back to the castle.

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Lemmy's PokeCenter

You enter the PokeCenter and see... nothing. There's no one around. You're surprised, as you were expecting to see the place crowded with people that Lemmy defeated.

"Something wrong?" asks the nurse, a Crazy Daisy, who you had not noticed before.


"Why is there no one in here?" you ask.

"Why are you here?" the nurse asks back.


"No trainer has been around to battle Lemmy in ages. They've all been scared away by Bowser, or having fun at the circus, or staying away from the cold, or just being smart and not coming here at all, thanks to Lemmy's powerful reputation."

"Wow... is he really all that strong?"

"All I know is that the kid is Hyper!"

"I see..."

"Well, as long as you're here, you might want to check out your PokeBox... I'm pretty sure the computer still works. And, over here is the Hall of Fame, in case you're interested."

That computer is VERY dusty.

"Will there be anything else?" the nurse asks.

"No, that's ok," you say. You thank the nurse and go about your business.

/Check your PokéBox.

/Visit the hall of fame.

/Lemmy's Castle: Go back to the castle.

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Lemmy's Foyer

On the way to Lemmy's throne room you notice a plaque on the wall. Upon further inspection you see that it contains all the badges Lemmy has earned from the R.E. League:

Check out my 48 badges!

The vast number of badges is unsettling, isn't it? Do you still want to take on Lemmy?!

/I wanna battle!

/Woah! Show me the way out! Go back to the castle.

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Lemmy's Throne Room

You enter the throne room and see Lemmy... and Lemmy... and Lemmy!


"Welcome to my gym!" the Lemmy in the middle welcomes you.

"Have we driven you insane?" laughs the Lemmy on the right.

"You can tell us apart, right?" the Lemmy on the left asks. Then all three break into hysterics.

"Two of us are clones!" all three Lemmys suddenly yell. "If you want a chance for the Warped Badge, you'll have to guess which of us is the real deal!"

All three Lemmys look and sound the same. You're just gonna have to take your best guess and go with it.

/Choose the Lemmy on the left.

/Choose the Lemmy in the middle.

/Choose the Lemmy on the right.

/Ah forget it! Give it up and go back to the city.

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